Happy Birthday to Liberty in Love: WIN £250!

Ok so, this is your last call for entries to our Liberty in Love £250 Giveaway!!! Fill in your details in the form at the bottom of this page (and we’ve filled the post with gorgeous new pieces of wedding candy to tempt you!) Entries close at midnight on Sunday 18th.

Oh Boy. Have we got a treat for you today. It’s going to make your Monday so worth it!

The very lovely Siu Coll from Liberty in Love contacted us recently to ask if we would help her to celebrate the first birthday of her business, Liberty in Love. An online Bridal Accessory store stocking everything from head pieces to shoes, Liberty in Love can kit you out from head to toe for your W-day. (And I’ve got to admit, even though I’m no longer a bride but an old married, there is tons of lobe candy and pieces of pretty that I would quite literally kill to get my hands on.)

Of course, we love a birthday here at Rock My Wedding, almost as much as we love a wedding 😉 and set about finding out how we could help! And instead of us helping her, Siu wanted to celebrate by giving stuff away! For free! To our very lovely readers!

And here’s the deal. All you have to do is fill in the form at the end of the post. The prize is £250 to spend at Liberty in Love. Two-Hundred-and-fifty-smakeroo’s worth of bridal pretty people! Wowsers. Can you tell I’m excited?!

So if you haven’t yet sorted out your adornments for W-day, this is your chance to cut back the budget and get a helping hand towards looking fabulous. And if you have, you should flipping well enter anyway! Aside from jewels and hair accessories, there is a selection of shoes, bags and lingerie to get excited about too.

I might actually cry because I can’t enter myself!

And once again, here’s what you have to do:
Step 1. Fill in the form below.
Step 2. There isn’t one. It’s that easy!

The giveaway will run until midnight on Sunday 17th April. The lucky winner will be announced the week after.

Make sure you drop us a comment and tell us what you would like to buy with all that £££!

Good Luck everyone!

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

103 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Liberty in Love: WIN £250!

  1. Woohoo – how ‘citing!

    My Mummy bought me some gorgeous earrings from LiL for Christmas to wear on our wedding day.

    If I won, I would sooo get the matching bracelet 🙂

    What a fab prize. Good luck to all!

  2. Wow Liberty in Love has been bookmarked on my favourites for yonks – and am just getting round to looking at accesories for my wedding in December. I love the vintage’ness of the Fillippa Scott headresses, I’m a magpie and drawn to all the shiny jewellery too and the shoes… x x

  3. I want it all! I especially love the flower hairband in the top right picture, is it wrong that I would also wear it on honeymoon! I love a floral hair accessory!

  4. I would actually find it really hard to choose something, it’s all so gorgeous !!! I need a headpiece for my wedding in two months time so i will have to make my mind up soon !!

  5. Ack! As far as Monday’s this, this is so flippin cool!
    Hmm, would ‘eeny meeny miny mo’ considered good pratice in picking something?!

    I think it would have to be the gold and blue vintage beaded headband, which made my fusion wedding heart all a-flutter….and maybe some neck tickler earrings!


  6. Oh my goodness – probably the earrings in the middle. But I love the headbands too!

    Off to browse the website now!!


  7. Wow. Loving the Gianna headress…….it would be so perfect with the detailing on my Jenny Packham dress.

    Fingers and toes all crossed!

  8. Just thought of something here ladies – I haven’t actually mentioned it above but most of the pieces I’ve selected for the feature were ridiculously well priced. So with a prize this size, not only could you treat yourself to something completely out of your normal price range, but you could end up being able to split it and kit out your mum or maids too!

    Happy Entering!

  9. Errrrr can I be really cheeky and say I want it all??? AMAZING!!! Especially love the ear candy. Simply divine. Liberty in Love is a rather beautiful distraction from my dissertation…

    Quick question… would it be ok to enter on behalf of a friend who is planning a wedding on a budget. A very tight budget indeed. I think she may die from happiness if I win and give her this early wedding present! She is not a RMW reader (she doesn’t “get” blogs. Or social networking. Or any other modern idea really! I love her for her quaintness.) so there is no need to worry about duplicate entries!

    p.s. Not actually being engaged myself (5 years into the relationship I am ever the optimist…maybe this summer?!) I have to admit that this is my first comment I have left. Too shy amongst the lovely brides who write regularly! I have been a closet RMW fan for, ummmm, a whole year, a lover of beautiful photography, revelling that there are others out there who love the very little, itsy bitsy details of pretty perfection that are oh so important and gathering ideas so that when my dearest does propose I will simply explode with wedding excitement and ideas! I decided today was the day I wanted to come out and join the fun… so hello!!! xox

  10. Ooh – I’ve been coveting Stephanie Browne’s art deco earrings since they appeared on RMW recently. So, so beautiful…

    Amazing competition – thank you LiL and RMW – you really have made this Monday much more lovely indeed!


