Hello There Lauren… Queen Of Facebook.


Not to be confused with Lolly La Pop we have yet another new team member to introduce to you gorgeous lot who’s name is also Lauren (We’re currently referring to her as “Lauren C” in a Spice Girls type vibe), and for those of you that have been readers for a few years (*waves*) then you may even recognise this lovely lady as she graced our pages as in her very own Real Wedding feature.

In a wave of coincidences (these kind of things always happen to me – I’m kind of used to it) it turned out that Lauren has been friends with one of my very good friends Lisa since school. It also turned out that Lauren is uber stylish, loves all things W-day and romance related and has an expert eye for delicious detail.

Not only did Lauren assist styling our new boutique campaign “Coco” but as part of her day job she is responsible for the UK Facebook page of one of the worlds biggest beauty brands. And guess what? in her spare time she’s now helping to manage ours too.

Did you know Rock My Wedding were on Facebook? We post RMW feature highlights, some of our favourite W-day pictures, various discussion topics and tips on current decor and fashion trends. Occasionally we might also post what we’ve recently bought from the shops and what we would very much like to buy from the shops. Mainly shoes. And make-up.

I’ll hand you right on over folks, and if you would be so kind please leave Lauren some “welcome” love in the comments box below.


Lauren C, Queen Of Facebook: Hello there!

So how did a long term reader and featured bride manage to get the chance to be a little part of the amazing team that is Rock my Wedding?

…Well, back in February 2010, My boyfriend James and I had been living together for quite a while. When a sapphire and diamond ring miraculously appeared, I instantly said ‘yes’. Copious amounts of champers followed and we were catapulted into the world of wedding planning.

After a couple of months of pouring over American wedding sites I found myself on a little blog called Rock My Wedding (…you might have heard of it) and jumped for joy that the gorgeous site mentioned things you could actually buy in England.

I had always loved a dash of DIY, and blackboard paint is still one of my most favourite inventions ever, therefore the opportunity for James and I to create a unique celebration crafted by our own fair hands was so flipping exciting. Evenings became crammed with burlap and sewing machines and weekends filled with my beloved blackboard paint and chalk pens. The odd trip to Paris was also thrown in for a spot of flea market hunting. It’s fair to say that I loved every element of the wedding styling.


After our beautiful wedding in November 2010, I suddenly felt that my weekends and evenings became very sparse; I am very lucky to have a great day job (that involves a whole lot of make-up, social media and all things website related ), and was extremely busy being a good wife, but I wanted to make sure that my playtime was put to good use too.

Luckily my lovely sister married soon after and I got to stick my two-pennyworth in, a lot! I’m always up for a challenge, and so to embrace my love of all things pretty I enrolled on an interior design course too. When I qualified it gave me the confidence to set up my own blog, Fairly Light.


So by now, I’m hoping that it’s clear that I like weddings, and interiors, and know a couple of things about websites too. Imagine my delight when a request to combine all three popped into my inbox from none other than the wedding goddess herself, Mrs O’Shea! There was much squealing and jumping when I was asked to help out on the Coco Campaign shoot back in April and now I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the team to help out backstage.

Can’t wait to get involved with all you Rockettes, both old and new!

Much love

Lauren C x

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

18 thoughts on “Hello There Lauren… Queen Of Facebook.

  1. Hi Lauren!! Welcome to the team! I remember your wedding well – I have to say that your were one of the THE most beautiful brides! Styled to perfection, your dress and accessories were just stunning. You looked utterly amazing! If you added that kind of genius styling to your own wedding then I’m sure you’ll have some amazing contributions to these pages.

    Sophie x

  2. Wow…. Great addition to the team. I am happy to say I know the extremely gorgeous and stylish Lauren C and cannot wait for the magic she will bring to the RMW wedding Facebook page xxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi hi hi! And massive official welcome to the team! Yay!

    It is a fact that you can never have too much ‘Lauren’ in your life.

