Get Lashed.

Long thick luscious lashes – it’s what everyone wants for W-day….right?

And I’m guessing many of you will be considering a set of falsies but may not feel 100% confident in applying them and are concerned that they will fail to stay put for the duration of the festivities.

I’ve got to admit, until make-up artist Mariam Jensen applied a pair to my peepers for the RMW Hen Do I’ve never had the pleasure of wearing a pair that are not peeling off from the corners within hours. The lady clearly has some stick-tricks up her talented sleeves, so out of sharing and caring (and actually a little bit of pure selfishness on my part) we asked her to share her step-by-step secrets for creating the perfect flutter.

All of the beautiful images of Vix’s pretty face are courtesy of Emma Case.

What You Will Need

False Lash ApplicatorShu Uemura, Yes you can use tweezers but I swear – these are well worth the investment for precision application.

Lash Glue – We love Duo Adhesive from MAC.

Trimmers – Regular nail scissors will work but Mariam used the Shu Uemura eyebrow pair.

Lashes! – Obviously there are thousands to choose from, Mariam rates both Eylure (lots of really natural looking pairs available) and Ardell (my favourite), both available at Boots.

Step 1.

Always start with eyeliner, it hides the “root” of the lash strip and makes your eyes really pop. For the full tutorial on this particular 60’s retro flick you can have a butchers at our sexy siren post. You can also put a coat or two of mascara on your own lashes at this point.

Step 2.

Measure the lash strip against your eyelid – too long and it will a) look odd b) is more likely to come away at the corners.

Step 3.

Trim your lashes to the desired length.

Step 4.

Get your glue ready (Mariam squeezes a bit onto the back of her hand)

Step 5.

Apply your glue to the lash strip (and here’s the IMPORTANT bit) wait for it to go tacky before applying to the lash line – between 15 and 20 seconds. That way it doesn’t slide around and sets better preventing your falsies from falling off.

Step 6.

Pick up your lash with the applicator and starting from the outside corner apply to the eyelid just above your natural lash line.

Step 7.

Continue to follow the curve of your lid until you reach the inner corner, pressing the lash strip in place.

Step 8.

Using your fingers ensure the lash is fully adhered and press any non-dry areas until they are fully set (again pay particular attention to the outer and inner corner areas).

Step 9.

At this point you can apply eyeliner over the top of the adhered false strip if there are any gaps to create a seamless finish.

Step 10.

Apply your second eye in exactly the same way!

Ta Da!

(Alternatively you could just get Mariam Jensen to apply them for you – they won’t budge a millimetre)

So then lovelies, let’s talk lashes…..

Are you a fan of falsies?

Any tricks or products you would like to recommend to the RMW community?

Thinking of the more semi-permanent lash extension option for W-day?

Any my-false-lashes-fell-off-at-a-really-inappropriate-moment stories?!

Do tell.

Big Lash Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

24 thoughts on “Get Lashed.

  1. My friend usually puts my falsies on for me, I am useless at doing them myself. It takes me forever, and they never look the same. One eye will be good, the other will be wonky and crap! For W-day, I’m either going for professionally applied falsies, or I’m going to go for the false lash extensions. Hopefully I’ll do a trial run for these in next few months!

  2. I’m thinking about eye lash extensions, so active wit experience of them for w day, I’d appreciate your thoughts. Can you make them as full as you like? Only four weeks to go! E x

  3. I love the look of false lashes and will be definitely having them on my wedding day – though I have a couple of questions.

    I dont want overly made up (eyelinered eyes) so will they still work for me? Also so you put mascara on before or after you’ve put on the falsies!

  4. I LOVE falsies!! I have very short eyelashes (thanks Dad, my bro got my moms lushes beauties!) for my big day I had my make up artist apply individual ones just on the outside edges to add some thickness and so when I fluttered it looked dreamy. A friend of mine once had semi perm ones and her lashes came out!! Eek! Although saying that, another friend won’t live without her semi’s!!

    I am all for the enhancement 🙂

  5. I got lash extensions for my wedding. I got it on a Groupon as they can be quite expensive otherwise. They were great and I was really pleased with them in my photos. The beautician can tailor them so they look more natural, less “Jordan” for you. There were a couple of downsides though. You can’t use normal mascara on them as they’re too tough to romove, which can cause your lashes to be pulled out/fall out prematurely. You can’t use normal eye makeup remover either as oil based products will dissolve the lash glue. Therefore I got suckered into buying the special mascara and eye make-up remover for them. To be honest you don’t need the mascara, the lashes are noticeable enough on their own, but the eye make-up remover was pretty good. Also the lashes start to fall out after about 2 weeks, over a period of about 2 weeks, so you can look a little odd for that (this is the reason you buy the special mascara to fill in the gaps). However, you can go for infills to top them up and these are not too expensive. So I would say it’s up to you! But for me they were worth the one-off experience and not having to worry about my lashes.

