I Want To Be A Sexy 60’s Siren.

I so do. My favourite make-up look by a million miles is the whole smoky eye/nude lip and I have always wanted to do a heavy winged-eyeliner, false lashes and pale pout.

I’m thinking Jean Shrimpton and Brigitte Bardot…. A little bit Mary Quant mixed with Twiggy…. you know?

Thing is I’ve tried and I’ve failed – miserably. So as part of Retro week we asked professional make-up artist Mariam Jensen to come show us how it’s done properly and share with you lovely lot her step by step tips and tricks.

Mariam used Vix’s face and as aforementioned face arrived at my door apparently I opened it, didn’t even say hello but just kind of shouted at her in a very loud voice:

Me: Oh my Lord pet like last week Mariam Jensen was painting Rihanna’s face and now she will be painting yours and she’s in my kitchen and I’m so excited and you are going to look so gorgeous and she has these immense lashes and and and….

Vix – Rih Rih?! as in THE Rih Rih?!

Me – Yeeeeessssssssssss!!!

Then I remembered to actually let her in rather than just leaving her on the doorstep out in the cold…

Really must remember to greet people in future otherwise I’ll get myself the reputation of having the social skills of an amoeba.

Joining Mariam, Vix, Adam and I in the O’Shea kitchen was the very talented Emma Case – she was the one capturing all the pretty with her fancy camera.

What You Will Need:

  • Eyebrow Pencil: Mariam used Shu Uemura in “Seal Brown”
  • Eyeliner Pencil: For Inner Rim: Mariam used MAC power point eye pencil in “Hand Forged” (pale gold)
  • Mascara: Mariam used Jemma Kidd in “Carbon Black”
  • Liquid Eyeliner: Mariam used Mac fluidline in “Blacktrack”
  • Eyeliner Brush (VERY important!): Mariam used Shu Uemura in 2R
  • Matt Finish Foundation : Mariam used Airbase but also recommends MyFace Mymix liquid
  • Concealer: Mariam used MAC Select Cover in NW25
  • Eyeshadow Primer: Mariam used MAC Prep and Prime
  • Pale base Eyeshadow: Mariam used Shu Uemura M800
  • Darker Grey/Brown Eyeshadow For Socket Line: Mariam used MAC in “Keep Your Cool”
  • Pinky Neutral Lipliner: Mariam used Mac in “Subculture”
  • Beige Lipgloss: Mariam used Nars in “Chelsea Girls”
  • Nude Pink Blush: Mariam used Stila “Tutu”
  • False Lashes: Mariam used Ardell in number 109 (my favourites!)
  • Eyelash Glue – Mariam used Mac “Duo” (I use this too..)

Step One: Mariam primed Vix’s skin (she used the airbase primer but Chanel, Laura Mercier and Lancome all have good versions), Mariam then used an actual airbrush machine for a flawless finish – it was quite spectacular and she uses it on her brides for W-day. However, obviously we don’t expect you lovely lot to own one so instead we recommend My Face “My Mix” foundation which is only £6.50 and you can buy it from good old Boots….

Mariam covered under eye circles and any small blemishes with concealer.

Step Two: Because this look is all about the eyes, blush is kept to a minimum with just a sweep of pale nude pink on the apples fading out to the hairline.

Step Three: Fill in your eyebrows with a suitable pencil – we like ones with a slightly greyish tone as they look more natural… Then apply your eyeshadow primer (prevents fading and oily bits) and add your pale eyeshadow all over the lid up to the socket lines.

Step Four: Mariam uses a fine brush to paint on a gel liner – you could also use a liquid with a felt-tip pen end (I rate Lancome Artliner), but to get a precise finish and the perfect flick a brush is the ideal tool.

Step Five: Curl lashes and apply a single coat of mascara, once dry measure your false lashes up against your eyelid – if they are a wee bit long (not the length of the lash – as in too big for your actual lash line…) then trim the end with some sharp nail scissors.

Step Six: Apply glue to your false lashes and await until tacky to apply to the lash line, using tweezers can help you achieve an even finish.

Step Seven: For the perfect nude pout apply a soft pinky pencil to the outline and then cover the whole lip with a shiny beige gloss – Mariam used a lip brush to apply the Nars lip laquer… (I am so buying this shade ASAP).

