Hi Ho Silver Lining.

No. We are definitely not about to encourage you to to purchase Slade’s greatest hits album. Although obviously you can if you want and I’m pretty sure my Dad gets it out every Xmas Eve for a sing-along…

Inspired by the forthcoming party season and RMW bride Katie’s smoky eye/nude lip look we thought we’d put together a make-up tutorial on how to create sexy silver peepers and the perfect pinkish pout.

We used Vix’s face, my kitchen table and Adam’s photography skills…. and tried to make it as easy to follow as we possibly could. There’s a few questions at the end of this post that we would love you to answer if you get a sec, in the meantime enjoy the sexy make-up tips folks!

Above: This is clearly the “After” shot… and just to give you the heads up, Vix has a light golden skintone, blonde hair and blue/green eyes. You can of course intensify these colours should you be darker and more sultry or go easy should you be of the more pale and interesting variety.

What You Need To Get Silver Sexy:

A. A mattifying primer that makes your base stay put and your pores miraculously disappear. We used Magix by Avon – it is ruddy magic. And it’s cheap as chips.

B. A volumising mascara that is also good at seperating and lifting lashes for that wide-eyed effect (we don’t do clumps and as this look has quite a few products already you could do without faffy eyelash curlers and combs). We used the much loved Max Factor False Lash Effect but the purple tubed version that also does immense lengthening stuff too.

C. An under eye illuminating concealer (Muchos important as darkish shadow can make bags look even worse – sad but true). We used Diorskin Nude by Christian Dior, quite fancy but comes with 10ml in the tube (that’s about 7x more than you will get in a twisty up pen of their skinflash or YSL touche Eclat. And yes I know it’s geeky that I actually know this fact)

D. A black and a silver eyeliner pencil. The one we used is Bobbi Brown Chrome and Black which is actually double ended, it is also limited edition so get one quick while you can! (John Lewis had some left on-line last time we looked)

E. A nudey pink satin finish lipstick. We used Tom Ford in Spanish Pink (a new colour in the range for winter) which has the perfect finish. I won’t tell you how much it is because quite frankly I don’t want to admit it even to myself. However I can tell you that is was worth every penny.

F. A sparkly liquid liner (optional). These are everywhere during the festive season but we used Collection 2000 Glam Crystals which are very glam indeed. Also a complete bargain – about three quid from Boots.

G. A black liquid liner. Vix favours the one from Rimmel as it’s easy to apply, doesn’t budge and doesn’t break the bank.

H. A liquid satin/matt finish foundation. Vix likes Mac Studio Fix which looks surprisingly natural whilst giving medium to full coverage.

I. A whisper of pink blush. Your flush for this look should be practically imperceptible. We used Illamasqua in Katie which might just be the greatest blush on earth.

J. A matt/satin (no sparkles) mid-grey eyeshadow. We used Mac in Swell Baby although there are a million zillion on the market to chose from.

The Base Bit.

Apply primer sparingly all over your face then blend your foundation evenly (you can use a brush or sponge but we used fingers…), apply concealer where needed and of course underneath the eye, remember to PAT NOT RUB (you just end up rubbing half of it off) and extend to the inner corners by your nose – opens up the whole area you see and makes you look all wide awake and bushy tailed.

Apply powder all over – paying particular attention to the T-zone and any other area you may get the oilies. You can use a loose version but to be honest Vix just used her MAC compact with a big brush – it does the trick, creates less mess and is the exact same colour match as her foundation.

The Eyes Have It

Blend your shadow all over the upper lid up to the socket crease, you can use a small headed powder brush (Vix did) or your fingers (I always use my fingers – I think the shadow spreads better when it’s warmed up a wee bit). Don’t worry if its not perfect, it’s supposed to be a bit smudgy anyway and you can always correct mistakes later on with a Q-tip.

I know some folks find liquid liner tricky but Vix draws on little dots across her upper lash line then joins them together. I swear she did both eyes in about 30 seconds flat. Have since adopted this method myself and I’m done in a jiffy.


With the silver pencil draw a line underneath your lower lash line extending all the way to your inner corners (you can fade it out a bit here so it looks a bit more natural), add a few extra layers for added intensity should you really want your peepers extra shiny.

With the black pencil draw over the top of the silver faintly-ish (you can go from a gunmetal to a full on charcoal depending on your desired hue) and then smudge it in with a flat eyeliner brush. This should give you a slightly smudgy silver-with-grey look that’s very pretty indeed.

