If The Shoe Fits.

So then…..

Let’s talk about one of woman kinds most delectable obsessions. Because let’s face it folks, what was it that led Prince Charming to the most beautiful bride in all of story book fiction?

Her flowing golden locks? Her pouffy swishy ballgown? Her ability to cook a mean Sunday roast?

No, Nope and triple Nada.

What lured his royal handsomeness to our favourite fairytale heroine was in fact the most perfectly fitted high-heeled SHOE.

And because the RMW team like to give you what you want, we have searched the United Kingdom far and wide for the prettiest soled fancy available. You lovelies have been asking and asking for this particular inspiration so we hope there is at least one pair here that makes your heart skip a beat ( and your Bank Manager not have an actual heart attack)

Usually I like to finish these style savvy pieces with my favourite, this time however I’m going to start with the one I love the most – variety being the spice of life and all that.

The Cream Of The Cinderella Crop

The ANA peep toe court by Ted Baker, made from a sexy shiny textured leather. I can’t imagine anything more glamorous poking out from beneath your bridal gown. £140.

Charlotte’s “Go With Everything” Picks

If you really want a colour pop but are concerned about a potential W-day frock clash then you can’t go wrong with soft greys and muted neutrals, they work with both bright white and ivory.

Dune have come up trumps with this seasons glitzy toe-detail selection that could just as easily be worn to the office Christmas party ( if you even need “another wear occasion” to justify a purchase that is)

From left, Jadored £110, Gerard £250 and Jezzamina £110.

Attention Grabbing Metallics

I have never owned a gold shoe. But I would VERY much like too – especially if they were as gorgeous as the diamante studded Gisella platform from French Connection. £95.

And if gold isn’t your fairytale thing then how about bronze? these Haisley beauties from Miss KG are just the prettiest and a bargain at only £65.

Subtle And Sophisticated Satin

If girly pearly princess is your choice du jour then the Harmony by Kurt Geiger maybe right up your street. Another poke-out-from-underneath-your-gown winner. £110.

Something blue? something sparkly? something chic? Well then, Jitterbug also by Kurt Geiger ticks all of the requirement boxes. £100.

Cinderella’s ACTUAL Pair?

If I were to take a genuine guess as to what shoes Madam ‘Rella actually wore to dance the night away with her ultimate fantasy man then I would simply say this: Crystal Encrusted.

Because seriously – if you were allocated a fairy godmother that could deliver ANYTHING you desired you just would wouldn’t you?

And if you want a similar look for the Big Day then I suggest you check out Benjamin Adams, they offer closed toe, peep toe and sexy sling-back swarovski ladened styles.

From left: Gaga £250, Charlize £299 and Electra £250.

Oh and if you missed our big dress special “Cinder-Freakin-Rella” a few weeks back then go take a sneaky peek. And we have even more fabulous fairytale fashion on it’s way over the coming weeks 😉

Big Tell Us What Fancy Cinderella Slipper YOU Will Be Wearing Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

30 thoughts on “If The Shoe Fits.

  1. This time it’s you costing me money Charlotte!

    I LOVE the jitterbug… am having something of a moment over insects in interior design and these are so edgy-cool.

    I want to go to a Halloween party… wearing pretty bugs on my shoes. Perfect for an edgy winter wedding.


  2. Aw come on Charlotte, you could have at least sneaked one pair of Louboutins/ Blahniks/ Choos in there, who cares about the bank manager?!

    Dune seem to be the wedding shoe shop now don’t they? I like the fact that they cater for little didders like me and stock a fair few platform soled sparklers, we don’t all want to be comfy on our wedding day! 🙂

    J’adore shoes, they can never make your bum look big.

  3. Freaky, I was just thinking about this in a meeting we just had (Monday = levels of concentration = poor).

    I always thought I’d go for something high street. My thoughts were that I would wear them for one day, they would get completely trashed and covered in grass stains and I would rather spend the extra £400 between high street and Laboutins on my dress.

    Then I tried on THE DRESS at the weekend and in the dressing room were the most perfect pair of Choos in the world (unfortunately I can’t find them on the Choo website which may be a drawback but gives me something to work on).

    I always promised myself I would have a pair of Choo’s for my graduation. Then at graduation I was going to law school so I thought I’d be better saving the money for another two years of student-ville. THEN I said I’d get them for my law school graduation and I couldn’t go because I was too busy at work. THEN I said I’d get some on my one year anniversary of working in banking but the credit crunch hit and I didn’t get the expected bonus.

