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Hi lovelies, Charlotte here…just a quick intro for Lauren C’s first blog post. Lauren runs our Facebook page as well as assisting with styling for our various editorial shoots. You can see her introduction post HERE.

This afternoon she’s taking us on a tour of her home and it’s BEAUTIFUL. If you like what you see please do leave some interiors love in the comments section below.

Lauren C: Just after we said ‘I do’, we put our little two bed on the market and six months later moved into a three bed cottage.

The house itself had a fabulous bone structure, so to speak, but was in need of a little make-over to bring it more in keeping with our style. I’m a huge fan of what I like to call ‘Rustic Luxe’, a combination of rustic tones with a heavy dose of antique accents and romantic touches.

Two years on and the house is just about ready for public consumption, and so one afternoon a few weeks ago, the lovely Mrs O’Shea and Mr Crohill popped in for a few cakes and a bit of a photo shoot.

As you are well aware, RMW is a blog all about weddings, so why are we suddenly talking so much about houses and interiors? Well, I looked to the said ‘Rustic Luxe’ style when I was planning my own big day, and working with the style features of your own home is a great place to start when considering wedding decor.

So come on in and make yourself comfy, as here is a little home tour for you.

Fairly light contemporary home interiors blog_0113

First up, there’s the Lounge. Many an evening has been spent on our two Snowdrop Sofas from Sofa.com. We’ve piled them high with cushions from H&M, Not on the High Street and Home Sense and I’m looking forward to curling up in front of the fire when the nights start drawing in.

Rather than using standard bookcases, we decided to go for a few crates and an antique ladder (you may recognise from the recent En Pointe shoot) to pile up our books and trinkets.

Fairly light contemporary home interiors blog_0114

In the alcoves, the shelves are made from old floorboards and are thankfully sturdy enough to hold the vintage typewriter that we used as our wedding guestbook.

As I’m a huge fan of all things rustic, the table is a customised affair; an old iron framework bearing a wooden pallet across the top.

Fairly light contemporary home interiors blog_0115

Moving on to the other side of the house is the Dining Room, painted in Farrow and Ball’s finest, Elephant’s Breath. Now there are some people who don’t favour some of the pricier paints but my view is always to buy one less picture, one less cushion etc and splash out the extra £20 on one of the finer paints; the shades and finish beat some of the DIY store offerings hands down.

This room has a lovely open (but rather blustery) fireplace that became an ideal home for one of our tree trunk wedding centrepieces . As the seasons change, I’ve swapped the votives that used to sit on here, for a few antlers to add more natural elements.

Fairly light contemporary home interiors blog_0116

I’m rather proud of my Bar Tray in this room. As envious as I am of those gorgeous gilt affairs that are adorning many a page on Pinterest, it just wouldn’t fit with the style of our 1850’s cottage. Instead I grabbed an industrialesque tray and loaded it with all of our favourite tipples. I adore gin anyway, but there is something mighty fine about a Hendricks Bottle that means it takes pride of place. If you’d like to recreate something similar be sure to get yourself some snazzy glasswear, (Zara Homeware is a great place to start) striped straws (there’s a massive selection on Etsy ) and a load of limes. The cake forks are optional, but you know Charlotte has a thing for the pineapple…..

Fairly light contemporary home interiors blog_0117

Onwards to the kitchen….Now I’m not really known for my culinary prowess but we were lucky enough to inherit a rather nice Esse Gas Stove and a custom built kitchen that my other half James seems to use on a daily basis.

Fairly light contemporary home interiors blog_0118

One element that visitors always comment on is the gallery wall that we’ve created using Marks and Sparks Photo Frames) We used a combination of photos, prints and general paraphernalia to create this wall, and it’s a real reflection of both of us.

My favourite piece in the collection is the Wuthering Heights quote. You can find similar at Etsy.

Fairly light contemporary home interiors blog_0119

Next up is the utility room/downstairs loo, which has been painted in a rather fetching shade of Slaked Lime from the Little Greene Paint company. This muted and earthy tone goes well with natural elements such as the wicker baskets and wooden mirrors.

The frames down the wall are always a bit of a talking point. I took three heart shaped frames and added old eBay maps to mark the spot that we met, married and mini-mooned. Luckily all three locations were in the UK so I just needed to buy the one map!

Fairly light contemporary home interiors blog_0120

Upstairs, bedroom number two is a guest bedroom-cum-dressing room. It’s all about the monochrome in here and the recent addition of the Polka Dot wallpaper has really added some oomph to the walls.

