I Knew You Were Waiting For Me…Part 2

We have so much pretty for you today you may have to go have a lie down, I know I certainly did when I saw the delicious decor and early evening sunshine portrait shots of Bex and Drew’s wedding.

There are butterflies and peonies and outdoor games and beautiful bunting…lots and lots of bunting.

And Bex’s write up? it is very very honest. And really quite refreshing.

Happy Tuesday Lovelies.

The Barbers

We chose Chris and Dani Barber to be our photographers. They are full of energy and enthusiasm and work very hard to get the best images they can for every couple. They are friendly, relaxed and easy to talk to.

A Classic British

My mother in law made the cake. It was a classic British fruit cake – my favourite! Daniela Herrmann at Decadence Cakes iced the cake. I just wanted a simple look, no fuss! I posted the green striped ribbon to her which I though would look lovely against the pink flowers.

Beautiful Bunting

Bunting bunting bunting… I had always wanted bunting at my wedding. This is the first thing I set about making when we decided to get married with only four months to plan everything. It took AGES. I roped friends in to help with some of it. It was a mammoth task but sooo worth it. It really made the marquee look colourful and more ‘homely’ I think. I loved all the different patterns – cheques, stripes, florals and spots. The bunting was and is my pride and joy! I wrapped the bar in stripped and spotted blue and white fabric that I sewed together, and we strung white lights around it (they didn’t work on the day though!) I bought lovely magnetic butterflies online and my team of helpers dotted them around the marquee – on the place settings, bunting, menus etc.

Different ribbons were wrapped around the napkins with buff luggage labels for the place settings. We printed off copies of a set of vintage masks that I have had since I was little – and put these on the back of all the children’s chairs. I ordered some pretty coloured tall candles the week before as I thought plain white would be a bit boring. We had beautiful beautiful invitations, orders of service and menus printed by Ginger and the Art of Print in Kenilworth. She was fantastic and designed just what we wanted.

The Best Laid Plans

We had a mix of entertainment. For the drinks reception and canapés in the afternoon we had the AMAZING Shanade and Kelly Elliot – an acoustic blues, funk and jazz duo. They were brilliant. We heard them playing in a shop window in town a couple of months before the wedding and I had to go in and ask them if they could play for us on our wedding day!

After the meal we had a barn dance planned, with a great band, however sadly nobody danced as it was such a lovely day we all wanted to be outside! I am sad about it but sometimes the best plans go wrong – it just didn’t happen!

Into The 80’s

After the barn dance that never was, a George Michael impersonator took to the stage. We arranged this a week before the wedding day. Drew had arranged for him to sing at my hen do but I wasn’t well enough for this at the time so we thought well why not share George with all the guests! I am a big George fan (yep – a bit embarrassing but true) so I had a great time singing with him and dancing for a couple of hours.

First dance – didn’t happen!! It was supposed to be after George, but it never happened…. We lost track of time. We were going to have either George and Aretha Franklin ‘I knew you were waiting for me’ or ‘Solid’ by Ashford and Simpson. Both are relevant because we have been a bit on and off over the years and yet we made it down the aisle at last! We are also big 80s music fans.

Keeping It Personal

I think every wedding is personal to the couple and special. I had always wanted an outdoors/marquee/country/vintage style wedding and I managed to get pretty close to this in four months! I loved having a lot of children at the reception. It was lovely seeing them run around the grounds of Wethele. We bought outdoor toys like croquet and giant jenga to keep them entertained.

I planned and bought everything for the marquee decoration but I didn’t actually help put it all together the day before (I was a bit stressed so I need a day to calm down!) this was lovely though because it meant that on the day the marquee and all the bunting up was a surprise for me…I cried when I saw it! I loved that my mum did the flowers at the church and venue. It made it personal and very special.

What Really Matters

I think I would be more aware of how time flies on your wedding day if I were to do it again?!… I completely lost track of time and some things were forgotten completely.

At the end of the day – and this is what I said in my speech ‘It’s not all about the bunting’ – really it’s about sharing the amazing day with friends and family and people you love – and if some things go wrong – the likelihood is no one else will notice – and also it doesn’t matter! Overall it was a huge success and a happy day full of love.

Photography – The Barbers

I would like bunting like this to adorn my garden with please….

And how lovely were the lanterns in the trees?!

Big I Can Feel Some Outdoor Decorating Coming On Love

Charlotte xxx

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15 thoughts on “I Knew You Were Waiting For Me…Part 2

  1. What a beautiful, beautiful wedding.

    Bex – where did you buy the fabric for the bunting? It’s just what I’m after to make the bunting for our wedding in April but am having trouble locating it! Thank you xxx

  2. God this bride is so right. Sometimes the pretty really starts to take precedence over the vows, the readings, the ceremony. Every couple of months (after reading posts like these) I just get RID of all the tat and the crap and just strip everything back to plain and simple and US.

  3. sooooooo pretty! so nice to hear that things went wrong but were still ok, I have been panicking for weeks about the things we will forget…

    Congratulations on a beautiful wedding Sx

  4. This wedding is so beautifully styled/themed, it looks so professional and to think that Bex and Drew only had 4 months to plan it is mind boggling!

    I love the couple shots too!


  5. A beautiful, laid-back wedding! The marquee interior looks lovely…Can I ask what size was the marquee you booked, & for how many guests? We are in the planning stage and any advice would be hugely welcome, thanks!

  6. To answer your questions – the bunting fabric is Cath kidston and Laura Ashley. The marquee was about 24 x 12 metres. It’s permanently up at wethele manor and you can make it bigger or smaller as required!
    I think we had about 130 guests. Including lots of children!
    Thank you for all the lovely comments. You are all very kind xxxxx

  7. Today is my 26th wedding anniversary!!! and yes, I was a child bride!
    Bex – I love your theme, very elegant, vintage and shows how you can add personal style to a marquee. Thanks for sharing with us – I’ll be linking to this post from my own blog.

  8. Your wedding is exactly what we’re looking to do! It looks like an amazing day – I love your dress, the bunting, the way you have done your table plan in the frame, the lanterns in the trees – everything! Thanks for all of the inspiration – I better get sewing then 😉

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