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Caught The Light Wedding Photography

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bride with as perfect skin as Lizzie has.

I mean you’ve got to see it to believe it folks…proof that it’s worth investing in the very best of beauty products in the run-up to the big day. Blimey, it’s no wonder that Sam looks as proud as punch to be marrying his girl with a complexion like that.

And no, I can’t stop there.

Just wait until you see the maids. Contemporary and gorgeous, I love how Lizzie wasn’t afraid to dress her best girls in the softest of ivories to make a real style statement.

But it was Lizzie’s heartfelt sobs as she walked down the aisle that gave me a lump in my throat. I so completely get that…all that emotion can be a difficult to contain. Just a little heads up for you there girls.

Oh and I forgot to mention…HOT groom alert. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. So much passion smoulders throughout these photos that I’m afraid that my laptop is about to catch fire.

Best crack on then.

Maunsel House Wedding Venue Somerset

Maunsel House

Lizzie The Bride: After looking for 6 months we found Maunsel House in Somerset. It’s near to Glastonbury, where we got engaged, and we fell in love with it straight away. The house is quirky, lived in, eccentric and has its own pub! There were no ‘rules’ or limitations and this allowed for us to really feel like it was our home for the weekend. The house is exceptional whilst being cosy and relaxed at the same time – a perfect venue for us.

Ivory chic contemporary Bridesmaid Dresses

Elizabeth Street

Make-up wise it was important to me not to look dramatically different on my wedding day. I usually wear natural make up and nothing heavy, so I did my own on the day. However, I prepped! I invested in Kiehls products for months before so my skin looked its best.

My nail varnish was ‘Elizabeth Street’ from Nails Inc. My hair was inspired by my 40s dress and was styled in a vintage ‘up do’ done by the gorgeous Louise Alway.

Inspiration Wedding Flowers Dinah, Classic bouquet, Fur Coat No Knickers vintage hairpiece brooch

Beauty In Simplicity

My dress was from the Decades Collection at The Vintage Wedding Dress Company. For me, it was a risky choice due to its simplicity but it was my goal to be able to pull off a dress like that! I’m a fan of fuss free, classic styling and this dress is remarkable in its simplicity. Sam’s suit was from Sandro and his shirt and tie were from Mr Start Shoreditch.

Rachel Simpson Shoes, Blue Groom Suit Sandro, The Vintage Wedding Dress Company Decades Collection

Something Borrowed

I wore cream & gold Rachel Simpson shoes, matching the satin of my dress and they were the perfect height to be worn all day and night – sooo comfy! I found these at Fur Coat No Knickers where I also got the vintage brooch I used in my hair. As I was not having a veil I wanted a bit of sparkle in my hair as the finishing touch. The pearl bracelet belonged to a close friend who passed away two years ago; it was so special to have this as my ‘something borrowed’.

Vintage Wedding Car, The Vintage Wedding Dress Company Decades Collection

Subtle Romantic Tones

I had four bridesmaids all in white. I prefer subtle, romantic tones and grew to love the idea of us all standing out in white. The house is so ‘busy’ looking I thought it would be a nice balance for us to look natural.

Caught The Light Wedding Photography, Sandro Blue Grooms Suit, 1920s vintage wedding dress

Because we had so many ushers I felt strongly that we didn’t try and fit them all into one style of suit as they are all such different people, I wanted them to be comfortable on the day in their own choice of attire, I don’t like enforced ‘theming’ plus – anything goes at Maunsel!

Coloured Threads

The great thing about Maunsel is that its busy, fascinating backdrop provided the ‘décor’. Our name places where individually framed photos of everyone attending. If there was any ‘theme’ it was the use of coloured threads that we had used creating the text for our wedding website.

Contemporary white ivory bridesmaid dresses, Caught The Light Wedding Photography

Our meeting with the lovely Dinah at Inspiration Wedding Flowers was very quick as, judging by her portfolio, I knew she would nail the brief. I liked the idea of gentle pale tones and it was important to include aromatic herbs and wispy Gypsophilia.

Something Changed

People say the aisle bit goes by in a blur but I have a very clear memory (mainly of me crying my way down!). Pulp’s ‘Something Changed’ was our reading as we felt it relevant for such a life altering moment. I’d always had an image of being surrounded by lots of candles when saying my vows and my wonderful mum had been out to car boot sales for months beforehand picking up little clear tea light holders – we had them lining every surface.

Caught The Light Wedding Photography, Blue Sandro Mens Suit Tailored, The Vintage Wedding Dress Company 20s Style

Crazy In Love

We stumbled upon Billy & Martine in a small pub in Totnes and adored their folk inspired cover versions of classic pop songs. I immediately knew I wanted them at my wedding (this was two years before Sam proposed). The two of them played during canapés and their bigger outfit played later. They made the party!

