I Like Beards.


Always have, always will. Perhaps it’s nostalgia (my Dad always sported a beard right into his fifties – which meant he always looked way more like a member of the Bee Gees than a dentist) or maybe it’s that whole slightly “undone” association you get with the unshaven that seems to be my favoured aesthetic throughout life (interiors, fashion, beauty….) whatever it is, I know that given the choice I would always always choose a man to have a subtle stubble than that clean soft-skinned sheen.

Fascinating O’Shea, What the bloody hell have beards got to do with weddings?

Well, quite a lot actually as it happens. Soon to be brides spend a considerable amount of time considering what make-up they will wear – whether to indulge in the full on flutter of false lashes, which foundation will achieve an imperceptible finish that won’t make your mug appear all melty should W-day happen to reach anywhere over 25 degrees. What lipstick will look pretty yet won’t smudge all over your chin when you go in for the “I now pronounce you husband and wife” smacker. What mascara will define and Bambi-fi you yet won’t run right into your blush should you become all teary during the speeches…..etc etc

But what about the boys? What do they have to make a decision on except for their barnet?

Well their beard situation obviously. And I don’t mean necessarily whether or not it’s a good idea to imitate Captain Birdseye (should this not be their usual choice du jour) I mean whether to go forth with a Twelve O’clock shadow or at least a few days of growth – should they sport this on a regular basis.

As you may have guessed I prefer my husband with a slightly beardy face. It’s not that I don’t think he’s not terribly handsome without one, it’s just well…I like what I like.


A few days before our big day Mr O’Shea had himself a shave, thus preparing for his perfect almost-a-beard face when the time to say “I Do” actually arrived.

Oh dear. This was met with much disapproval at our pre-wed-the-night-before-dinner. And I don’t just mean from the parents, I mean even some of our friends “You’re not going to be cleanly shaven for your wedding photos?! but you have to look smart?! and you will only look back and regret it if you don’t….”

Hmmm. Just not a situation I had ever considered to be honest.

In a mild panic my husband decided that actually he would do the “done” thing and get to work with the razor, there was not even a hint of facial hair.

As with most of these pre-wedding worries, I don’t remember even thinking about it on the actual day – I just recall thinking how hot my future forever partner in life looked standing at the end of the aisle.

It’s interesting though, as afterwards, particularly when we received the images to look through Mr O’Shea did pass comment that he didn’t see that it was such a big deal, and surely he would have looked more “him” should he have kept his sexy scruff.

Maybe that’s the thing though – an “in-between” beardy look is not as acceptable as say a full-on BEARD perhaps? I actually have no idea, I’m hoping we can have a bit of a discussion this afternoon as I’m really interested to hear other folks thoughts on their preference (or equally an aversion) to the whole hairy face debate.

In the meantime I’ve created a Beard board on my Pinterest – here are some VERY EDUCATIONAL images from it as I figured it would be rude of me not to provide some inspiration in order for you lovelies to form a well-rounded opinion.

Beard Porn_0109

What has made me laugh the most about creating this pinterest board is how many new followers I’ve had purely for this board and this board alone.

Not my fashion choices or beauty looks or amazing beautiful blooms….nope, just the BEARDS.

If there is no such thing as beard porn then maybe we should make it well… a thing.

In other news, I posted a black and white picture of my husband with quite-substantial-beard and holding our teeny weeny baby nephew Theo on my instagram about a month back and in my opinion I don’t think there’s a sexier scene than that.

I’m clearly a child of the Athena monochrome print (and dodgy rock band) loving 80’s.

Big Beardy Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

39 thoughts on “I Like Beards.

  1. Love this as a discussion! I too massively fancy my H2B (even more than usual, obvs!) when he has his sexy stubble on. He also agrees that he looks much better with a few days’ growth, as it were. In fact, we have actually had a serious chat about when the optimum level of stubble is hit and how many days before the wedding he should shave so that he looks his hottest. I think we have agreed on 4 days – leave it any longer and it starts to look a bit too wild and he complains that it can get a bit itchy and annoying. So I guess that means that I love a bit of designer stubble, but am less enamoured to a full on tickly lumberjack beard…?! (Although I think this totally depends on the man in question.) Either way, as your Pinterest board of “scientific research” proves – facial hair is HOT!

  2. @Jessica – I much like your reference to my “scientific research” – I put a lot of effort into this post in particular using my blogging experience to search for things such as “Jared Leto with beard” or “hot man with beard” etc etc, it was a VERY difficult and thought provoking task.

