I Know I’ll Never Find Another You.

Deborah and Iain had a city wedding in the beautiful Scottish city of Glasgow.

What we have here is a super cool story of highschool sweethearts seperated and then reunited… So please – make sure you grab a cup of coffee, kick back and soak up the story and all the glorious details of Deborah and Iains big day.

Photography today is by Ed Osborn.

Our Wedding

Our wedding was in July 2012. The ceremony took place in our church St George’s Tron Church in Glasgow, taken by a parish minister, with our celebrations afterwards taking place in the Grand Central Hotel, We love travel and the hubbub of stations. We thought the idea of starting a journey fitted in perfectly with the occasion and the classic architecture, beautiful period features and colourful history of the building appealed to us right away. Their events manager William McGowan is such a warm individual he really wanted to help you prepare for the day exactly as you wanted and really got to know you as a couple – no request was to great or too little.

We Were Lobsters

We got engaged on the 28th August 2011 and knew we wanted to be married as soon as possible. We had known each other since we were young meeting in school, sitting next to each other on a school trip to Paris and had been inseparable, even winning the “joined at the hip” award in our school year book.

We both headed to university separately before losing touch over the years. Then our lives changed forever when we literally collided into each other in the doorway of Glasgow University library over 5 years later.

We realised we were lobsters!

A Mine Field

At first the world of weddings seems such a mine field with so much scope and possibilities, however, after seeing several venues we knew we wanted a city wedding and take our vows within the city streets which we hold so dear.

We are both pretty laid back which meant we didn’t start much of the preparation until a couple of months into our engagement which meant there was a lot to do in a little time!


I love all things vintage and knew I wanted to find a dress that had a history and told a story. I met with the lovely Lisa Cochrane of Dragonfly Dress Design who specialises in adapting vintage gowns. Her studio was such a gold mine of beautiful dresses and we worked out between us which shape and cuts would suit my shape.

Lisa was great and really open. She knows her craft so well and it is really important to her that you get the right base shape to work from. The dress I chose was a 1960’s gown. I loved it right away but had to use my imagination (and Lisa’s clever pinning) to get an idea of what it would end up looking like. We adapted it by changing the high neck to a wide v, shortening the full length sleeves and laying tulle over the skirt amongst other smaller details. I only got to see it finished a couple of days before our wedding day. It was a really simple dress that I just adored. I love literature and felt like I was walking into a Jane Austen Novel when I put it on! It just felt perfect for me. It’s true what they say about knowing when your dress feels right.

Dangly, Sparkly

I adore huge earrings and am rarely without a pair, so from the start I knew that I wanted dangly sparkly chandelier earrings – which for me ruled out a veil or head pieces. Although my dress felt Jane Austen I knew I wanted big 1960’s hair up to make the look more fun and more me. My hair was done by the wonderful Zoe at Girasoli in Glasgow, she knew right away that I wanted it loose and not formal with just a few flowers. She took Brigitte Bardot as an inspiration, which fitted in with the dress.

Bashed And Scratched

My engagement ring is a vintage 1967 starburst ring which looks like a gold snowflake with 7 diamonds in the centre, and our wedding rings were custom made in Israel. I chose a simple bashed gold band where Iain chose a thicker band with a scratched surface. Iain is a teacher of technical education so uses his hands a lot! By getting a ring that was scratched by design we are avoiding any accidental marks!

The ring bearer was Iain’s little boy who did such a great job. It was so important to us for him to have a big part in our day and he carried out rings on lace ribbon tied around a vintage copy of The Lion the Witch and the wardrobe. We love CS Lewis and also loved the links to childhood and thought it was a great way for a little 5 year old to carry them. I also wore a gold and diamond cross necklace around my right wrist, I had saved up my pocket money and bought it for my mum when I was about 8 years old one of the firsts gifts to her – it was my something borrowed.

Crystal studded Heels

Iain is quite a bit taller than me im 5ft 3 and he is 5ft 11 and I definitely knew I wanted skyscraper heels – shopping for shoes was such a fun part as it felt like there were no rules. I ended up choosing a ballet-slipper-pink satin platform with oversized bow and Crystal studded heels from lipsy. I loved them and have never had a finer creation adorning my tootsies!

Find A Focus

I could start to build a picture in my head of what our day was going to be like. I love paying attention to detail and used old books, typewriters, birds and organic heart shapes in my handmade “save the dates” and invitations. Since we were on a fairly humble budget it was important for us to make the little things that mattered to us the focus – our experience together, and our family and friends.