Fairly light contemporary home interiors blog_0121

I’ve started to add a few blush accents to break up all the black and white (in the form of two antique side tables painted in F&B’s Middleton Pink). As I mentioned earlier, I do like my interiors to have a romantic feel and you can’t get much more romantic than Paris. I’ve taken a lot of the vintage bottles that adorned our wedding tables, complete with Eiffel Tower charms, and dotted them around the house. I usually buy one or two bunches of flowers a week and break them down to individual stems to make sure that there’s flora or fauna all over.

You can similar bottles from Etsy, eBay or your local antiques shop.

You know when you and the other half have a discussion about the desired features of your future home? Well my list would often jokily include a Carrie Bradsaw style closet, and I was overjoyed on viewing the bedroom, to realise it had a little space that could technically be referred to as a walk in wardrobe.

Fairly light contemporary home interiors blog_0122

Rather than pack away my wedding dress in a plastic bag and stick it in the attic I decided to hang it out there in its full glory so I can spy on it every day.

Bedroom three is not in a state for viewing just yet so I’ll take you through to the main bedroom.

Fairly light contemporary home interiors blog_0123

It’s all very neutral in here as we wanted this room to be super relaxing. Neither of us are particularly tidy and so we kept furniture in here to an absolute minimum and as clutter-free as possible.

Fairly light contemporary home interiors blog_0124

Despite the white walls and bedding, I didn’t want the room to appear too clinical so we have started to layer up the room with different textures; knitted throws, a faux sheepskin rug, waffle cushions and linen style curtains. The focal point for this room is definitely the beautiful Velvet Love Tub from Oliver Bonas.

Fairly light contemporary home interiors blog_0125

I adore personalised, romantic mementos and one of my favourite framed pieces in the bedroom is the custom calligraphy from Em Dash Paper Co; Emily created a bespoke anniversary card for James based on a few lines of our wedding vows.

I am a sucker for neutrals but I’m really pleased that in the bathroom we extended the palette beyond grey and white to add in a bit of mint too.

Fairly light contemporary home interiors blog_0126

Like the bedroom, I wanted this room to be calm and tranquil. We were lucky enough to inherit the claw foot, roll top bath (though it was in a more vibrant royal blue shade) but we still did a lot of work in this room to create the sanctuary we were after. The painted white floors would probably be a bold choice in a more highly trafficked area but we are really pleased with how hard wearing they are turning out to be.

Fairly light contemporary home interiors blog_0127

The week before our wedding, I noticed that a recent celebration at the same venue had huge lanterns hanging from the ceiling. I dashed to Homesense to buy some similar ones so that we could recreate the same beautiful scene!

The gorgeous glass frame (also available from Rock my Boutique!) is perfect for displaying mementoes, in this case a Catalan postcard.

Fairly light contemporary home interiors blog_0128

Finally I’ll take you outside, across our courtyard garden to a room that we refer to as the Summer House. Yes, there are possible illusions of grandeur here, but it’s what the Estate Agent termed it and it’s stuck.

Fairly light contemporary home interiors blog_0129

This space has become a bit of a multipurpose area and we use it both to relax and work in. As it’s a narrow room, we added a John Lewis String Curtain to separate our old sofa from the office space.

This room was only finished recently and it’s a definite departure from my usual style. It’s probably a lot more modern than the rest of the house but with all the pieces we’ve collected over the years it definitely still feels very homely.

Fairly light contemporary home interiors blog_0130

There’s a whole load of Ikea in this room (shelves, picture ledges, curtains, and table) but we’ve been careful to mix it up with more unique pieces such as the Jessica Durrant Fashion Illustration and Sarah and Bendrix artwork, and the authentic Moroccan pouffes from a Marrakesh souk.

Fairly light contemporary home interiors blog_0131

The garland that hangs across the end of the room was a custom order from Pom Pom Studio and I love how it ties together the pink and metallic scheme of the rest of the room.

You may well be struggling for a style that will befit your own wedding day. Be it shabby chic, vintage romance or thoroughly modern, the possibilities can seem overwhelming. However, have a little look around your own home, consider your personal style, and I’m in no doubt that you will have a wedding that’s a true reflection of you as a couple.

Alternatively use it as an excuse to splash out on pieces that will fit in with the styling of your future home!

So my loves, how’s the styling for your own Big Day coming along? What elements are you using of your usual decor style?

Also, any recent redecoration or interior design purchases that you’d like to share?

I heart interiors!

Lauren C x

Author: Lauren C
Lauren likes Paris, Prosecco and Paint Charts

37 thoughts on “Home Is Where The Wedding Decor Is.

