I’m guessing that each and every one of you lovelies has some kind of body hang-up. As in, one area that you focus on more than others, the one bit that you wish you could somehow change. I bet this hang-up is more than likely unfounded, no-one notices it but you…. Nevertheless, it is what it is and no matter how many people try and convince you otherwise, the fact remains that it is and always will be the one area you don’t make any effort to emphasise.

Mine has always been my legs.

They are short, and kind of muscly. I think my calves are chunky. And my knees are not very attractive either.

I would very much like them to be long and slender. The kind of pins that look fabulous in a pair of pretty patterned hoisery. Legs that warrant wearing a short frock every day of the week.

I have tried everything in my bid to change their shape. Running. Not running (they just became increasingly bulgy). Pilates. Power Plates. Yoga. Cutting out carbs and eating more protein….

All completely and utterly pointless.

Then a couple of years ago I got over my self and realised I was pretty lucky to have a healthy body and a pair of perfectly adequate limbs. I had wasted so much precious time being preoccupied with something so trivial and achieved precisely nothing. Oh and I also discovered 80 denier opaque black tights by Wolford (not only do they hide a multitude of sins but they also seem to create the illusion of immense slenderness – worth every penny people).

And there began my obsession with dresses. After years and years of being a 100% trouser wearer I embraced my new found freedom and went on a new kind of wardrobe adventure.

Literally any excuse to don a frock. And what better time of year than now eh? Christmas party dress. New Years Eve dress. Millions of dresses I can swoon over for you gorgeous lot… because some of you will be looking for maids gowns, or maybe even a new number as a W-day guest? Or just because you fancy something flirty for no particular reason at all.

Basically I get to look at lots of lovely and share it all with you.

I love my job.

Sexy Sleeves At REISS: This mesh panelled Venus is top of my Xmas wish list and the cream wrap Lorna would look sensational on your best girls for a winter affair.

Slinky And Sophisticated At ZARA: Not enough dollar for Missoni? (me neither…) but you can make like you do in this fringed number, a bargain at £45.99. And I imagine just as lovely with ankle boots and tights as it is on this bare legged beauty, the shiny “Bat” (no – no idea) dress. A very reasonable £59.99.

Brights And Metallics At COAST: I currently have a thing for orange. Bold in-you-face look-at-me orange. And if you do too then the Ursula may be just what you have been looking for, perfect for work or play. Completely different in terms of style and colour but equally as covetable, the Pippa would look stunning on your best girls for a contemporary W-day or black-tie themed do.

Pale And Interesting at TED BAKER:I love a LBD as much as the next person but equally I adore a LND (little neutral dress), be it pale grey, nude or cream. Ted Baker really delivers on the nudey front this season with the pleated Vaira and the ruffled Ditio.

Show Stoppers At KAREN MILLEN: Not normally one for a very busy print, I am a huge fan of the butterfly design on this pencil length gown, and although a wee bit pricey at £350, this beaded shift is both elegant and timeless.

Casual Cool At FRENCH CONNECTION: My two favourite frocks of all, the super cute Frisella Fortune (looks amazing with the red velvet platforms as per the model) and the Swallow Scoop tea dress. LOVES.

So you gorgeous lot, any frocks that take your fancy?

And what is your body hang-up? do you dress to “disguise” the bits you are not as keen on or like me, have you recently said “stuff it” and made the most out of what you were born with regardless?

And how do you feel about maids in tights (I love this look – was just wondering what everyone else thought…)

Big If You’ve Already Bought Your Party Dress Then Comment With A Link Love

Charlotte xxx

32 thoughts on “Frockalicious.

  1. I’m with you on the legs, mine are terrible short rugby players legs! It helps that I’m happy with my tummy especially after having 2 children and still ok in a bikini, but the legs…. oh how i dislike my legs.

    Tights or a bit of a tan is a great confidence booster for me, oh and some killer heels!