  11. Well, seeing as I’ve already splashed the cash on a very-pretty totally-perfect ridiculously-out-of-budget wedding dress, I’m after super duper accesories that aren’t going to make my poor credit card cry!

    I adore the white floral hairband in the top pics. So very me and even if I don’t win, I think I might be taking a little finger-tapping trip over to LiL. And if I do win, I’ll go and buy more…

    Love a bit of understated but seriously gorgeous gorgeous-ness!

    R xx

  12. Whoo hoo, how completely exciting. It’s less than 3 months to my big day now and I have spent the last few weeks searching for the right jewellery to complete my look.

    I adore all of the items on Liberty in Love but have been especially head over heels in lust with the Haywoth back necklace ever since seeing Charlotte rocking it on her wedding day. I have been so close to buying it, especially as it has been reduced recently, but had decided the budget just couldn’t allow it unfortunately. Then this lovely competition comes along!

    I am keeping everything crossed!

    Much love.

    x X x

  13. Aha, it’s my birthday today as well! How much would I love to win this, those shoes are gorgeous! Just over four months to go and still no nearer to finding any shoes!

  14. I love, love, love those droplet earrings! They are so elegant… Wonder what kind of jewellery Kate Middleton will be wearing at the Royal Wedding!?! Can’t wait for the 29th!!!

  15. Fab competition and thanks for pointing me to LiL! I have exactly 33 days (according to the panic inducing countdown clock on the wedding list) until the big day and not even started to think about hair band, shoes etc etc – better go grab myself some rescue remedy (or maybe just a glass of red wine) and a credit card 🙂

  16. Ahhh, Liberty in Love. How many hours have I poured over your website, wanting to buy everything you sell! My wedding look is all about old school Hollywood glamour, but I unfortunately don’t quite have the budget to match my ideal! With £250 I could treat myself to some incredible earrings (Haworth, you know I’m talking about you!) I’m also looking at getting an amazing sparkly brooch to put on my hip for the evening do – Tabitha would more than fit the bill (and I may even name my first born child after her!)

  17. Goodness me – I have just collected my wedding dress – (the BIG DAY is on Friday,!!), first thing I do is check RMW, and I see this post! Everything is gorgeous, I’ve been hearting LiL throughout my wedding plannning but with a strict budget I am wearing my own jewelllery. Win or no win I can feel a ‘I’m married (yay!!) and I need to treat myself to some sparkliness’ self pep talk coming when I get back from honeymoon’!
    Thanks RMW – the highlight of my Monday! xxx

  18. So much pretty in one post!!
    Have to wait until I actually have a dress to match up accessories to, but I know I definitely want to rock a side tiara on my W-day and LiL have so many gorgeous ones to choose from. Win or no win I think I may need to acquire the vintage beaded hairband with blue crystals to wear on any occasion! So lovely. xxx

  19. Ooo I love a little bit of Liberty I do.

    Partial as I am a “Liberty Bride” as it were.

    You guys seriously rock.


  20. I’m having a mini huff now as I only went and bought my earrings and cuff from LiL 4 days ago, didn’t I!!! Doh! Never mind, I’m entering anyway as I still need to get my BMs some pretty so keeping fingers crossed for some luck to come my way!!

  21. Oh these are gorgeous… definitely a way to brighten up a dull day!

    I have a confession. As much as I’d love to say that if I was lucky enough to win I’d buy a hairband or some lobe-tauntingly beautiful earrings, I’d be fibbing… I’m all about the lingerie!

    I have looked all over and just want something that is completely going to knock future hubbys socks off… and if the stock at LiL is anything to go by I think it would 😉

    P.S Thanks for all the updates ladies – ooh and please could we have more hen weekend/party mood boards?! The Brighton one was just yummy. xx

  22. I would buy anything… so cant afford anything like this at the moment..
    I love this site … makes my mondays so much better! xx

  23. Woooh…….so exciting!! I absolutely love this website and have a million things on my wish list for my w-day in August! I’m definitely going to order one of the head pieces…..but the question is which?! There all so ruddy gorgeous!!!!!

