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Wedding Gift Inspiration Post

I’m guessing that a fairly large proportion of you reading this are well into the final preparations for your big day. Perhaps your wedding day has already been lived and loved and you’re reading this from your honeymoon sunlounger…it has been known folks!

Given the popularity of the nail inspiration post a couple of weeks back we figured that what most of you are hankering after is some help with the last minute details rather than the bigger decisions that tend to be made at the beginning of the planning journey. However do correct me if I’m wrong folks.

With this in mind, it seemed fitting to focus my efforts on bringing some gift inspiration to your screen. For all the mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, maids, ushers, best men and other halves out there. Blimey!

Let’s take a look…

For The Mister

Out of all the presents I bought for my nearest and dearest for their help with our wedding, it was the boy’s that I bought first. I’d spotted it glistening away in Grays Antique Market and knew that he’d love it so I bought it on the spot. I hadn’t anticipated that this decision would be so easy – is this what you lovelies have found too? If not then perhaps this round of inspiration can help you with your present buying for hubbies,dads, brothers and ushers.

I know for lots of you a beautiful watch is the way to go when it comes to selecting a present for your boy. But if this doesn’t float your boat then there’s so many other options to choose from instead.

Groom Gift Inspiration Personalised Presents Cocktail Shaker Braces Duffle Bag Art Print Cufflinks

Is he a sporting chap with a creative streak? This Merchant and Mills duffle bag comes recommended by my very own boy perfect for all those trips to the gym. Except… he’ll have to make it first. Yes you heard it right folks this little beauty is actually a DIY kit so he’ll have hours of fun piecing it together…or you could make it instead…

And then there’s those groomsmen to buy for too. Let me let you in on a little secret…we bought our boys …erm …socks. We would have loved to have splashed out on them all but our budget was stretched to bursting at that point and when we saw the woolly spotty socks it seemed like the perfect yet affordable gift. And there’s no reason why you couldn’t buy your ushers something fashion related it a pair of braces, the perfect pocket square or even some swanky cufflinks like our designs in the boutique.

And whilst this watercolour lips print might be a little on the pricey side there’s absolutely no reason why you couldn’t DIY it yourself. For as little as a tenner your beau could be the very proud owner of a one-off art installation commissioned solely for him.

Talk about the personal touch…


I think I found purchasing a present for both my mum and the boy’s mum one of the hardest decisions to make when it came to wedding gifts. We wanted to buy something that they could treasure and keep forever but nothing so precious that they’d be afraid to use it. And we really wanted our gift to show just how grateful we were to them for all their help too.

If money hadn’t been an object I think we would have gone a bit mental on the present agenda but as it happened we weren’t wallowing in pots of gold. Instead I hope that this little collection below might inspire some of you that are feeling lost on the path to the perfect gift for your mums.

Mother Of The Bride Gift Inspiration Chanel Lipstick Mohair Blanket Kate Spade Bracelet Jo Malone Candle

Perhaps your mama is house proud, why not treat her to the softest of mohair or cashmere blankets for cold Winter nights or opt for a gold dipped porcelain bowl for her most treasured trinkets. If you really want to splash out then why not choose one of these super elegant quartz platters at the top here from Rablabs dipped in 24K gold. Whilst they are on the pricey side I think they’d make for the most perfect paperweight!

Is your mother a beauty queen? Why, Chanel darlings is most definitely your best friend. A pink lippy suits most complexions and adds a youthful glow to distinguished faces. If you’re looking to spend a little more why not pop some beauty goodies into her very own monogrammed suede make-up bag.

I think I ‘need’ one of these myself now that I’m thinking about it….

Wee Ones

One of my earliest memories is of my mum fastening a black ‘big girls’ swatch watch onto my chubby wrist when I was two years old. In fact it was her wedding gift to me for being the tiniest flower girl at her wedding to my dad and I’ve kept it to this very day.

With Etsy filled to bursting with the most talented craftsmen, you’ll literally be spoilt for choice for gifts for the little ones. Depending on what’s most important to you, you can buy your flower girls and page boys presents that entertain or gorgeous keepsakes that they can treasure forever.

Wedding gift inspiration for pageboys and flowergirls fancy dress soft toys bubble machine mask silhouette

Every kid (even the biggest ones!) love to play dress up so this is often a good route to go down. I adore this cat mask at the top here so much that I’m tempted to throw a cat inspired fancy dress for my 30th! The paper monster costume is also brilliant fun and will keep kids and adults entertained all day! Don’t be surprised if it pops up in your photobooth pics later….

