Whilst this post is technically entitled golden, it is by no means restricted to the aureate hues. Oh no folks, we’re not restrictive here at RMW HQ, we love any type of glittery embellishment, be it silver or gold, mercury or sequins, sparkle and glitz.

In fact we love it so much that much of our last editorial shoot was swathed in some sort of metallic glow. Did you see the swing….how about that supersized frame or the immense beauty looks?

Of course you did. Who am I trying to kid? And yes we were so thrilled with your enthusiastic and flattering response that we wanted the party to carry on a little longer so to speak …hence today’s inspiration piece.

Those of you who have been reading the blog for a little while now will be familiar with my personal obsession with all things shiny. I think the pinnacle of said obsession can be dated back to a certain school ski trip of mine where my bestest girls and I devised the genius product that is ‘Clitter Glitter’. The clue is in the name folks…a sparkling tool to help the uninitiated menfolk around the female anatomy.

Unsurprisingly ‘Clitter Glitter’ never made it into production but I’d like to point out that we were well on the scene before vajazzling made itself known.

Anyway I digress, let’s get back on track shall we and start with some golden girl fashion.

Golden Girls

Oh to be a golden girl, hell just to be dressed head to toe in sparkles.

There’s something about shimmery sequins and metallic fabrics that speaks to the princess/ballroom dancer/six year old in all of us. Remember that glitter hairspray that you used to put in your hair for a night out? Yes? Bet you’re wondering just how acceptable it would be to wear some now? Is it retro enough to get away with it in 2013? I reckon we can….

Golden Girls Wedding Inspiration

The fact remains that glittery glamour makes our hearts sing – where white wedding shoes were once the order of the day, delicately sequined shoes now rule the roost. And it’s not just sparkly heels that you lovelies have your hearts set on either. We’ve noticed that golden and silvery wedding dresses are becoming ever popular too with dress designers such as Elie Saab and Sarah Seven including some exquisite examples in their latest collections.

It’s not hard to see why, for a shimmery gown instantly elevates any woman to super-hot vixen status. I’m not sure why that is but suddenly you walk a little bit taller, your hips swing a little more jauntily and your eyes SPARKLE.

Golden Inspired Wedding Fashion

f you’re not convinced then it’s worth thinking about putting your maids in sequins and metallic beading instead. Be it a 1920’s style flapper dress, a short suit or even a shiny skirt with a more sedate top half I’m positive that they’ll thank you for it.

Luminous Beauty

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….you just can’t beat a glitzy, metallic eye for the instant glamour factor. In fact, I have been known to smear a bit of the old golden dust across my eyelids when I’m experiencing a beauty low and it always peps me right back up again. And given your enthusiastic response to last week’s beauty in our ballet inspired editorial post it seems that you lot can’t get enough of the shimmery eye either.

But there’s a practical element to the glitterific beauty look as well; it suits ALL skin tones and instantly bestows bambi-esque qualities even on those that aren’t so blessed in the doe-eyed department. You can be sure then that should you go for this particular style on your big day, then both you and your maids will all look fabulous.

Golden Toned Wedding Beauty

I particularly love all over shine but if you’re feeling on the timid side why not opt for a cat eye slick of eyeliner in black and gently brush glitter over the top for the finishing touch. Using the right brush is the key to this look so invest wisely girls. The iridescent cat eye is eminently wearable in the daytime too so I’m daring you to wear it to the office. Choose a golden palette for yellowy and darker skin tones whereas silvery shades look best on those with paler skins and redheads too.

If you’re still not convinced then why not consider ‘dressing’ your hair with metallics instead. I find a messy chignon accessorised with an alice band of supersized sequins or costume jewellery irresistible. Alternatively try wrapping a diamante headpiece around a side bun for the more traditional touch whilst nodding to the glamour at the same time.

Decadent Decor

‘You musn’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter darling’ is exactly the sentiment to apply to your big day decor. Think gold, think glitter, think bright lights and shimmer. And then add some more to boot. In fact there were so many gorgeous examples of wedding day decor following this aesthetic that I had to create not one but two moodboards for you lovely lot.

Golden Wedding Inspiration Decor

If you’re choosing to have a champagne reception or better yet a cocktail hour, why not add a touch of the exotic by serving your drinks in gilded saucers. For a start it will make your fizz really sparkle and make your guests fell special too. If you can’t get your hands on the gilded variety then opt for plain instead and vamp the rims up with edible glitter for a cost-effective alternative. Accessorise with glittering drinks stirrers such as these heart shaped beauties at the top here or pompoms for those young at heart and you’re away.

I’ve yet to see or plan a wedding that uses sequin encrusted tablecloths in their wider wedding decor but I’m waiting on tenterhooks for the day that it does appear because it looks so darn gorgeous. Almost instantaneously you’ve got a dollop of glamour in a way that plain white linen can’t even begin to compete with.

Golden Metallic Glitter Wedding Decor Theme

I’m also having a bit of a moment with gold spray paint – I’m blaming Adam and his golden swing – so I’m constantly looking for new and exciting things to gild. So far my absolute favourite has to be architectural branches and leaves which look amazing when used as chic centrepieces. Little tip for you….if you’re going to try your hand at some golden branches then it’s worth painting them white first. That way the spray paint will adhere more efficiently to the branch and you’ll end up with an even coverage.

Lastly how immense is that golden arrow. There are no words folks. No words.

So will you be integrating a bit of sparkle into your big day? How about the odd sequin or two?