  6. I love, love, love false lashes! Once you have tried them you feel naked without them. I had them professionally applied by my make up artist for my wedding day last June, went for a really natural fluttery pair that looked lovely without my usual black eyeliner – was a bit apprehensive about doing lashes without liner but a professional make up artist makes all the difference.

  7. I love falsies but in my personal opinion, for my taste, thats too much eyeliner for my wedding day the edge of the flick is too thick – and I LOVE liquid liner I’m addicted and wear it every day.

    So I’d say to Daisykitten that the same effect can be achieved for difinite with a really thin line of liner. Def agree you need some as it stops it looking gappy.

    I don’t think I’d wear a full set on my wedding day unless a professional was applying them as any lift or dodgy angles look sooooo crap in photos. How many night out photos on FBook have you seen where people have weird loking cat eyes i.e. lashes doing funny things or lifting at the inner corner. Myself included :o)) If anything, extensions for me!

  8. I tried ‘falsies’ for the first time ever for a family celebration this weekend and went for the novices option of pre-glued lashes … they actually looked very natural (didn’t put mascara on afterwards) but touched in the glue line with a soft charcoal grey eyeshadow … everyone thought I’d changed my hairstyle as they couldn’t work out why I look so glam! Thoroughly recommend and inexpensive too!

  9. @Emma – Yes, you can have just a few or a whole full-on set. If you are concerned about semi-permanent that are applied at a salon and last weeks most make-up artists also offer individual lashes that can look more natural than strip.

    @Daisykitten – I personally prefer a little liner at the roots but you certainly don’t have to go as wild as this – a light stroke of a brown/black pencil will work just as well.

    @NikkiM – You are probably right, it will definitely be too much for some brides pet, this eyeliner look was from our “Retro” week, not intended for W-day specifically although I’m sure some ladies would look lovely with the full flick. I too wear liquid every day – I feel naked without it!! Which one do you use? I use Lancome art liner.

    Charlotte xxx

  10. I went to a ball with my boyfriend when we first got together 3 years ago. I agonised over the dress, bought new make up and spent the whole day getting ready. Popped on a pair of really natural looking falsies so I could bat my eyelashes attractively, but I didn’t want him to realise quite how much effort I’d gone to.

    Halfway through the night a girl speared my thumb with her bracelet (by mistake, but OUCH) and despite my best efforts a couple of tears managed to find their way out of my eyes while the bracelet and my thumb were separated.

    I noticed my date was looking at me oddly, and I thought it was mainly because he hadn’t expected to perform minor surgery on me.

    “Erm… are you wearing false eyelashes”
    “No! Of course not! Why do you say that?”
    “It’s just that you seem to have eyelashes on your cheek.”

    Sure enough, there was a perfectly curled pair of eyelashes poking suspiciously out of my cheekbone. Foiled.

  11. I’d rather like the lash extensions but I’m wary of the balding look that Stephanie describes! Also I can’t quite believe that I wouldn’t need mascara as my own lashes are very…. I was going to say pale but actually they’re almost translucent.

    @Charlotte and NikkiM – I am a flicky eyeliner person too. I completely recommend the Bobbi Brown little pots – lots of gorgeous colours, you can smudge them for a different look and they last and last. Both during the day AND the pot lasts for, like, EVAH.

  12. I’ve had semi-permanent lashes before for a special do. I went for the long ones which were applied in individual clumps of lashes rather than one strip. They were great on the night and got lots of comments. But they were very annoying u can’t even wash your face properly they touch any sunglasses or glasses u wear. Fall off after a few weeks one at a time so u look gappy. Then when u try to take them off them can (and did in my case) take some of your natural lashes with them. Ur meant to use oil based product to ease them off… Oil plus eye area… Not good! Needless to say I didn’t have them again. So although if your willing to commit for that one special w day then go for it… But be prepared for a lash less honeymoon! The strip ones with good glue for me are a much better option. Definitely recommend the duo glue from

  13. Heya!

    I love a pair of falsies on a night out. I particularly like the Eyelure ones, especially the ‘Miranda’ inspired ones from SATC – they are my favs. I have been weighing up whether to get semis or use strip falsies for W day. I am getting some semis applied next week as a ‘test run’ to see what they are like. If I don’t like, will use my Eyelure ones and get the make-up artist to apply for me.

    I use mascara before applying the lashes 🙂 xxxx

  14. I love love love falsies! I love wearing them for nights out and special occasions. I am a big fan of big impact eye make up so the bigger and more extravagant the better for me!
    I think my fav’s are the Girls Aloud ones. I always wear my Cheryl’s when I go out so will defo be wearing them on my big day! xxx

  15. I don’t think I could live without false lashes! I wear mine every day and I feel a bit naked without them.. once you get used to them then it’s quicker than mascara and much less messy if you’re a bit clumsy like me! I think the most important bit is the glue, the glue that comes with eyelashes is usually rubbish, I use Revlon’s Precision Lash Adhesive and couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

  16. Ooooh, Vix – you look so lush! (or lash?!!)
    I am soooo lucky to have long lashes, and have just investde in Maxfactor’s newest False Lash Effect (the 24 hour one) to see how long it really lasts.

