I Believe In Mermaids – The Film.

Cover-ImageSometimes still images are just not enough.

Having said that, we all seriously loved how the photographs from our last RMW styled inspirational shoot came out. If you need to remind yourself just how beautifully everything turned out then you can see The Fashion here, you can remind yourself of The Decor here and you can revisit our original inspiration planning piece here.

Today it all comes to life in front of your eyes, and it’s sexy as hell folks!

We have utilised the amazing film making skill set of Simon Clarke Films many times in the past. You may remember our Rock My Boutique Launch film and our SS13 campaign film behind Coco… Well Simon Clarke created them all for us. And now – to coincide with our latest additions to Rock My Boutique we have for you a tale of sea… Sand… And seduction.

All of the headwear you see in this film will be appearing in a certain online boutique near you soon!!

Let us know what you think.

Styling, Concept and Design – Team Rock My Wedding
Assistant Stylist – Lauren at Fairly Light
Decor – Rock My Boutique – Coming Soon!
Jewellery and Accessories – Rock My Boutique – Coming Soon!
Bridal Gowns – From a selection at Suzanne Neville, Naomi Neoh and bespoke by Johanna Hehir
Hair and Make-Up – Emily Kent at The Wedding Hair Company
Stationery For Mermaid Luxe – Designed and made by Team Rock My Wedding
Stationery For Desiring Driftwood – Pirrip Press
Florist – Katherine at Florist In The Forest
Cake –Little Boutique Bakery
Film –Simon Clarke Films
Location – The Gallivant Hotel At Camber Sands

Thank you to everyone involved, and please do let us know what you think – do you believe in mermaids now?


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

13 thoughts on “I Believe In Mermaids – The Film.

    1. Ha, your comment reads like a film review summary from the likes of heat magazine… all you need now is a star rating

      “Gorgeously Saucy”


  1. Oh my oh my! This is so gorgeously beautiful! I’m loving the close up focusing out and in shots! gorgeous gowns and details! And the walk down the corridor with the light glare! The stuttering film work is amazing! Love it!!

    1. Yeah, he’s right clever that Simon Clarke. It was exactly as Team RMW had envisioned it looking. I’ve watched it erm, about a gazillion times now!


      1. Oh it’s so gorgeous and wholly cow I couldn’t resist watching it quite a few times too! I’m loving the Ted baker dresses! Gold tip collar and flower blush sparkle sleeves! Beautiful!

  2. Oh my goodness guys, this is amazing! I had to watch it twice! It’s so beautiful. And smokin’ hot too! Those hotel scenes really sizzle with anticipation don’t they?? Simon did an incredible job of this. That sparkly dress in particular just comes to life on camera. It looks incredible! Really, really love it.

    P.S. What song was used in this? It’s right up my street!

  3. Wow! Love love LOVE this! Simon Clarke is just a genius! I love his work….

    And I think I may have just fallen in love with that sparkly Suzanne Neville dress! (the ahem ‘booby’ one) <3

    I think I NEED to try it on! 😉 AND I think I may need a bigger wedding budget! :-/ oops!

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