If You Only Have One Day.

Imagine if you only had one day, just one day to do all the things you always said you would but never did.

All the things that you dream about, are more than perfectly possible……. but you just never get around to.

Know what I mean?

And no I’m not being morbid. Not at all. Just trying to tell all you lovelies (and at the same time tell yours truly) that life is too short to waste worrying about planning your wedding 24/7 (it will be great regardless promise) or that your bum “looks big in this” or that today you ate two feast ice lollies (I did) and don’t have time to go to the gym (I don’t).

And on my list of things I would do if I only had one day?

I would have a picnic on the beach with Mr O’Shea. I would feel the sun on my skin and the warm sand under my toes. I would wear the prettiest dress I owned and I would go swimming in the sea……um, probably wearing the dress.

Oh. And I would have another feast ice lolly. Or five.


Laura and Gavin did pretty much everything I would like to do on their seaside engagement shoot and they looked like they had an absolute blast. All of the easy breezy images are courtesy of Jordan and Ines at Source Images.

Gavin and I have been boyfriend and girlfriend since we were 15 years old. When we get married in August this year we will have been together for a whole decade. But I’m going to be honest here – although I feel more comfortable with Gavin than anyone else in the whole wide world, I never ever expected to feel as awkward as I did during the start of this engagement shoot. I carefully thought about what to wear (Vivien of Holloway dress bought especially on a girly weekend a year ago) and the location of our engagement shoot (easy decision – the setting of one of our first teenage dates), but I didn’t give a moment’s consideration about how to smile when you’re smiling down a big fat camera lens. I didn’t think about where I would put my arms, or what to do with my hands, or how to keep my hair out of my mouth in the wind.

Or any of those things!

First five minutes went something like this…

Jordan: “Laura relax. Smile. No, smile naturally.”
Me: (through clenched teeth) “Like this?”
Jordan: “Uh no, not quite. Don’t smile for a second. Now smile. Hmm. Gavin make her laugh. Hmm. Gavin, give Laura a kiss.”
Gavin: “Urgh gross. Really? I can see people over there.”
Jordan: “Just do it. Well done. Hmm. Now Laura don’t look so scared. He’s just kissing your cheek.”

We were rubbish! And normally we’re both really quite good at smiling!

But after 10 minutes or so, we did start to relax. Ines quickly saw what was happening so started to pull faces at us behind Jordan’s back. Gavin had some fun trying to throw me into the sea and a very posh and very lovely Southwoldian lady came up to me to compliment my dress “I must say what an absolutely beautiful dress dear.” A little giggle and a little praise was all I needed! We then had so much fun for the rest of the day.

We took Jordan and Ines to our favourite deli for some snacks, had a beer in our favourite pub, watched the weather turn from glorious sunshine to cloudy, angry rain and back again and we did not stop talking.

Many months ago, after having met up with several photographers I emailed the lovely Charlotte for some help and she told us to meet Jordan and Ines. They managed to see us in Birmingham where we are currently living, squeezing us in after exhibiting at the NEC Wedding Show and before heading off to Charlotte’s 30th birthday party! We knew straight away they were what we were looking for. Fun, young, interesting and bloody good at their work (look at these pictures, not a clenched teeth smile in sight!). It was a done deal.

Our day with them proved we’d made the right choice and on the day I really think it will feel like two friends are taking our pictures.

We’re getting married in the summer back at ‘home home’ again. The wedding will be held in a church situated on the top of a cliff overlooking a different Suffolk beach, with two stubborn sheep who like to roam around the graveyard. Then we’re off to a big barn for the party. No real colour scheme and no real theme; just a mix of all different things we like – a “pretty mess” is the oxymoron my Mum last used to describe it. Thanks Mum!!

I need three hands to count the number of people who’ll be at our house on the morning of the wedding, but knowing Jordan will be there is a relief – he is so professional and knows what he is doing so well I feel it will all go smoothly even amidst all the chaos. Knowing Ines will be with Gavin to check he is out of bed on time, has brushed his hair and isn’t wearing white socks is an even bigger bonus!

Can’t flippin’ wait!

Photographers – Jordan and Ines at Source Images

So then you gorgeous lot.

What would you do if you only had one day?

And yes that means be as simplistic or as wild as you like, after all, it’s Monday and it’s probably yawn-worthy boring in the office right?. Let’s entertain ourselves with a bit of fantasy living…..

Big Lolly Love

Charlotte xxx

P.s If not the whole beach/picnic thing I might hire a private jet to NYC, spend a fortune in Bloomingdales (did I mention money was no object on “this day”?) then get to Vegas in record time wearing some fabulous outfit…. where Mr O’Shea and I and all of our nearest and dearest drink cocktails and go dancing until the early hours….

* sigh*

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

20 thoughts on “If You Only Have One Day.

  1. Hooray for the decade busters. We’re the same although we met on the first day of university aged nineteen.

    I would wake up in the arms of my beloved (two years of working away has made me appreciate the little things I used to take for granted). We’d take croissants and our two respective papers to our spot on the Southbank (telegraph me lefty guardian him) and go to Queens Park in Crouch End. It’s not as amazing as Regents or Hampstead but it’s ‘our’ park. We’d take a good book and sit on our bench with my head in his lap until it started to get cold.

