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Wedding Day Manicure Inspiration Post

Not so long back we posted a gorgeous image of an ‘alternative’ w-day manicure on our Facebook page. It was all white gloriousness topped off with golden glittery sparkles and you lot went mental for it.

With over 30 shares and counting, numerous comments and approximately 150 likes, I think the post was one of our best received to date….and it got us thinking.

About you lot…. and your big day… and your nails.

Let me ask you a question.

Are you opting for a French manicure by any chance?

Don’t get me wrong lovelies – I’ve long admired the timeless chicness of this classic look but with the rise of the ‘your day, your way’ philosophy we wondered just how many of you were after something that’s perhaps a bit less traditional and a little bit more you?

Perhaps you’re torn, perhaps you’re feeling obliged to ‘go French’ because your mum or your gran says you should. But it needn’t be this way. Let me share something from my own personal experience with you.

I sported mid-length nude coloured nails on my big day and whilst they certainly looked the part and in no way offended me I so wished I’d stuck to my guns and had the soft velvety aubergine/charcoal grey tone that was my heart’s desire.

It would have looked chic, it certainly tied in with the Autumnal vibe that my wedding theme had going on but I was dissuaded from making such a bold choice by a stern manicurist who told me that this was not the colour for a blushing bride.

Who says?

Well we certainly don’t.

And so RMW-ettes, a compilation of perfect nail inspiration awaits you below.

What will you choose?

Metallic Hot Metal Mirrored Nails Manicure Wedding

The irridescent, mirrored and metallic nail trends so beloved of last year’s brides continue to reign supreme. It seems that you lot are choosing to opt for iridescent fingertips for a more contemporary look. We’re talking everything from a full-on on metallic gloss, sci-fi style, to neutral backgrounds with glitz overlaid on the top for a more subtle effect. I particularly love the thin lines of nail tape (yes I know actual nail tape!!) overlaid on a neutral background at the bottom here.

Neutral Matte Bare Nude Nails Manicure Wedding

If you’re not feeling brave enough for patterned or metallic nails or sense that these looks won’t quite look right against your dress or floral posy then why not opt for a colour block nail in the neutral or monochromatic shades of the spectrum. Team RMW is currently crushing on Chanel’s Frenzy shade due in part to its oh so chic tone and mostly because it reflects our state of mind on any given day.

If you’re really keen to take things up to the next level then it could be worth experimenting with a matte topcoat – both Chanel and O.P.I offer this product as part of their wider polish ranges.

Patterned Print Nails Wedding Manicure

When it comes to applying nail varnish I have the patience of a gnat which means that any variation on the conventional block of colour is a no-go. That said I love seeing spots and stripes, chevrons and florals on brides’ nails and I can’t resist the ombre watercolour effect like the silver and smokey black combination at the bottom here.

Perhaps my favourite look is the soft white nail floral transfer at the top of this board. It’s as if gauzy lace has been applied to the nails themselves – a perfectly modern bridal look I think that even your nan would approve of.

Colour Pop Bright Nails Red Turquoise Wedding Manicure

And lastly it’s all about the ‘bright lights’. From turquoise blues, vivacious violets, breezy corals and seductive scarlets, this look is for the bold, fun bride that isn’t afraid to pack her punches. I particularly like a rounded mid-length nail paired with bright hues – it keeps the whole look contemporary and neat.

If you love the idea of colour but are perhaps a little fearful of it overwhelming your outfit then why not daub the tips of your nails in the colour of your choosing over a neutral base. That way you’ve got the best of both worlds and you can’t say fairer than that.

If you’re looking for more nail inspiration or some gorgeous beauty looks for your big day then why not check out our Beauty board on Pinterest or our obsession with sequins and shiny things.

We’d love to hear what you think.

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

28 thoughts on “From Tip To Toe.

  1. Love a nail debate, hate French manicures! I’m going for shellac – lasts a dream – and my usual short pink nails. Although, I love the stars one above.

  2. Right on time! I have been pondering over my nails for a couple of weeks now – bold and colourful, or boring and nude. I hardly ever wear nail polish, but when I do it is generally a bold colour (last one was a really bright pink), plus nudes always look a bit fake on me (never quite natural enough, but not a colour either), however a bold colour just doesn’t seem right at the moment so I am erring back on the nude side of things (and hoping I can find the right colour this time). Not one for French manicures at all. Have also been pondering Shellac, but having never had one before and with a lovely long honeymoon lasting over two weeks I am slightly worried that the nails won’t last that long and I will be searching high and low for a beauty salon to remove the Shellac rather than enjoying my honeymoon. Ah the dilemmas of a modern bride!! x

  3. Oh and thanks to Charlotte I am quite fancing Chanel’s May at the moment! Seems just like the right combination of a proper colour rather than nude but nothing too striking. Hot pink on my toes though…! x

  4. @ajk May is such a gorgeous colour – I bought it for one of my besties who got married a couple of weeks ago in celebration of her big day and her birthday. She wore it on her toes on her wedding day and it looked immense.

  5. I am on my second bottle of Frenzy, it looks lovely with everything and make me smile everytime I look at my hands…. having said that for my wedding day I am sorely tempted to go bold and bright raspberry to match my flowers. xxx

  6. Well a French manicure is a big no-no for me!
    For 1 – I have to keep my nails short – so french manicure just looks weird & 2 – I am known for always having boldly coloured nails! So why change the habit of a lifetime, just to fit in with convention?!! I wouldn’t be a RMW Real Bride if I did that now would I?!!! 😉 haha!

    I am however slightly torn………………..
    cute dark grey
    or scarlet (to match my lips!)

