Grey Matters.

It’s official. I am obsessed with grey.

My wardrobe is full of it, positively OVERFLOWING with it…… from the softest mottled marl to the deepest darkest charcoal, no matter what the weather, no matter what the occasion, I always manage to fit a piece of G.R.E.Y in there somewhere.

And after the finale of the lovely vintage inspired affair we featured earlier in the week and quite a few of you commenting on the pursuit for the perfect hue/dress combo, it seemed fitting that we had a little look see around the web and share with you gorgeous lot what was on offer.

Not sure it was such a great idea in hindsight because….. um……now I want to buy EVERYTHING we are about to show you. Why didn’t anyone tell me blogging would be so darn expensive hmmm?

Too Cool For School Grey

Perfect preppy simplicity, ideal for day wear with cute ankle boots or ballet flats and easily transformed into evening glamour with the addition of statement jewellery and a pair of killer heels.

From left: Smooth Ruffle Jersey dress Day Birger Et Mikkelsen £90 at Net-A-Porter

Crepe De Chine belt tie dress Vanessa Bruno £230 also at Net-A-Porter

Melange Drape Dress Vanessa Bruno £263 at My Wardrobe

Very Fancy And I-Need-A-Second-Mortgage Grey

There is something decidedly Victorian-esque and prim about this frilly number, I want to wear it to the office with a pair of severe framed specs and go all Miss Moneypenny….Dotty Dress £239 by Day Birger Et Mikkelsen for My Wardrobe

They had a very similar black sequined number in French Connection but this DKNY embellished T-shirt version is soooo pretty ( must be the colour eh?) £245 Net-A-Porter

So simple, so chic, so prohibitively expensive …..It’s Miu Miu and my absolute favourite. I just need to sell my soul to actually have half a chance of owning it. Pleated Wool Twill £650 at Net-A-Porter

High Street Hero Grey

Perfection for any discerning bridesmaid or as part of your hen celebration wardrobe, the high street has so got it going on with grey right now.

From Left: The super swishy Evelina Ruffle Dress £150 from Coast

WIth a gorgeous lilac undercurrent – Ceri Bow dress £55 at Oasis

A contemporary twist – Frill Layered Dress £45 at Warehouse

Are you considering grey in your W-day colour palette?

Is there any other hue you are addicted to?

Would you max out your Visa for a thread of designer delight?



With huge thanks to Fliss from Any Other Wedding for the inspiration ( which by the way on Tuesday had an utterly beautiful account written by RMW bride Aisling on married life, I shed a tear and everything….)

Big Grey Really Does Matter Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

26 thoughts on “Grey Matters.

  1. Urm, how much of a BARGAIN is that warehouse ruffle number?

    Its practically SAVING MONEY.

    Thank GOD for internet shopping.

    Also loving grey. Tis a second colour to Aubergene in my wardrobe. And I love Aubergene long cardi’s over a grey vest in winter/English summers.

  2. Uhhh….somehow you found WAY better dresses than I did – that Warehouse number is fabulous… me thinks I need it just for me, forget about the bridesmaids.

    And I love grey in every form at the moment – there’s something so chic without being obvious about it. I am currently lusting over several grey home items (think soft grey mohair throws and charcoal grey velvet cushions…..mmmmmm), on top of all of the clothes that I NEED for the hen do…


  3. I’m going for grey bridesmaids dresses but now own 10 different dresses as I can’t make up my mind and keep buying them I keep thinking about putting some of the BMs in pink and some in grey (4 bms) but don’t know – I’m worried all grey might be too dull?! There are also so many grey dresses around at the moment I can’t decide which shade or style I like best! oh I just read Aisling’s post on married life – its lovely! xx

  4. I’m loving grey at the moment. I’m sat here in super soft grey PJs at the moment (the joys of working from home!). I love the Miu Miu one and the Warehouse ones best.

    Agreed re the aubergine too, Rebecca. Demure or vamp, it works either way!

    My recent grey splurge was these delectable shoes Must. Not. Buy. Any. More. Stuff.

    Fab choices, Charlotte!


  5. I love grey – grey cashmere from Uniqlo in particular! After reading about Paul and Hannah’s lovely wedding I COMPLETELY changed my mind about my colours, I think it was the ecalyptus. I then discovered the Pantone colour Shadow which is a grey lavender sort of colour (difficult to explain) and is my new ‘wish’ colour for the BMs’ dresses.

  6. Ha! In your face Becks (one of my BM’s)!
    I took my bridesmaids shopping a few months ago and suggested grey… they all were like, ’em I don’t know, it doesn’t really go with your colours’.
    I would love to see them in the Oasis number with bright pink shoes and muti-coloured bouquets! A-mazing.

  7. Sarah B – your PJs sound perfect…can we know where they are from? Have looked everywhere for a pair of lovely snuggly grey pyjamas but no luck so far.

    And Jessie – I so agree with the Uniqlo cashmere….

  8. Rebecca and Evie – I know, I am currently on the warehouse website deciding whether I should make a purchase, I am also lusting after the grey waterfall jacket!!

    Bee – Oh yes do it do it!!! LOVE grey and pink and the fact they would all be in different frocks!

    Sarah B – I would die for those shoes. Actually DIE.