Voila!!!! – A sexy 60’s siren. Loves.

Is this any of you gorgeous folks favourite look? is it something you “do” regularly or is it something you may try thanks to Mariam Jensen?

And would it be helpful if we did a “How to apply the perfect false lash” post at some point in the near future? – just let me know in the comments box below.

Don’t forget folks, cute cameras and brilliant books up for grabs from Lomography on every post this week so get love leaving.

Big Whenever I See A Picture Of Madam Bardot It Makes Me Want To Wear Gingham Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

63 thoughts on “I Want To Be A Sexy 60’s Siren.

  1. Twit Twoo @ Vix!!! (my impression of a wolf whistle 😉 )

    I absolutely love this look and can feel a whole lot of spendage happening in the near future.

    The airbrush foundation looks amazing and those lashes are to die for!

    I use Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner and it’s seriously good stuff, doesn’t budge an inch and is suprisingly easy to apply with their brush – just takes a little bit of practice to get the flick going on 🙂

    Would love it if you did ‘an idiots guide to applying false lashes without a) glueing your own lashes together and b) ending up with a caterpillar on your face’.

    Ta much. x

  2. I second Bobbu Brown’s gel liner -so easy.
    I only wish applying falsies was as easy so I really would welcome a tutorial on that. I just can’t seem to get them to curve and attach to my lash line. The whole escaped rat on my cheek is so not a good look.
    I think that nars lip gloss will be on my wish list for pay day.

  3. Ooh pretty! I’m so with you Charlotte, nude lips and smokey eyes is my absolute fave!

    I completely second what Apollo said about the idiots guide to falsies please – I’ve had some in my make up box for about a year which I just CAN’T get to look right!

    That foundation looks amazing – I wish I had a little make up artist to put my face on every day for me!!

    Vix, you look fab!


  4. And would it be helpful if we did a “How to apply the perfect false lash” post at some point in the near future?

    yes yes and YES. I am debating falsies for W-day and could certainly use the help.

    oh how I wish I could do eyeliner like that. Me and the liquid stuff do not mix. I have a felt tip and everything, still rubbish.

  5. Wow, love this so much! I will be doing a smoky eye with false lash for my wedding in May and need to perfect the lash application 🙂 help appreciated! X

  6. Ooooh I love these posts, and fortunately it’s payday today Charlotte, so my bank can’t complain when I pop out to try these products… it would be rude not to!

    This look is totally up my street… just reintroduced false lashes to my make up bag (for an evening look!), and am loving the extra volume.

    Vix – you look gorgeous!!


  7. OMFeefingG This is the retro week post I’ve been waiting for!! How happy am I that you haven’t made me wait too long!
    Now, I just need to master the skills and get someone to treat me to all this gorgeousness…valentines day perhaps?!

  8. MASSIVE yes please to the false lash tutorial! I am an epic fail when it comes to applying them so any help would be useful.

    Love this look, and v jealous of Vix’s skin!

    I use the Topshop felt tip pen liner and it’s pretty idiot proof. Plus I think it’s only £5 or £6, so bank balance friendly, too!

  9. Had such a lovely day shooting with you guys and went home with false eyelashes on!! Just wanted to add that I haven’t edited these images.. no skin smoothing, no enhancing, nada… so everything you see is all Mariam! The make up looks amazing! xx

  10. I love the dramatic eyes and nude lips look. I’m a fan of lash extensions rather than flash eyelashes but wouldn’t mind a tutorial on applying them for when I just need a quick lash fix for a party 🙂

  11. Did anyone watch the BBC drama ‘We’ll Take Manhatten’ about David Bailey and Jean Shrimpton…?! As soon as that finished I was upstairs practising flicky eye liner.

    And the boy who plays David Bailey…yes, please, 100 times over!

  12. Hi Lovelies!!

    So glad you are in my 60’s siren camp – honestly I am going to be winged-eyelinering it every weekend from now on!!

    And is there any false lashes you recommend? I like Ardell number 109 (volume and fluffy-ish) and the Nicola from Girls Aloud ones – very VERY sexy and a wee bit cat-like….

    Charlotte xxx


    I’ve always dreamed of perfectly flicked eye liner but have usually ended up looking like I’ve got two black eyes!

