This two day wedding in France is so epic we decided to separate the wonderful captures by Triostudios Photography into three sections. First bringing you the adorable wedding morning preparations and church ceremony, next onto the evening reception and portraits at the picturesque Château de Varennes, and finally culminating in the I Do BBQ bash the couple held the following day to continue celebrations. So make sure you scroll to the very end as you definitely don't want to miss a moment. Every capture is full of love and style, and I just love how effortlessly cool bride and groom Heloise and Christophe are. Heloise's Delphine Manivet layered skirt and camisole bridal separates for a start scream fabulous. So without further I do, I'll leave you to swoon over all this french chic.

Our Wedding

Heloise the Bride: Two things were very important to us for the wedding : we wanted it to reflect our personalities (in the venue, in the decor, the atmosphere, the ceremony, the music, the cocktails & food…) and we wanted to be able to live it fully with each person that was present that weekend.


We worked with Camille (our wedding planner) closely and sourced most of the decor elements ourselves and fully trusted her and her team during the two days to handle all of the organization, last minute changes etc.


The venue was perfect, Sonia & Aymeric were lovely and super involved and found solutions for everything, even last minute crazy ideas we had !


The ceremony was very special as we had no idea what would be said, Robert Burns had met with each of us separately and the entire ceremony was a surprise… we all went from laughter to tears and back to laughter !


Instead of tablecloths I had sourced with my mother’s help vintage embroidered sheets.


Our florist came all of the way from Paris to Bourgogne and made the most beautiful arrangements that we gifted our guests at the end of the brunch. Very countryside feeling.


After the ceremony we had a great band play during the cocktail, and before dinner we made everyone dance (they had been drinking and snacking for two hours, we wanted them to move and renew energy through dancing before sitting back down for more food and drinks).


We worked closely with Laurent Peugeot (Michelin star chef) to develop a menu and cake. He was very open and enthusiastic about everything!
Wedding menu : - Oeuf de Ferme Bio à 62° "La Ferme des Petits Bois", meurette, escargots, ail des ours sauvages de Bourgogne - Veau de lait en croûte de Cèpes, patates douce en purée fumée, risotto - Assortiment de fromages frais et affinés - Buffet de desserts - Wedding cake (jasmin et fleur d'oranger)


Before dessert we all lit thai lanterns and made wishes…very poetic & special moment. We danced until 6am and the next day we organized a cowboy chic brunch (I am French but grew up in the US) and everyone dressed for the theme, bandanas and all (we had even prepared a country music playlist)! We surprised everyone with ponies for the children and and ice cream truck for all!

Photography & Videography

The entire two days were like a dream… all captured by the super duo Hanni and Marcus for photos and Studio 80 for the video.

Survival Packs

The American in me wanted to surprise everyone with something that is not done in France, we gifted each person with a welcome back with aspirin, mints, a do not disturb sign, detox tea etc. and baskets in the ladies and men’s bathrooms with anything that one may need during a big party! Our family, bridesmaids and groomsmen helped us prepare all of the bags, the little jam jars we gifted during brunch etc.
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Videographer: Studio80 | Bridal Gown: Delphine Manivet | Bridal Shoes: K-jacques | Venue: Château de Varennes | Catering: Laurent Peugeot (Le Charlemagne) | Wedding Planner: Bulle & Tulle | Stationery: Pierre-Alexis Delaplace | Entertainment: SwinginParis | Baptiste Memeteau | Cocktails: Artisan Paris | Florist: Floweredby Thierry Feret | Groom Suit: Ralph Lauren | Hair & Makeup: Louise Garnier

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