  2. I don’t hate it but I suffer from a lackage of boobage and consequently, I have to dress to flatter them. No V necks for me but slash and boat necks are great 🙂

  3. I have the French Connection Swallow Scoop Tea Dress. It is AMAZE.

    I also love the blue Venus dress from Reiss – not seen that baby in store… however, I may have fallen out with Reiss recently, I literally tried on about eight of their dresses for a wedding that I’m going to in a couple of weeks and their fit was horrendous 🙁

    My bad body bit is my upper arms. No matter WHAT I do, they never look any better!!


  4. Love the pleated Ted Baker dress too, gorgeous!!

    Hang-ups. Where to start – legs, knees (fat knees!), stomach, arms! Oh dear.

    @Lauren – I went to a wedding where another guest wore white and the bride went MENTAL. Was a complete over-reaction (the dress was short and had blue flowers all over it) but was quite amusing as an observer!

  5. Sadly no one makes dresses that look good on people as fat as me :). Maxi dresses are the best bet, but even then you need a cardie to cover up the bingo wings. And I have yet to find one I like in the shops that cater to big gals. Finding a wedding dress was a bloody nightmare – there are more choices now, but that was 15 years ago. I ended up getting my aunt to make me one…

  6. its my legs too… have run three marathons this year so my thighs and bum are massive… where as the rest of my legs are a bit skinny and with bulges of muscle….
    still i thank god i can run… i also have terrible knees from lots of knee surgery in my late teens, (now you see why i am so pleased i managed to run three marathons)

  7. @Kay – oh pretty! and I’m so with you on the killer heels.

    @Lauren – I think it may still be “no go” for some peeps but wouldn’t bother me (providing they didn’t wear a “wedding” dress obvs..)

    @Shirley – I think that’s the key isn’t it – finding something to make the best of the bits we’re not so keen on. I too love a slash neck.

    @Katie – Ah!!! I think I now need to buy me one. Really was the fit crap? that’s a shame – I have a great maxi from Reiss that fits like a dream.

    @Ruth – It had flowers and she still went mental? oh dear…. like actually went mental at the wedding?!

    Charlotte xxx

  8. Mine is my stomach I hate it and no amount of sit-ups/yoga/pilates seem to fix it. I wear a lot of dresses that kick out and hang over it to solve the problem!!

    My Christmas dress is old as it was bought out during the summer but I didn’t wear it and so it will be this seasons dress.

    Its the french connection anna lace red dress and I love it. I love FC dresses they are so well made and so different its just a shame they cost so much!!

  9. @Emily – that’s what makes me feel a berk for complaining in the first place, I had melanoma on my right leg in my mid twenties and I got off with a small scar – I am so lucky, and I should appreciate them more. Your party dress is a beaut.

    @Angela – I love the maxi plus cardi look – even in winter. Have you tried Ted Baker pet? French Connection also do some super flattering shapes and styles.

    Charlotte xxx

  10. Mine used to be arms, but luckily this was resolved by running a half marathon!! – Extreme! Now it’s tummy, I only have to look at a chip and my size 10 waist becomes 10 sizes bigger (ok small exaggeration!!) but that’s how it feels!

    Loving your attitude though, I’m hoping one day I’ll feel the same! No more wasting time on looking at what I don’t have (a wash board stomach) and thinking about what I do have instead 🙂

  11. @Maddi – Me too. I love a FC dress. They fit so beautifully, your red one is especially lovely pet. The best thing I find for a flat stomach is planking – particularly on the power plate.

    @Emma – Exactly. I will never have great legs. But I don’t have bad legs either. And with the right tights/heels they look half decent. Even if I do say so myself 😉

    Huge congrats on the half marathon!!

    Charlotte xxx

  12. for me, the key is dressing for your shape – the whole boat/slash neck thing i love but cannot wear so I have trained myself not to buy that style any more – sometimes it makes me sad but mostly i take comfort in the fact that i look good in the stuff i do buy!

    i am currently coveting this karen millen knit dress which I think would be great for a day to evening thing. (incidentally, KM have some lush dresses in right now!)

    my Christmas party dress is a DVF that I bought from bicester village last summer and love, i’m thinking black opaques, black shoes and maybe a black feather collar type thing to ‘winter’ it up a bit


    mrs r x x x

  13. I went through the exact same leg loathing – I was a sprinter in my youth and they are still super muscley because of it. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress or skirt for years. And then I met the future husband and he loves my legs most of all! That’s when I realised that people like all different shapes and sizes so who cares?! Can’t get me out of a dress or super tight jeans these days…

    Saying all this I do still hate the top of my arms a bit – adding little capped lace sleeves to my wedding dress to boost my confidence!

