Girls… Let’s Play Dress Up.


One of my favourite parts of being a bridesmaid, aside from the hand-holding, dress-fluffing, lipgloss-applying and worry-soothing is the dress-up part. The one where you tumble with your best girls into a plethora of shops to find the dress or dresses that will accompany the ‘big white one’ down the aisle.

There’s usually lots of giggles at ill-fitting frocks, the odd grimace or two, material tweaking, the appearance of some industrial sized bulldog clips and then that awed silence and those spontaneous grins when you know that you’ve found the ‘one’.

If you’re really really lucky you might find the gown of your dreams on your first attempt which leaves plenty of time to spend instead at the nearest cocktail bar. Granted this has yet to happen to me…

Perhaps the above hasn’t been your experience, after all many modern brides are more than happy to leave their maids to their own devices albeit with a colour stipulation or a certain dress style in mind. Whilst I love the freedom that such a decision entails, I can’t help but think of the missed opportunity for a girly day out and a bit of banter.

Anyway I digress. As you’ve probably guessed today’s post is all about ‘the maids’ or more specifically maid fashion straight from the high street smack bang onto the screen in front of you.

Come on, let’s take a look.

A Whiter Shade Of Pale

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the neutral bridal party trend is not going away.

Whereas we’ve seen peaches, champagnes and nudes rule the roost in previous seasons, we’re beginning to notice the dominance of starker off-whites, ivories and ice queen shades this time round lending a more contemporary vibe to bridal parties than the soft rustic elegance of old.

Whilst simple sheath dresses pack a modernist punch, brides are beginning to more comfortably experiment with texture and pattern – think ruffles, intricate beadwork and contrasting fabrics. The beautiful shoulder detailing on the Ted Baker dress below, the fringing on the Miss Selfridge frock and the glitzy beading on the Hobbs gown are all gorgeous examples of how to ‘work’ such a trend.

A Glamorous And Sophisticated Bridesmaids High Street Fashion And Inspiration Post For Your Big Day That Won't Break The Bank 3

Whether you’re a city bride hosting a cocktail inspired big day or a midsummer countryside bride you can be sure that this colour scheme will work for you. The neutrality of such a theme means that your chosen dresses will work harmoniously with different types of accessories, hair styles, flowers and shoes. Talking of which, those Zara flats are to die for.

Just one last thing – don’t feel that you have to have to choose blooms within a similar colour spectrum to your maids’ dresses. Whilst most weddings utilising an overall white or neutral colour scheme tend to use similarly toned flowers don’t forget that this look works beautifully for bolder wedding colour choices too, and bright blooms really pop against an unassuming background.

True Blue

I’m not going to lie to you girls.

This moodboard was inspired purely by this Coast clutch at the top here…oh and those Zara flats. There’s something special about the combination of cobalt blue and silver – a combination that I’m regularly testing out in my day-to-day wardrobe so it seemed only right to introduce it into today’s maidenly mix.

A Glamorous And Sophisticated Bridesmaids High Street Fashion And Inspiration Post For Your Big Day That Won't Break The Bank 2

On a serious note though blue hues are strong, elegant and classic and flatter all skin tones and hair colours. It’s not surprising therefore that it continues to be one of the most popular colour trends for bridesmaid attire.

If you’re looking for a modern interpretation on this steadfast hue then I’d recommend introducing a statement necklace or snappy tailoring into the mix. Maids in short suits anyone? I’m first in the queue!

Gothic Princess

Whilst it’s not necessarily considered traditional, dozens of you lovely lot are choosing to dress your bridal party in black – yes that means the girls too.

And why the hell not? Darker shades are chic, incredibly flattering and the prevalence of the hue means that you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a frock, trouser suit or skirt and top combo to suit all body shapes and sizes.

If you like the idea but still feel a little bit apprehensive about using such a statement colour then it’s worth choosing pieces that have oodles of delicate detailing for example using chiffon overlays, lace detailing and embroidered panels. This dress is my favourite…

A Glamorous And Sophisticated Bridesmaids High Street Fashion And Inspiration Post For Your Big Day That Won't Break The Bank 1

Still feeling nervous? Why not opt for a smokey green frock instead or charcoal grey which will still embody that seductive vibe without the full impact that an all-black colour scheme possesses.

Alternatively break things up by introducing accessories of a different hue – we love this bag and this dainty necklace for the perfect finishing touches to your outfit.

Favourites From The RMW Team

We thought we’d finish up with some favourites from the rest of the RMW team and their hot picks from the High Street which are all available to purchase right now! Without realising it, the RMW girls have subconsciously chosen their favourite pieces using a colour scheme of blues, mauves, pinks and lilacs.

Spooky eh? Nonetheless we love it and we think you dollfaces might like it too.

Fern is in lust with this Boden beauty particularly with the soft blue shade which complements this adorable tutu for baby bridesmaids perfectly.

Always on the hunt for something a little bit different she’s also selected this floral and mesh number from Miss Selfridge which would be just the ticket for winter bridesmaids since it comes in burgundy too. And finally, you can’t go wrong with some pink feathers for a touch of warmth in the churchyard.

The lovely Lauren C has fallen head over heels for this mocha toned lacy number which you can chicly accessorise with this elegant Jasper Conran Clutch. Come on, a girl has to carry her lippy and powder somewhere hasn’t she?!

