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You may be aware that Madame Becky is due to have a teeny tiny person any time like…..NOW. And this means she will be off enjoying motherhood for a while whilst we miss her loads and bombard her with requests for cute baby pictures.

Covering Becky’s maternity break is a little lady called Fern whom we were formally introduced to at The National Wedding Show after she sent us her CV (and witty covering email) some months before.

Fern has previously assisted us backstage at Pretty Naughty (you can spot her in the pretty black and white frock dressing one of the models) and we have sporadically kept in touch since. When we needed a new member of the team it made perfect sense for her to climb aboard this high speed blogging train.

If you’ve got a few minutes to say “Hello” lovelies then please leave a little bit of community spirit welcome-ness in the comments box below.


Fern: Good Morning Rock My Wedding readers!

I’m extremely excited to be joining team RMW while Becky is on maternity leave….I probably shouldn’t admit this – I’m not actually getting married anytime soon, nor am I engaged (although I’m sure there are numerous readers out there who are in the same camp!!) I do have a lovely boyfriend though and hopefully one day he will get my very unsubtle hints…then maybe I can attend Wedding Fayres with organising a wedding in mind, rather than hunting down Charlotte and Adam and asking them for a job.

Ever since I was tiny I have dreamed of getting married, I love the romance of finding your soul mate and forming a team – you and your partner against the world for ever and ever.


I used to waitress at weddings and have been known to sit in the kitchen tent on a crate behind the marquee listening to the wedding speeches of total strangers with tears in my eyes – I know, I’m a hopeless romantic.

On a more shallow note, I am a true girl’s girl and love pretty things. I could gaze at images of flowers, shoes, dresses and accessories for hours on end. I’m definitely in the right place!


My dream wedding used to be Coleen and Wayne Rooney’s – I’m not even joking – she definitely led the way with two dresses! (Don’t worry, my tastes have definitely matured since then). Today, it would involve a slinky bohemian dress, bare feet and a beautiful deserted beach in South West France. Tomorrow it will probably be a Vera Wang dress with Louboutins in an English stately home. But it always involves flowers in my hair, lots and lots of candle light and my beautiful sisters as bridesmaids. Oh, and my lovely boy waiting at the end of the aisle.

Looking forward to getting stuck into the crazy world of weddings.

Lots and lots of love,

Fern x

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

24 thoughts on “Hello Fern…

  1. Welcome! Lovely to see another addition to the fab RMW team 🙂 Good luck!!

    P.S Where oh where is your scarf from? It’s bleedin lovely! 🙂

  2. Morning girlies, thanks for being so welcoming and lovely. The scarf is from John Lewis.
    So excited to be joining the RMW community!!!
    x x x x x x x x

  3. Welcome! We ALL want that scarf….perhaps the scarf can have its own blog. Scarf news please! Fern’s already a trendsetter!! xx

  4. Hi Fern! *waves*

    I too started reading RMW before I was engaged, as “research” for my bestie…. she wasn’t a blog fan, and also planned her wedding within the first few weeks so in the end i just pored over it daily… then lo and behold needed it myself a few months later!

    anyway. apart form hellos, where is your jacket from please? i l.o.v.e. it.


  5. Well hello gorgeous lady 🙂 you are going to have the best time I promise!

    I’m looking forward to reading your posts because let’s be honest, having a bambino is a breeze right?! So I’m going to have loads of time on my hands to still be addicted to these pages 😉

    @Miss Tea thank you lovely…I think it’s waiting for the sun before it makes it’s grand entrance into the world 🙂 x

  6. Hi Fern!!

    You sound just like me, i am a self confessed wedding obsessive!! (who is not engaged to be married, just with a boy who to tell the truth is slightly worried by my obsession! hehe) I love them, anything and everything about weddings! 🙂

    Congrats on joining the team and gettin a dream job!! *lush sigh*


  7. @Hannah and @Laura Kay – I know, sometimes I have to pretend I’m engaged when I attend wedding-y events, it works out ok until they notice the lack of engagement ring!! (Leather Jacket is from Pepe Jeans – I spent months trying to find one I really liked)
    @Miss Tea – I LOVE Cornwall, visit all the time as the boy is a massive surfer!! Say hello to the sea for me.
    @Becky – Thank you, really looking forward to meeting you again and maybe the bambino v soon.

    It’s so exciting to have these familiar names and sponsors saying hello! Thanks everyone 🙂

  8. Bonjour Fern (sorry am in major French mode at the moment – I blame the campaign film coming later!) So exciting to have you on board the RMW train. I think there’ll be some major barnet swopping tips taking place in the office over the next few months – I’m currently obsessing over your hair. Love me a fishtail plait!

  9. Salut Lolly!! Don’t worry I’ve been briefed on l’obsession francaise…also can’t wait to see this campaign film later!
    And YAY for hair swapping tips.

  10. Hello Fern, looks like your fit in the RMW team a treat!

    I have to say @Lolly I can see why you’re obessed with Fern’s hair it’s EPIC! I want hair that long with a fishtail plait in PLEASEEEEEEeeee…..

  11. Hi Fern! You’re definitely going to fit in with this stylish bunch (I’m talking Team RMW by the way, not myself – I not particularly stylish at all!)

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