I’m currently trying to persuade one of my besties to ‘go gold’ for her New Year’s Eve wedding and I’m definitely making progress folks.

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

26 thoughts on “Golden.

  1. This article speaks straight to me and looks surprising like my pinterest boards! I’ll be rocking a 50’s dress with full gold sequinned bust and champagne tulle skirt, the table will be working some rose gold sequin cloth action and I’ve been dipping the tips of white feather in gold glitter for what feels like weeks! Bling bling!!!!

  2. Love, love, love!!! I had lots of glittery golden touches at my wedding in July. I’m like a magpie when it comes to anything that shines!! I need that chunky alice band in my life – any clues as to where the one in the post is from originally? xxx

  3. Oh you guys are the best! So pleased that you’re all loving the glittery inspiration this afternoon!!

    @Becca I knew as I was creating this post that you’d love it! Pin away to your heart’s content lovely!

    @Anna Go GLITTERFLY!!! Let me know what Mr Clarke thinks when you’ve finished!

    @Becks Gold tablecloths!! I die!! Currently trying to persuade my bestie to go for sequinned tablecloths. Maybe when she sees this post she’ll agree…

    @Charlotte I believe that the headband is by Tasha accessories at Nordstrom. I think it might be out of stock at the moment but it’s called ‘Sparkle Money’ Head Wrap. Here’s the link…

  4. @Karen we were only talking about you yesterday! I’m working on her – she’s already talking about hiring in chairs, laying a wooden floor and having oodles of candelabras and crystal rose bowls. I’ve suggested that if she’s doing all of that then she might as well go all out on the linen too. Golden glamour is where it’s at!

  5. Oh this is lovely! I can almost look past my intense glitter phobia and enjoy it completely.

    I am more of a sparkle girl than glitter (see above… totally genuine!) but those Choos were on my shoe shorlist. Stunners.

    The fabulous diner-mermaid photo… YES!!!! Just wondering if I can get away with wandering into the local greasy spoon to recreate x

  6. You’ve made my morning again RMW!!! I have half of these snaps in my wedding scrapbook and a couple were in my competition entry too. I heart golden sparkles!! Plus I really want to get my hands on those gold shoes – lush! Great post Lolly!

  7. Girlfriend, you are parlez vousing my language (and Sarah’s!!) I love it all! And snapsies with the other girls that my Pinterest board has 90% of these on them (don’t worry I’m also glitter pinning the remaining little glit sticks that are not currently pinned)!

    I’m having a shoe dilemma… All the pretty moo moo’s are old season and can’t get my glitter mits on them anywhere 🙁

    Go team glitterati, sounds like we’re all gong to enjoy many a glitter wedding adorning these polka dot pages over the next few months


  8. This is AMAZING – absolutely gorgeous – its everything I want at my wedding. Especially he sequin table cloths….I am really struggling to source them though. Any ideas??!! Were going for a vintage gold and blush pink theme and this post has given me so many ideas!!!

  9. @Laura your wedding sounds so exciting!! Can I recommend that you pop down to your local haberdashery/tailors for your sequinned tablecloths. There aren’t a great deal of linen suppliers in the UK that supply alternative wedding linen – we’re still struggling to catch up with the USA – so you might be on a forever hunt. If you buy them direct not only will it cost you less but you can also sell them on eBay after the big day is over which means you can recoup your costs!

    @Nicola haha – your comment made me laugh! Team glitterati it is! Have you tried eBay for the Miu’s?

    1. @Laura – my wedding colours are the same as yours – divine! I got my gold sequin tablecloths from the states and they shipped to NZ! There are heaps who ship have a google 🙂

  10. @Charlotte @ Lolly – I had a nightmare finding them!
    I trawled the lanes in Brighton, sure to find a fabulous affordable sequin material there – to no avail – in the end my bridesmaid found the material – in South Africa! So that’s where it’s coming from!

  11. @Lolly @Sarah @Becks – thanks for the advice. I will get googling!! I have seen some on Etsy (my new favourite wedding shop) which are gorgeous but for some reason I am a bit wary of buying online in case I don’t like the fabric when it arrives. That being said I took a huge leap of faith (and an even bigger gulp!) and ordered my bridesmaid dresses online (I’m having 6 bridesmaids and a flower girl so had to get the dresses on a budget – especially as my wedding outfit budget has gone through the roof after I got my heart set on some Harriet Wilde Sakuras for the big day!) and I’m just keeping everything crossed that they are as nice as the picture when they arrive. xxx

  12. @Laura @Sarah @Becks what would we do without the internet eh?! I love the idea of all these tablecloths coming from all corners of the world!!

    @Laura is it worth asking for a swatch of the fabric first before you place the order?

  13. @Lolly – thanks for the tip. I will see if I can order some swatches first before committing to the fabric. Lots of ideas buzzing around my head! Can’t wait for the big day now <3 Rest assured I will be sending our pictures and story through to RMW as soon as we get them and keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you will find room for our big day on the blog :)!! xxx

  14. Yay for the glitter!!!! I can’t wait for my glitter filled wedding and I too am on the hunt for affordable sequin table cloths. It was soo expensive when I last looked in Birmingham 🙁 Only problem with a glitter wedding is the DIY projects, I am covered in glitter, the house is, so are the cats and I’m on the train to work with glitter on me :-/ lol

  15. Love love love this golden inspiration page, there isn’t an image here not worth mentioning. I’m looking for gold spray paint, sequins and glitter online whilst typing this. Also, those Jimmy Choose – there’s few things I wouldn’t do to have those in my life!

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