    I hope your H2B will be sporting this 4 day growth – perfect if you ask me.

    Charlotte xxx

  3. Love this discussion – I too love when it my H2B sports some sexy stubble, that is 99% of the time he has stubble then when it comes to big events like weddings, parties etc he shaves it all off because he thinks people will think it’s scruffy! It doesn’t and everytime he shaves I’m like ‘NOOOOOO’!
    In fact when I first showed a picture of him to my bestie when we started dating, she was like ‘oh and he’s got stubble which you love’!
    We’ve talked about optimum stubble growth days too for the wedding and I thought I was on to a winner and that he’d decided to keep the stubble for our wedding! But alas a few grey hairs have started to appear in his stubble (I still love it) but he is devasted, even more so than he was about the grey hairs on his head and I think the stubble will soon be no more because he think’s it makes him look old!
    I will truly miss the stubble when it goes and I’m not even exaggerating!

  4. Such a great post, beard facts had me giggling.

    Jessica, we have had that same conversation. We are getting married on Friday 13th this month and husband to be is shaving on the Monday or Sunday depending on what his beard looks like this Friday.

    It’s a well planned operation. I have found it very cute that my hubby-to-be has really thought about this and wanted to have a stubble growth trial run.

  5. YES. i have told the other half if he ever shaves his beard off the wedding is off. I DO NOT find men without beards attractive! dont like beards… im deeply obsessed with them!

  6. Great post and LOVING your research all in the name of science! My husband-to-be always has facial hair, not too dissimilar to the Jake what’s his name picture above (hot!), and he’s definitely going to have it like that on the big day. In fact, in the whole time we’ve been together I’ve only seen him clean shaven once and I didn’t like it! He wouldn’t feel like him if he went for a close shave for our wedding day and he’s not going to bow to any pressure to shave it all off, which is great!

  7. I am a big fan of the boy with his beard ‘on’. Given that we met when he was just a clean-shaven boy and I a fresh-faced girl I never thought that I’d ever fancy a man with anything more than designer stubble.How wrong I was…. He looks older, wiser and sexier with his beard plus I know it makes him feel a darn sight more confident because it’s intrinsic to his identity and personality.

    He kept the beard on for our wedding day – something that made this girl very happy despite miserable mutterings from others….’when are you going to shave that then…?’ Seriously I thought …jog on!

    @Jessica I like the boy with about a week’s growth…apparently you just have to get past the itchy stage.

    @Helen McG – the boy has ginger, black and grey in his bear. I find it fascinating!

  8. @Helen McG – Oh I don’t mind a bit of grey in stubble! I think it looks HOT HOT HOT. Are there too many to subtly pluck out?!

    @Lisa – Honestly when I found the beard facts on pinterest I killed myself laughing, loving your well planned operation too – huge congratulations for Friday my love.

    @Clare – Mwah ha ha! Maybe we should form a club – with badges and stuff?

    @Kate – I ONLY fancy Jake when he has a beard. Before I thought that was shallow, now I think perhaps it’s perfectly acceptable. Glad your man isn’t bowing to peer pressure, learn from others (i.e. my!) mistakes 🙂

    Charlotte xxx

  9. @Lolly like your boy, the stubble is mostly black with bit of ginger and grey, which the boy (and I) were perfectly happy with, apparently his head has been going grey since his early 20’s and he’s still not proper grey so he’s not bothered about this! But, much to his alarm the grey in his stubble seems to be growing in little patches, as opposed to little strands here and there so unfortunately @Charlotte plucking would leave semi bald stubble patches lol! I’ve figured out that 3 days growth provides good coverage and the greys aren’t too prominent so it’s not too bad, but his mum commented one time that he had something on his face and she was pointing to the grey batch! The damage that comment has done to my chances of a stubbled groom is devasting


  10. Oh for the sweet, sweet love of Jared Leto, that is a hot mood board.

    Sadly I can’t join in with this debate. My man-child husband doesn’t grow hair on his face or chest so I’ve never really had the option. He’s got a beautiful little face though (and a very well-chiselled jaw) so it’s never been a problem 😉

  11. ALWAYS yes to the beard. I actually hate it a little bit when hubs shaves. He looks like a 12 year old boy. Fit obvs but 12 and I’m not sure it’s acceptable to find that attractive.