With your mascara wand look down and lift lashes up in a zig zaggy fashion coating from root to tip. Vix finds that she can add layer after layer with the Max Factor one and it doesn’t go gloopy. Make sure you also do your bottom lashes too – the more Bambi the better people.

Blush Baby.

Apply a whisper of blush. A WHISPER. You don’t want to detract from the eyes or look “overdone” start with the apples and extend to the hairline. We used a powder but a cream in a pale pink shade would also work well.

Getting Lippy.

Apply your lipstick straight from the tube, with a natural shade you shouldn’t need lipliner and the finish we prefer is matt satin (so now!) – so we didn’t top with gloss either.

Voila! although not quite. To get extra Hi Ho Silver Lined you can also add a bit of glitter (and who doesn’t love a bit of glitter at Xmas eh?). Stay close to the lashline with your liquid and put a bit extra in the outer corners. You can even dab a bit on your lashes should you fancy an uber sparkly flutter.

Actual voila! we didn’t put the glitter liner on the lower lash line although you of course could should you want to.

This look is based around silver (erm obviously) but you could also try gold – especially lovely on olive skinned brunettes.

Question time!

Do you like make-up tutorials?

Are the “big” pictures useful?

Do you like to know what products we like/use/rate etc?

And what other make-up tips/tricks would you like to see?

Do let us know in the comments box below lovelies.

Big I am wearing this look over the weekend Love

Charlotte xxx

P.S For all you music buffs, I know Jeff Beck wrote the original Hi Ho Silver Lining but unfortunately it’s the Slade cover version and Xmas that I associate it with. Blame my father.

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

22 thoughts on “Hi Ho Silver Lining.

  1. Love the Make up tutorials! always nice to get new ideas especially as someone who doesn’t wear an awful lot. Would love some advice from everyone, if i can be so cheeky to ask.lol I have no idea what i am gonna wear on my lips for the wedding. i’m a ‘throw on some eyeliner kinda girl’ and go so never wear lipstick but my bridesmaids tell me i need something. My fiance also hates the feel/taste/whatever it is of lipstick etc (not so good for the first kiss photos lol). Any suggestions folks? I’m also a strawberry blonde/red head so struggle with knowing what colour! thanks C x

  2. Yes please! (To all of your questions.) I have my work Christmas do tonight, and will definitely be trying this out, to go with the beehive I’m also trying out (courtesy of your instructions a couple of weeks ago). I’m sure I’m not the only bride-to-be out there who suffers the indignity of rosy cheeks – I’m talking proper pink splashes over the whole of my cheek area – and has spent a small fortune on concealers etc trying to hide them. Any tips for that? I SO badly want to be able to wear blush and not look sunburned / embarrassed / just downright silly. Now off to paint my toenails under my desk in preparation for tonight! x

  3. I love a make up tutorial! Big pictures are really useful, and yes I’d like to know your thought on products.
    I do like hair tutorial too!

  4. Love the tutorial especially the big pictures! Can I ask what camera you used to take them? Are the professional as they look really good!

    Catherine – have you tried a lip stain or lip crayon? Lasts for ages and won’t taste funny! Topshop does good one or you could try Revlon’s ‘Just Biten’ stains.

    Would love to have ‘celebrity’ make up tutorials – so we can replicate our celeb make-up crushes. Mine is Holly Willoughby.

  5. Afternoon ladies!

    so glad you like the make-up tutorial, it was fun doing it too, Charl and I are both makeup-a-holics.

    Catherine – have you tried a lip stain? you can get them for your cheeks too, Benefit have a selection you could try, you could stain your lips your chosen colour, peach is great with strawberry blonde, then you could pop some normal lip balm on top?

    Sarah P – WOW I would LOVE rosey cheeks, I say embrace the roseyness!! or……………………..have you tried layering your concealer under your foundation? then a light layer of powder, then a very light dusting of light blush?



  6. thanks girls. shall give them a go! had never thought of peach! for some reason i’ve always been a bit scared of lip colours. however i’m using the wedding as an excuse to invest in some really good products even if it means spending a bit more, so the tutorials and your advice is a great help 🙂 x

  7. As a make-up novice / phobic I am always really interested in make-up tutorials and the big photos make them much easier to follow (though whenever I try to it doesn’t look anything as good!). I love the liquid eyeliner tip for dotting along the lash-line first! More tips like those please!

    I also really like knowing what products you ladies like. Based on all your photos Ive seen on these pages, both Charlotte and Vix always look flawless, and on all your ravings over make-up, I know I can totally trust you!

