I Believe In Mermaids – The Fashion.


Lolly shared the dreamy decor yesterday and this afternoon I’m going to share the fashion aspect of our most recent editorial “I Believe In Mermaids“.

If you had yourself a peek at the inspiration behind the design “Under The Sea” then you will know we were aiming for a sexier more grown up aesthetic than the Disney classic. One of our real brides Sophie commented that the templates reminded her of Chris Issak’s music video for “Wicked Game”. This was the biggest compliment ever as that is one of my top ten music videos (and songs) of all time.

Mermaid wedding inspiration at Camber Sands by Gary Lashmar_0241

We (as in Team RMW) gain inspiration from everywhere and it’s got to be said, very rarely from our own industry. We look to interior trends, the catwalk, art, design and yes, more often than not music and film too.

Mermaid wedding inspiration at Camber Sands by Gary Lashmar_0242

Organising something like this on a beach in the UK is always going to be risky. We actually didn’t want the sun to come out with his hat on but we certainly didn’t want rain. We wanted that slightly moody overcast cloud whilst ensuring we all stayed dry. Hmmm. Nothing like trying to be particular with Mother Nature.

Anyone that has visited the sandy shores of Camber sands will know that it can get incredibly windy. This is ace for the look we were going for (at least for the most part) but not so much when you are trying to build a construction out of bamboo poles and large swathes of linen. Picture Adam up a ladder and various members of the team trying with all our might to prevent the entire thing from taking off much like a rather large sailboat on dry land.

I don’t know who said this job was glamorous, it certainly wasn’t me.

Mermaid wedding inspiration at Camber Sands by Gary Lashmar_0243

All in the name of creating the perfect composition though right? We think it did. Although the whole door thing was way easier. It just got put in the van. And propped up on the sand.

Me: I need to borrow the spare door we have in the garage for my shoot.
Mr O’Shea: Ok…What are you going to do with a door?
Me: Just stand it up in the middle of the beach with the crashing waves um….behind it.
Mr O’Shea: Why would you just have a random door stuck in the middle of a beach?
Me: Because I can see it in my head and it my head it looks immense.
Mr O’Shea: Right. I guess I’ll take your word for it.

Mermaid wedding inspiration at Camber Sands by Gary Lashmar_0244

I may be biased, but I liked it. A lot. You may have seen doors used as wedding decor before – particularly in the States. They look aces at the end of an aisle with pretty blooms and/or lights adorning them.

Why not give it a whirl? especially if you happen to have one y’know, just hanging out in your garage.

Mermaid wedding inspiration at Camber Sands by Gary Lashmar_0245

Choosing gowns for I Believe In Mermaids was so much fun, even though I didn’t wear anything near as glitzy for my own big day I would LOVE to see a bride grace these pages in something as sequin adorned as Suzanne Neville’s Twilight (the floor length number with the noticeable um….cleavage).

And if head to toe shimmer seems a little scary maybe just a subtly sparkly bodice such as Naomi Neoh’s Blossom (the one we put in the sea!) might work?

Mermaid wedding inspiration at Camber Sands by Gary Lashmar_0246

We accessorised with a few new statement pieces we’ve been experimenting with for Rock My Boutique. I don’t see many brides opt for tiaras these days and that makes me a wee bit sad, I think they used to be viewed as very traditional but with so many styles now available you never know, if you try it you might like it. Do let me know if you fancy one for W-day/are considering the idea.

Mermaid wedding inspiration at Camber Sands by Gary Lashmar_0247

Fresh floral crowns have been popular for a while now – we love them and brides can make their choice so personal to them with regards choice of bloom, style and range of colours. For this particular look and in keeping with the general decor we went for something altogether more lush and green. Katherine at Florist In The Forest created a gorgeous wreath of olive leaves and eucalyptus, simple yet stylish.

And the bouquets? Amaze. Dahlias are my new “thing” and you don’t need many to make a huge impact. I’m actually hoping to plant some of my own ready to bloom next year. I’m the least green-fingered person on the planet so that should be interesting.

Mermaid wedding inspiration at Camber Sands by Gary Lashmar_0248

As well as our more traditional bridal frockage Fashion Pack members Ted Baker loaned us some of their new collection to shoot, we love the eclectic designs – in particular the mis-match combinations for grooms. There are also some lovely dresses to choose from – perfect for Honeymoon we’re thinking.

You can view more of the collection on the Ted Baker RMWfashion pack profile page.

Mermaid wedding inspiration at Camber Sands by Gary Lashmar_0250

Emily Kent from The Wedding Hair Company who we also collaborated with on our Coco shoot worked with us to create our very own 21st century Ariel, all windswept tresses and glowing skin.

We’ll be sharing all of the products used and the how-to in a future post folks so you too can make like Daryl Hannah in Splash.

Mermaid wedding inspiration at Camber Sands by Gary Lashmar_0249

Emily Kent: With the rugged shores and the crashing waves as our backdrop, hair and make up needed to fit seamlessly with and compliment and the amazing scenery. I started with the hair and created a rough S-wave throughout the lengths. To give it the texture I quite aptly applied sea salt spray creating thickness and body but not in a polished way at all. I incorporated the crystal head piece by creating a messy bouffant behind it and securing in place. Overall finish is a beachy effortless up-do.

Mermaid wedding inspiration at Camber Sands by Gary Lashmar_0253

For the make up we went for a soft and iridescent look on both the skin and the eyes. Illuminating powder was swept over the cheek bones which picked up in the silvery light beautifully. Copper hues were used all over the eye and blended with liner seamlessly so as not to create any harsh angles. For the lips a simple moisturising nude was applied keeping them natural. Overall a glossy and beautiful finish.