    I was ecstatic when he decided to keep a 3 day growth for our wedding. Actual hotness beyond belief.

    Funnily enough, only this morning we were discussing facial hair issues. He bought a new shaver but was upset that it didn’t cut close enough to his skin (he can’t wet shave as he gets ingrowing hairs! yikes!) and secretly I was over the moon as it cut just the perfect amount to leave a glorious 5 o’clock shadow. Yum.

  12. @Charlotte and all you other beard loving ladies, you are talking my language!!!

    BUT stubble really is NOT enough for me, I like a great BIG beard. The bigger the better!!!

    When I meet my now husband he had a goatie – all I saw was beard potential. About two/three weeks after our first blind date, after lots of encouragement, and ‘man-up’ comments after complaints of itching, he had his beard. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Four years on we are married and I’ve never seen his chin, nore do I ever wish too! In fact if I hear his beard trimmer, I run into the bathroom saying NOOOooooo please don’t trim, I like it a bit more lumberjack then he can cope with.

    It is an undeniable FACT: BEARD=HOT HOT HOT!!!

    @Charlotte, I’m off to explore your scientific research!!!

  13. Hello! Loving the bear chat this afternoon. I too like a bit of stubble on the boy and we have also researched the correct number of days growth for the wedding. My only concern is that it will not survive the few hours of the wedding morning when he is alone with his Mum and Gran who have both expressed that stubble on your wedding day is not acceptable.

    The poor boy also is having to resist major pressure to grow his hair back for the wedding!! ( he had a receding hairline and looks so hot since he took the plunge and shaved his hair off) His mum doesn’t like it though and thinks he should grow it back. We only have 2 and a bit weeks to go though so think we are safe on that one.

  14. I love beards. I love Lee’s beard! He too shaved his face a few days before the wedding and I was predictabley grump about the whole thing. He still looked mighty fine and sexy on our big day though.

    All hail the beard!

    @Charlotte & @Lolly – agreed that your bearded men are also hot with face hair!


  15. @Sama – Jared, beard, jumper and chewing a book (meaning he’s well read right?) that might be my most favourite picture on my board.

    @Amanda – I hope you enjoy it, feel free to re-pin at your leisure my sweet.

    @Sarah – I am also a lover of the shaved head, I think if it’s going then get rid – looks way hotter.

    @Karen – I love Lee with a beard!!!! he looked MIGHTY fine indeed for W-day though love. MIGHTY.

    Charlotte xxx

  16. I have never seen my husband clean shaven either, 8 years together and married for 5.5, I just can’t imagine what he would look like without his stubble. This was a conversation point during in the preparation for our Abbey wedding, including a comment from the priest! However he resisted and I love our wedding photos as they will always look like the real him, just without the grey hairs, a new development which I am loving!

  17. Oh my, well if that’s scientific research then I really picked the wrong job!! LOVE the Beard Board – in particular Ryan Gosling and your man to the bottom right corner…yum scrum! Anyhoo! I do enjoy a bit of stubble…but I have a problem…if said stubble gets too long my silly sensitive skin gets all sore from stubble rash 🙁 H2B loves a beard and also rocks a tash every Movember which is very comendable, HOWEVER!!! When his tash/beard is full flowing and luscious it is flaming red in colour…he has chesnut brown hair! I ASK you…how does this happen?!?!?
    I like the inbetween phase of not quite clean shaven and just before he looks like he has rubbed Wotsits all over the lower half of his face! We still have to scientifically deduce his Prime Stubble Time and thankfully this post has made me think about it…might copy H2B in on this!
    Thanks Charlotte :-(|)> ( little man with beard and tash!)

  18. @Monique – I have never thought of this, that some folks may never have even seen their other halves un-shaven! I too am looking forward to a bit of salt and pepper scruff 🙂

    @Annie – Ah ha well lovely, I also have the same issue – it can’t be one or two day growth otherwise I get a red chin (which kind of looks like a beard, and I’m certainly not advocating girls with beards here.) but further on than that I’m fine. I find lots of moisturiser helps. Also (and I will probably get into trouble for this comment!) but my husband also has a hint of the ginger in his beard when it gets long and his hair is almost black. Go figure.

    Charlotte xxx

  19. @Karen- Between me, his family and his best mates, I think he gets enough grief as it is… but I might whack a cork beard out for a special occasion.