    Needless to say I am now saying WHEN I turn thirty which is six months before W-Day.

    Now I am saying THEN.

    P.S. I also love the blue KG’s. I may also get these. Do they do them in any other colours?

    Dear Mr KG, please do them in Nude. Kind regards

  4. Oh my God. Stop Press

    The Jittererbugs come in Pink also.

    Come on Mr Geiger. THIS SEASON WE ARE LOVING NUDE (please in a non rude way).

  5. I had already pointed out the Harmony ones to my mum the other day!! They are so gorgeous, not too high so no “God I’m towering over my man” moments. But just high enough that you would still feel sexy in them. However if my budget stretched that far I would literally kill for a pair of louboutins/Choos. I’m secretly hoping that all the hints I’ve dropped (hints meaning me leaving net-a-porter open on the exact page) will pay off. A girl can dream.

  6. I got my Christian Louboutins Greissimo in deep delicious purple last week! They are a whole 5 inches high making me 5″7.. My Boy is 6″3 so now towering over my Boy at all!!

    I think I love them more than I love my dress.


  7. Cinderella shoes? I’m thinking more Ugly Sister! I’m plank-footed (I’ve mentioned this before on here. Not that I’m hung up or ANYTHING!). My feet are like paddles. I would gladly cut off two toes and two inches of my rectangle-shaped feetto fit into a pair of Choos, Ginas or Manolos. I’ve tried. Think a muffin top on skinny jeans and you get the picture. So, instead of a bank-busting, ill-fitting (on me) designer pair, I will be wearing pretty High Street pumps with diamante and corsages on W Day. I figure my dress will be constricting breathing/damaging internal organs so at least the feet will be happy.

    I love ALL the shoes above and will now sit in the corner and weep 🙂 xxxx

  8. https://www.net-a-porter.com/product/81155

    What about those for ‘completely wearable but you wouldn’t dare because they’re so beautiful, and you might need to re-mortgage the house just to pay for them’ W-day shoes?!!

    Can you imagine if it rained?!!!!! I would just employ people to carry me if I could have those sparkly wonders!!

  9. I’m totally going down the ruby slippers route. I’ve got a pair of gorgeous red satin round-toed courts which I picked up new and unused on eBay and I’m planning to cover them in crystals while sitting in front of the TV in the many months I have to go before the wedding.

  10. Am literally dreaming (having nightmares) about shoes at the moment. In a mad rush last time I was back in the UK I panic bought a lovely nude Dune pair, that are totally beautiful.

    But they are 4″ high, which look wonderful, but make me the same height as the man, which we’d both really rather didn’t happen. Anyone got any ideas for still sexy (although non-strappy, it’s November people) shoes that are about 3″ high?

    I’ve searched EVERYWHERE….

  11. Mr K just walked in on me reading this and asked “are you actually hormonally tuned to look at shoes all day”?

    I love the bronze, and the grey. Also ditto Rebecca on Jitterbug.

    If I didn’t love Mr K so much I’d quite like to be Mrs KG.

  12. You really do know how to channel my brain!
    Had toted with sequin ballet pumps, comfortable, cute and I wouldn’t look like a giant. Then a friend reminded me that with flats I slouch. Slouchy bride not a good look!
    I bought the KG Jitterbugs in black and love them, I wore them for my 30th birthday and had planned to get the pink for the wedding, but… Ladies they are a bit uncomfortable and make me taller than the Mr,
    So what to do?
    I have loved the lady dragons in every wedding picture that I’ve seen them in, tracked down the pearl colour on ebay in my size and they are on their way to me, from Luxembourg. Showed the picture of them to my mum,she looked horrified, she has a red and white colour problem, apparently my Nan used to tell her that it reminds her of blood and bandages from the war. Honestly?!?
    Help!!!! My dress is a big pouffy princess number and I want to look cool. What would you do?

  13. Ooh yummy gorgeous shoes, too many to choose from but I like Haisley and Jitterbug!

    Fliss – I always thought would get some CL or Choo’s for our wedding but in the budget wouldn’t stretch that far but I found these beautiful ones from Paradox (Moonstone). I had the same problem with height as my hubby ins’t that much taller than me so couldn’t wear big sky scrappers either, these were not strappy so your tootsies won’t be too cold in November (we got married in March and it rained all day!) and I had them dyed purple to match the BM dresses which meant I’ve been able to wear them again since, they were pretty comfy too considering I didn’t even bed them in!!


    hope that helps, if you don’t like those ones I’m sure they have different styles without the massive heel, good luck hope you find some -) x

  14. I tried on the BA sparklers, but feared for my poor dresses life since they were rather ‘catchy’, the silk taffeta wouldnt have stood a chance

    I’m going to follow in our Jennys footsteps and get a pair from bespoke big day xxx

  15. It seems that in my complete excitement over the amazing shoes I forgot to spellcheck my last post and it makes no sense at all!