Alternatively cater to their cuddly side by presenting them with quirky soft toys that they can snuggle with when they get tired later in the day. I like this moustached stripy chap and this raincloud but there’s so many options to choose from talented suppliers if you look on the interweb.

If your budget is able to stretch a little further, why not think about commissioning a silhouette of your smallest helpers. Pleasing to parents and little ones alike, I guarantee that they’ll still love your gift in years to come.

Bridesmaid Booty

And then there’s your girls.

Your besties.

The faithful companions who have sat through numerous dress fittings, the week long deliberations about whether you should have gone for the mirrored centrepieces or the bud vases and who have spent hours covered in glue helping you DIY your complicated table plan.

I particularly love the fact that there are so many wonderful gifts to choose from now and which suit all budgets too – so you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to show your girls just how much they mean to you.

If they’re a creative lot why not invest in some art prints or illustration that they can display in the home and think of you whenever they look at them. You can pick up some gorgeous prints for under twenty pounds now, hell we even have some in the Rock My Boutique shop. I love the gold leaf adorned creme de la creme print – the perfect addition to the pad of a girl about town.

Bridesmaid gift present inspiration hair accessories art print jewellery stacking rings necklaces glassware

Perhaps they’re jewellery fanatics (like my girls were!). Why not give them the grown-up version of the old friendship necklaces of yore (remember them?) and gift them delicate battered rose gold stacking rings or a personalised necklace with their name or initial.

It’s worth thinking about packaging too – the sweetest card and boxes inscribed with a special heartfelt note is guaranteed to put a smile on your girls’ faces….or cause some happy tears too.

So have these inspiration boards given you food for thought?

What have you purchased for your nearest and dearest? Can you share?

What’s been the most treasured gift you’ve received as a bridesmaid and how long have you kept it for?

And when exactly will you be dishing these goodies out – at the beginning of the day or during the speeches?

I want to hear all about it.

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

12 thoughts on “Give Thanks.

  1. Such wonderful ideas, lolly! I particularly love the Kiva Platters (is it bad that I might pop that on my Xmas list already?!!). I think a sincere message on some gorgeous paper is one of the most gorgeous gesture to give and receive in this digi-crazy world.

    I do have a little idea of what I’ll be getting my b’maids, but can’t divulge any more at the mo… will make sure it is blogged at a later date though

    Nicola x

  2. Love this topic and the ideas above. I found it a real mixed bag when thinking of gifts for people… and where to stop in terms of who to give them to! I bought floral cotton robes from etsy for the bridesmaids so that they could open them on the morning of the wedding and have something pretty to wear in the ‘getting ready’ photos. Then gave them Vera Wang compact mirrors during the speeches. We had personalised t-shirts made for the ushers – budget-friendly but thoughtful. Mums were actually the most difficult. After much thought we decided on an afternoon tea, with the mindset that as we don’t live close by it would good to get a definite date in the diary of when we’d see them next . I wrapped all the presents in rustic paper, bound them with twine and attached luggage tags. For my husband-to-be, I opted for a long letter, cufflinks and the book of A Lovely Love Story 🙂

    And yes, I am now married but still reading these pages! I’ll wean myself off slowly 😉 xx

  3. You are so good at the well-timed posts! Gifts have been foremost on my mind recently. I found bridesmaids gifts the easiest (something useful for the day – I won’t reveal but I thought they would be nice on the day and after the wedding). The parents are slightly trickier, but the boy I am finding the hardest. He has everything wedding-related (and not thinking things through I gave him cufflinks for his birthday last year, and his parents bought him a watch) so I was thinking of buying him something for the honeymoon instead. However, with less than 2 weeks to go (eeek!!), I still haven’t bought him anything. Job for the weekend I think! And I REALLY wish Sugar Paper stationery could be bought in the UK!! I love it all, whenever I see an amazing card that I have to have it is always theirs and I can’t justify shipping my stationery from the US, it seems a little excessive… Is it wrong that I have already found a stockist to pop into on my US honeymoon?!