  20. Love this post! Will be showing him at home later tonight!
    We are now less than 3 weeks from our w-day and can safely say that the beard is staying! My boy has been rocking a full on beard for about three years now and I cannot now imagine him any other way. His beard is in my opinion ridiculously sexy, I love the reactions he gets – envy from the boys and either lusty looks or “Alice must hate it!” from the girls.
    Only a few (stupid) people have made comments about him shaving it off……NO WAY!!
    Big beardy kisses always x x x

  21. @Alice – I’m hoping you will submit this massive beardy wedding to us my peach, can’t believe folks would say you must hate it – they have clearly not experienced the beardy kisses!!!!!

    Charlotte xxx

  22. I’m not really a full on beard kind of girl but I do like a bit of stubble. I had a similar situation to Mrs O’Shea pre-wedding in that the husband had agreed not to shave for a couple of days but after a few raised eyebrows he succumbed to the razor. Poor soul was worried people would think he hadn’t made an effort which is a shame cos I had a ‘sod it’ philosophy when the same eyebrows were raised at my red nail / lip combo!

    I’ve already been bragging on instagram but I’ve got some verified research of my own to share – I saw Jared Leto IN REAL LIFE while on honeymoon and I can confirm, beyond all doubt, that he is indeed FIT.

  23. As the owner of a rather large beard I dont think I would be with out it:) My other half loves it and I get lots of positive comments about it (sometimes a little too positive). Please dont confuse a bit of stubble for a beard though as they are two very different things!!

  24. Beards are the way! Sexy, cool, sharp, pretty darn HOT! Whether you are Mr Gosling or Mr T, I think the beard is the way to roll. Im have a beardy man and Im proud of his facial hair! 😛 x

  25. @Lynsey B-Mc – I can’t believe I only know this fact now, did you take a bloody picture?! I would have actually asked him for his autograph or something?! Or maybe just tried ever so secretly to get REALLY close to him.

    @Lee Allen – As I said – YOU ARE THE KING OF BEARD.

    @Charis – Ah yes Mr Welsh sports the most fetching beard also! #hot

    @Kathryn – It doesn’t sound weird my love, it sounds like something you absolutely must do – right away!

    Charlotte xxx

  26. This is my fav Ryan pic ever. Man, he is just so hot. Snaps @Charlotte for bringing us this eye-candy.

    Loving all this chat girls. The comments are longer and more in-depth than comments about sparkles and frou frou, can’t believe what a bunch of hairy lovers we all are!!

    My H2B also likes to wear a bit of gruff day to day. He used to do the marketing for Gillette which was really depressing for him as he had to “live the brand” and shave…!! The thing is though, he is so patchy! (this is what he says, not me, i find his equi-beard-growing challenges strangely entertaining and cute) He would love nothing more than to be able to grow out a full on face covering veil of hair but he has got unbalanced patchy cheeks and a really wide (yes really wide) moustache that is so much darker than anywhere else (coz of the patches)… aww!! We haven’t even talked about W Day grooming yet – i know he (and I) prefers the patchy spray of hair follicles though so i still hope he opts for that.

    Big Hairy Wednesday love

  27. How on earth did I miss this chat! I have had previous conversations with brides to be about how much beard is too much and too little. People give my man grief for his wee beardy face already and I am sure there will be people shocked and appalled, but I am going to do everything in my power to ensure he stays strong and stays beardy for our day.

    I think we may do some trials in the run up to the day as to how many days before is optimum for shaving or even just trimming. All things need to be considered. 😉

  28. Loving the beard porn! Delicious! 🙂

    This has been the subject of much discussion for us and thankfully H2B is with me on the ‘week-old growth’ front! We’ve also had the same debate over hair. He’s another receding hairline/sexy shaved head kinda guy but that has to be done on the morning – definitely going for more hair on his face than his head!

  29. I never thought I was into beard porn, but gee these men look hot! I’ve got to admit I used to prefer my husband’s chin smooth. However after his operation he was worried about shaving so he let the stubble grow. Funny thing is: his beard is kind of copper! So I love to call him my “sexy Wiking” now 🙂

  30. Ladies these beard comments are awesome, I’ve been laughing to myself all day – especially as this post was shared so much on our Facebook page, who knew it was such a talking point?!

    I am glad you are all sticking to your beady-guns for W-day (learn from our mistakes lovelies LEARN!)

    @Anja – Someone on Twitter mentioned “Viking” to describe their other half, I like this A LOT.

    Charlotte xxx

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