  14. Wonderful post with all these links to pretty dresses!
    First things first it’s the food baby that I carry around that i usually disguise, weight goes up and down about 10lbs month to month. I have outfits for when i feel thin and some for when i feel not so thin! But when out wedding dress shopping last week the wifey in the shop was loving my figure – once i am in a secret corset my hidden hour glass is revealed! Plus I can wear VoH dresses which my boy-shape best mate could never even attempt.

    As for my partay dress… as I am self employed no christmas party to attend, but it was my “engagement meal & celebrations on Saturday” so I wore this…
    Looked a lot better on that in the pic! Rocked with nude peep toe platform feels & some M&S peep toe natural tan tights!

    Legs you see are one my best assets and much envied by my friends, just as i envy their totally flat stomachs!

  15. – I don’t get jealous often but that yellow DVF is to die for. And yes to black opaques, shoes and feather collar…. gorgeous.

    @Helene – funny isn’t it, I was the same, then a few people said “there is nothing wrong with your legs?!” – particularly my husband. I’m not quite ready for hot pants yet though – ha ha.

    And I LOVE a capped sleeve!

    Charlotte xxx

  16. isn’t she a beaut?? (plus she has pockets – le sigh!)

    i tell you, mr doesn’t even let me in the door of the DVF shop at bicester village anymore

    mrs r xxxxx

  17. Charlotte I have to say I do love it when you post fashion tips. I love your style and eye for a beautiful item.

    I like every other girl in the world have a few body hang ups but i have also found myself in a bit of a fashion rut! Following you blazer post I was all fired up imagining myself looking sophisticated in a nice pair of skinny jeans and a cool blazer.

    Keep the fashion posts coming, love them! xx

  18. Love some of these dresses! The top one is lush, and the ruffled Ted B one is divine, although I do find that nothing by TB is designed with a large hip/arse in mind.

    Spot the body hang up!

    Yep – lost a load of weight a few years ago, rather unhealthily, and what I have regained has deposited itself on my bum and thighs (with a bit of cellulite added for good measure!) BUT, I’m pretty happy with everything else (even my teeth, almost!) so am content with my lot in life 🙂

    Great post, Charlotte xx

  19. I sort of have an all over body issue being that I piled it on during uni.
    I have recently lost 3 and a half stones though and have another 2 to go to be at my bestish size. I am however in proportion and have a small waist, E cup boosam and curvy hips. My legs have got a lot smaller since taking up excerise so I am mega happy. I am hoping once I have lost all the weight I want I will be happy with my body as none of it is bad. I do have stretchmarks on my tummy though, not horrendous but I don’t like them This means I would never go for a crop top/ bikini or the likes.

    That said, a plastic surgeon at work is going to start doing rollerball, which basically is a brush covered in tiny needles that they roll over the stretchmarks and they fade muchos if not sort of disappear. The secret is they obviously cause trauma which induces healing thus getting rid of the old marks…I think. Anyways I would defo have a bash once I have seen some results.

    Party dress is the gorgeous ruffle dress from FC as worn by many a bridesmaid, inc Mrs O’Shea’s. I love it, it is super flattering and with some tights on it looks brill. With a red lip and liner’d eyes!

    I can’t wait til the rest of the weight is off so that I can go all out post wedding and buy a new wardrobe of goodies!

    P.S. I was just drooling over the FC dresses you have shown the other day at work (on a night) xx

  20. my hang ups are my bum, upper thighs and hips. I would just love to tone those all up. Husband of course says he loves it all and I am getting better at accepting all my bits including the ones that I think are flawed.