    Will definitely be giving this tutorial a go, thanks! x

  14. Amazing! So that’s my wedding make up sorted, thank you! I love the close up pic of the flick, and I always use Rimmel’s liquid eyeliner but I think I might try the Bobbi brown gel or the Mac one now.

    Yes please, a tutorial in how to apply falsies would be brilliant. Also what do you think about a few semi-permanent individual lashes applied by a professional versus me applying them myself on the day (I’m no expert but I have applied them in the past!) – worth the money/lack of potential to go wrong or not?

    I do love a make up tutorial, I like how it always results in me adding to my already overflowing make up collection! Thanks to your last demo I am now a fan of the Avon primer you used.


  15. Love the look. And a ‘how to apply false eyelashes’ tutorial would come in very very handy – can never get them right!

  16. Thanks for the lovely post team RMW! It was so much fun doing this with you guys! Vix looks so pretty!!! Cannot wait for the lash tutorial to go live, sound like the ladies will love it! x

  17. Yes please to a ‘how to apply false lashes’ tutorial – I just cannot get them right, and really, really want to rock some on W-day, so some tips would be super helpful!

    Handy hint: (From Sali Hughes of the Guardian) For anyone struggling with liquid eyeliner, if you use a black kohl pencil first, then trace the liquid over the top, it is LOADS easier. The kohl creates a sticky surface for the brush to adhere to, instead of it jumping about all over the place. You can also use the kohl to put a tiny dot where you want your flick to end so you have something to aim for. It works!


  18. Vix looks gorgeous!! At last, I might be able to master the flick, I always end up smudging it, or one eye great and the other eye rubbish! And great tip @Sarah, I’ll try the Kohl first…

  19. Love this look! Totally the sort of thing I want to go for on ‘the big day’! The soft, smokey eyes are awesome and nude lips = super sophisticated!
    Eyelash tutorial would be a big helping in keeping them on my lashes and off my cheeks!!

  20. Love a bit of 60’s make up. Bough one of the Collection 2000 cream puff’s a couple of weeks ago (basically a matte cream lipstick that doesn’t make your lips a dry scabby mess and smells like cake), the Powder Puff shade looks immense with a smoky eye and they cost less than £3. Yes, THREE POUNDS people!

  21. Loving the flick! Thanks for the eyeliner recommendations too – I always end up with another line where it has smudged onto my eyelid so will be trying something new. As for falsie tutorial – yes please! I always end up filling in the gap on my lashline with eyeliner, basically a bodge job!

  22. I love this look! I tend to have a ‘mini flick’ most days but on quite a plain lid… might have to try the bobbi brown gel liner and try a slightly darker shadow 😉

  23. La Ligne de Chanel is a must for the flicky liner look – it’s a powder based “cake” that you paint on with a wet brush. A-mazing! And for lashes it’s got to be We Are Faux. They even have ones with jewels on…

  24. I LOVE this look!! Definitely planning on trying this look for the wedding!! I love Sienna Miller’s look in ‘Alfie’, perfect smokey eyes/ nude lip combo!!

    Those eyelashes look amazing on Vix!! xx

  25. Wow those lashes! Vix looks gorgeous! I’ve not yet mastered the flick and still deciding my wedding day look but loving the nude lips.. x

  26. Absolutely gorgeous! Love love this look and intend to be channelling Bridgette Bardot on the W day! And yes to false lashes post! I wore the Nicola from Girls aloud ones on the weekend but am so rubbish at putting them on myself that i asked the beautician to do it!

    Rachie xo

  27. WOWIE!!!! Vix, you look amazing. I’m SO excited to be in the hands of Mariam next week for my 30th birthday party! If I can look half as gorgeous I’m be so happy! x

  28. Oooooo my likey!!!

    I hoping my big day make-up will look this lovely! I’ve gone for a very similar style!

    Oh yes and more retro tomorrow!!! Whoop whoop what a great RMW week!

  29. Niiice – that is basically my daily look (and has been for about 10 years, I have several variations according to how late I get out of bed in the morning!) but I think it will be my wedding day look too, I love it so much! MAC gel eyeliner with a BeneFit angled brush for the win, and @Lynsey B, with you all the way on the Collection 2000 Cream Puffs – I was wearing mine in Powder Puff today when I met my new boss, and he thought I was 24 (when I’m really 31!)x

  30. I love your make-up posts!

    Really helpful thank you : )

    Charlotte – would love to read a post about how to apply perfect false eyelashes.