  24. I hadn’t seen this shop before but i’m in love! i would definitely treat myself to some of the personalised silk knickers for a totally indulgent giggle for our wedding night!

  25. Wow how to choose! I would love the vintage headband…my wedding in August so not bought accessories yet so if I was lucky enough to win would be one task I could tick off though it would be hard to choose!!! Fingers crossed I win! Loving the site sx

  26. Oooooohhhh I have had LiL bookmarked for ages now and this competition makes me uber excited! W-day is in July and I am torn between 2 of Stephanie Browne’s simply gorgeous earrings (peacock or Hayworth?!!) and I would LOVE to team it with the Olga vintage cuff by Leigh-Anne McCague!

    Peacock is currently edging into the lead though, as my fantabulous BM’s dressed me up as a peacock for my hen do a couple of weekends ago so some how it seems rather fitting!!

    Thanks to Lil and RMW – amazing way to start the blog off this week!! xxx

  27. i saw a side tiara on the site that i could not afford, (it is the dream one cos i can’t stop thinking about it) so i would make my dreams come true and get that!!

  28. I would really love to by some earrings for me and my bridesmaids from my sort-of namesake Filippa Scott – they’re gorgeous!

  29. I want the headband with the teal in it. Actually, no. I NEED it. My bridesmaids are in white and teal and it would just all tie it together!

    Ooooh I so hope I win! x

  30. I just love the shoes! I have ridiculously small feet (size 2) and rarely get the opportunity to purchase a pair that may actually fit well. The LIL collection is so beautiful, especially the Freya Rose shoes. I cant wait to treat my feet for my wedding day! Fingers, and toes crossed I win!

    Thanks for letting me discover LIL xxx

  31. I am in LOVE with the della sky blossom shoes by Freya Rose! They would be the perfect match for my Jenny Packham dress… 🙂 ♥

  32. Ever since your real bride fashion feature, I have been obsessed with the Boucheron earrings, though they are totally out of my price range! I have already bought some earrings, but would willingly swap them! I also love the Stephanie Browne ones that Emily, the bride you featured last week, wore for her wedding.

    I might also have to treat myself to come cheeky ‘Mrs’ undies for the H2B 😉

    S xx

  33. I’ve had a miserable Monday and this has cheered me up no end 

    This post has come at just the right time as-with 5 months to go until the big day-I am in search of some super pretty accessories-shoes, jewels, lingerie…the list is endless!

    I would so love something sparkly from LIL (am a bit of a magpie when it comes to sparkly things!) It would also be lovely to treat my mum and my sister too 

    Have just entered-fingers crossed! X

  34. Oh.my.god I love everything from this site, it would be so hard to pick. Had my eye on the Vanessa pearl necklace and maybe a hair piece to match. Fingers crossed x

  35. I have 2months today til the big day and only just now trying to find some time to find some pretty to go with my dress and make my outfit complete. I love bows so it would have to be the bella vintage swarovski earrings, cloud nine wedding garter (forgot about them!) and the beautiful luscious bow bridal band. How pretty! x

  36. ohh amazing! i love it all so hard to chose, but Im sure i could very easily spend the 250 and more! fingers crossed i want to win 🙂

  37. Wow so generousof them! I love it all! I would treat me and my lovely sister, she deserves a bit of treating at the moment!x x x

  38. I have ZERO accessories yet.

    And I’ve just found out I’m definately going to be unemployed from September (**bugger**). Luckily it means I can move back to our house and not live out of a suitcase but still, damn it.

    I would get earrings, some of those pants (***blush at the thought you’d all know what was underneath the “i would actually die for and am not just saying that” dress***) and a garter.

    LiL have the BEST selection of garters and earrings anywhere.EVER.