    That said, I was also lucky enough to have lashes applied by Mariam at the RMW hen, and they were AWESOME!. I just had the flicky end bits done and din’t want to take them off again!

    If I had to choose for W-day though, I would 100% opt for the semi-perm ones. A couple of friends had them last year and they were AMAZING. So natural looking too.
    Obvs they would need to be from a reputable supplier – I can’t remember the name of the post from about a year ago where the bride had had a terrible experience just before her wedding…?? Can you remember, Charlotte?

  17. I have been using Revitalash for 9 weeks and my lashes are amazing! I was sceptical about it and it’s expensive but my sister used it and had great results. My lashes have always been short and sparse and they are now long and have a bit of a curl!
    Cheaper and more permanent than lash extensions but start 3 months before your wedding x

  18. Bit late now but I had semi perm ones on for wedding day and have loved them that much I am still having them on!

    They took two hours to apply and you could pick from different types of look you wanted and curl length,
    She was very thourough and explained how to make them last as long as poss, they lasted four weeks before I noticed I had a few little areas where they had come off.
    My own lashes were there though still and I just applied mascara to match them up until I had them filled in.

    I am pretty addicted to them, being fair I definately need mascara to look like I have lashes. So not having to put it on and take it off every day is fab. And I have had so many people saying “god your lashes are fab what mascara do you wear and do you curl them”?. When I tell them they are falsies they are really impressed.

    The company I went for was one recommended to me, called flutter eyes. They are in Tatler and Elle and co mags and each and basically have someone cover different areas of the UK and they come to your house.

    Apparantely having them on means when they do all come off your own lashes should be in pretty good nick due to the break from mascara and rubbing it off etc…hope that’s the case.

    I would defo recommend but not ever tried any other company. My friend had hers done at a local salon and had a bad time and her lashes fell out with the semi ones after a week….however I think she probably picked at them a bit.

    Love these though and love the technique…I always ended up with them coming away at the inner corners…will defo try them again once I have a break from these. xx

  19. I had a trial run at semi permanent lashes recently in advance of my wedding this summer. I have short and fair lashes and I have to say the transformation was not for me – I just didn’t feel myself and felt I had to apply quite a bit of eye make up for the lashes not to be too noticable (especially applying mascara to bottom lashes which I never do otherwise). I actually went back to the salon to have them removed early as I was so freaked out by them! Natural lashes were all still intact though. I won’t be getting them again but will be testing out a lash tint and perm next month to see how that goes.

  20. I don’t have them all the time as they’re expensive but I LOVE the semi permanent ones. I don’t have long ones …. they start at 9mm and I have mostly 9mm plus a few 10/11mm ones at the outside corner. It just fills out my sparse short eyelashes and makes them (and me) look … well, healthy. Mine last about 4-5 weeks before getting a bit thin and I usually let them come out completely and take a break from lashes for at least a month before having them on again – be warned tho, once you’ve had them on, your real lashes will feel very short afterwards!

    @Peridot, if your natural lashes are fair then have them tinted before you have the falsies attached – works a treat 🙂

  21. After suffering from a few months of really rather horrendous insomnia (goodness knows why) i dived in lash first and decided on semi permanants to make my peepers look a little more awake! i am chuffed to bits with the silk lash extensions that were individually added and they are one of the only sets i have seen that make you look more ‘mary quant’ than’ bambi!’ At sixty pounds for the original set and then 20 quid for the infills i am more than pleased, especially as each set have lasted up to six weeks. there are also no worries about damaging your original lash as the extension simply falls out as your lash grows. winners all round! xxx

  22. i love false eyelashes for a night out. I will defo be wearing them for my wedding day. I am having my make-up applied by a professional so will supply her the ones i would like put on. Practice makes perfect in this area of beauty as i can do mine & sweat/dance all night and they do not come off. My sis & few of the girls ask me to do it for them and theirs stay on too. I have used/applied the strips & individual lashes to get the desired look.

    Not paying to get semi ones, 1 the cost & 2 do not want my own eye lashes being weakened/thinned by wearing them.

    each person will have their own preferred way of getting luscious lashes for their W Day.

  23. Looks beautiful on her… Thanks, even without video it’s understandable. I was searching for the basic info for my cousine. As to me I avoid falsies since I ruined my own eyelashes because of them… I searched for various remedies after and only Cherish Lash serum helped. Hope everyone finds something useful in this tutorial

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