Gold Wedding Dress for an Outdoor Australian Wedding with Literacy Decor Pin Image

Gold Wedding Dress for an Outdoor Australian Wedding with Literacy Decor

Beck and Tim married outdoors in Australia’s incredible Kangaroo Valley. In a beautiful ceremony inspired by nature, natural materials were aplenty, even down to Tim’s charming wooden bow tie! The couple incorporated personal and eco-conscious elements such as the recycled literary pages which adorned their tables, and vintage suitcases propped open with fans to keep guests cool. All this AND a shimmering gold wedding dress which proves you most definitely don’t have to wear white on your big day. Let’s dive in shall we?


Our wedding décor was minimalistic. Our wedding arch was simple and made from wood. Open space places for rest were designed as the small zones under modest white umbrellas. We also had the wooden flats for table décor elements. To make our ceremony eco-friendly we used the paper thematic. Our tablecloth was made from books’ pages. It looked original, simple and atmospheric. We used this association and decorated the wedding space with books too.
Our floral décor was consonant with the natural environment too and this made it special. Just near the open-space zone of wedding ceremony grew the huge flourishing bush with the bloom of fuchsia colour. Nature suggested us the colour and we used it. All floral elements were in such hues: bridal bouquet, floral decoration of wedding arch, and table racemes.
– Tim, Groom

Gold Wedding Dress

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the bride’s stunner of a frock. After a long search, Beck found the gorgeous gold gown in a Sydney boutique. I think we’d all agree the delicate detailing is perfect for the occasion. Paired with the red locks and laid back hair florals, Beck looks every inch the natural beauty.


Since the wedding was a holiday for the whole family, we strived to make some memorable gewgaws for our guests. Considering the place of ceremony, we stopped our choice on small paper fans. They were placed in a huge vintage suitcase and everyone could take it as a present and tool for refreshing oneself. I should say our female guests were admired with this idea. They made multiple photos of this element. By the way, for me, the photo session became also the favourite part of the wedding. It was just walking through magnificent landscapes and admiring with nature’s beauty. We did not notice the camera at all. Tim

If you’re as taken by a metallic wedding dress as I am, then do treat yourself to a delve in our archives at Katie and Peter’s sequinned big day. Gold is ALWAYS a winner.

Photography by Zoe Morley Photography
Author: Lorna Shaw
Lorna loves a new posh frock, is a hopeless romantic and is lucky enough to be living her ‘happily ever after’ with her wonderful husband, three beautiful children and pet dog.

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