Harpers And Hays.

Ed Peers Wedding Photography

When I knew I’d be blogging this beauty of a wedding by the lovely Ed Peers I whooped, hollered and clapped my hands with glee…I may also have done a little prance and a jig around RMW HQ.

In the depths of the Cotswolds countryside at the rustically chic venue that is Cripps Barn, the Harpers and the Hays convened together to celebrate one of the most exquisitely themed weddings I have ever come across.

I don’t say that lightly folks.


This wedding is a dream.

Using a achingly hip and sophisticated colour palette of black, off-white, gold and nude, Liz and Jordan pulled off one of the most gorgeously designed weddings I’ve ever seen. There are brilliant pieces of signage, bespoke stickers (why don’t more weddings have stickers??!!), wonderful table settings, superb stationery and a choreographed dance to one of my favourite songs.

And frankly any bride that wears a dark nail as part of her beauty look scores serious style points in my book.

I so would have loved to have been a guest at this wedding…

Cripps Barn Wedding Venue Cotswolds UK Miu Miu Nude Wedding Shoes

Common Ground

Liz The Bride:Our wedding, both the ceremony and reception, was held at Cripps Barn in the Cotswold countryside. Despite growing up some 8,000 miles apart on different continents, both of us have grandparents who loved the area and we wanted to get married somewhere peaceful (away from the hustle and bustle of London life), so it felt like good common ground for both Harpers and Hays.

The venue itself is a lovely old barn with a small glade in the grounds that can hold ceremonies and it really felt right as soon as we saw it, which was lucky as Jordan saw it for the first time after the deposit had been paid.

We wanted somewhere that felt relaxed and informal – and that people could enjoy being outdoors but that wouldn’t be a complete disaster if the weather didn’t hold out (we actually set up to have the ceremony indoors as well as outdoors, only making the final decision half an hour before we were due to start).

Simple And Elegant

I wanted to keep my overall look simple and elegant – I had really good advice that your wedding day should be an extension of yourself and your style so I avoided going for a whole new look.
I did however spend a small fortune on beauty treatments but it meant that on that day I felt really good – it was really well worth it.

Amanda Wakeley Chic Wedding Gown Contemporary Birdcage Veil

I found a local make-up artist and was due to have my trial the day before. We were really short on time and ended up cancelling the trial – so I was a little nervous on the day that I hadn’t had the chance to test my make-up look. Luckily Justine was so experienced and calm – and got it perfect on the day.

A friend very kindly helped me with my hair – as the wedding was in the countryside I wanted it natural and loose.

Dress Stresses

I had quite a journey trying to find the perfect wedding dress. From trying on dresses in NYC, Stockholm, Paris and just about every boutique in London to spending days searching on-line to no avail. Eventually I spotted a couture dress that matched my idea and decided to have it made – which was disastrous and a very expensive exercise, leaving me dress-less, tearful and very stressed three weeks before the wedding!

Cue: Amanda Wakeley. Who I swear not only saved the day but the wedding itself!

I called them up in tears – they let me come over immediately, popped a glass of prosecco in my hand to calm the nerves and pulled out a range of beautiful dresses they had in stock. I picked the one that fitted best. At this point I was just desperate to have anything to wear. I was by no means a fussy bridezilla but I spent so long looking for something that I would feel like a bride in and that also suited me. I really believe that at the end of the day the dress chose me – it was absolutely perfect! I am still so grateful to the team at A.W.

Cotswolds Wedding Inspiration Amanda Wakeley Wedding Dress Modern Contemporary Simple Cripps Barn Wedding

The very first thing I bought was the veil, spotted on Etsy, then I treated myself to a pair of Miu Miu’s– luckily they worked with the dress!

I wore my grandmothers’ rings – in remembrance of them – and earrings from my mother that were given to her on the day I was born.

Sartorial Sophistication

The groom had it easy (thanks to some good planning he says) and wore a blue grey suit from Reiss personal tailoring (a really great, quality service), a white shirt by Hentsch Man, tan brogues from Grenson and a knitted silk tie and pocket square, both by Lanvin.

We wanted to avoid the tradition of bridesmaids and instead recruited a number of close friends to support us on the day. We didn’t want to put them all in the same dress as we wanted each to wear something that was their own style. They chose brilliantly and (I’m sure not by luck) looked fantastic as a group.

A Strong Brand

Having a bride who also happens to be a creative director certainly had its benefits. On the day it was noted that our wedding was more heavily branded than the Olympics (I think it was the customised black pencils (produced by Steve at Grove Promotions) with a gold foil stamped HarperHay logo that prompted that remark).
The colour scheme was black, off-white, gold and nude and all decorations were assembled over the course of several months, piece by piece. From my aunt Sue hand-sewing the runners from her house in Pretoria, to my mom spending far too many early mornings down at Covent Garden flower market buying vases, candles and twigs (with some flowers thrown in for good measure).

Cripps Barn Wedding Venue Cotswold Countryside Wedding Inspiration

I dread to think how much time we spent planning, making mood boards, buying big cardboard letters and then gilding them at home and ordering coloured straws and string from the internet… it was all worth it though as we couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out.

