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Ideas For Wedding Favours – That Your Guests Will Actually Love

It’s been a while since I last shared an inspirational post with you all so what better then than to focus on ideas for wedding favours. Granted it’s a contentious issue because let’s be honest it continues to split folks into two camps. Those that love a favour and those that don’t really see the point of them. I know that I’m not exactly your typical guest in that I can remember the wedding favour of every single wedding I’ve attended. I’m a sucker for sentimentality but so many of my friends have openly admitted to me that they’d rather the bride and groom save their pennies or popped it behind the bar instead.

Today’s post then is all about giving you lovely lot some ideas for wedding favours that your guests will really love, enjoy and perhaps find useful too. It might even persuade those of you who aren’t that bothered about the treats onto the other side of the fence. Here’s hoping anyway…

Ideas For Wedding Favours

Drink Me

Drink me! Drink me! Who doesn’t love a bottle of spirits next to their place setting at a wedding?! Imagine my absolute joy when I was particularly chuffed to see that our Creative Director Adam had Hendricks Gin favours when we attended his wedding in September. They went down a treat!

My absolute favourite though has to be miniature bottles of champagne complete with silk bows and calligraphy adorned labels. They look immense and frankly I wouldn’t mind being a guest at a wedding where they’ve got this going on. Whilst they might be a tad on the pricey side, it’s worth investigating if you can take advantage of purchasing the alcohol in bulk so that you get a bit of a discount or perhaps weigh up the costs of providing your guests with a mini bottle of fizz for the toasts versus the venue providing them. The kids could even get involved too with bottles of old-fashioned lemonade.

If you’re a wizz in the kitchen or even have a glut of sloes or damsons it’s worth considering making your own gin/cordial which you can bottle up into teeny bottles complete with a luggage label scrawled with your guests’ names. You’ll have fun making it and could even save a bottle to toast to each other on your 1st anniversary.

Beautiful & unique wedding favours your guests will actually love including edible and drinkable gifts and fun and eco-friendly ideas

Grow Me

With the desire for more sustainable living in our day to day lives, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen a huge surge in the popularity of eco-friendly wedding favour ideas that use recycled materials and natural components. If we’re recycling, growing our own, attempting to be carbon-neutral in our day to day lives, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t apply the same principles to our wedding day too.

Gifts of seeds in brown paper packages customised with a sweet message and plants potted up in terracotta or antiqued pots, lovingly placed at each table setting are something we’re seeing more and more and more of. They are the perfect example in my opinion of double duty wedding favours: personalised treats for guests that double up as a place name too whilst adding interest and vibrancy to the tablescape at the reception itself.

Presentation is key when it comes to nailing this particular theme. Burlap wraps around conventional pots add a rustic twist, recycled tin cans add an industrial vibe (just make sure you drill some drainage holes in the bottom) and everyday seed packets are taken to the next levels if presented in a battered wheelbarrow – perfect for the gardeners amongst you.

Not only is this type of favour kind on the pocket but folks then feel honoured that you’ve taken the time and effort to really provide something special for them on your big day.

Beautiful and unique wedding favours your guests will actually love including edible and drinkable gifts and fun and eco-friendly ideas

Use Me

Frankly, you can’t beat a favour that has some use after the confetti has blown away and the last of the fizz has been consumed. Favours that have an element of longevity, much like the green and gorgeous favour ideas above, always seem so much more budget-friendly from a cost per use perspective.

I love the idea of customised pencils; inscribe them with your wedding date or even a phrase that means something to you as a couple and then ask your guests to fill up your guestbook with their new writing implements. If you’re feeling flush then you could also pair the pencils up with a small notebook too. If you’re a summer bride provide fun shades for each of your guests and a personalised camera for the table so they can snap photos of other friends and family wearing them. Marrying in the winter? Why not hand pour candles into mini jars and garnish with evergreens for a romantic flourish.

Bottles of bubbles go down well with big and little kids alike…again opt for customised designs to provide the personal touch and I love these vintage inspired clothes pegs in the moodboard below… It’s not something I’ve seen before. On my own wedding day I gave my guests antique champagne saucers that I’d collected over the course of my planning journey and five years on they’re still talking about them which makes me feel all gooey inside.

Beautiful and unique wedding favours your guests will actually love including edible and drinkable gifts and fun and eco-friendly ideas

Eat Me

Typically wedding favours do tend to centre around those of the food variety and my own experience is no exception. You name it, I’ve had it – we’re talking macaroons, sweets, fudge and jam. Not anything savoury as yet though. All utterly delicious and universally loved by guests and happy couples alike.

Lately, I’ve seen more unusual takes on the foodie theme, no doubt inspired by our cousins over the pond, including everything from s’mores kits, pickles in customised jars, bags of coffee beans and even specially picked tea. I love how couples are becoming more inventive with the gifts they share with their guests.

If you’re lacking ideas for wedding favours, why not look to the season you’re marrying in. If you’re having a summer wedding, a tiny punnet of fresh cherries would look adorable in a customised paper bag or punnet like in the moodboard above here. Equally, Christmas nuptials call for a tin of a mulled wine mix and a homemade mince pie in a sweet box.

I’m always smitten with foodie favours that have been set up as part of the overall wedding decor. Display of jars of jam for example, paper bags of almonds and cellophaned fancies piled up in towers. Don’t feel that you are obliged to place these treats at guests’ place settings, instead showcase them wherever you feel they will be shown off to their maximum advantage.

Add the final flourish to your favours by taking the time to customise them with your names and your wedding date. For jars of jam or honey it’s worth investing in some bespoke labels or stickers which you can apply to a standard jar and immediately they become something special. For my own wedding I opted for sugared almonds – yes such a cliche but I love them – and popped them into metallic bags that were attached to my guest’s name tags shaped like a shield. It just made a conventional wedding favour that little bit different.

Beautiful and unique wedding favours your guests will actually love including edible and drinkable gifts and fun and eco-friendly ideas

Are you giving your guests favours? Will they be food-related or something more unusual?

Are you completely indifferent to favours as a whole? Perhaps you think it’s all a waste of time?


Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

4 thoughts on “Ideas For Wedding Favours – That Your Guests Will Actually Love

  1. These do look lovely, but personally i’m not sure they are worth it as so many people leave them behind – i’d rather put that money on drinks or into the venue decoration!

    1. That’s a shame Gemma, I’ve never been to a wedding where the favours have been left behind. Although I do absolutely agree on spending YOUR budget where you please xxx

  2. Hi, I want to know where to get those cotton drawstring bags with love written on it and it’s size/dimensions. And how big was the lemonade glass bottle?


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