  1. I keep having to run away to work 🙁 its interrupting my enjoyment of this post! which is LOVELY and I have total home ENVY xxx

  2. Hello Lauren C!! 🙂

    Rustic Luxe, that is what I have been thinking of when it comes to our wedding but just could not quite name it. I shall have to pinch the phrase when talking about our wedding going forward 😉

    I do love your house and am currently filled with jealousy. The calm serenity of the neutrals is definitely something I would like to imitate or use as inspiration for our new home (currently looking to buy this wee house that has not been touched since it was built 71 years ago – could be biting off more than we can chew). But I fear neither of us have the restraint. No matter my good intentions I can just tell colour, mainly purple, may end up splattered every where!

    I LOVE that you have your dress hanging up. And I adore all the wedding furnishings round your home. I am thinking that buying such a property to close to the wedding will mean our home will be decorated by our matrimony. I love the idea of it.

    Fabulous post. Fabulous house. Masses of jealousy.
    x x x

  3. Gorgeous! Stonkingly gorgeous, as I knew it would be! I’m currently sat here in RMW HQ and I keep announcing to the Blog Queen and Mr Gossip Girl just how much your home reflects your personality….totally put together, calm, serene, perfectly accessorised but with those fun splashes of colour to liven things up when you least expect it.

    I also spy some Etsy prints that I currently have propped up in my own house – great minds think alike eh?!

    The only question that remains is when am I coming to visit?


  4. Your home is BEAUTIFUL! Every room has it’s own personality, but clearly reflects yours also. It’s stunning, very well put together. My wedding theme is going to be very vintage, very pink and very fun. I’m dying for one of those garlands that you have in your summer house! It would be perfect.

  5. Totally copying much of your accessories Lauren – I have already bought 2 Jessica Durrant prints and I am on the way to Ikea for those amazing shelves!!!!

    Was lovely coming to visit. When can I move in?

    Charlotte xxx

  6. Oh my lord, this is all my idea of heaven. Oh, how I miss an English cottage. Stupid, bland, ‘everything’s-big-in-Texas’ apartments.
    *sigh* xxx

  7. Lauren! I LOVE YOUR HOUSE.

    I’m with @Katie – I want to live in it. Maybe we should just wait til you’re out and move in, squatters rights an all that!

    I have no idea how you keep it so tidy, I’m a total clutter monster. I have loved adding to the clutter with various weddingy bits though, we’ve loved incorporating little bits of wedding decor into the house. One of my favourite additions is our giant paper rose in the kitchen.


  8. @Kris – buy one buy one! Your wedding sounds dreamy.

    @Sophie – We still own an apartment that we now rent out and I HATED it. It was so new and shiny and….soul-less. However mine is in Derby which is no where near as exciting as TEXAS!!!!!!

    @Karen – So cute. And yes squatters rights exactly – I’d offer to make tea/cake etc mind, I’d be a well behaved one.

    Charlotte xxx

  9. @Charlotte – Oh yes, most polite squatters ever. I’d do all the cleaning and make margaritas.

    To be honest, the summer house would do me! Lauren you are now my new interiors icon, I will aspire to live a beautiful and uncluttered life (this will never happen) xx

  10. I LOVE my apartment to death, it’s location, it’s openess. It was the place that a lot of ‘firsts’ and exciting things happened. I got engaged here, I lived here when I got married, its my babies first home. It will always be one of my favourite places on earth. But…I can’t wait to move and have rooms. Rooms I can give personalities too, rooms that already have their own quirks for me to develop and explore.

    I’m heading over to Rightmove* to look for a cottage to totally copy you.

    My bank balance will not be pleased about this major turn of events.


    *other estate agencies are available.

  11. Having spent a lot of time in this house I can verify that it looks just as beautiful in the flesh as in these stunning photos (annoyingly;)
    When me and the boy eventually overcome our house buying difficulties Lauren C is going to have her work cut out redecorating our home. Oh by the way, that bath is lethal! Ha ha

  12. Oh hello! Love an interiors snoop, so so pretty and inviting, dare I say it feminine?! My other half very annoyingly likes to have a say in our decoration and so whilst I love this rustic luxe style I tend to go a little more masculine to accommodate whingy pants! Having said that, our bedroom is a bit of a boudoir and I have the same Leigh Viner print you have above my bed 🙂

    Would love to see more posts like this solely from a selfish-already-married-so this-is-more-interesting-to-me perspective 🙂


    Ps Charlotte this is exactly how I imagined your house to be!