Guru Guidance

I had a moodboard for every aspect of the wedding – this really helped giving guidance to suppliers. Katie was absolutely brilliant in translating what I wanted and worked tirelessly for two days to get the arrangements and bouquets done. My mother and aunt got stuck in too and the end result was fantastic. I went for a simple bouquet of white tulips. My mother is also a guru with decorations, designing and hand-making the wreaths that hung in the barn – it was the perfect finishing touch.

Short And Sweet

We very deliberately kept the ceremony short and sweet, with no readings, poems, songs or personalised vows. Our guests assembled in the glade outside while the groom prayed to a god he doesn’t believe in for the dark clouds on the horizon to stay just where they were. The Gloucestershire registrar was really wonderful when explaining and introducing the formal parts of the ceremony and it all seemed to whizz by in a flash.

Blackboard Wedding Table Plan Cripps Barn Cotswolds Antlers

Our favourite moment was almost certainly the sun coming out of nowhere just as we said ‘I do’, kissed and sat down to sign the register, though being surrounded by eager amateur paparazzi as we sat down was more than a little disconcerting.

Top Shelf Jazz

We spent a lot of time trying to decide whether to have a band or not and almost left the decision too late. We went for one in the end as we wanted a focal point once the meal was over to stop everyone drifting for hours and to keep some momentum in the day. There’s nothing worse than a party petering out when everyone has a full stomach.

Not one for traditional wedding bands, we were lucky to hire a slightly risqué outfit who go by the name of Top Shelf Jazz to get everyone moving and shaking. It worked.

Wedding Table Setting Antlers Cloche Modern Rustic Contemporary Pom Pom Installation

After the band, the wonderful Sacha Dieu slaved late into the night playing a mixture of Jazz, blues and a few of our own selections. There was a small hiatus when we got the whole party to mimic Derrick Tuggle’s rather unique moves to The Black Keys’ Lonely Boy (we’d already set everyone the homework of brushing up on the dance in our invites) and once that was done everyone danced late into the night!

Informal Dining

We had an informal dinner…

We wanted the dinner itself to be informal: bench seating with no seating plan (apart from a table reserved for the bride, groom and close family), no ‘courses’ (per se) and no silver service. Luckily for us, the venue’s own catering team specialises in this kind of food so we had huge sharing platters of mediterranean antipasti (from prosciutto and melon to marinated peppers, olives, bread and various other delicious nibbles).

White Tulip Bridal Bouquet Miu Miu Nude Wedding Shoes

For our ‘main’ we had some beautiful local lamb, cooked over the on-site barbeque and served with roast potatoes and salad — each platter came with carving implements so everyone could decide the size of their own portion. Desert came in the form of pavlovas the size of briefcases to be shared amongst the tables. It was a simple and absolutely delicious meal.

Reiss Grey Groom's Suit Tie Pin White Tulip Bouquet

Again avoiding tradition we decided not to have a wedding cake but my parents surprised us with a copy of our wedding logo in the form of a cake! We were so thrilled and enjoyed something a bit unusual. Jordan’s mum kindly made her delicious shortbread biscuits – which are a favourite of ours – served with coffee – those personal touches helped to make the day so special.

Paper Pretty

It was difficult to restrain on stationery but as the day job is time consuming it was a bit of a task getting time to do bits for the wedding. I think we had a good balance of not going overboard while being playful in what we had time to do. I had great fun indulging in designing our invitations. Our pom-pom installation was the highlight and a great centerpiece to the reception room.

Cripps Barn Wedding Venue Cotswolds Countryside

Invest In Your Suppliers

Do make sure you have good suppliers – it’s sometimes worth paying that little bit extra to ensure that you get what you want.

Rustic Wedding Venue Cotswolds Fairy lights Festoon Lighting

Our photographer can’t come with enough recommendations – I normally hate being photographed but Ed made us feel so relaxed and didn’t intrude at all on the day. The photos are our biggest reward from the day and captured just how it was.

We were very lucky to be surrounded by family and friends that helped us achieve our perfect day. Do take the time and effort to make the details personal to you as a couple and do things the way you want to be and not to fit expectations. Everyone commented on how our wedding was so unique to us and a perfect and happy celebration of who we are as a couple and after all that really is what it’s all about – celebrating the union of two people making a life-time promise in front of the people they love and care about.

Wedding Sticker Branding Bespoke Ed Peers Wedding Photography

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Venue – Cripps Barn
Dress – Amanda Wakeley
Make-up – Pink Gloss
Groom Reiss
Florals – katiecochrane7@gmail.com
Cake – Cake Rush
Jazz Band – Top Shelf Jazz
DJ – Sasha Dieu
Photography – Ed Peers Photography

That picture of Jordan carrying Liz off into the sunset…I know, you die too right?

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

34 thoughts on “Harpers And Hays.

  1. Oh wow this is just absolutely stunning! I doth my hat to you Liz and Jordan, this is one of the most stylish and beautiful weddings I’ve seen!

    You both look gorgeous too and I am loving those dancing shots, looks like the most immense party!

