I Was Made For Lovin’ You Baby… Part 2

Are you ready for George and Harriets reception? We are moving from Holy Trinity Church to Marton Farm Camping and Caravanning Club site in Warwickshire.

…Did I say Reception?.. Festival might be more appropriate.

We have bands, we have camping, we have wellington boots and we have Jo at Raw Photographers capturing it all perfectly. People are dressed up and there’s colour everywhere

This Isn’t Just Chocolate Cake…

Not being the biggest fans of fruit cake and royal icing we ordered a chocolate cake from Marks and Spencer. It came iced fairly plainly but my mum and I decorated it with an abundance of chocolate. We used truffles, chocolate buttons, milkyway stars and malteasers and covered it from top to toe. When it was unveiled there was a gasp from all the children there as it was like a big kids birthday cake.

Mixing It Up.

When our guests arrived at the reception we had a band called Happy Jazz. This was a four piece band with lots of brass playing old Charleston style music. It created a nice back ground ambience as our guests mingled with drinks. Then we had a couple of friends DJ whilst we had the first dance and a bit of a bop.

For the evening entertainment we had a couple more bands starting with The Balkan Bandits. They were truly amazing and hugely entertaining! They had an eastern European gypsy sound and got everyone dancing. They were followed by The Bahgdaddies who had a slightly more Ska influence and entered the tent in a procession playing their instruments and serenading me at the beginning. A nice touch. Later on we had another friend DJing. So there was a real mix of music throughout the day.

Let’s Kiss.

Our first dance was to a ‘Kiss’ song called, ‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You.’ We had been together for almost eleven years before we got married so along the way we have collected quite a few songs that are meaningful for us, however not many of them were very appropriate. We heard this one on the radio not long before we got married and just loved it. Not only did we like the lyrics but we liked that its silliness stopped it being too cheesy.

A Fruitful Task.

Originally we hadn’t planned on having favours but we got a bit carried away. We embarked on the mammoth mission of making a pot of jam or marmalade for every guest. This took night after night of boiling up batches of fruit from my mum’s allotment but it was a nice touch for everyone to have something homemade. We also got a pair of rainbow glasses for each guest. These look a bit like the old-skool style 3D cardboard glasses but when you look through them rainbow patterns appear everywhere.

Tom, the best man, also made medallions for everyone. They were clear perspex coin-like discs with our names and the date and a big smiley face etched on them. Each one was strung up with gingham ribbon. We have some great pics of people wearing them along with the glasses. I think people really appreciated receiving something with such a personal touch.

Scandinavian Design.

As the marquee was plain white, we wanted to add as much colour as possible. The colour scheme went completely out the window at this point and it was a case of anything goes. My mum made metres of bunting in bright colours and seaside-stripes. This was topped up with more bunting that was borrowed from our village. The ladies of the village had made miles of it for the Long Itchington Beer Festival and carnival. Along with friends we also made willow and tissue paper sculptures which we put lights inside.

The table cloths were made from cheap duvet covers from Ikea which were cut in half and then into circles. They worked out about £2 a table cloth and I had been quoted £12 a table cloth to hire them so we made a great saving, plus they were white with pretty blue flowers printed on them that went really well with everything else. Ikea also came in handy for candles and lanterns for the tables. We hung up a huge string of coloured bulbs and hung a cheap plain white paper lampshade on each bulb (also from Ikea for only 50p each). When dusk fell the multi-coloured orbslooked fantastic.

Camping Down.

I think it could have been easier for us to go to a hotel and have the standard package deal but it was important to us to make our wedding truly ours and hiring services separately definitely gave us more choice. We have also been to lots of weddings that have cost us a fortune as guests. Luxury rooms and hotel bars definitely put a strain on the wallet. We chose a campsite as our venue so friends that had travelled far didn’t have to worry about the cost of accommodation. This also meant that the party carried on for longer as people made a weekend of it. It also created the far more relaxed and informal atmosphere that we hoped to achieve.

Venue – Marton Farm Camping and Caravanning Club site

Cake – Heavily modified! Marks and Spencer

Festival Line-up – Happy Jazz

Festival Line-up – The Balkan Bandits

Festival Line-up – The Bahgdaddies

Bits and Bobs – Ikea

Photographer – Jo Lewis at Raw Photographers

At Rock My Wedding we have an obsession with all things ‘caravan’ that borders on the ever-so-slightly insane… so this wedding was always going to get noticed!

Thanks to George and Harriet, and to Jo Lewis at Raw Photographers for sharing this one with us.


18 thoughts on “I Was Made For Lovin’ You Baby… Part 2

  1. Goodness gracious, there is so much going on here, it’s going to take me a few more peeps at the pictures to truly take in all the cool details in this wedding.

    I can’t decide if I prefer the massive chocolate cake, the homemade jams or the take-home CD most. And I’m sure i’ve missed a dozen other pieces….

    Wow, this is truly your wedding your way. Amazing!

  2. So I may be a few years past being a child but I totally did a gasp too when I saw the cake!
    Any left overs send them this way thank you please. x

  3. Hi guys, yup a festival indeed. I too really love the style and finish of the stationery – it suits the mood perfectly.

    Can I just make a quick clarification about today’s photographer.

    Raw Photographers (sisters Jo and Julie) shot this wedding.

    They are not to be confused with Raw Photography (Helen and Kenny).

    I did once or twice make reference to Raw Photography in the text today incorrectly… which I have now sorted!

    Sorry if this caused any confusion – I was clearly distracted by the beautiful bridesmaid dresses and that guy in the massive top hat!


  4. Oh my lordy! Love this wedding! Dying to know what font they used, or was it stamps? I’ve been looking for that exact typeface!

    Beautiful wellie boots too. xx

  5. AWESOME! Gasped out loud when I saw THE cake. Photography is amazing and Harriet looks so, so pretty – her whole outfit just Rocks! Congrats!

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments guys.
    The font was a stamp. It was actually a kids printing set so it was a bit of a labour of love hand printing some all the brown paper envelopes. Obviously for the more complex designs on the cd cases and jam labels i mass printed from my original design.

  7. Wow, I look at this blog pretty much everyday and imagine my surprise when the local church popped up!
    So bizarre that you used all that bunting, as I drive through Long Itchington every day and wondered where it all went and whose it was! Lovely wedding, love the festival vibe and everyone camping together, fabulous Xx

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