It’s Red, White and Blue Baby….

It was certainly Red, White and Blue folks.

So here it is – my “Cool Britannia” themed 30th…..

Lots of pics and a little bit of “How to” in between.

All images taken by Charlotte O’Shea and Rebecca Norris πŸ˜‰

Flowers: Rebecca arranged red, white and blue anemones in bud vases and silver votives across a tressle table, they were supplied by the very lovely Becky at Blossom.

Hair Accessories: Were fabulous ….and cheap and chips from Dorothy Perkins. You gotta love budget fashion.

Monopoly: We printed off the monopoly locations on A4 paper as “place mats” and adhered them to the bar using double sided sticky tape – in order of price from Old Kent Road right the way up to Mayfair.

Posters: Were from , we purchased a Sex Pistols “God Save The Queen”, a Lock Stock film advertisment, an Andy Warhol Queen Elizabeth and The Beetles Abbey Road album cover, all Β£5.00 each.

Bunting: The union jack bunting was from and was great quality for just Β£14.99. We pinned the bunting across the front of the bar – the monopoly “place mats” featured just above.

Photo Booth: You know I love a prop πŸ˜‰ …. we set up some light boxes ( borrowed) and some union jack flags that were 75p each from our local garden centre (!) and created UK themed boards such as:

More Tea Vicar?
100% British Beef
Cor Blimey
Best Of British
Cool Britannia
It’s Red, White and Blue Baby
Stiff Upper Lip

Cake: My Mum’s genius idea – she designed 3 tiers in red white and blue reading “Rock My 30th”. She’s a diamond my Mum.

Band: were BRILLIANT. We booked The Gatecrashers Party band – they also do weddings….and they are VERY reasonable. If you are looking for a live band for your Big Day be sure to check them out. ( That’s Jess the lead singer in the image with the “I’m with the Band” slogan)

Food: In true Brit style we served bacon butties at 10pm complete with union jack flags made from print outs “double folded” and stuck together on the top of large cocktail sticks.

Jordan and Ines from Source Images ( The O’Shea Big Day wedding photographers) joined us too ( that is Ines with the mighty cool bag) – we managed to get them in the photo booth rather than the other way round!!. Jordan and Ines have a brand new website with some lovely images…go have a peek if you are looking for inspiration.

And in true RMW style no post would be complete without a little video.

Courtesy of Pete aka Mr Contradiction ( that man is a genius with the ‘ol editing)

Enjoy (!)

Um and excuse my diabolical “I am a tree” type dancing….

Rock My 30th from Charlotte O’Shea on Vimeo.

If you have any questions or want to know anything about creating a similar theme please just drop us a comment on the post – we love it when you get in touch…..

Big 100% British Love

Charlotte xxx

P.S The stunner in the white heart shaped glasses stood next to the dude in the blue scarf ( my Dad) is my Nan Lily. She rocks.

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

23 thoughts on “It’s Red, White and Blue Baby….

  1. ah, what a fab post. you girls know how to create a theme. the little flags in the the butties were super cute and the flowers on the table pictures are going in my scrap book!

  2. One word FABULOUS!

    You girls looks gorgeous! Lovin’ the outfits!

    What a rocking party!

    PS: I must say the blog widows look super hot – dont you think??!

  3. How cool is this! Love it all! I have your dress Charlotte! I wore it for my hen do and I LOVE it! Who owns the fabulous Union Jack glitter shoes? I want a pair! Love the picture of your husbands with the ‘blog widows’ sign – it tickled me! Will have to watch the video (and dancing!) when I finish work xxx

  4. Ah thanks ladies πŸ™‚

    Rachael – drop me an email if you would like the original images for your scrap book, I will send them to you

    Charlotte xxx

  5. What a fabulous party theme! That’s the sort of party that I wish I could (a) throw myself, or (b) be invited to!

    Charlotte, your dress is amazing, Rebecca, your hair looks lovely, and the “blog widows” look GORGE!

  6. Ohhh…My dad turns 50 next year! I think I have just found my theme!! I love a themed party.

    Absolutely fantastic girls!! You both definitely rock!!


    ps. V.cute blog widows!!

  7. Totally fab as I knew it would be you being such talented,brilliant,stylish ladies. I too have birthday envy what a great theme it all looks amazing and great fun. The photobooth pics are great and the signs are so funny.
    where are those funky union jack shoes from? xx

  8. Totally love it! What a fabulous party idea. And I want to know as well – where are those stunning glitter union jack shoes from, I need them! x

  9. Love it! your party looks amazing! I’m in the middle of planning my roaring twenties themed 30th for later this year and this has given me lots of ideas, thanks!! x

  10. love this,have been planning a red, white and blue theme for our wedding in september and already have that bunting on order! Irregular Choice have some amazing union jack shoes on their website at mo-am tempted to wear with the wedding dress!

  11. Ohhhhhh how cool!! I love it! Charlotte am I right in thinking that dress you wore is the same as your bridesmaids dresses at your wedding? So cool!

  12. Hi ladies

    Thanks for all of your lovely comments. My dress was indeed my sisters bridesmaid dress – not only was it high street but I also get to wear it out after the Big Day too – a complete bargain!!!

    Rebecca – I too have it in black. Am VERY tempted by the blue.

    I’ll find out about the shoes and post the detail. They were fabulous!

    And both blog Widows now have VERY big heads.


    Charlotte xxx

  13. I wear the blue and either nautical it up or I have a beautiful alive in wonderland teapot necklace from accessorize I team it with!!

    Do it in blue too!!

  14. I know that this is a really late response but I can no longer read or reply to your posts at home, my computer doesn’t like the site anymore for some reason!! Rubbish!

    But just wanted to say that your party looked fab!


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