Music books and art are some of our real passions in life and music was a hugely important part of our day. I walked down the Aisle to “Something beautiful “by Alexi Murdoch one of the most beautiful songs ever. We danced our way back down together to “Wedding Song” by Chasing Owls. Our band were ‘Little red Wedding band’ who are so talented – we are still getting emails from friends asking about them. They mixed old classics, modern with a twist and ceilidh dances throughout the evening. Cariss has such a rich and beautiful voice and the dance floor was packed all night – Our friends LOVE to dance.

Sweet Lyrics

For our first dance we chose a song by the seekers “I know i’ll never find another you”. We love the honestly in the sweet lyrics however I had heard a cover version sung by Zooey Deschanel which was acoustic ,slowed and really stripped down. It was this version the band played and was incredible. It was one of the loveliest and most tender moments of our day.

An Eclectic Mix

During dinner we had created a playlist full of our favourite music as well as suggestions from our guests. We made our RSVP cards from old penguin classic book cover postcards and left a space for song requests – this way we knew everyone would be enjoying the music it was also great to have such an eclectic background of songs which i think really represents a beauty of weddings. SO many different people with different stories and tastes coming together to share in each other’s happiness.

Not Too Fancy

My four gorgeous bridesmaid are all totally different in looks and personality! I started off thinking that I would choose a colour scheme and then find them different dresses however on a shopping trip we managed to find the perfect dress! It was from Monsoon and was the most beautiful shade of mink with ivory beading. It wasn’t too fancy and looked amazing on everyone. They all looked so pretty it made me go all warm inside and couldn’t believe how simple it had been.

The girls all chose different accessories to keep them feeling individual.

Bright Polish

We all did our own make up – I used mainly MAC with a little YSL and chose a pretty mauve nail colour, I have such a soft spot for bright nail polish, which matched the groom’s shirt quite nicely!

Journeys And Movement

For our reception we chose huge silver candelabras for our centrepieces and loved the way the candle light dappled about the room as we danced the night away. The centrepiece on the top table was an antique bird cage with a church candle inside which our mums lit together before our meal as a “unity candle” to symbolise our families joining together.

We made little match jars with “find your perfect match” typed on them for each table. Our tables were named after songs and we put the sheet music into a gold frame for the middle of each table. You had to listen for your song to be played later on and be the first on the dance floor. The seating chart was a mirror with names pegged with mini purple pegs onto vintage ribbon. We hand wrote our place cards onto old luggage tags. We hand made bunting for each area of the room. This was inspired by the hotel which is in a train station. I love stations and loved the idea of journeys and movement. We had lots of decorated trunks and boxes around containing treats for our guests. It was important for us that everyone had a great time. Our favours were gifted to us from one of my bridesmaid’s parents and were miniature scotch whiskey for men and handmade heart shape tablet made out of Puff pastry for lovely ladies.

Yummy Cakes

We looked at different cake suppliers and so many beautiful amazing cakes but found that for us the priority was taste. We LIKE pretty cakes but we LOVE Yummy Cakes so we ended up getting four large cakes made for us by Eileen from 1901 Deli – I used to work nearby and knew they were tasty. Eileen made us a Victoria sponge, carrot, chocolate and citrus cakes and added vintage ribbon. To serve them I bought 4 hat boxes that were printed with a design inspired by William Kilburn textiles, we laid them on top of the boxes on lace table cloth and placed oversize scrabble tiles made by the Iain that spelt LOVE in front of them.

the Perfect Fit

The groom and best men went looking for their suits in a few shops. With a limited budget it was difficult to find attire that was reasonably priced but reflected Iain’s personality. In the end the men settled on three-piece suits from Next and shirts from T.M. Lewin. The Iains tie was a paisley pattern from Hawes & Curtis. The droplets in the paisley pattern follow a ‘Golden Rule’ spiral which is beautiful but fun and classic. Iains favourite colours are purple and yellow so the ties and shirts were the perfect fit for our special day.

Iain wore a pair of Barker of England purple suede brogues to compliment his shirt and tie. These were a tricky pair of shoes to find but they were worth the effort as they are beautiful and so comfortable. The most extravagant buy he’s ever made I think but a well earned little bit of luxury!