  39. Wow yes please pretty pretty please and extra special cherry on top, been drooling over the vintage pearl bracelet cuff for ages but cannot afford, please pick me? Wow blatant begging – sorry about that! Great comp great website, thank you RMW we love you a little more everyday! X

  40. Trying to decide what I would pick if I won but its all so gorgeous! I do need to decide what sparkly-loveliness I’m going to put in my hair so I’d definitely pick one of those…and maybe a bracelet….and maybe something pretty for the honeymoon….;)

  41. Now competitions are my fave! Lets hope I win one cause all I have done since getting engaged is enter competitions with no such luck as yet!! I am driving my man mental with all the postcards I keep collecting to send the comps off on!!
    I’m getting married on the 29th May 2011. I am so excited I could burst. Just frantically trying to shed those bingo wings and my food baby belly in time for the big day!! Possibly should have started sooner than yesterday but it all helps in my book.
    Now if I won i would love a gorgeous headband to go with my gorgeous lace dress. It has a very vintage feel and as i have short hair (wedding nightmare) I have decided not to wear a veil so i need something lush to pop on my head.
    The first thing i do every morning when i get into work is switch on my computer and stalk this blog for ideas and i would love to look at stunning as the brides in the pictures! Fingers crossed. Lots of Love Bex xxxx

  42. I love it all, but i have been searching for the perfect chanelier earrings for my May wedding – and know there are some that fit the bill !!!!!! Please :O) xx

  43. One (long) word – mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    Fingers crossed, eh! Would be a lovely start to gathering wedding related prettiness! x

  44. How…the….HELL….have I missed this site? It’s just divine.

    I was going to be all sensible and say I’d like a pair of the earrings – the flower drop ones are so cute…but then I saw the garters and a cloud of whimsy descended upon me!

    I honestly hadn’t even thought about a garter (well, that’s a lie. I have, I just thought they were a waste of money). But then I laid my eyes upon the Glitterati and the Goddess.

    Ladies, those belong (and I mean belong) on my leg. Well, one belongs on my leg….oh, what the hell! Let’s have two!

  45. Oh wow this is just fabulous! I instantly fell in love with the bow headband (Luscious by Halo & Co.) I am having a ‘bow’ themed wedding and the headband has the right mix of ‘bow’ and ‘class’! Just perfect! I’ve got my fingers crossed, JoJo xxx 🙂

  46. I’ve just ordered ‘the’ dress and just started looking for matching accessories, with £250 I would definately get a halo & co tiara as I fell in love with them at the bridal shop I worked in when I was 16! Ah memories! How fabulously ornate is the Gianna?! I need this in my life!

  47. I’m in awe of the gorgeous spangly-ness on Liberty in Love! I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to pretty shiny things. My fiance always loses me when we go shopping because I drift off course to gaze wistfully in jewellery shop windows!

    Like Heather I’ve just ordered ‘the’ dress and haven’t got my accessories covered yet. I could certainly make good use of the £250. I’m thinking a statement bracelet/cuff is a must and a BIG necklace! I would happily own all the jewellery! xxx

  48. Such amazing accessories what a fabulous giveaway! I love all things Liberty in Love from flowers to bows with the right amount of sparkle and all the wow factor!

  49. Wow, what a great prize. Fab giveaway! missed the post first time around so thanks for reposting. I have already have my bridal jewellery, but a statement hairband would be fab! x

  50. Love LiL and the statement earrings saga continues for me I have been searching for months! I would love the westwood II earrings (drop the bomb lol) but the Nova’s are amazing too 🙂 want want want xx

  51. Ooh. Gorgeousness. Well I need some fabulous earrings but I have to say I’d probably want to splash the cash on my super duper bridesmaids. The earrings I wanted for them (from a competitor – sorry Liberty in Love) have been out of stock for, like, ever and I want to treat them on a somewhat limited budget to the sparkles they deserve for being so ruddy-RMW-worthy-wonderful.
    Here’s hoping!

  52. What a fantastic competition!! Happy Birthday LiL!!!
    I would LOVE one of those gorgeous headpieces!! Amaze!!!
    Fingers, toes, arms, legs, everything crossed!!!
    Happy weekend everyone!!

  53. What a fantastic prize to win!!!! Eeeeeeekkk!!!!
    I am getting married this July and I have just about organised everything apart from my accessories and I def want a headband to go with my Pronovias number. Keeping everything crossed xx

  54. Oh my goodness how delightfully gorgeous and shiny!!!

    I wouldn’t know where to start really, everything is so pretty!

    I especially love the vintage style hairbands, so elegant =]


  55. What a fab price!

    I havent even started looking at accessories yet and these gorgeous pieces have given me some real inspiration… I love it all!! xx

  56. I’ve only just discovered RMW and Liberty in Love so with 5 months to go until my wedding I have accessories on the brain!!