They played our first dance – The Cure, Close To Me and my highlight was Martine’s Jay Z Rap during their version of Crazy In Love.

Maunsel House Wedding Venue Somerset English Country Manor Eccentric

We had tiers of cheese as our wedding cake which was later brought out with chutneys and crackers during the late night Hog Roast. We got it from the lovely Ticklemore Street Cheese Shop in Totnes, Devon, for local produce. We also had sweets in jars, which we had put in people’s bedrooms too.

Inspired By Us

Sam is a Graphic Designer so all our stationery was designed by us. We made the lettering for our website, which was inspired by the typographer Erik Spiekermann, and used the thread idea on invitations, tying up the order of service and hanging the table plan etc. All stationary was screen printed at BobEightPop.

Maunsel House Wedding Venue Somerset The Vintage Wedding Dress Company Decades Collection

Spoken Promises

When Sam proposed I made a promise to myself to remember what’s at the heart of all this wedding madness and that kept me chilled throughout. It’s all supposed to be fun! I recommend doing as much DIY as possible as that’s what guests commented on – how our personalities were really reflected in little touches here and there.

Exercise! Not only does it help with getting in the dress but it kept me happy and peaceful.

The Vintage Wedding Dress Company Decades Collection

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Dress: The Vintage Wedding Dress Company
Venue: Maunsel House
Shoes: Rachel Simpson
Hairpiece: Vintage at Fur Coat No Knickers
Groom: Sandro
Florals: Inspiration Wedding Flowers
Photography: Caught The Light
Band: Billy Bottle And The Multiple

That last kiss on the dance floor…seriously smoking, right?


Lizzie is also the cause of some serious hair envy on my part. Doesn’t her bonce look absolutely exquisite.

Right I’m off to practice some updos for Sunday.

Until then…

All my love Lolly xxx

25 thoughts on “Home Is Wherever I’m With You.

  1. Lizzie has some seriously sexy shoulder blades on display in that dress! I do love a frill and a poof (don’t we know it) but sometimes keeping it clean is just as exciting isn’t it?!

    Also, those leopard print shoes…erm, can someone tell me where they are from please…like now…cause it’s payday and there has been money sat in my bank account for 9 hours and 19 minutes…it is an unfamiliar place to be and I wouldnt want to confuse my bank manager…so lets get some of it shifted ASAP.


  2. @Kirsten Thanks for the heads-up. It should be all fixed now.

    @Bonnyandclyde I know! Seriously hot right!

    @Pamela I thought of you when I added the leopard print shoes into the mix. By the way have you seen the new editorial campaign for Boden? I’m actually loving it a whole lot.

  3. Love the hair, love the leopard shoes and love the baby on shoulders.

    PS @Pamela Boden often have a bit of leopard shoe action

  4. You know how Becky said the W-day from a few weeks ago was “Fit”?

    Well I’m so stealing her description……… This wedding is FIT. FIT and FITness.

    Charlotte xxx

  5. Thank you Lolly, for the lovely wedding report! Lizzie & Sam had one of my favourite weddings of last year and even brought the sun out on a wet autumn day. Pure magic!

  6. @Lolly, well thank you ma’dears….it is nice to know that my leopard-loving needs get incorporated into some RMW planning! I am truly honoured! And no, I must find time this morning to have an eye spy at this Boden campaign…although is it going to make me buy things I really cannot afford?

    @Charlotte – I love a bit of ‘fit’…I also am currently enjoying ‘tidy’…


  7. God bless Nana Wales…she certainly sounds down with the kids! I would very much like some kind of Nana Wales monthly column on here…I think we could all benefit from a bit of Welsh wisdom…


  8. @Pamela probably. Your plastic can thank us later xx

    @Chloe it was a pleasure doll – I thoroughly enjoyed putting this post together (there’s just so much gorgeousness) and your wonderful handling of the Autumn light is sublime x

    @Rachel I want the car too!

  9. Wow this wedding is a little bit gorgeous isn’t it!
    and the dress….so simple yet so stunning! Nice back missy!!! 😀

    right…off to pin that gorgeous tower of cheese!!! Seriously, how have you managed to make the cheese look so elegant?!!


  10. Witness the Fitness!

    Gorgeous photos. Also @Pamela – sexy shoulder blades? you see that tushie? Perfect! I love that back photo with the confetti, Hot like fire.

    Sexy couple xxx

  11. Elegance personified!!! How completely gorgeous are they?!? Stunning wedding, so many intense kissing moments making me go weak at the knees 😉 xx

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