Hungary Wedding with Rosa Clara Princess Wedding Dress, Pink Bridesmaid Dresses and Fairytale Vibes by Weddings_M and Films in Bloom Pin Image

Hungary Wedding with Rosa Clara Pergola Wedding Dress and Fairytale Vibes

Sometimes a wedding day just isn’t enough, so bride and groom, Catharina and Alexander decided to have a five-day celebration including pre-wedding drinks in London captured on film with the most amazing electric storm backdrop by RMW recommended supplier Films in Bloom and then jet-set off to Budapest for dreamy nuptials in what I can only describe as a castle! It’s luxe, it’s fun, and it’s every bit as fairytale-esque as you can imagine. Enjoy.

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“Our actual wedding day was on the 4th day of 5 days of activities and celebrations in Budapest. As our guests travelled from around the world, we wanted to show them the city, weaving in events around our favourite places. By the day of the wedding, our guests all knew each other and new friendships (and loves) had been formed plus we were under no pressure to speak to everyone as we’d spent the week catching up with all our guests. Our wedding felt more like a crazy fun group holiday with a huge party thrown in the middle. “ – Catharina & Alexander

Hungary Wedding

Catharina and Alexander flew their wedding videographers, photographers, DJ and my makeup artist to Budapest for their Hungary wedding. Having both attended a lot of weddings they had a strong idea of what they like, so once they found the right team that were willing to travel to Budapest with them, everything was in place. The day is full of amazing architecture, grand gestures and stunning wedding attire. The couple are so beautiful and so evidently in love, they remind me very much of Meghan and Harry exiting the Matthias Church hand in hand. Although Catharina’s wedding dress is more Kate, than Meghan. If you’d like your very own fairytale wedding, read our article on Four Royal Wedding Ideas To Recreate.


“I think there was a definite fairytale vibe. From the beautiful gold interiors of the church to the white castle terrace overlooking the city and then the stunning marble ballroom… it was all very magical. Very little styling was done as the locations were just perfect as they were. In the ballroom, we wanted two long banquet style tables partly so we didn’t have to separate groups of friends but it really leant itself to the overall vibe and we interspersed candles at varying heights for that added touch of romance.” – Catharina & Alexander

If your budget allows, we always strongly recommended hiring a wedding planner for destination weddings, they assist with language barriers and will know all the best people to hire in the area. Plus, if you plan to get married abroad in a church, particularly a catholic church, they can also advise you on all the paperwork you need to fill in, which can sometimes take up to 6 months to process. Listen to our Destination Wedding Podcast for lots more tips and advice.

Photography by Weddings_M
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