    I’m an olive-skinned brunette so I really appreciate it when you suggest alternatives that would suit other complexions, like gold instead of silver in this case.

  8. I love love love the make up stuff but that’s because I’m a make up junkie as well you know! Playing with new looks is a staple ‘home alone and bored’ activity so having new ones to try out (and an excuse to buy new products) is brilliant.

    and I also love to hear what you think of the products, especially when they’re at the pricier end of the spectrum, its nice to get other people’s views before you splash out. plus, i also love that you use ‘high street’ too, i have been accused of being a makeup snob so its nice to see what cheaper alternatives really work.

    so yeah, basically, i love everything about makeup posts 🙂

    mrs r x x x

    oh and PS the big pics are brilliant

    and PS2 @ catherine – the max factor felt tip pen lip thingies are great, super cheap, stay on for ages, smell nice and not gloopy – mr r hates lip stuff too so i used one of these for w day

  9. Vix – can I just say you have the most gorgeous skin! Are you only a nipper?!

    Rats, three more things on xmas list. Great feature, I tend to get in a bit of a make up rut and always wear the same stuff (just more of it at night!).

    Where is the beehive post?? I am home alone tonight and have suitably dirty hair, that sounds like fun!!

  10. Hello everyone!

    Ooooh glad there are some other make-up junkies and I am not the only one who spends evenings taking my makeup of then putting it back on again just for fun! I never used to wear lip stuff at all, just lip balm, I dont know why. Now I have every mac lip-gloss colour going (just about) I don’t keep up with topping it up on a night out though, I allways forget to do it.

    I think its important to test stuff out at the counter every now and again, my make up taste changes like my taste buds!! :-))

    Carrie – thanks for the skin compliment! I am 28 now and I have had a strict skin routine since I was about 13, if Clean and Clear discontinue their cleanser then I might cry – ALOT!! The beautiful beehive post is called “What Katie Did…The One Where We Got Married” click the link and enjoy! Its a ruddy good one!!!



  11. Love it, love it, love it! I have got more make up than I know what to do with, I just can’t stop buying new bits, but then after a while it does tend to just sit in a box under my bed! I do love a tutorial though (and hair tutorials), the step by step instructions and the big photos make it very easy to follow.

    I’m toying with the idea of doing my own make up for my wedding, I don’t know if it’s better to buy some nice pieces of make up that I’ll use again and again (but potentially have too much of a shaky hand!) or pay someone else to do it. Any suggestions?

    One other thing, I’ve got red hair and pale skin and would like to find a good cover up for my rosy cheeks (unfortunately they’re not rosy in a good way – more tomato red), anyone got any good ideas? I’m intrigued by the Avon primer, that might be the ticket.

    H xxx

  12. Hi Henrietta,

    The Avon primer is FAB!!! defo worth a go. Im doing my own make up on my day, I am worried that I wont like the outcome and Im particular about my eyes, I only like them done in my way. Maybe have a trial? or a make up party with your best girls and get them to bring their makeup too, that way you can try before you buy and have a giggle at the same time!! 🙂

    We could do some more posts on wedding makeup aswell as hair ones. There is so much out there to try and Charlotte has the best hair for me to try some wedding day do’s!



  13. Makeup tutorials = ace. It’s a nightmare to try to decide what to do with mine for the wedding, and even whether to do it myself at all, so any help is tres useful, espesh the big pics so I can actually see what’s going on! Good work Adam! Would be good to see some more ‘natural’ bridal looks also, and on a brunette would be good!

  14. This is great – the picture size is genuinely helpful (especially when made huge on the iPad!)

    Although I don’t think I would use this whole look I think there is so much of use. I am planning on doing my own makeup so I am hoping for many more of these!!

    Fab look!

  15. Fantastic! Love the big pics, and love to see what you’ve used, although I wish you would STOP using Tom Ford lippies – I’m going to be bankrupt soon!

  16. Yes to all of your questions both! I often find that choosing the right beauty products can be a bit of a minefield(!) so it’s really helpful to see which ‘tried and tested’ products yourselves would use in order to create specific looks.

    Also, loving the large snaps as they also allow you to see a) how to apply correctly and b) exactly what you need to do to create the desired effect.

    So, more of the same would be v.much appreciated : )



  17. This is the first makeup tutorial that has actually made me think ‘maybe I could do that’ and actually *want* to give it a try!!

    I love the detailed step by step instructions – I’m rubbish at makeup so the more detail the better. And also knowing which of the cheaper products are still good products is useful.

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