Vibrant Glasgow Wedding at SWG3 with Spray Painted Centrepiece & Ribbon Decor and Bride in Sassi Holford Wedding Dress with Lace Cape by Tub of Jelly Pin Image

Vibrant Glasgow Wedding with DIY Decor and Bride in Lace Cape

If there’s one thing that is going to strike you at this Glasgow wedding it’s the wonderful array of bright colours. Next, it’ll probably be bride Jennifer’s adorable pixie cut and immense lace cape. Tub of Jelly’s amazing photography skills match this couple’s contemporary style to perfection making for some pretty amazing viewing as we we relive their fun wedding day.


“The vibe of the day was relaxed with an air of informality. We didn’t want anything too stuffy and polished which was reflected in the choice of venue, a warehouse with an air of industrialism. The inspiration behind the stationery was the Factory Records movement born out of Manchester a few decades ago and from there this informed a lot of the other styling choices we made. The multicoloured theme for the ceremony came from my love of skulls and by default, this drew me to the Day of The Dead type colour scheme. “ – Jennifer & Callum

Glasgow Wedding

This fun Glasgow wedding features lots of fabulous DIY decor in technicolour! Que empty bottles in varying shapes and sizes, all spray painted to make an impact as table centrepieces, plus yards and yards of ribbon cut to size and tied onto chair backs. The key to successful DIYing is setting realistic timings for projects to be completed by, take a listen to our Podcast for lots more top tips to make your DIY wedding successful. Jennifer and Callum also advise not to sweat the small stuff and to slowing complete your projects over time, which we couldn’t agree with more.


“We knew the type of theme we wanted to have so that, along with inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest, was enough. A lot of the suppliers we already knew so we went with them because we knew they would do a great job. The exception here was the photographer. We didn’t know anyone so we had to look about and when we came across Tub Of Jelly, we knew they were the ones. We didn’t want anything too conventional and we could see these guys did things a bit differently with amazing results and we weren’t disappointed in the slightest! They were amazing. ” – Jennifer & Callum

Seeing all our friends and family dancing to your self-curated playlist can be an absolute joy. Jennifer and Callum remember Temperature by Sean Paul being a huge crowd-pleaser. Rock My Wedding also conducted our own research into the perfect wedding reception music and with your help compiled the ultimate wedding party playlist! Did your favourite song make it onto the list?

Photography by Tub Of Jelly
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