    Congratulations xxx

  2. Antlers as centre pieces?? That looks amazing.
    I love this wedding – it’s stunning and looks like they all had so much fun!
    Fern x

  3. Oh I just love everything about this! Stunning couple and lovely details. The logo is fantastic, so stylish. Also love the table plan – it looks like such a fun, relaxed and happy day.
    Swoon! x

  4. What a super stylish wedding, I love it all.
    And I’ve never seen anything as cool as their ‘Harper Hay’ branding… what a brilliant idea. Love that it just keeps popping up everywhere… on a candle here, a beer bottle there, on the cake, the little straw flags, the stickers!
    And that dancing shot – amazing!

  5. Erm…..WOW!!!
    I LOVE everything about this wedding & I NEED some wedding stickers with our logo on!
    Yes NEED!! haha

    and yes the sunset shot…….STUNNING!

    Humongous congratulations guys – this looks like one EPIC wedding!

    Right, off to drool at all the pictures again – oh & get me some stickers! 😉

  6. Oh so lovely – that dress was made for this bride!! Stunning!
    Love the dance routine shot – the party looks immense.xo

    (ps. half way through the blog post there is a couple of photos from a different wedding pop up – I noticed it happened during the last ‘Ask the Expert’ too and it’s the same bride and groom that pop up! Just to let you know 🙂 )

  7. @Charlotte yea – I loaded the page again and it didn’t happen this time – maybe problem with my server?! strange it was the same set of pics that popped up! I’ll keep an eye out for your email xo

  8. i have stickers for our wedding – future husband thinks i’m mental for having them, but i just want to brand the hell out of our day!!! got an a-meh-zing monogram designed by one of my super talented bridesmaids and i plan on using it everywhere too… L xxx

  9. I think that this might be my most favourite wedding to appear on the blog EVER. I’m not sure that I’m supposed to show such favouritism but this girl cannot help it. The table settings are to die for, I’m in love with the pom pom masterpiece and the branding is sublime. I mean the flags! The signage! THE STICKERS!

    And Liz and Jordan have hit the nail on the sartorial head with their outfit choices – effortless grace in a nutshell.

    Thank you so much for giving me the privilege of blogging this for you.

    Lolly xxxx

  10. Love this wedding! Ed is quite a genius but that aside what a gorgeous couple. Loving all the design work by the bride and the sweet touches like the candle and the chalkboards all very nicely considered throughout. Oh and HUGE fan of Top Shelf Jazz – bet they sounded amazing, I’m keeping my fingers crossed one of my brides will choose them for their wedding! I also quite want one of those mini burgers, and it’s only 11am…

  11. @rebecca – Lolly was shouting from her desk whilst putting this together “Why didn’t I think of stickers?! I want stickers!!!” she will be so pleased you decided to 🙂

    Charlotte xxx

  12. I have got a thing about antlers, and a thing about pom-poms, and a thing about stickers, and don’t even get be started on my slight obsession with chalkboards…. absolutely love the detail here!
    Big congrats x

  13. Oh WOW!! This is a truly stunning wedding with really amazing photography. Such thought has gone into every detail of the day and I love the bridesmaid dresses, so different. The image of Liz on her own with a cloud of Green around her is just sublime.

  14. @Charlotte!!! haha! I have been umming & ahhhing over them for ages!!!
    This wedding was clearly the kick up the bum I needed – so thanks guys – RMW save the day again!
    😉 xxx

  15. We’ve got stickers with our logo on … designed by the lovely Leah from Golden Apple, who commented above!!! xx

  16. Oh lovely! Our wedding is at Cripps in September and that beautiful outdoor area is absolutely why I fell for it (well that and the massive bonfire). I love Liz and Jordan’s colour scheme; ours is champagne blushes and forest greens but I *might* just sneak a little bit of gold into the mix now…
    Thank you so much for posting this just as I needed a little bit of a boost for the next stage of planning!

  17. Wow this wedding is gorgeous!!! We also got married 2 weeks ago in Cripps barn. That place is amazing. I’m so pleased we picked there too. It’s so nice to see such a different wedding but in the same place. I agree branding is definitely the way forward. @Lorna you are not mad at all branding makes the day so personal. I went crazy too!! And @laura you are a lucky bride to have your wedding at Cripps barn. It is immense. Please don’t be disappointed if its inside as ours ended up being and it was simply idyllic. So you don’t need to worry about that.
    Congrats to liz and Jordan, beautifully put together xxxxxx

  18. I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all at RMW for such an awesome job with this feature! It was so awesome to be a part of this wedding – Liz and Jordan are champions – and great to be able to share it with you all 🙂

  19. I just wanted to know if the chairs for the dinner were hired or came with the venue? I have been looking for that style of chair to hire everywhere.

  20. Wow – thank you all so much for the amazing comments. We had a wonderful time – it went by all too quickly! Huge thanks to @Ed Peers and @Lolly for the wonderful article 🙂 xxxxx You guys Rock! We are over the moon and overwhelmed by the response! @Krystal the chairs came with the venue x

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