  13. @Vicky – Bless you, you are very sweet – my home is currently a bomb site/half empty as we are essentially re-decorating. I do have some similar decorative traits to Lauren but funnily enough I do sway towards the more masculine/industrial as a whole which pleases Mr O’Shea no end!

    I am incorporating pink though 🙂

    Charlotte xxx

  14. Ahhhh you lovely, lovely lot! I was so nervous about this post going live!

    @Stef – Love the idea of buying an untouched home and really making your mark on it.

    @Katie @Charlotte @Lolly @Karen – no need to become squatters if Mojitos are involved. Pop in whenever you like!

    @Becky – thanks my love! I know exactly what you mean about having rooms – our old house was more open plan (and absolutely titchy). James used to have store biscuits in the loft because we had no room in the kitchen cupboards. It was ridiculous (though good on the waistline…)

    Thanks @V – it’s from Cox & Cox. I’m pretty sure they still have them

    @Vicky – I love, love, love Charlotte’s house. She has a whole heap of lovely stuff that I’d like to load in to my car…

    Thank you @Kris – you must order a garland! x

  15. We are in the process of selling our flat and moving to a new house so this post is giving me lots of ideas of things we can use from our wedding to decorate our new house once we actually have it. So far I’m going to reuse the multiple photo frame table plan, the photos and easels we used for our table names, the giant photo collages and the bunting. I wonder what else I can reuse?

  16. H2B and I are about to complete on our first house together…. Lauren I’m SO stealing ALL of this, it’s gorgeous and very inspiring. Funnily enough a lot of the bits and pieces we’re picking out for our wedding decor is also being picked because we want it to decorate our home! x

  17. Wowzers!!! I have had the pleasure of staying at Chez Lauren when the house was half finished and to now see it in its full glory is awe inspiring! What an amazing job Lauren, truly inspirational! I want a new house!!!

  18. Your home is so cosy, stylish and beautiful! I love the candles in the fireplaces and the maps in the downstairs loo! May have to steal this idea – totally cute 🙂 x

  19. We now have home envy! What a gorgeous home Lauren and a truly inspirational post. We are currently working with a bride who has many of her home interior influences coming through, Your Wedding day should most definitely reflect your personalities and influences. An extension of you both. x

  20. The amount of jealousy I am feeling right now is not natural!!! We moved house last weekend (exactly 46 days before our big day – are we wise??!!) and there is so much to be done, especially the back yard which I have visions of being a fab city garden but at present is a long long way off from being anything other than something to close the shutters on to avoid having to acknowledge it’s existence! Your post has given me so much inspiration and determination – love it!!! xo

  21. What a beautiful home! A lovely feel from room to room, and that polka dot wallpaper needs to be mine! I also have major office envy – that summerhouse is so pretty. I have to ask though, how does all the DIY get done, like putting shelves up, hanging pictures (oh so neatly) and hanging curtains!? Do you have a very handy husband!? I have a ridiculous amount of frames, mirrors, and bits lying around the house ‘waiting’ for the other half to get round to sorting them!!

  22. OMG! I am late to the loving Lauren C’s crib party but can I just say that oooh I love it too, so lush.

    I also have a where is that from…

    We are writing our ceremony and vows at the moment and I am smitten with the “Face each other” postcard. Do you have a longer version of this, or a source, or a shop…? I just adore the words, the sentiment, the tone and everything

    Also, am I being a real dummy but has your wedding been on RMW yet? If so, please drop me the link, i can only imagine the gorgeousness

    Loads of british love
    (im on British soil, welsh soil actually and it feels goooood!)

  23. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments. I absolutely promise that most of the time my house is extremely messy but I felt I had to clean up with Team RMW coming round!

    Charley – I have a well trained husband 😉 but there’s a whole other spare room that has a lot of frames just waiting to be hung!

    Nicola – Love that you’re writing your ceremony and vows!
    I typed out part of the ‘The Union’ by Robert Fulghum on to one of the postcards we used for our guestbook We used it as a reading just before we said our vows – the words are just beautiful. If you go to my original post (Charlotte put the link at the top of this post) there’s a link to our wedding there x

  24. Lauren – your home is fabulous 🙂 I have no interior design skills so I rely on people like you to give me inspiration!

    I have been looking for heart frames for ages – where did you get yours?

  25. Such a beautiful home, so many different styles but they all come together perfectly. I’m a big fan of that polka wallpaper in the bedroom and love the framed heart maps!

  26. Anyone reading this blog, would have reminded of his dream home!! Really beautiful house!! Actually i will try to use some of your ideas in my house as well. Thank you so much LaurenC.

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