    I love dresses! I would wear them every day if I could. The TB pleated ivory dress is right up my alley and I now am drooling over it. Cream/ivory is one my favorite colors to wear.

    I am in total agreement with Mrs. R with dressing for your shape. I think this is so important and really makes a women feel better in how she looks when the clothes fit properly and accentuate her shape beautifully. I also think this goes for color. Knowing what colors you look best in goes a long way.

    Spring pastels are not my friend, they make my pale skin look a tad sickly but give me some bright summer hues or fall bolds and I glow in pics 🙂

    I blessed to have a mother who taught me shape and color at a young age.

    on the fun side I recently joined the mrs. club as of Nov. 12!

  21. I’m pretty ‘curvaceous’… small middle but big bum and boobs, so certain clothes just look ridiculous! I like my shape, but need spanx to hold the tummy in! My real issue is fat knees… had them all my life 😉 So I wear black opaques in the winter but summer is an issue!! Perfect length for me sits bang on the knee.

    Oh ok, i just blathered on then…

    i love thar Reiss dress though, pretty stunning 🙂

  22. Great post perfect timing- my hang up is also my legs…I was called tree trunk legs as a child as my legs were so muscly!! They are also short so nothing makes them
    Look good! I find it hard to find dresses that flatter them….I love the reiss dress tho! I’m still trying to find my party dress maybe this is it!

  23. Evening ladies!

    @Stacy – Thanks pet, that is very kind of you, blazer with jeans, sexy shoes and a statement piece of jewellery is my fail safe outfit. DO love a frock though.

    @Mra A-to be – Also guilty of a bum issue (before I started exercising it was out of proportion and stuck out like an actual shelf..) however, it’s my husbands favourite bit so have learnt to love it (a bit anyway!) also loving the ruffles…

    @Alex84 – well done you, that is a massive achievement. And that dress is still one of my favourites of all time, do you have the ivory? I also have it in black!

    @Kristin – Massive Congratulations!! And I also agree on the shape thing. It’s fun to follow trends but sometimes I just can’t – especially super skinny jeans (I find boot-cut/flared are my best friend..) Great advice on the colour too – I sometimes forget that – note to self, must invest in more bright colours to lift my complexion!

    @Abi Lady HarHar – Ha ha my knees are knobbly and scarred (from my dancing days), I find black tights are amazing at hiding everything! Honestly it was so difficult to choose between the Reiss dresses, there are at least ten I coudl have picked for this feature.

    @Jem – A flared dress works well pet (I don’t know why but seems to lengthen – those Skater styles are good) and also if you wear (I know I KEEP going on about it) but black tights with black shoes (I have some black suede high platforms) as then it looks like one “silhouette” so gives the illusion of a few extra inches of leg…does that make sense?

    Charlotte xxx

  24. @Charlotte – yes I agree about Skater style dresses. I have a polka dot one from Oasis which with tights and heels really slims the legs down. Only problem is because of my boobs, I suit a v or cowl neck rather than a high neck and most skater dresses suit my legs/bum/tum but make my boobs look huge 😉

  25. @Abi – I would very much like some increased boobage please. I bet you can do that whole sexy 50’s siren look with aplomb no? I on the other hand look like a boy in drag. Was the polka dot dress from Oasis recent (goes off to investigate…)

    @Jem – pleasure! as per Abi above, don’t know why it works but it does. Something to do with the “horizontal volume” (think I might have read this in ELLE or an equally fancy fashion glossy) that takes away from the shortness/wideness of your pins. They do good ones in Topshop at the mo – blue, red and black shades.

    Charlotte xxx

  26. @Charlotte – Sorry, only just had chance to get back on here (stupid work getting in the way of pretty polkerdot-ness!)

    Yep, she went actually MENTAL. They had 2 receptions too (she’s American, so had an English reception too), so we were all living in fear of someone turning up in white to that one too. Thankfully I think the word was spread and nobody did!

    I really do think weddings can send some people crazy!

  27. @ charlotte thanks for th epost i am now the proud owner of the blue reiss dress… and a few other things from there too! my fiance prob wont be thanking you!! xx

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