Natasha of Natasha Jane Headwear is a very determined young lady. She said she wanted to share her new collection with you lovely lot but she wanted us (That’s Team RMW) to see everything in “real life” first.

As in, actually touch the head piece pretty, feel them, put them on our heads (actually I’m not sure this was a pre-requisite but we obviously had to…yes even Adam – he was the FIRST) and generally really see the craftsmanship that goes into such intricate beading.

The new collection is quite simply… exquisite. I won’t ramble on too much as Natasha can do a much better job of explaining the inspiration behind the designs herself but what I will say is this, had these been around when I said “I do” I very probably would.

There is an unexplainable delicate shimmer to each piece that is kind of magnetic.

I would like to wear one whilst luxuriating in the bath.

And if you should fancy a frolic wearing a Natasha-Jane number (aisle, bath-tub or otherwise) then we have a very generous 30% discount code at the end of this post.

I know. Sometimes we’re all kinds of awesome.

The Chione

Natasha-Jane: I chose to exclusively reveal the new Natasha Jane collection on Rock My Wedding because brides following the blog aren’t afraid to be themselves, they want fashionable elements for their wedding and they really want the pretty things which is why I feel my new collection is a perfect fit.

For those of you who don’t know me or my work heres a little background for you (if you know me – you can skip this bit!)

With a BA in Fashion Design and BTEC in general Art and Design it was obvious that I was going to need a creative outlet and as I have always loved jewellery and small intricate design pieces it was clear that crystals and wire was the route for me to take, I’m such a magpie for a sparkly object.

The “Eshe”.

I began creating bridal headbands almost three years ago after I started forming some wire orchids for an art piece I was working on for a friend.
After the piece was complete I continued to make the wire orchids and then other small flowers too, I started attaching them to headbands as I thought the look was very pretty and teamed with crystals could be bridal looking with a twist.

This was the start of Natasha Jane Bespoke Headwear and Bridal Headbands.

The “Isis”.

The New Collection

The collection is made up of six intricate designs Anoushe, Eshe, Isis, Chione, Anya and Manette in prices ranging from £205 – £300. In this collection I have touched upon the art deco period with the swirls and beading but have mainly drawn inspiration from the Egyptian era, picking up on Egyptian artworks and jewellery worn at the time.

I have created each headband with very detailed and delicate beadwork, contrasting Swarovski beads with smaller silver lined glass ones and pewter toned beads to give the headband depth and difference .

Designing and creating the headbands myself allows me to offer brides the opportunity to alter bead colours and wires and to also adjust the look of a design when necessary.

The “Manette”.

Bridal Looks

Brides who are looking for a detailed, unique and pretty headband this is the collection created for you. The headbands sit beautifully with very detailed dresses but they also enhance the look of a more simpler gown adding just enough sparkle for your wedding day.

I can create complimenting jewellery pieces if required and also offer a bespoke headwear design service for brides, bridesmaids and guests looking for an inspirational unique piece.

The “Anya”.

Quality of Materials

I think it is so important to create something good, something that means something to someone and is worth putting out into the world. I’m not one of those people who buys every piece of jewellery I see, instead I buy statement items and pieces of quality which is why I only use the best quality materials for my headband collection.

Swarovski crystal bicones in various colours silver and clear tones, Silver and Gold plated wire and bands and glass beads are all present in the new collection and are packaged in quality Silver embossed, Black boxes.

The “Anoushe”.

Natasha has recently secured RMW favourite Miss Bush Bridal in Surrey as a stockist of the new collection, choosing Eshe, Isis, Chione and Anya which will be available from the middle of August.

Natasha will be exhibiting at The Designer Vintage Wedding Fair 22/23 September and also at The Paragon Hotel on 14th October.

You can claim your special RMW reader 30% discount by visiting the RMW page, the offer is available until Tuesday the 20th August.

Which one is your favourite?

I love the Chione, although it’s so fancy there is no way I would be enveloped in some Matey bubbles…. It would have to be something from Chanel. Or maybe La Mer?

Big Intricate Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

15 thoughts on “Intricate.

  1. Mmm the ‘Eshe’ for me! beautiful. and how very kind to offer such a dizy!

    @Charlotte – there’s nowt wrong with Mr Matey!! Love that stuff x

  2. Natasha’s work really impressed me – so much that I kidnapped her signature art deco bird and can be found wearing it around the shop.
    I am notoriously hard to please – but her incredible creativity and skill was amazing. Really looking forward our pieces arriving!

  3. Go Natasha! She would make a great apprentice for Alan Sugar with her determination and devotion.

    I love the Chione too but I want to be She-ra and wear the Anoushe!


  4. Matey – Is that the bubble bath with the sailor’s cap for the lid? Or have I gone nautically nuts?

    Anyway my favourite is ‘Anoushe’ because it reminds me of medieval maidens (in a good way). I am a time team addict after all.

    Honestly girls you have to see these beautiful pieces to really appreciate them. Natasha finishes the back as perfectly as the front – exquisitely! So much care and attention goes into making them, you’d be proud to wear one on your big day!

  5. Hi Faye,

    The headbands are all designed to be worn as headbands, but I have had brides in the past adjust where the band sits or I have altered headbands to sit differently or even on a comb.

    Thank you for your comment 🙂 XxX

  6. Oh, I’ve always loved Natasha’s headbands, and this collection doesn’t disappoint!! I’m insanely jealous of her talents, but also incredible lucky to have have worn a bespoke headband she made me from my grandmothers jewellery for my own wedding!!!
    She is lovely!! SO happy her works getting the recognition it deserves!

  7. They are delish. If I could get married again (please?) I would definitely check them out – I was completely underwhelmed with my own head garb but ran out of time. Do you think you can wear them to Asda? xx

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