    Jessie – I do not know about this cashmere?! I must go check it out! Big fan of grey lavender and so pleased you were inspired by the wedding.

    Naomi – yes yes!! that sounds gorgeous!, I have already asked Fliss but if you’ve got a spare space and they are still not keen on the grey I will happily offer to be one of your BM’s…..

    Fliss – Oh No Home items…… I may need me some of those too 🙂

    Charlotte xxx

  9. Fliss, they’re quite old now but I have a pair from good old Mark and Sparks and the others were a very cheap and cheerful set from Dotty P’s (grey with pink polka dots). I am sure I saw an amazing cashmere blend set in The White Company though. Beware though, buy those and I’m sure you’ll never get properly dressed again!

  10. We are having grey and various shades of pink as our wedding colours – one of my bridesmaids actually tried on the Oasis number during a shopping trip. I’m thinking grey dress and bright pink accessories – bright pink headpiece and shoes perhaps?
    Am loving the Melange Drape Dress by Vanessa Bruno but I don’t think my bank account would like me! x

  11. Hello Ladies,

    I have another find for you that is super cute – I sent this to C but she had already written the post so thought we’d include it here…

    Harrods have got a range of exclusive to Harrods items from high street brands. It’s called Haute Harrods and you can buy online.

    Check out the cute Warehouse beaded top number (Embellished Prom) – perfect for BM’s and for those of you also looking for glamour – it’s not grey but it’s gaaaaaaw-geous – Have a look at the Ted Baker Albae dress. A.Mazing.

    Enjoy ladies x

  12. Thanks Charlotte and Bee-glad you liked!

    Loving the grey-I bought a grey tweed pinafore (no-I know it’s not 1990, trust me the pinafore is coming back!) style dress and it’s a-mez-ing…but so blimmin’ hot! It may not be Summer anymore but it’s certainly not tweed weather yet…Boo.

    I love the swishy Coast number here, that’s just too pretty… And also, I don’t know if this is too wierd, but wouldn’t some of these look incredible as maids’ dresses with black tights and coloured platforms in Autumn/Winter weddings? A friend of ours did it with navy Ted Baker mini dresses, navy opaques and hot pink suede shoes. Totally stunning.


  13. The Coast swishy dress is very similar to a Lela Rose (Dessy assoc) one that my lot considered for a bit. The Coast one is a fraction of the price though – bargain!

    Great Harrods spot, Rebecca. Wow at the Albae frock. Hot.


  14. I would like the Warehouse beauty and the DKNY sparkle number that has mad me drool a little bit. Pretty please.

    I love grey. So much so that I have 4 grey cardi’s, 4 grey jumpers and when I do a colour wash I actually have a grey only wash. I heart grey.


  15. Reading blogs is expensive too! Please don’t show me beautiful things I can’t afford! I love them all, but particularly love the Oasis number. Great finds Charlotte 🙂

  16. Kim – oooh lovely, do send us piccies of W-day!

    Aisling – I must know where I can buy this grey pinafore? Would love one to wear with a pouffy sleeved blouse I have bought but never worn from Mango, would be perfect!

    Holly – Ha Ha Ha I have a grey wash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Debs – I know I am totally guilty of making lovely ladies spend too much ££££ on gorgeous things 🙂

    Jess – If you buy it you will officially be my hero. Really.

    Charlotte xxx

  17. Ah I am so pleased that our wedding has inspired this “grey” blog. I have had a love of grey for many many years, even when my brother said our home could start to look like a battleship if i wasnt careful I still was not put off.

    I know that i used a soft pink palette with our grey but Yellows even lime greens look fabulous with it too. Little break from the norm!!!


  18. Ooohh I love a bit of grey (well alot of grey actually) am wearing my fav Monsoon grey cardi today 🙂 My friends that got married in May had grey bridesmaids dresses for their adult bridesmaids and they looked super chic! I loved them 🙂

  19. Hmm…as I sit here in my grey frilly round neck tunic-over-leggings combo 😉 I must say I love that Vanessa Bruno Crepe De Chine number you found Charlotte. Am also big, big fan of grey and I know I need more of it in my wardrobe NOW. Thanks for the tips. Before I load up on more grey though, I have to sort the honeymoon wardrobe with some suitable clobber. No great hardship..I’m sure I’ll “manage”..hee hee. 4wks to go..eek! x

  20. i get married on sunday (eek) and yippe – my maids are in gery and pink puffball dresses! They are so cute and im so excited!
    thanks for all the inspriation over the last 14 months – the time is finally here!!

  21. I’m totally in love with grey – my wardrobe is full of it. I think it is super flattering on pretty much everyone.

    My bridesmaids are in dessy dresses in grey (‘quarry’) and I am totally besotted with them. They are going to be constrasted with ivory and yellow flowers. x

  22. ‘Constrasted’, Livy? That sounds painful 😉 Fab combination! I’m toying with quarry or smashing for mine.

    Emma, they sound fab. Bet the pics will be top notch.

  23. ooooo – I am so excited – I am having Charcoal grey bridesmaid for my wedding in Decemeber – will hopefully fit in with our silver winter/frost theme. I love grey – reminds of that lovely back to school/ autumn feeling !

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