Mermaid wedding inspiration at Camber Sands by Gary Lashmar_0252

In terms of capturing all of this subtly sexy sea-maiden-esque frivolity we chose List member Gary Lashmar from Marshal Gray photography. From his previous features on Rock My Wedding we knew he would be the perfect fit and I think you’ll find we were 100% right.

Those bedroom scenes? HOT. Even though there were at least 7 of us in the room with the models whilst they were being photographed, I don’t think you’d ever know.

Mermaid wedding inspiration at Camber Sands by Gary Lashmar_0251

Styling, Concept and Design – Team Rock My Wedding
Assistant Stylist – Lauren at Fairly Light
Decor – Rock My Boutique – Coming Soon!
Jewellery and Accessories – Rock My Boutique – Coming Soon!
Bridal Gowns – From a selection at Suzanne Neville, Naomi Neoh and bespoke by Johanna Hehir
Hair and Make-Up – Emily Kent at The Wedding Hair Company
Stationery For Mermaid Luxe – Designed and made by Team Rock My Wedding
Bamboo Supply and Door Stand – The Wedding Tree Company
Stationery For Desiring Driftwood – Pirrip Press
Florist – Katherine at Florist In The Forest
Cake –Little Boutique Bakery
Photography –Marshal Gray Photography
Location – The Gallivant Hotel At Camber Sands

Click here & view all images from this inspiration shoot

We hope you liked it lovelies, and even in some small way have been inspired to incorporate a little bit of Under-The-Sea into your big day.

If you have any questions then please drop us a note in the comments action – and don’t forget to pin to your mermaid heart’s content from our gallery.

Big I Believe Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

38 thoughts on “I Believe In Mermaids – The Fashion.

  1. The tall grass images, wow. Just wow!

    I love the conversation you had with Mr O about the door. I have had many a conversation like that with Danny… he’s used to it now!

    It looks boss though. So much prettiness and I’m now going to send this to my mermaid obsessed bff.

    Great work team RMW


    1. Ha ha ha I know. He just lets me get on with it – little surprises him anymore!

      Am trying to work out how to make the door a “feature” in the house now……

      Charlotte xxx

  2. Wow, as if I expected anything else, but this is smoking hot!!! I am completely in love with that Suzanne Neville dress, what an absolute stunner, and would certainly ensure that all eyes were on the bride…for all the right reasons.

    Is the blush pink Ted Baker dress towards the end (you know, the sultry honeymoon shots) Eelia?! It’s beautiful, and winging its way to a my wishlist very soon…even though I am not going on honeymoon, or being a bridesmaid anytime soon. I will find an occasion!

    Well done to all involved, it looks truly fabulous xx

  3. It’s things like this and all the creativity that make me wish I could do it all over again! Every year would be good.
    We had doors, in fact we had 2 set in the middle of my field welcoming our guests adorned with a lushous peony wreath on each and quotes in wooden frames hanging from them. It looked amazing and was spontaneously used by guests as a photo backdrop.
    p.s. When I grow up I will be a mermaid.

  4. There are so many beautiful aspects in this post but I found it interesting what you said about inspiration. I work in theatre and get inspiration in the strangest of places but with the wedding there is so much inspiration out there talored to the day that it sometimes gets me confused. I found it very freeing to think of these beautiful images as a source of inspiration that you can use to inspire the imagination. Thank you.

    1. Pleasure Laura – thanks for taking the time to leave your comment. You can incorporate anything you like into W-day, just go with your instincts.

      Charlotte xxx

  5. Wow I love this so much! I have secretly (well actually not so secretly) always dreamed of being a mermaid…one day 🙂 You got the perfect weather too on that beach, absolutely stunning xx

  6. PINTREST OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s all just so sexy, isn’t it?? If I were otherwise inclined, I would have to try to marry that lady. I mean that in the best possible way – big-fat compliment, rather than kind-of creepy stalker! 🙂 xxx
    P.S. Charlotte – go for it with the dahlias! I fill my garden with them in the summer and they grow easily. Just watch out for pesky slugs. The slugs love them!

    1. Honestly I know NOTHING about gardening, I mean we plant pretty flowers – and then they usually um…die. Except the hydrangea, they seem ok (!)

      Do I need to buy slug killer?! x

        1. Yep, Lolly has the best idea. Dahlias do well in pots so I’d go with that. Hmmm, maybe that’s the next venture – Rock My Flower Patch?? 😉

  7. ummmm wowzers

    you’ve made me want to have a door in the middle of my garden..it would make me/children think it was something magical!

  8. Wow!! This is absolutely gorgeous!! Lovely to see an alternative to nautical beach themed wedding inspiration as well!! My sister got married got this summer in a floor length sequined covered slinky number and I definitely thought throughout the day whenever she moved around that she looked like a beautiful mermaid!! xx

  9. What an absolute treat! Gorgeous images and im sure it was a whole load of fun despite the hard work, wind and weather!!

    Can I get married again yet please? Xx

  10. Just wow!!! Another superbly styled post. In love with it all. Can’t get enough of the posts and what beautiful photographs. Well done and thank you for sharing X x

  11. Ooooh. I’m getting in married in February and we’re having our reception at the Gallivant (I spent a lot of time flying kites and riding horses at Camber as a kid). I’m now very excited about photos – yours look gorgeous!

  12. It’s even more gorgeous than I expected! Why can’t we all be mermaids? And that photo on the bed is damn hot!
    However I was looking at the websites but couldn’t find the gorgeous short lacy dress from the beach with the slotted sleeves. I need to have it! It would be perfect for repeating our vows during our Honeymoon!

  13. I know it’s a while ago, but can anyone tell me where the short dress with the gold on it is from, it’s so beautiful!

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