  4. @siobhan – What lovely ideas! Loving the Wang mirror! A friend of mine recently bought me afternoon tea as a “Thank You” for helping her style her wedding (and a Chanel mascara – I’m spoilt!) and it is such a perfect gift, means you have something to look forward, we’ve booked to go in early August.

    And you can hang around as long as you like!

    Charlotte xxx

  5. My aunt bought my sisters and I front row seats for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for the following week, we were 13, 12 and 11 years old and it was such a thoughtful and wonderful thing to do.
    We spent the whole day in London with her and our new uncle and it was a great show! We felt truly thanked and very special indeed!

  6. What perfect timing! I have literally just come back from purchasing my mum some earrings as a ‘thank you’ gift. Got to love the sales at this time of year for a dwindling budget! I also noticed that Emma Bridgewater have a lovely “Mum is Queen” tea towel which I will be teaming with said earrings. For my bridesmaids I have got them each a candle with their initial on and some sparkly flip-flops – I have got them some rather monster heels to wear in the day so I think they will be glad of these! I’m also planning to make them each a print with all their favourite things listed. The Boy is still a blank at the moment but I do very much like the idea of something for honeymoon!

  7. Great timing! I was discussing with my friend at work what gifts to buy. Bridesmaids and Ushers are done, it’s mums that are proving trickier. My friend went with her husband to be and painted a ceramic plate for her mum. She included some words from one of her readings and a picture of them in the centre…her mum loved it! I’m trying to hunt down a personalised tote bag for the little ones : )

  8. Nice to see what others are doing for presents. I think the hardest one of these for me is the Mum’s. I don’t really want to go down the traditional bouquet route, esp as mine will have to drag them all the way back from Scotland (to the midlands) massive bunches of flowers are not the easiest things to transport. I love @siobhan’s idea of the afternoon tea, I may have to borrow that! The man is getting a watch that he’s always wanted. Not a surprise, I’ve always promised him a watch on our wedding day and he’s chosen it. I got to choose my engagement ring so I think it was only fair he got to choose his watch. My girls I rather boringly though I would buy them necklace’s so they all had the same to wear on the day. I’m wavering on this slightly as having been a bridesmaid 5 times I now have 5 necklaces and have never worn any of them again which is a shame I guess but often these things are chose because they match, not because they suit the person. I’ve had some absolutely lovely Thank you cards with very heartfelt words from the brides when I’ve been a Bridesmaid and these have been the most important thing for me. Usher’s I’m hoping the Man will sort that out although he probably will ask me anyway! Not thought about them yet.

  9. As a bit of an unusual gift for the two best men, my boy bought them engraved utility knives. They came in lovely leather sleeves and in pouches. A handy tool to have around the house and the boy thought they were abit more ‘macho’…….I agreed and left him to it. The guys were really chuffed with them.
    The parents had varying gifts. The boys parents had vintage whisky and his mom is a pandora fan, so a new necklace fit the bill. My parents became the proud owners of a designer belt, packaged in a wooden box and Radley purses.
    My girls had bracelets to match their outfits and cards filled with words that brought on the tears!
    My favourite gifts to put together were the goody bags for my neices and nephew who were the cute factor on our day and fulfilled their role perfectly. The photographs of them discovering their rag dolls and dinosaur, accompanied by colouring books and chunky crayons are priceless. I spotted one of my neices throughout the wedding breakfast feeding her ragdoll her meal…..I think they were a hit.
    I struggled a bit when it came to the gifts so as always, a very helpful post for others and like @Siobhan, I’ve been married nearly 12 months now but I don’t think I’ll ever wean myself off these beautiful pages, too much pretty 🙂

  10. Great ideas! We also opted for socks (stripy Hugo Boss ones) for our best men and the ushers due to budget restraints! We also got them some really lovely Hugo Boss aftershave sets that we picked up for a very reasonable price in the January sales in Boots! For our parents, we got them tickets to Kew Gardens which is close to where we live and we had a lovely day out there together about 5 months after the wedding. We got some costume jewellery for our bridesmaids to wear on the day along with a few useful items like tissues (pretty ones from cath kidston), mints, flower hair clips, lipgloss and some pink Marc de Champagne truffles (the really small heart shaped box ones!). All our gifts seemed to go down very well and they didn’t break the bank.
    We didn’t actually buy each other wedding presents as we decided we’d rather spend the extra cash doing some special things on our honeymoon (we had a candlelit dinner on the beach & ate lobster – delish!) xx

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