    We’d pick up a Thai on the way home and argue over Britains Got Talent rotting our brains (him yes me it’s entertainment).

    It’s so easy to get caught up thinking you want to be whisked to Mew York and meet at the top of the Empire State. But on my very LAST day I would say (from a greetings card but it’s SO true)….

    ‘if you live to be one hundred, I want to be 100 take a day. So I never have to spend a day of my life without you’.

  2. What a great start to the week-a glorious engagement shoot in Southwold! This is also one of my most favourite places in the world-it’s where my mum and dad live and I love to visit and spend a day strolling on the beach with the sand between my toes and the wind in my hair, eating a big ice cream, admiring the lovely beach huts (there is even one named afte me! Well not after me exactly but someone else with the same name-so I like to think they named it after me!!) and looking out to sea. Finished off by a huge plate of fish and chips on the Pier and a pint in one of the lovely local pubs. It’s so peaceful and relaxing-this too is how I would like to spend my ‘one day’ (with my other half of course!) 

    Failing that-and if money is no option (then I’m with Charlotte on this one) NYC all the way. This is without doubt the other of my most favourite places in the world-there is no other city quite like it!

    Hope you all have a lovely Monday day dreaming about the good
    things in life xx

    P.S. Me and my other half are also ‘decade busters’-having met during our first year of uni (13 years ago to be precise!)

  3. Ah this has dulled the pain that is a miserable Monday morning!
    I love the photo where they’re in the sea and she’s up on tippy-toes.
    One day left…well it would have to start with some ‘couple time’ of course!! Followed by bacon sarnies in bed. Then we’d head to Whitby and it would be lovely and sunny. We would eat fish & chips on the beach and then buy lots of souvenirs whilst having ice creams. We’d finish the day walking along the beach from Whitby to Sandsend, being chased by the tide (have actually done this once and it was lots of fun!). Then I think we’d fall asleep in our own bed.
    Ahhhh. My fiance is away at the Cannes film festival at the moment (lucky bugger) so missing him lots!

  4. One thing I WOULDN’T be doing if I only had one day left is sitting at this goddamn desk! ;P

    I’ll work on a better reply when I have a minute 😉

  5. mrs r.now’s ideal day…

    Go out for lovely long walk along scenic cliff top (via at least one ice cream van), have long, lazy, boozy,delicious pub lunch sitting in sunshine with view of beach, stroll along said beach (and maybe chuck in a bit of body boarding to work off the ice cream!), end with relaxed dinner with our best peeps (where someone else does the washing up) with loads of wine and good food, stay the night in lovely boutique, beach front hotel, knowing breakfast goes ontil 11.

    mr r.now’s ideal day

    get up v early to watch australian grand prix where Williams win race and therefore constructors and drivers championship, have bacon sandwich. go to some kind of tractor/traction engine show and look at said engines all day and talk to men who own them with big beards, have dirty burger from van (poss with bacon), see muse play live set in beer tent, drink beer and have chilli and chips, discover have won lottery, fall asleep planning luxury sports car purchases with winnings.

    mrs r.now x x x

  6. @ LadyFushia – I was about to write EXACTLY that!

    Beautiful shoot. Seriously guys, these are some lovely images and very inspiring for our engagement shoot in 2 weeks’ time! Eek! We’re thinking of taking some props… Thoughts?

    Not quite a decade for us, just the 9 years. Question for all you decade busters – are you going back to 0 for your anniversary? I.e. ‘married for 1 year, but together for 11’…?

    Now I’m going to daydream about my perfect day. And enjoy reading everyone else’s! xx

  7. Ahhh….beautiful engagement shoot….in my local city too!

    If me and my fella only had one day I would want us to go down to the river, near to where we got engaged….where there is a little spot that you can sit, dangling your feet over the edge of the river, hidden by the reeds. It’s THE most peaceful, relaxed spot I have ever been to. We would take a luxurious picnic full of calorific goodies, and a couple of bottles of great wine, and we would sit and talk about the life we’ve had, and spend the afternoon laughing and crying together…mostly laughing though I hope!!

    Thanks for the much needed reminder that life is too short to spend it fretting over the wedding….you are so right (as always!) 🙂


    P.S I’m also up for a trip to NYC if this were a total fantasy and we hadn’t spent all our moolah on wedding stuff!! I fell in LOVE with that city in 2009, and still think about it almost daily!!!

  8. Hahaha Mrs r.now I have to say that my other half’s perfect day would be something similar.

    Except he would Mclaren to win. And to be bestest buds with Lewis. And to be honest if I got to hang around with Jenson that would be pretty darn cool by me.

