He Was A Skater Boy.

I guess that when a dress designer gets married there is always going to be an amount of pressure to push the fashion boat out a bit.

Well, when Sarah Joseph decided to tie the knot the dress designing started early. Sarah envisaged a bespoke creation just days before her engagement shoot, photographed by good friend and amazing photographer Martin from My Big Day Photos.

You may remember Sarah’s work from a feature we ran a few months ago called “Cariad.” It’s Welsh for “Love” and yep, you guessed it – Sarah is a Welsh girl, although she is about to start a new adventure and a new chapter in her dress designer life when she moves to Australia. If you missed our feature on her last range it you simply must check it out, it’s all kinds of awesome.

Martin from My Big Day Photos gave me an insight into the engagement shoot:

I have worked with Sarah for the last couple of years, we have become good friends and her moving to Australia is going to be a great loss to me as well as her great many friends here in Wales.

Sarah designed a new dress a few days before the engagement photoshoot, we didn’t have time to find a model and she wanted to wear it herself, I wanted to give Sarah a big send off before moving to Australia and this picture seems apt for her. Her career is going to take off in Australia.

Dress – Sarah Joseph

Photographer – My Big Day Photos

Sarah and Paul are the nicest couple you could ever meet, they are passionate about life, the ocean and enjoying each other’s company. The wedding was miraculous to say the least.

thanks Martin… and guess what people? If you pop back at 2pm today you can feast your eyes on the miraculous day its self.

See you soon!


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