From A Blog To A Business.

It’s been another momentous week at Rock My Wedding. I thought this afternoon I would take a tiny step away from wedding pretty to fill you in on the latest developments.

As I type this I am sat amongst empty Ikea boxes, empty Apple boxes, screw drivers, alan keys and those little wooden worm things that are the magic ingredient that stops all your new flat pack furniture from falling apart after 5 minutes. But more about that in a bit.

Firstly I am going to take you back a week or so to an event on Carnaby Street in London, organised by Lomography at which I was asked to speak.

The Loblography Event

You may remember that we worked with Lomography a while back during our retro week. We gave you lucky lot the chance to win some super snazzy Lomography film cameras and Lomography gave you the chance to win an engagement shoot organised by them and styled by Rock My Wedding. You can see the results of the shoot here.

Lomography organise loads of events throughout the year aimed not only at camera enthusiasts but bloggers too (As one interest can quite often be linked to the other in this day and age.)

Heidi from Lomography asked if I could attend one such event – a photography workshop in and around Soho followed by talks from some of the most successful bloggers in the UK. And yes, that is me nearly getting run over by a London cab – all in the cause of getting a good shot.

I was asked to speak about the transition that happened when Rock My Wedding became not only a blog but a fully blown business.

It’s at times like this that I feel so stupidly proud to be a part of such a brilliant little organisation. Of course I agreed to do the talk and started scribbling down some ideas for my power point.

A Quick History Of RMW

My initial scribbles illustrating the growth of RMW actually became the slides I used to illustrate my talk…beginning with how Charlotte and I met when we both worked at a company called epyx. Charlotte was planning her wedding with Mr O’Shea at the time and thought that the UK was lacking a top notch online wedding inspiration site…this was 2009 remember folks – there just weren’t many blogs around back then!

I didn’t even know that such a thing as a wedding blog existed, but as a graphic designer with a passion for new projects I agreed to come on board and before long RMW was created and launched.

We have had a bit of a rollercoaster ride since then. From a business perspective we have made some great decisions, we have also made a few mistakes along the way. I don’t think anyone can deny that it has been a massive learning curve. It has been a fantastic experience though.

In my talk I discussed that although it’s easy to think that RMW became a ‘business’ at the point when we started to make money, I think it happened later than that. I believe we became a ‘business’ at the point when our investors came on board. Only then did we have a complete skill set – the drive, ambition and ‘front-of-house’ skills that Charlotte and I possess married to the solid and experienced grounding in running successful businesses that our investors brought to the table. It’s a match made in wedding blog heaven!

I finished with a little bit on the future – I mentioned young Miss Gautier-Ollerenshaw’s appointment, the fact that we now have an official RMW HQ and I touched on a few little secrets that we have in the pipeline.

Now, I couldn’t possibly talk about the secrets here, anyone could be listening 😉 but I can talk a little bit about RMW HQ.

Rhubarb And Custard

So, RMW now has a permanent home at the Custard Factory complex in Digbeth. Digbeth is the closest thing Birmingham has to a Camdem Town – think converted warehouses with rough luxe decor and uber creative folk floating around the place 24/7.

Talking of uber creatives… It is also the home of a few members of the ‘Birmingham Massive’ an elite team of midlands based wedding suppliers. Literally on our doorstep we have Steve Gerrard, rock star photographer extraordinaire, the fantastically talented and award winning Emma Case and those phenomenally nice folks at Shutterbox Films. The Custard factory is also home to bridal boutique The Couture Company.

I think we will fit in well here!

On Monday we collected our keys and before long Charlotte, Lauren and I piled into the Volvo and headed up the M6 in search of some Swedish office based retail therapy. Once I managed to focus the girls’ attention on office furniture, rather than bud vases, soft furnishings, glassware and general pretty for the home/office, we made some executive decisions and now own some sleek new desks and a few chairs called Patrik.

After a little improvisation with the flat pack furniture (left) we actually got some desks built (right).

Next stop – the Apple Store. I think we made their day. I have never seen an Apple receipt as long as the one we left with. Charlotte was in flats for once and couldn’t actually hold the strip of paper up high enough to stop it dragging on the ground.

RMW HQ now has so much Apple in it that I am considering changing its name to “The Orchard”.

So, thanks to Lomography for a smashing day out doing one of my favourite things (photography, not getting up and talking in front of loads of people!) Thanks to The Custard Factory for making us feel so welcome and for giving RMW a permanent home and of course thank you to all you lovely people out there in blogland. Without your support over the last two years or so none of these other lovely things would have happened. We truly do know how lucky we are to have such a fantastic community.

P.S. I get the feeling that once we have settled in (bought a kettle, found somewhere to keep cakes etc) you will be seeing a lot more of RMW HQ… so watch this space.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

35 thoughts on “From A Blog To A Business.

  1. Wow, I think it’s easy for us all as readers to just stumble on RMW as part of the whole wedding process, it’s only when you’re reminded that you realise the sheer amount of hard work and passion that goes into creating such a successful business.

    I have to say though, that I am mighty jealous of you all that you’re spending your days and your careers doing something so utterly fabulous and fun.

    You’re a talented bunch and your success is so well deserved. Massive luck and love for life in your new HQ and many successful years ahead.

