It’s All In The Name….part 2

One of my favourite things to look at when we receive a real wedding submission is the accessories, being a lover of “dressing up” a relatively simple outfit with statement jewellery or fancy shoes I find I can really gain a sense of the brides style from her carefully considered selection.

…And good Lordy is Steph one stylish Madam, if you want to know how to put knitwear with your gown come your winter W-day then look no further, Steph makes it look completely effortless.

Talking of a seasonal soiree, the soft muted colour palette works so well in terms of appearing contemporary whilst remaining both timeless and elegant.

Last but not least I must mention the stationery. Steph made it herself. I think she should go into business as I have never seen anything like it. Talented and uber cool…. I officially have a new girl crush folks.

Hand Tied Pretty

We wanted an informal feel to the flowers which were expertly provided by Julie of “Pink on Green” ( who patiently listened to my ideas over pints of tea and transformed them into beautiful arrangements. She mixed fresh flowers with silk for the larger displays which she kindly loaned us to help with our budget, and arranged the table centres into vintage champagne buckets which we bought on ebay.

I carried a small bouquet of my favourite stems; purple lisianthus, faith roses, freesia, rosemary and eucalyptus hand-tied in wool that cascaded and blended with the textured lace of my dress.

The groomsmen’s buttonholes incorporated wintry thistles, while the table centres contained purple cabbages for an agricultural feel that suited the venue down to the ground!

The Devil Is In The Detail

We designed and created the stationery ourselves which was an epic task in itself, but possibly one of the most important as a graphic designer. The grungy Allsaints inspired look was an unusual approach to wedding stationary, not least because of the Ram skull element, but it really worked and shows that you really do have to take inspiration from within when it comes to something as personal as your own wedding.

The devil truly is in the detail and although it’s extra work it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed, many of our comments have been about the small touches and personal details that make your day stand out as your own.

A lot can be achieved in 4 months, but give yourself 5 if you can!

Personal Favours

We met at Bugjam festival, so found toy cars for the guys favours (though Chris struggled to part with them) which we bought on ebay. The ladies favours were hand crocheted brooches by the multi-talented Rebecca who also sang during our ceremony.

The Very Heart Of The Action

We hired photographer Guy Collier and what we actually got was a friend, counsellor, wedding advisor and overall top bloke. When we first saw his work on Rock My Wedding a few months ago we knew immediately he was our man, so were delighted that he could shoot our wedding.

We had no doubt after our amazing E-shoot with him that our wedding photos were going capture all the special little details and moments that could have been missed in the blink of an eye, and he didn’t disappoint. Every shot is natural and uncontrived, thanks to his ability to put the guests at ease by blending in and getting right into the heart of the action. He didn’t miss a beat. My heart skipped several when the photos arrived.

Inherited Chic

We are fortunate to have random inherited things in the shape of old typewriters, sweet jars and scales which we added to for the table styling. We picked up signage and glassware from various markets and shops, with Barker&May a particular favourite.

The venue expertly recreated the table styling for us, following our every obsessive detail!

Entertaining Inside And Out

We spent the first few years of our relationship locked in a labour of love restoring our campervan but without the need for transport at Gaynes Park we had to come up with an alternative use for it at our wedding… and so the camperbooth ( was born.

We were amazed on viewing the pictures afterwards at how much it was used – guests were lining up at one point and trying out all the props with hilarious results. It was great was to capture groups of family and friends (up to 9 at a time!) having fun in our VW, so much so that we will be hiring it out for other peoples weddings and events so watch this space.

Live music was a must as we wanted to rock the countryside and “The Escorts” did just that. They played a mixture of classics from Elvis to Greenday, with their last song “Good Riddance” filling the dance floor.

The Cheese Tower

Taking inspiration from other entries on Rock My Wedding we decided to go for a cheese cake of champions, a staggering tower of fromage from the passionate & knowledgeable Alex of Androuet. He wowed me with his delicate cheese flowers that decorated the lower tier, with caramelised walnuts and fig rolls.

We served it to our guests in the evening, with hampers of crackers and chutneys alongside Hot dogs and steak sandwiches, while Chris and I tucked into our top tier of goats cheese at the end of the evening while reading our messages.

An Old Favourite

We danced to “Drops of Jupiter” by Train which is an old favourite from when we first met so it was an easy choice.

I dreaded the pressure of dancing in front of an audience so our friends twirled in and joined us towards the end, meaning the dancefloor was full from the moment the band kicked in which really got the party going.

Venue – Gaynes Park Barns

Photography – Guy Collier

Decor Finds – Baker & May

Band – The Escorts

Cheese Cake – Androuet

Things I would Steal from this W-day:

The colour scheme
The pretty paper
The accessories ( I would DIE for those shoes!)
A photobooth in a campervan
The bouquet (can’t believe I didn’t mention that in the intro, ’tis textured and informal, my inspiration for 2011!)

So that will be basically everything then.

With huge thanks to Steph, Chris and Guy Collier for sharing the winter style with Rock My Wedding

Big Knitwear Rocking Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

30 thoughts on “It’s All In The Name….part 2

  1. How much do I love Camperbooth? I will be storing that idea to memory! (We’re 2 weeks off finishing resto on our bus Bertie after 2 years hard graft!)

