Gabija & George married at George's family home. They had planned an outdoor ceremony, but in true British style, the dark grey clouds rolled in, the heavens opened and everyone had to decamp to the kitchen. The ceremony was completed in front of the Aga, surrounded by their closest family and friends, in the home where George grew up. Don't you think there's just something so romantic and lovely about that? I have a total girl crush on Gabija - I love that she did an outdoor yoga session to relax before the day began, I love that she did her flowers herself, I love her bold red lip and I'm head over heels for her blush 'Tamsin' dress by Catherine Deane. She's a beautiful Bride and we think her and George make a very stylish couple - he's sporting burgundy Hugo Boss for a start!!! It's just basically one big party (which seems to be theme of this weekends weddings) and every looks like they are having the time of their lives!

The Bride

Gabija The Bride: I did a lot of research online and when I saw the Tamsin dress from Catherine Deane I knew it was the one. It took me about 3 hours to try the dress, make a decision and purchase it. Shoes were a much harder task. I never imagined myself wearing bridal shoes and couldn’t find anything I like so when I came across red suede Nicholas Kirkwood heels, I thought they’d look quite unusual on the wedding day and I’d be able to wear them in the future as well. I think they worked perfectly with my blush colour dress.

The Groom

George knew he wanted a burgundy suit for the wedding and we thought it will be a difficult one to find. However, he managed to find one in Paul Smith’s store and we only had to alter it slightly. He also wore a white fitted shirt from Reiss and a golden collar pin that added elegance and made the outfit very special.

The Venue

The wedding took place in George's parents' garden in Lancashire and we couldn't have had it more beautiful than that. No hotels or rented venues can compare to the atmosphere you can create at home.

The Decor

We didn’t want to have a colour scheme. It was fun just improvising and trying to make things look beautiful and very natural. However, I love flowers and always thought I could arrange them myself for the wedding so I ordered bunches of pink, blue and white flowers and added lots of foliage like eucalyptus and ruscus. Quite a few of my girlfriends arrived a few days before the wedding so they helped me to prepare the flowers for the big day. Some of my friends work or are into design & fashion so I knew my flowers were in the best hands!

The Wedding Party

The wedding dress code was Cocktail Dresses with a Bohemian twist - dreamy pastels or eye-catching colours, romantic blooms or sparkly finery for women and summer suits with dapper accessories for men. We wanted everyone to be creative and look smart but not formal.

The Ceremony

Our wedding ceremony took place in the garden while it wasn't raining and was finished in the kitchen when it started pouring! It was performed by the Best Man Ian and the Maid of Honour Silvija. It was such a beautiful and emotional moment to be pronounced a husband and wife by our closest family and friends in the kitchen were George grew up. It couldn't had been more perfect. The sun started shining again after the ceremony and it was amazing having a live band playing while everyone was having a glass of champagne and taking pictures with us. 

The Food & Entertainment

Dinner took place in a marquee and creative, funny and emotional speeches made by our family and friends absolutely made it. After dinner, our friends Igne and Kristijonas prepared some traditional Lithuanian games like smashing a plate and throwing amber dust into the fire while wishing us the loveliest things. Everyone played a part and it felt so personal and sincere. 
 As it became dark, everyone hit the dance floor where George and his mates were spinning records and we only stopped at 4AM when the neighbours (around half a kilometre away) complained about the noise. It was a legendary party to celebrate our love and will long remain one of the happiest moments of our lives. Our wedding cake was made by one of my closest friends Simona and Kotryna. Simona practiced for a good few months to make the cake perfect for the wedding day!

The Photography

Motiejus did an absolutely amazing job on our wedding day - he started his day early together with us and documented the whole day from early morning preparations until the early hours of the party. His attention to detail, dedication and ability to take photos of the most beautiful not scripted moments are absolutely wonderful. We cannot recommend him highly enough!

Final Thoughts

We wanted our wedding day to reflect our personalities, our lifestyles and the way we do things. We organised it in less than 6 months and almost everything was planned and done by ourselves. Our friends and family traveled from different parts of the world to be with us so we wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. Quite a few of them arrived a few days before the wedding and helped us to prepare for our big day. It felt like we had a small festival and everyone having a part made the wedding day very special. Our guests offered to build our wedding arch in the pouring rain, they helped us with flower arrangements, performed our marriage ceremony, decorated the marquee, set up the music system, built a beer tent, prepared wedding favours, made buttonholes, performed traditional Lithuanian games, did a quiz, gave the best speeches, baked our two wedding cakes, danced with us till early hours and made our wedding day so unforgettable. A huge special thank you all our amazing friends!
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Bride: Catherine Deane | Jewellery: 57 Edges | Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood | Bridesmaid: Joseph | Groom: Paul Smith

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