    Mwah x

  4. Well Hello Lauren 🙂

    Ooooooo, the most lovely Dodmoor House (recognised instantly from the chair in the Dodford room!!!) You look truly stunning My Lovely – your wedding dress and accessories are to die for 😉 Fabulous styling of the venue too …… I salute you Lovely Lady 🙂 Tim and I actually got married at Dodmoor House 7 years ago (such a small world!!) and have been photographing there ever since (today in fact!!) I’m thrilled your the newest edition to the Rock My Wedding family ……… I shall look forward to hearing all your sassy contributions to this page 😉 x

    Helen. xx

  5. Welcome Lauren!

    Lauren will be helping us spread the RMW word online and Im going to be a little bit cheeky and do a similar thing right now….

    If anyone feels that they haven’t had enough wedding pretty today then head over to the Love Lust Blog this afternoon where we are sharing Kate and Neils big day.

    Have a great weekend peeps,


  6. LAUREN it’s you!!! I full on stalk your instagram feed, you are one stylish lady…I would very much like your house (in a none stalkerish way of course!)

    You guys are like the dream team and a load of hotties to boot! Welcome Lauren 🙂 xxx

  7. Being the sister of Lauren C has several benefits.
    1) no celebration is ever without awesome diy details. your wish is her command when it comes to serious prettifying. i sit back and watch.
    2) what would normally be termed as ‘stealing’ can actually be rephrased as borrowing when i ‘accidently’ slip items from her beautiful home in my bag.
    3) i am never without a clutch, pair of shoes, lipstick, accessory of any shape, size or colour
    4) i get to spend weekends at hers in LUXURY (with white robes and everything)
    5) she is quite simply the god damm best xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments. I love Friday’s anyway but this one is shaping up to be especially good!

    Team RWM – you’ve made me feel so welcome and I’m so excited about everything that’s coming up…

    @Tabitha – Yes it’s me!! I love instagram because I can just show one tiny corner of the house and pretend that it’s tidy and styled – behind the scenes it’s not like that at all!
    @Helen – Thanks lovely. I still have a lot of love for Dodmoor and their amazing team. Please say hello from me!
    @Sophie – You are very kind! Chuffed to bits that you remember our shindig.
    @Bonny and Clyde – I’ll pay you later 😉

    Lots of love
    Lauren C x

  9. Oh wow! I LOVED this wedding and i completely didn’t make the connection when i met Lauren in person on the Coco shoot. She is absolutley beautiful, creative, friendly and her blog is amazing too! 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing more from you Lauren C! x

  10. Well done and congratulations Lauren/ Fairlylight, I’m so happy for you that you finally get to proudly dispay your style and creativity on RMW for all of use to be inspired by! I’m hoping that one day someone will ask me to marry them (!!) and then I can take some inspiration from your posts in creating my own special day.

    I’m really looking foward to seeing your future blogs/posts/instagrams etc and by the way we’re way overdue a Homesense trip : )

    Loving your work sweetheart

    Linz x x x

  11. Well what can I say other than u are an amazing genius with uber style and a bloody good friend too!! Good luck Lauren I know you’re fabulous at everything you do and you’ll just make the RMW simply marvellous. Now please can you help style my wall now please! It is still very plain. Lots of love. Xxxxxxx

  12. Hello @Katy! Having a fabulous Wedding Photographer and MUA mean you’re unrecognisable in real life so I’ll forgive you. Loved meeting you on the Coco shoot – your work is divine x
    @Lindsay, Lisa and Nicci – Thanks so much my loves!
    @Hannah – Yey for Dodmoor brides! x

  13. Hi Lauren,
    Welcome, how exciting for you to be part of the team! I’m bookmarking your page as I speak and hunting you down on twitter. Can’t wait to see what excitement and flavour you bring to the RMW party! Congrats lovely lady 🙂

  14. Welcome Lauren C! It’s great to have another awesome and creative personality on this gorgeous site! And having enjoyed your wedding pictures once more, I know that you’ll be a great addition! Will look forward to see how you’ll make RMW even better (if that’s actually possible)!

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