Colour And Sweetness

Our Flowers were from Sparrow and Rose who do the most exquisite and delicate bouquets. After Meeting with Lisa, we chose vintage roses in muted hues and forget-me-nots to inject a little depth of colour and sweetness. These were on pins for my hair also. The groom and groomsmen wore purple thistles and the groom combined his with a pink rose. I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful yet simple arrangement.

Iain built the photo booth and we matched the wallpaper to our hatboxes. It was so much fun. The props were collected, bought from Etsy and made by the bridal party.

Cherished Keepsakes

Our photographer Ed Osborn, was so approachable and helpful. We felt so at ease with him from our first meeting in a Glasgow coffee shop and it was an absolute delight to have him share and capture our day. We were relaxed about what we wanted and really trusted his judgement to reflect the feeling and emotions of the day which he did more than he could have hoped for. The way he capture colour and movement really moved us and his shots are a dear and cherished keepsake of the happiest day of our lives.

A City Wedding

We uses white hackney taxis for transport which were very budget friendly and looked really pretty with flowers in the window. It fitted in really well with our city wedding and meant we could save money in this area. It’s so important to sit down together and realise what is important to you as a couple and prioritise. It’s about being inventive open and grounded. Knowing how you feel about all the aspects of planning your day and not about what is expected. Also communicating with each other to now that BOTH of you are reflected in the day.

Use the planning time to talk and dream. Do simple things together – hours spent making our invites meant hours of playing our favourite music together and sharing in time and ideas. ENJOY the build up and take pleasure in the little things, but also knowing that none of it really matters on a day when the love of your life takes your hand in theirs and you share those wonderful promises.

Venue – Grand Central Hotel

Dress – Dragonfly Dress Design

Hair – Girasoli

Shoes – lipsy

Makeup – MAC

Photographer – Ed Osborn

Maids – Monsoon

Cake – 1901 Deli

Florist – Sparrow and Rose

I love a city wedding and Deborah and Iain have kept it simple and meaningful to them. And by the look of things they were pretty darn successful.

I like how they placed importance on time together during the planning process. As many of you will know planning a wedding has a habit of taking over your life, so the more you can do as a couple the better… And that way you won’t feel that the organisational side of things is robbing as much valuable “us” time from you.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

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  1. Got up early to do some work, but had to have a peek…….and so a short comment…….LOVE the hair, absolutely gorgeous, colour, style, flowers etc….and make up and earrings make it just look perfect…lush! x

  2. Agree with Carrie – the hair is just gorgeous! The whole atmosphere just feels really sweet and happy. Congrats guys! x

  3. Awww I’ve got teary eyes from reading that! The bride looks amazing and so happy. And I love the sentiment about enjoying the planning – that’s really gone out of the window for me the last few weeks so I’m going to make a conscious effort this weekend to follow in Deborah’s footsteps!x

  4. What a beautiful bride and that hair do is amazing! I love how Deborah and Iain let their personalities shine through with the quirky little touches like the shoes and nail colour. Looks like such a perfect day.

  5. Being a Glasgow Girl, I love everything about this wedding but particularly the Grooms purple shoes. Great choice!

    Lisa at Sparrow & Rose did my sisters flowers and is doing mine in April next year, everything she does is gorgeous!

  6. @Lolly – random lunchtime comment….you were in my dream last night! I was at some do at an undefined place (as they so often are in dreams) and I met this lovely girl called Lauren (ie you) and we were getting on famously.

    You were working as a TV presenter but telling me you had a real interest in weddings and were showing me your RL vision for your own, when I suddenly put two and two together and said ‘This may sound very odd, but you’re ‘Lolly’ from RMW aren’t you?!’ to which you said yes, but then went a bit odd and shuffly. No idea what happened next.

    How wierd what comes out in the night! I haven’t even looked at RMW for about a week (unheard of)…maybe it was a subliminal reminder to come back! xx

  7. @Carrie A T.V presenter – that sounds EPIC although I would be rubbish as I tend to go ‘off topic’ far too often as the boy keeps reminding me. First time I think I’ve appeared in a dream of someone I’ve not met which is pretty cool too.

    Being odd and shuffly is not so good though…

    But I think you’re onto something with the subliminal reminders – perhaps Charlotte and I could do a Friday afternoon video post brainwashing you all…..to do what I’m not sure. I’ll come back to you on that one.

  8. feels so exciting to re live all the little details of our day. thanks for the lovely comments its so sweet and touching of people to say such nice things about our day.I adore looking at other peoples weddings pictures and stories and all the joy and happiness that they hold! x

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