    LIL’s items are absolutely gorgeous so even if I dont win the comp thanks to RMW for all the inspiration 🙂 xx

  57. I’m not sure why but I can’t put my email address in the box! It just jumps back to name 🙁
    Would really love to enter too.

  58. They all look so lovelyyyy. Great recommendation rmw.
    I want that floral shiny head piece so badly. *fingers crossed*

  59. I did it! Yay!
    We have had a very tight budget so it would be great to be able to splash out on something special.
    I think it would have to be one of the vintage looking head bands, I’m making my own bird cage veil so I’m thinking I could sew the fabric onto the band!
    Good luck eveyone.

  60. I love Liberty in Love, esp. the pearl jewellery and hair accessories – very elegant and understated. The theme for my wedding is “English Country Garden” – I am wearing my hair down and would love the Emily pearl wedding comb and the Ivory Elegance pearl necklace to match… simple but timeless.

  61. Three things:

    1. Thanks for the reminder!! Not sure if I had already done it…

    2. Some fab earrings or bracelet or maybe put it towards pressies for my girlies

    3. Now I know its not an unusual name… but my arent there alot of Abi’s & Abbies and Abbys, I forget which one is me! So I will be the one with a Smiley face…

    4. (I know I said 3 but what they hey) ITS FRIDAY… and I am off to drink some WINE! xxx

    (sneaky 5 – so excited up the love lust list!)

  62. ooooh!!! please please please let me win!! It’d really top off my week! I think I’d buy a Celia and a Bianca III headband for my beautiful BMs, who are both utterly gorgeous ladies deserving a bit of sparkle, and then…. the Florence earrings for my second hole- I’m wearing my Nannie’s pearl earrings in my first holes but would love a classy pearl dangler to rough things up a bit- my second hole in one ear needs to be included- although I’m not sure if this would look weird in photos… hmmm…. sod it, I’d get the aura pearl necklace then! Done! A snip at half the price!!!

    Loving the sparkle on a grey Friday afternoon 🙂

  63. Love love love LIL but budget has run dry 🙁 I would love a beautiful bracelet or bangle for our wedding 3 weeks tomorrow! I would then regift it back to the love RMW community so others could love and enjoy.

    xxx Have an amazing weekend people

  64. OOooooo

    How to choose?

    It would have to be hair pretty for me; my dress is very simple so some essential sparkle methinks?


  65. Ooooooooooooooooh, too much pretty!! I’ve had my eye on the westwood II earrings anyway….so maybe those!! I don’t know how I’d choose!

  66. Oh my goodness… oh my goodness!! I’ve been salivating over the beautiful LiL ear candy for weeks and would just die with my legs up in the air if I were able to wear a pair of their beautiful ear baubles for my big day in SIX WEEKS…. six freaking weeks….. how the heck did that happen??!

    Good luck lovely ladies! xx

  67. Wowee, if was lucky enough to win I think I would have a very tough time choosing! I have been searching high and low for a headband for my wedding (which is now next month!) and haven’t come across anything like these beautiful pieces. They are exactly what I have been looking for! I think I’d definitely be tempted by the Vintage beaded hairband with blue crystals for my something blue. Fingers and toes crossed. xox H

  68. Dear Wedding Fairy, I love everything but would be most likely to go for the Orla vintage wedding hair comb, together with either the Diademe or Kelly earrings (might have to get both anyway, they’re gorgeous!) and the Regalia brooch. And then wedding fairy, when they’ve all sparkled on my day…I’d give them back to RMW so somebody else can enjoy them! Pretty please? xx

  69. Love Moondust Tiara AND Wedding garter. However, if I did get the chance to spend a full £250 I would choose the dreamy hair comb ‘Regalia Madame Mantilla’ by the talented Stephanie Browne. BOOM!


  70. How lovely of Liberty in Love! I bought a pair of earrings from them after having seen a post you put up and just love them to pieces!! I would love a headpiece to match as they have some gorgeous designs.

    We’re at the three month, got loads to do stage, eek! 🙂 xx

  71. Liberty In Love is all that is right with the world. Perfection. I would love the opportunity to wear something from the collection at my wedding in November

  72. Oh wow, there are so many beautiful things that I could buy if I won, it would be such a difficult choice! I think the Porcelaine headband would be top of the list though, as it would go perfectly with my dress. Just gorgeous! x

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