    LOVE the stationery – absolutely gorgeous, and the frock is a beaut.

  2. Completely in awe of this wedding, so stylish. Love the personal touches and the shoes from part 1 were amazing…..don’t get me started on the stationery! Skulls and ram heads = brilliant.
    Confetti cone picture is my fave 🙂

  3. Things I am loving today…

    – that table plan. Oh me, oh my, how delicate and strong and unusual.
    – the stationary is IMMENSE. So grungy but stylish and fits perfectly with the wedding.
    – the shots of the first dance. Which leads me onto…
    -the bride’s back and shoulders. Yep, Steph, I have back AND shoulder envy.
    – the photography in general. I wasn’t there, but I feel like I was. It’s uncontrived yet captures so much. Especially the shots in the lane next to the field. Perfection.
    – THAT jacket. How must it feel to wear that dress, plus that jacket, and then look down at your feet and see SKULLS? My mind is blown.

    Er…I echo Charlotte. I want the whole thing. (And if I can’t have everything, then the jacket will do me nicely)

  4. What a gorgeous wedding and so many perfect little touches… Steph, where did you get the tags from you used as name places, I have beens searching high and low! x

  5. Stationary cones: simple but awesome, im all ” why didnt i think of that!? and the photography is sublime, just perfect, everything that wedding photography should be. love it.

  6. This is all stunning! Please please please tell me how you printed onto luggage labels so beautifully, my printer hates me! Congratuations – superb job xxx

  7. I really love the paper stuffs. We’re working on ours atm. This is a bit geeky, but please does anyone know the name of the script typeface used on the menu & place tags? Sorry & thanks. 🙂

  8. If you had said to me “Rebecca, wear a wooley jumper and have a camper van with a photobooth” I would have rolled my eyes and been like “as freaking IF”. I am not a fan of anything other than classic and I am not a fan of those camper van things. I am all about the 5* hotel and roll top baths. And Molten Brown thanks very much.

    Then I saw this.


    I LOVE the wool and the stationary. Oh the stationary. And what is the buttoned flower thing? With the gorgeous labels?

    And is that one of the Accessorize window S’s? I am all about stealing shop displays. I currently have 4 seed trays I got from a tip at the garden centre. Take THAT notonthehightstreet personalised £50 a planter.

    I love the photos. I’ve been having an issue with photography – I find it but its too dark/wintery for the feel of the day, the photographers that are light don’t do the “moments” as well. Love this.





  9. love it all- fab stationary!!!
    I really want to know why your tables were named after types of wool!
    Love the campervan booth, trying to think if i know anyone with a cool car or van!

  10. awh right very good, my married name will be Lamb, maybe our tables can be chop-rump-leg of-and mince!
    We are having a table no’s V table names debate at the moment this is helpfull!

  11. love this wedding everything about it and the pics are amazing too!! please please please can you let me know how you printed the names on the luggage tags… this is causing a slight disagreement between me and the boy! i think one thing he thinks another! so pelase can you enlighten me,,,


  12. Love everything about this beautiful wedding, so personal to you both and your individual styles! Congrats guys! This prob sounds like a really geeky question but I LOVE the calligraphy-esque font that’s used on the table names, meu’s and luggage tags. Anyone know what it’s called as I’d love to use it on my invites etc. xx

  13. Such a beautiful wedding, there’s so much pretty to ogle I’ll have to keep coming back for a look just to take it all in.
    I love the dress, flowers, the venue, the camper van booth, perfect!

    Steph, if you’re anywhere near the Midlands, please please let me know when/if you decide to hire out the camper van for weddings, I seriously need to borrow it for our wedding day !!! xxx

  14. You make it all the more worthwhile – thank you for the lovely words! So before my head gets any bigger…

    Gold star for you Rebecca! I did indeed raid the window of accessorize for the woolly “S”, and yes – they thought I was a crazy lady.

    The luggage tags are printed on vintage paper – yep, I hoard weird things.

    The font is inspired by “Jellyka” with some hand doodling of my own thrown in, and the lace printed paper cones are my own artwork. (though the improvised fish and chip cone used by a certain guest served equally as well!)

    The camperbooth will be for hire soon, so say hello at!

    Big Woolley I-want-to-wear-my-McQueen’s-again Love, Steph xxx

  15. Steph! I knew it!

    Unfortunately they didn’t have any R’s so I’m making mine with two large R’s in MDF, separated with newspaper balls, masking tape and then wool over the top.

    I should have just got the “S” and used it on our sweetie table.

    For all those with pink schemes, check out the massive balls of paper flowers in John Lewis. And P.S. They aren’t suitable for spraying white. Otherwise I would.

    All about the upcycling baby

  16. As the ‘Best Woman’ I can honestly say, this wedding was the best I’ve ever been to and I said to Steph, I’m so glad I got married first! I wouldn’t want to follow this! And the fish and chip cone filled with confetti was me. Sorry!

    And those shoes….yeah, I’m thinking of chopping of a toe to make my feet small enough to borrow them…

    Best. Day. EVER x

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