Paris. Is there a more romantic city on earth?

I haven’t been since I was a teenager but after seeing the Parisian engagement shoot of Jen and Jamie captured by the uber talented Sarah Gawler, I am sorely tempted to make a return visit ASAP, especially if I can run around the streets in a variety of flirty frocks, do some kissing on a train, and accessorise with a bunch of hot pink ranunculus…

And that was before I actually read Jen’s accompanying heartfelt account of their time together:

“Jamie is profoundly deaf, and asking a deaf man to dance in the street, in front of a small crowd, to music he couldn’t even hear was no mean feat, but once we got going we had a great time and we both love the shots Sarah got.”

And it just goes to show that you can do anything, ANYTHING as long as you’ve got that special someone there by your side….

Dance like no-ones watching lovelies.

Jen: Jamie and I went to Paris the first year we met in 2002 and just fell in love with the place. We have been back a few times since, so having our engagement shoot there with one of our best friends, and an amazing photographer, Sarah Gawler was just perfect.

I am NEVER ready on time (one of the things Jamie DOESN’T love about me!) so when we arrived in Paris, I had to spend 3 hours hand-sewing 8 metres of bright yellow netting onto the underskirt of my un-finished dress that my friend, and amazing dress designer, Debbi Little made for me.

It was made from recycled 1950’s parachutes and my bridesmaids will be wearing the same at our wedding, but in brighter colours of course!

When we eventually got out and about, no sooner had we stepped out of the metro and into a garden centre to buy some flowers, than a rouge parrot landed on the side of my head and proceeded to flap and scrabble around whilst trying to get its balance.

The garden centre owner had to free it from my hair, which had become tangled around its legs. My hair was ruined and I had mascara running down my face from laughing so much (and panicking slightly!) but we managed to work it into a shot and it was just the funniest start to the day…

Isle St Louis, a tiny island in the middle of the River Seine is our favourite spot. It has one main street filled with chocolate shops, trinket shops, galleries and cosy bistros. They also have the best ice-cream shop where they make your ice cream into a big flower and we just had to include it in the shoot. Normally we get one each, but shared one for for the photo-shoot to add a touch of romance! That’s the first and last time we are sharing!

That is also where we got the dancing on the bridge pictures, Jamie is profoundly deaf, and asking a deaf man to dance in the street, in front of a small crowd, to music he couldn’t even hear was no mean feat, but once we got going we had a great time and we both love the shots Sarah got.

Sarah made us so relaxed and filled us with confidence so by the end of the shoot we were kissing on the street, kissing in the metro… It was so much fun and we have a set of photos that we will treasure forever. The pictures we have really capture the atmosphere of Paris that we love so much and freeze-frame so many special memories for us as a couple. Now we can’t wait to have Sarah take the photos on our wedding day!

Thank you lovely Sarah for a truly memorable trip…..Jamie and Jen x

If I were Jen and Jamie I would have that last black and white image blown up huge and covering my entire kitchen/bedroom/living room (delete as appropriate) wall.

And this weekend I’m damn well booking that trip to Paris.

With massive thanks to Jen, Jamie and Sarah Gawler for sharing the magic with Rock My Wedding.

Big Lump In My Throat Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

30 thoughts on “J’Adore.

  1. Whoa. This is seriously amazing. I’ve never been to Paris but I’ve always wanted to go, so this shoot makes me want to frolick on the street and photograph couples kissing. SO PRETTY!

  2. Those pictures are stunning I think Sarahs’ work is amazing. I love the romance and love in each of those images but that black and white one is seriously gorgeous. x

  3. Amazing shoot! Mr G proposed to me in Paris so of course it is the place of wonderful memories for me too. Really lovely photos.

  4. Now normally I skip engagement shots but these were lovely – what a patently loved-up couple.

    Although a little disappointed not to see the parrot attack!

  5. Lovely shoot. Never been to Paris but always wanted to. Little sis got engaged there – lucky devil!

    Might have to show this to hubby to give him a nudge towards booking a little break there 😉

    Also, loving the stripy dress!


  6. g to the o to the r to the geous!

    This post has made me so excited for shooting more engagement shoots this year AND getting to feature in an engagement shoot myself – woohoo!

    What a truly special and personal shoot for these two..they look amazing and like a lot of fun too!

    Hands up who wants to do/be in a Paris engagement shoot? meee, pick meee!

  7. Ah, Paree…

    These photos are just so beautiful – the couple, the city, everything is just perfect.

    Charlotte, if you haven’t been since you were a teen then you *have* to go back now. We go at least twice a year and just never ever tire of it; we don’t really do the touristy sights, just spend our days wandering the streets, marvelling at it all, and of course fitting in long leisurely lunches and lots of vin rouge…. Sigh.

    Oh, and if you need any hotel tips, this might help: https://www.thehoneymoonproject.com/2010/09/30/where-to-stay-paris/

  8. Ahhh Paris!! Beautiful city!
    We had our engagement shoot there too, had a fabulous time!
    And I totally love Ile-St-Louis too – it’s so sweet – and the ice cream is to die for 🙂 x

  9. Afternoon folks, I am glad it’s not just me who now has a desperate urge to make a trip to Paris!

    @Emma – thanks so much for the link, I will definitely be taking a look, do you fly or take the eurotunnel?

    Charlotte xxx

  10. @Charlotte – we always take the Eurostar as it’s so much easier and more pleasant and relaxed than flying. Plus you don’t have to trek into town from the airport – Gare du Nord is really well-located so it doesn’t take too long to jump on the metro to wherever your hotel is. Another accom tip (I could wax lyrical about Paris for days) – we’ve taken to hiring apartments through Airbnb.com lately and it’s perfect for that whole let’s-pretend-we’re-Parisians thing. 😉

  11. Oh my goodness i love them! We’ve only been married two months but this makes me desperate to start thinking about ideas for beloved shoots… 🙂

  12. That stripy dress is flippin gorgeous! Where is it from?? I need one in my life! Although I fear I’m too short for it, boo.

    A beautiful, BEAUTIFUL engagement shoot x

  13. P.s back to an earlier point @charlotte definitely take Eurostar as you can hang out in champagne bar bar before you leave and train trip is so easy 🙂 x

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