A Glamorous And Sophisticated Bridesmaids High Street Fashion And Inspiration Post For Your Big Day That Won't Break The Bank 4

Becky thinks these these statement gold shoes from Coast via Debenhams are Ace with a capital ‘A’. You heard the girl! She also loves blue….and lace…but she really really loves it when your lacy maids are your something blue. Lastly she’s thrown in her Laura Ashley wild card ‘not somewhere I would think to shop for dresses…more like curtains’ but I think this frock is epic nonetheless.

So there you have it..words from the mouths of the RMW girls themselves.

Which is your favourite?

And how will you be dressing your girls on your big day? In noir, off-white or true blues? Perhaps you’ve opted for something else entirely… if so, we want to know your thoughts.

Like right now…

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

15 thoughts on “Girls… Let’s Play Dress Up.

  1. What a lovely post, might need to purchase that black ASOS lace-y number for myself and a girl can never have too many statement necklaces, maid or not…FACT! My maids will be in black lace (in 10 days time!) Mori Lee 31001. Not only should this tick some style boxes, the flared skirt mirrors my dress slightly with a bit of a 50s style, but most importantly it was a dress that they felt comfortable in and will wear again, not like all the sad ’27 Dresses’ style outfits you see out there stuffed in the back of a waredrobe when the big day is done. And I’ve always wanted my bridesmaids to wear black, even before I was engaged, something stylist and timeless about it.

    1. Claire I’ll race you for the ASOS lacy number – it’s immense isn’t it! I also love Zara’s statement earrings – so many gorgeous things on the high street at the moment. I’m also standing up and applauding you for the decision to dress your maids in black lace especially if it means they can wear it again too!

  2. If I can give any advice about bridesmaids is that Brides shouldnt lose sight of the fun! My girls went from 5’2″ to 5’11” and all different shapes and sizes, so at one point the whole thing got a little messy, with online shopping links flying backwards and forwards.

    Take a day out and GO SHOPPING. Have lunch, have a glass of fizz, enjoy a girlie day and it’ll be so much more fun! We found our neutral beauties in Warehouse and it looked amazing on every single one of them. Totally agree about the colour Lolly, they had pale blue shoes and yellow roses against their ivory dresses. Gorgeous.

    I love ALL of these dresses. That shiny blue ASOS one would look hot at christmas cocktail night

    lovely post xx

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more Karen. Shopping trip is definitely the way forward, and a glass of fizz never hurts! 🙂 x

    2. Karen that’s immediately what I thought when I saw the metallic blue number – perfect for the RMW Christmas party…after all it will be in keeping with the company brand…

  3. Ooooh there are some seriously beautiful things in this post! I’ll take it all please….for myself! 🙂

    I was lucky on the shopping front in that I have very open minded and B-E-A-UTIFUL girls!! I took them shopping to look at Dessy dresses, and my only stipulations were that I wanted floor length chiffon, but beyond that they could choose any design and fit that they liked. As it happens, 3 out of the 4 all fell in love with the same dress, and the 4th is my Maid if Honour, so it has a nice feel to it that she’s the one in a slightly different dress. I know they’re all going to look amazing on the day. xxx

  4. Oh I like the mesh tutus! Oh I wonder if I can pull them off…Anyway I am thinking of flirting with off white/ivory bridesmaids. Think maybe a bit of colour coming through ivory lace/tulle.

    We have only had a very short afternoon dress shopping, not everyone enjoys it. But thinking I may take your advice and have a day shopping for the hell of it to just have girlie time, and cocktails 🙂

    1. I really wish I had done this Stef, I ran out of time unfortunately but it would have been nice to just have the afternoon as you say – going shopping for the hell of it. Take the pressure off and you never know, you might find a gem!

      I actually am a big advocate of the ivory maids dress (I had them for my own wedding) as the colour suits pretty much everyone and you can pull of any florals/hair do/make-up you please.

      Charlotte xxx

  5. I love the asos black lace dress- would like that to be in my general wardrobe right now!! So weird though, I have bedecked my lovely bridesmaids in the long version of the cream lace and sequin Miss Selfridge dress at the top of this post. It is so beautiful that I almost considered it for myself! My lovely bridesmaids missed out on the shopping day sadly because I saw the dresses when out and just went for it so i am a bit sad that we didn’t get the shopping day but so glad that I didn’t miss out on the dresses. Will have to save the shopping day for shoes and accessories shopping!!

    1. That’s a really good idea Laura (and what an ace dress!) I saw ours in French Connection so I just went and ordered them on-line (checking everyone was happy with the choice first obvs!) but the accessory shopping would have been so much fun.

      I still wear my sisters bridesmaid dress from my wedding (we are pretty much the same size :))

      Charlotte xxx

  6. Sadly, I didn’t get the chance to get all my maids together for a shopping and cocktail spree as they were spread out all over the country.

    We more than made up for it when my sister got married; so much so that we have an annual ‘Mrs Moet’ meet up involving lots of bubbles and shopping to re-live all the fun on an annual basis. We drink Prosecco though as buying a pair of jeans isn’t quite the same as buying a BM dress …..

    Becky – those shoes are indeed Ace! xx

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