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Hedsor House Classic Wedding with Falconry Birds

When your wedding guests collectively let out an audible gasp during your wedding ceremony, you know you’ve created a memorable moment. This is exactly what happened during Samantha and Martin’s outdoor wedding ceremony at Hedsor House when the Snowy Barn Owl (a.k.a the ring bearer) landed on the bride’s arm. The wow factor didn’t end there though, Samantha and Martin, inspired by The Great Gatsby film, infused glamour into their day where possible starting with Samantha’s incredible Anna Georgina wedding gown right through to their elegant wedding cake with different intricately iced layers. Plus, the country house wedding venue is a show stopper all on its own!


“I think we managed to achieve the right balance for us between structure (ceremony, bird displays, cake cutting, etc…) and leaving enough time for people to chat, relax and enjoy the grounds. The main feedback we received was how much fun guests had, which was very important to us. Though we of course also made sure to have some big dramatic moments like an owl ring delivery and the three tier wedding cake.” – Samantha & Martin

Hedsor House

Samantha and Martin can’t praise their wedding suppliers enough. Especially their photographer Matt Penberthy and wedding planner Caroline Sian. They said they were truly amazing and ensured everything ran like clockwork. We especially love Samantha and Martin’s intimate sweetheart table at the wedding breakfast and all the golden hour portraits taken by Matt in the gardens. Such wonderful memories and keepsakes of a treasured day.


“It was relaxed and intimate, which was very important for us. We wanted the day to feel grand, but not stuffy or overly formal. We took a bit of inspiration from the Great Gatsby and hoped to infuse some of that effortless glamour into our wedding day. I think it’s safe to say the moment that stood out the most for a lot of the guests and the wedding party was the ring delivery by owl on the alter. There was an audible gasp when the owl swooped over guests’ heads and landed on my arm. It added a bit of drama and levity to the moment.” – Samantha & Martin


“Focus on what really matters to you and don’t sweat the small stuff. Guests aren’t going to necessarily going to remember the colour of the napkins or the songs the DJ plays. A beautiful venue or a dramatic wedding dress is far more likely to make an impact. “ – Samantha & Martin

Focusing on what matters to you both as a couple is definitely a great place to start, once you know what type of wedding you’d like to have you can start researching wedding venues and suppliers to suit your budget and taste. We have a whole host of recommended venues and supplier on our directory to get you started. Plus, if you’ve fallen for Hedsor House, you should also take a look at Heather and Peter’s classic wedding there.

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Photography by Matt Penberthy
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