    Automotive trading’s loss is Bride-world’s gain! xx

  2. @Kirsten – I thought the same, i’m hoping security is fairly tight at the Custard Factory! My heart skipped a beat at all the lovely Apple goodies x

  3. WOWZERS!!!!!!

    How ruddy exciting!!!!!

    I LOVE the Custard Factory and used to hang out there in my uni days! Before returning to the south!

    It does indeed seem to be the prefect permanent home for your HQ!

    Can’t wait to see it glammed up RMW style!


    Oh and you can tell us your secrets!!! We won’t tell anyone 😉

  4. Such exciting times guys, and wow… what a HQ!!

    You’ve come such a long way in such a short time – impressive stuff!

    Excited to see what you have up your sleeves… I may have a little inkling as to what the plans are, hopefully I’m not way off the mark 😉


  5. congratulations! loving the look of your new offices. is the ‘patrick’ and the desks from ikea? i could do with some of those! x

  6. I still can’t quite believe that I’m part of the RMW team. I count my lucky stars every single day. Exciting times ahead RMW-ettes!!

    @CM yes our desks and Patrik as we affectionately call him are from Ikea and very reasonable they are too!

    @Emma – Aphroditeswb you will be seeing a lot more of RMW Towers very soon.

  7. Hi RMW

    I just love your site, so refreshing! Stumbled on you in an idle moment ( as you do ).

    I think you are a must follow from now on…


  8. Congrats guys, so exciting for you (and us devotees)…

    That looks like an AWFUL lot of Apples… more staff perchance or are you all going to have 4 or 5 monitors each in a bond villain style (I kind of hope that’s the case, with you each keeping an eye on wedding stuff across the globe via super duper pretty surveillance)… If not – I am mac compatible with design skills although geography could be a problem, but more than happy to be RMW HQ scotland!!

  9. Ah you’re making me pine for my Brummie days now! ultra cool location lovelies, well done 🙂 hopefully the real bride bus will make it up for a visit later in the year!!!

    While contemplating and working on my own business ideas at the moment, I can honestly say that you guys are a huge inspiration to me, jumping into the scary unknown world as you did and creating something unique and fabulous that we have all come to rely upon for a wee bit of sunshine each day 🙂 huge congratulations to you all, hope you enjoy your new home!! xx

  10. The new place looks awesome, congrats! Hope to pop in for a visit sometime soon, jealous of all the new apple gear. Adam we need you here, we have a few flat pack things to put together which have been sitting in the corner for too long now being ignored x

  11. Wow congratulations 🙂 completely amazing but totally and utterly deserved!

    I just showed Chris those pics of your new ‘Orchard’ and he went slightly green with envy, he would buy the whole shop if he could.

    Oh and pleeeeease divulge the secrets soon, I can’t wait any longer! xxx

  12. Thanks guys – it’s been a real blast so far!

    @John – nice to see a chap on here. WElcome!

    @Gemma – I Hate flat-pack… I am on a diet of paracetamol and ibuprofen currently nursing my bad back from all the mucking about on the floor with bits of wood/screws/Patrik. No more DIY for me.


  13. I have been reading RMW since the very beginning (I was one of those readers who read charlottes “Wedding Porn” from the forum even before RMW existed) and I must say how much I love this site. Even though happily married and now with a baby I still log on every day for my fill of pretty.

    I am immensely proud of you all.


  14. Congratulations guys!
    Thanks for bringing my creative side out of the shadow again (I thought I’d lost her for good!)

    And thanks for all the pretty – it’s blogs like these that make you realise you can do anything for your wedding!

    Can’t wait to come and have a nosey round – Real Brides we need to get this sorted!

    Looking forward to all your future ventrues – but telling us you have secret plans?……that’s just mean! :-p hee hee


  15. You’re at the Custard Factory, that’s so exciting!! When I lived in Birmingham, I used to love traipsing round, pretending I was cool enough to be there! And there’s the awesome big yellow vintage shop just round the corner, I got an amazing 80s dress there once with shoulder pads as big as my head!

    Anyway, sounds like things are going great for you guys, it’s been so nice to have followed the development of RMW and see you grow into something wonderful!!

  16. It seems like only yesterday I stumbled on you lot and now… Wow! So exciting and I’m not at all jealous! At all. Ok, I’m hugely jealous- well done you!

  17. Congratulations Team RMW!!!!! The office looks amazing! I can only imagine the total of the Apple bill…. wowzers!

    I hope you all settle in quickly, and look forward to the secrets….. (please don’t unveil them between 21st july and 6th august – i won’t be around!) 🙂


  18. Congratulations guys. You must be so proud. You are both an inspiration, I hope to one day make the leap myself. Keep up the good work, well you have to, you have that Apple bill to pay for!! 😉

    The now Mrs M

  19. Congratulations on the new space. The Custard Factory has an awesome creative vibe that will keep you inspired.

    I was very lucky to be a bridesmaid at a wedding held there last Summer…. Womderful place.

    Once you go to Yumm you never go back 😀

  20. WOW!!! What a fantastic office guys. You have worked incredibly hard since RMW started and you deserve all the rewards/accolades/sponsors you can get. Love that desk, might just pop to Ikea myself (plus you can’t miss their £1.50 meatballs!!!)

    Looking forward to finding out what the ‘secrets’ are xxx

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