    Alternatively a perfect day for us would be surfing in the morning on White Rocks Beach in Portrush. So beautiful!!!! The north coast of Ireland is literally our favourite place on earth. Lunch at the local italian where I eat pretty much my own weight in calzone followed by some their monstrously good banoffee pie and icecream. Then some kind of music related activity in the evening. At this precise moment in time based on my current playlist it would be Weezer, Ash, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Noah and the Whale, Muse, Ellie Goulding, Foy Vance, Bell X1, RayLaMontagne and Ben Folds. Oh and errrr Bruno Mars. But I would only want him to play the lazy song. Bit eclectic. Not that any of these people would play together but on my absolutely perfect day we would be jumping around like fools/ swaying to the beat at a music festival specially made for me and the other half where all of these acts alongside the rest of my itunes library make an appearance. With beer. Lots of beer.

    Lovely jubbly.

    Luckily for me, in 7 weeks time, I can pretty much do that! 🙂 Uni will be finished till September (damn 4 year degree), I can go live on the coast and surf when I like, I can reclaim my table in the restaurant I love and I already have a number of summer gigs lined up to go to! Whoop!!!

    This has cheered me right up and given me motivation to crack on with some revision!


  9. p.s. regarding the engagement shoot, seriously beautiful Vivien of Holloway dress, I am considering a purchase for a wedding I am going to and I have to say that this has definitely tipped it towards a patterned dress!

    And you can’t tell that it felt awkward at all! The photos are lovely!

    Oh and if my other half had been picking me up in the sea, gorgeous dress or not, I would have been unceremoniously dumped right into the surf!!! lol!


  10. OMG. This post has come just at the right time for me…This weekend had wedding dress highs and wedding dress lows, and then relationship-with-one-of-my-bridesmaids highs and lows…So, you are so right, and I needed telling: life IS too short to think about our wedding 24/7. Please could you take it in turns to sit on my shoulder and tell em that at appropriate intervals? I just know I’d be more sane if this could be arranged please.

  11. Oh, that shot where he is holding her up and her dress and hair are billowing in the wind – the most gorgeous thing I’ve seen in a long time. I was given a perfect day last week for my birthday – woke up to a champagne and croissant breakfast on our terrace in Spain, then Mr C-S and I made our leisurely way across the meadows by the river in the 26 degree sunshine to the city centre of Salamanca, where we went for wine and tapas and birthday present shopping before a meal out complete with two deserts and a cheeky Spanish waiter. I did realise then that I’d had it about as good as it gets, and so next year will probably have to be rubbish to make up for it!

  12. @Lynsey-Loo – yay for the White Rocks mention – I grew up in Portrush and that’s where we’re having our pre-wedding shoot in a few weeks time! Sadly my attempts to persuade my other half to learn to surf have been met with strong resistance, but that doesn’t mean I won’t end up getting dumped in the sea! Nice to see someone else with good old Norn Irish roots on RMW!

    My perfect day would be involve a giant barbeque on the beach for all my nearest and dearest. The weather would be perfect, obviously. It would also feature a surprise gig by Bruce Springsteen, and there’d be fireworks as the sun set. It would all be so achievable if only Bruce wasn’t so busy…

  13. Ooooh, we have 4 weeks left until we get married and have been invited to Southwold next weekend with friends, I’ve been umming and ahhing about whether I’ll have things to do and whether its a good idea but having seen these pictures I’m definitely going! I reckon I’m allowed to have a weekend off eating fish and chips and not thinking about the wedding (or fitting in to the wedding dress) 2 weeks before right?!
    My last day without a doubt would be with my boy, family, and best friends, probably in the lake district – long walks and long boozy pub lunch/supper, followed by outrageously competitive board games by a log fire.x x x

  14. Ooh this is my best friend! Doesn’t she look gorgeous!! (and Gav does too).

    Southwold is a gorgeous place – lots of lovely shops, pubs to stroll around – go if you get a chance!

    My last day would be croissants and coffee (bacon roll for him) a trip out on our boat with a picnic, then back home for a BBQ in the sun with family and friends…

    His would probably be to have a 24 marathon (with bacon roll, followed by a roast dinner) with our log fire roaring…

    What a lovely way to dream away this blustery and rather chilly day!

  15. @Tracy M – oooooooh i’m sure your pre wedding shots will be gorgeous! Send ’em to RMW!!!! It would be awesome to see the port on site!!!! I’d love to get photos done there! Or maybe White Park Bay – another one of “our” beaches. xox

  16. Love these pictures! 🙂 The beach huts are the perfect setting.

    Jordan and Ines were our wedding photographers and we would recommend them to everyone, they are FAB!

    Esme – props are a very good idea, take a few and then see how you feel on the day! We had a bunch of balloons as a prop for our wedding shots!

    Amy xxx

  17. Aww thanks Bec! It was so lovely to get a text this morning saying “Eeek you’re on RMW!” to distract me from the school Ofsted inspection!

    I’ve loved reading these comments. It’s also nice to hear from people who know where Southwold is 🙂

    Local girls – any recommendations for make up artists? I need help!


  18. oh my god incredible dress! Considering this type of dress as poss bridesmaid option, convinced more than ever now (or maybe keep it for myself?).

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