    What it should have said is…..Seeing as I’ll still only be 5″7 even in my 5 inch beauties and my boy is 6″3 I will NOT be towering over him at all – he’ll still be towering over me!

    Ladies – loving all the shoes on here!


  16. I bought the KG glitterbugs in black last year for Christmassy outings (with a matching handbag!) and love them to bits.

    I’m currently obsessing over the sparkly studio 120 peep toe pump CL numbers that I’ve seen and know they’d be my ideal wedding shoe, but just don’t think I can justify the price, especially considering I’m sat re-jigging the guest numbers as we speak!
    I have to try and cut down our spending as I came back from the wedding show yesterday having booked a photobooth amongst other non-essential things! – oops

    But shoes….I love them all

  17. Love love love shoes! I had planned on blowing my budget on an amazing pair of loub’ but found ‘The Dress’ first and had spent all my money.
    I didn’t want White or nude as I want to be able to wear them in the future, I like the idea of going out for dinners in my ‘wedding shoes’ for years to come.
    I ended up on a huge hunt for just the right shade of red shoe, not to dark and not too bright and after 6months of no luck my bridesmaid found the perfect deep berry red court in Agent Provocateur, of all places!
    Perfect. Cannot wait to wear them in… Ohhh…. 12 days!

  18. I wish I wore high heels! Please could we have some lower heels included next time too – I did enjoy the shoe candy tho!
    I had Benjamin Adams shoes for my wedding – completely covered in crystals! Everytime I went for a fitting my mum (also in love with them) ohhhhed and ahhhed at these shoes but at £400 were a little over budget! However, when I went for my final fitting they were heavily reduced – FATE! So we had to have them on the promise mum could borrow them and we could wear them everywhere! My wedding shoes found me and I LOVE them! 🙂

  19. This couldn’t have come at a better time – I am OBSESSED with finding the perfect shoes at the moment! Harmony may be on the shortlist – just gorgeous. Must. Stop. Googling. Wedding. Shoes!!!

    Or – more please RMW! 😉

  20. Two dilemmas re: my wedding shoes:
    a) LizzieMc I’m with you, the designers of all those oh-so-beautiful shoes don’t make beautiful shoes even remotely the same shape as my I-wish-they-were-slim-and-pretty feet…but I may be willing to dispense with the comfort if I find THE perfect shoes.
    b) I am the same height as my H2B so want to wear lower heels, so I’m also with July2010, it would be fab if RMW could find some elegant and equally beautifil lower/kitten heels or even flats to feature.

    Pretty (shoes) please??

    (Formally posted as Fliss til I realised there’s another Fliss posting on here – not often that happens 🙂 )

  21. Oh.Sweet.Lord.

    Am running away to hide and pretend that I didnt see any of these….Mr B if you are reading: Jitterbug’s in size 5 shall revive me!


  22. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm shoe porn

    My name’s recyclenow and I’m addicted to shoes – there, I said it.

    Last year I set myself a challenge not to buy any clothes of shoes for a whole year (don’t ask why – to this day I have no idea!). Clothes – psaw, not a problem. Shoes on the other hand – cue much wailing and gnashing of teeth over pretty shoes that I WASN’T ALLOWED!!

    I already have 2 pairs of ‘wedding’ shoes, have my eye on a further 3 options (one of which is Harmany) AND have now been offered a hand made pair by a friend at work who’s getting into shoemaking – how great is that??!!

    (a: not that great if you’re mr r.now!!)

    I think I may have to go and lie down…

    r.now x x x x

  23. Hi had Emmy shoes for my wedding – I would thoroughly recommend them, they can do practically anything you want and are sooo comfortable!

  24. Saw those Kurt Geiger Jitter Bug shoes and fell in love with them. Then went on the Kurt Geiger website and saw them in Pink. Queue me drooling uncontrolably over my lap top, desperately trying not to clink “Add to basket”. I managed to not buy them for all of 10 hours…… (Whilst i was asleep) Then immediately went to my laptop when i woke up and bought them! Oops! My wedding isn’t until 2012! I’m anxiously waiting for them to arrive so i can ooohhh and aahhhh over them 😀 xx

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