    Eeeeek! I really don’t know!
    For now, all I do know is I will be getting a gel manicure – well I don’t want chipped nail varnish on my glasto honeymoon!! haha

    Fab post as always Miss Lolly! 🙂

    ps. Have you had a WAH Nails manicure?!! They are pretty awesome – I mean, who doesn’t want little hearts painted on their nails?! 🙂

  7. Coral or pink all the way for me when I get married next February. I always have my nails painted and love Shellac so I will definitely be doing that. A French manicure just isn’t ‘me’ and I wouldn’t get one normally so will be steering clear on the big day! I think it’s nice to have a little pop of colour too.

  8. I am all into nail art and was very much convinced that I would have something out there and wacky for the wedding day. I would never have had a french manicure for the wedding day as it would not be ‘me’ at all.
    When it came to it I ended up with bright raspberry on my short, rounded fingernails and dark pink berry on my toes. I am pleased I ended up reigning myself in on the nail art as they still looked classy. Our flowers were orange, fuchsia and lime – so complemented perfectly.

    Go with something different, girls!

  9. @Rebecca a WAH Nails manicure? I’ve never heard of the like…I need to know more! And go scarlet – I love a bride who opts for matching lips and nails – especially the crimson variety!

    @Laura I’m nearing the end of my first bottle of the stuff – addictive isn’t the word. It just seems to go with EVERYTHING and I know what you mean about looking down and smiling at your fingertips!

    @Danielle Raspberry and Berry sounds delicious!

  10. Chanel’s Ballerina is a classic for a girly nudish colour – another goes with everything polish. Essie also do a good range if you are thinking of DIYing though I totally recommend shellac – I get it to last 3 weeks and I do the washing up!

  11. I had an American manicure which is like a French but less pink, less bright white – althogether more subtle but still gave length to the nails!

  12. I’ve never had a French manicure, and on my bitten-as-a-child, short, square nails I feared it would look just odd and unnatural! In the end I opted for an icy duck-egg blue on my fingernails, and orange on my toes! Go with a balance of trying something new, following your theme and sticking to your style!

  13. I will be going bold….certainly having hot pink toes. Currently trying to decide whether to match my nails to my lips (bright pink) or whether to go for an ombre effect in pink…. thoughts lovelies?

    47 days to go…not that I’m counting. Eeeeek!

  14. I’m on my honeymoon and you can spot the newly weds a mile off from the French manicure!

    I went pink to match my flowers and really glad I did as it pops in the photos I’ve seen….

    Xx ps is it really sad that I’m checking this whilst still away??!

  15. Never been a fan of regular nail varinish. I wear red most of the time, ocassionally black and gold for special occasions. For my wedding I am going for a very bright Barry M Green glitter (our colours are all the shades in a peacock feather) and my bridesmaids are having gold to go with there emerald green dresses. It was my first out fit decision and I think the only one I have actually stuck to through the whole planning process.

    Love all the suggestions above but those matt grey ones pictured are gorgeous 😀

  16. Ohhhh so much inspiration!! Love that gold feather ring too!
    Definitely agree with using your nails for a pop of colour.
    Also agree with sticking to your usual style – I find with beauty stuff it’s best to otherwise you feel a bit self conscious!
    Thanks for the WAH tip @Rebecca I’ve seen the nail bars in Topshop and wondered if they were any good!
    Fern x

  17. It’s so weird that this is a post today. This is the one aspect of my outfit that is driving me mad!

    I’m after a pinky/purple colour for my nails to go with the flowers, shoes and other accessories. I’ve so far bought 4 different bottles in my quest for the perfect shade and consistency. I was really impressed with how well the Barry M colour went on to my nails – fantastic coverage and really even…. but the colour was just not right – too bluey. Other bottles have had a nice colour but have gone on terribly. I was in town on Friday and felt completely over faced by all the different shades and brands – I felt like I didn’t even know what colour I wanted any more! It’s such a tiny aspect of the over all look but it’s starting to cost me a small fortune.

    My new plan is to ask the girls at work to bring in any nail varnish they have in a range of colours from pale pink up to purple and I’ll test them and hopefully find something I can go out and buy! I hope it works!

  18. LOVE this post – my wedding scrap book is filled with different inspiration boards of nail colours/styles and NONE of them are the old frenchie! Never been a fan. I have been a big ‘nail diva’ since my mum bought me my first manicure kit; nothing like colouring or patterning it up over a brew with the latest Vanity Fair! As for the big day, I love that anythings go’s these days. I’m hoping for something dark, unique and sparkly. X

  19. I went for long, oval red nails o go with my classic Chanel red lip. As did my bridesmaids. Sooo many people tried to talk me out of it. So glad I stuck to my guns. Plus, red nails will never date!

  20. Does anyone know if shellac is available to buy on the high street in the UK or just online? It looks amazing, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it!

  21. Love this! Thanks so much for writing it Lolly.

    I don’t know what to do yet for my nails, I’m am ex beauty and skin therapist so am a bit of a nail freak and a product queen! I love nail varnish and natural nails, I’ve never had false nails its just not my thing but have seen friends which shellac and I am a little curious! I also love nude nails, I’ve never really been a sparkly girl but I do love the gold sparkle in this post. I usually do a lot of my own beauty treatments and will probably do my own nails for the wedding but just need to decide on the best look for me. I don’t think I am bold enough to go for a colour I generally wear red and purples at work but don’t that dark or rich colour will suit my day…so basically I will spend the next 9 months ‘testing’ new shares and tones – any excuse to buy new products 🙂 x

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