    Miranda xx

  31. Wow this is great, it looks glam but not OTT. There is a fine art to creating dark eyes and this look is perfect, particularly at your wedding where you dont want to end up looking vampy! I can see that the eyeliner applied in the right way removes the need for overdoing it with dark eyeshadow! I must admit i am still terrified of using black eyeliner and will be asking someone with as steady a hand as Mariam!! If any of you girls need a slightly cheaper version of a nude pallette with hints of highlight in i (for cheek bones and underneath browline) i have found a great ‘allrounder’ in the form of Body shop shimmer waves in ‘Blush’ at £16. You can use it on your eyes and cheeks, i have had so many compliments on it. Another tip for you are doing your own wedding makeup is invest in some good make up brushes, application can make all the difference!! And you dont have to feel bad about it because you will then continue to use them post wedding 🙂 . I would love to see a make up post of 1950’s style makeup (again not OTT stuff). Something classic elegance and soft. Im trying to create a 40/50’s feel to our wedding but not in the ‘rock and roll’ wedding with short dresses etc, like a breakfast at tiffanys, audrey hepburn classis look. I’ve always been a pearl girl!! xx

  32. Love the lip colour. Oops, did it just fall into my online shopping basket?

    Would love a tutorial on false lashes but also perhaps some thoughts on semi-permanent extensions too? A friend of mine had them done and they looked amazing, no mascara running during tearful moments and lasted her whole honeymoon too. Magic.


  33. Doesn’t Vix have a great smile!

    I love playing with false lashes. Individual ones are my fave, they look much more natural and it really is practice makes perfect!

    I’m getting the ‘Blink and Go’ semi permanent lash extensions next week to trial for W day! x

  34. i’ve never really been great with make up, i do the ‘daytime’ barely there cover the spots, etc reasonably ok, but wanted more for my wedding. so got it done by a fab make up lady Stephanie J, not ott at all, but boy could you see the difference and false eyelashes, what a revelation! i’d love to give it a go myself so this tutorial gives me a starting point. Now for some make up shopping!x

  35. You look fabulous! I’m not into make-up really – it’s an achievement when I get a sweep of mascara on in the day (that’s what I get for having two children under 3 I guess!!) but I’m really keen on perfecting a make-up look for my special day(s) – a more natural look for my intimate family ceremony in the Lake District and a more full on glamour look for my reception / 30th party. Would love to try falsies but SO unconfident with them. 17 months to practice!!

  36. @Charlotte They are little tubes of velvety feeling, matte-looking, cake smelling lip cream! I used to wear MAC Myth which is a really thick matte but if my lips weren’t in tip top condition it was a flakey mess. I don’t really get that with the little cream puffs. I’ve got Powder Puff (a sexy nude) and Fairy Cake (a cute matte coral which looks great with a tan).

  37. as a self confessed make up junkie, can i just say that i’m ruddy glad i just got paid!!

    vix – you look gorgeous

    mrs r x x x x

  38. I agree that the Bobbi Brown gel pots are the best – no budging it once it’s on (although you can smudge it if you’re nippy). And their brown is still intense but not quite as full on as black. But I like it with a siren red pout rather than a nude lip.

    And I too have a love of gingham…

  39. This is pretty much my go to look – except for the lashes, I can never get false lashes to stay on properly. I usually get frustrated half way through putting them on and end up going out without. Maybe I’ll have to be brave (and patient) and have another go.

    Great tutorial, and a few more things on my shopping list now!

  40. Beautiful! This is my favourite look also….and the one i will be getting the lovely Kirsty to do for moi in 5 months time. Just classic & sexy, i mostly always go for this on a night out. If i am wearing a plainer dress i add a slick of rouge on the lips.

    with regards to falsies…. practice makes perfect. Maybe it is because i wear contacts so used to being in about my peepers? who knows but if you do not have a pair pf tweezers to hand i use a kirby grip.


  41. Yay! This exactly the look I want for my wedding day! Great to have tips on which brands/equipment to use! How to apply falsies would be great. I’m thinking of lash extensions for mine?! Anyone else had them done before?!

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