Jenny Packham Bridal Collection 2013

Those of you that follow my instagram feed or the Rock My Wedding Facebook page will already be aware that Adam and I went to New York recently to check out Bridal fashion week there.

One of the main (if not THE main) highlight of our trip was the Jenny Packham 2013 catwalk show at the St Regis Hotel just off 5th Avenue.

I know from experience that many of you gorgeous lot are Jenny Packham brides already and like RMW the super brand won a Perfect Wedding Award recently, it seems everyone loves a bit of Madame P.

This, in my humble Blog Queen opinion, is their best collection yet. Ethereal, enchanting, elegant and completely show-stopping all at the same time….there wasn’t a single gown that I didn’t fall head over heels for.

Jenny Packham’s 2013 collection was inspired by the vintage style of 1930’s Paris and the leading ladies of the golden age of cinema, think the Hollywood glamour of Vivien Leigh and Bette Davis mixed with a generous dose of romance and femininity. Yep – beautiful.

As well as draped satins and exquisite french lace there was an abundance of my absolute favourite bridal fabric of all time – silk chiffon. And not only do many of the dresses come available in ivory and champagne but also a very contemporary shade of platinum which looked (and yes I know – I use his word FAR to often)…IMMENSE against the model’s alabaster skin.

Not usually one for a whole heap of sparkle these gowns strutted down the runway like a firework display on the 4th July and I ruddy LOVED it. The embroidery was so delicate and the tiny crystal embellishments made everything glow – a halo of shimmer if you will.

There was (as you have probably noticed) a lot of sleeve action going on, perfect for a winter or autumnal affair whilst the majority of designs were bright and breezy enough for Spring and Summer occasions too.

Hell, what am I on about – where whatever you want whatever the season. If I had the budget I’d buy one of these for the party we are attending New Year’s Eve…..

The models were also donning a selection of Jenny Packham’s 2013 Bridal Accessory collection. Um……I die.

You know when those people at any kind of live show sit too far forwards and block everyone else’s view? Yes? Really annoying?

That was me.

I was so tempted to half inch one of those headpieces Adam kept having to shove me back down in my seat. (Ahem – I also kept getting right in the way of his camera lens…)

There were feathers. There were sequins. There were pieces with a hint of bohemian influence and those with a modern luxe take on art deco.

I wouldn’t be able to choose which one to wear for W-day should I be lucky enough to be in that position.

Gown wise there were two clear winners for “me” and when I say that I mean the numbers I could genuinely imagine myself in should time be on rewind.

Those would be Camellia (in the platinum – a delicious soft silvery grey) and Azalea which was quite possibly the most perfect frock in the whole of the world.

(Please someone buy it and send me the W-day pictures so I can live vicariously through you.)

For the show Jenny Packham also created four additional gowns especially for New York. These were Blaire, Nicole, Principessa and Rapunzel – the latter having some of the most stunning back detail ever witnessed by yours truly.

In fact, the Rapunzel design was the most popular via instagram and Facebook.

So lovelies, which was your favourite?

Are you wearing Jenny Packham for the big day? Do let us know in the comments box below and add any detail on accessories and shoes that you would like to share… (you know this is because I am a nosey mare right?)

Big Apple Love

Charlotte xxx

76 thoughts on “Jenny Packham Bridal Collection 2013

  1. Ok, so ideal wedding scenario…. unlimited budget for dress, so would have two Jenny Packham’s: Nerine and Freesia. LOVE.

  2. Oh now, will you just look at Tease with those Grace Jones-esque statement shoulders. cant you just imagine Katherine Hepburn slinking about in that one.

    I love this entire collection. Sadly, I look ridiculous in all Packham – but what I love about this lot is there’s such variety in style and shape. Almost enough to make me think I could pull a few of them off!

    Charlotte & Adam you must have had an absolute ball. xx

  3. Firstly, @Karen – how spesh are those shoulders on Tease?! I think Nicole S should come out rocking those one night on the X Factor…

    Secondly, I am not getting married, however, I am going on a date / birthday night out soon – do you think it would be OK for me to wear the short Buttercup dress with some rock chick black ankle boots and lots of black eyeliner? I think it would be wouldn’t it…please, someone say yes.

    Thirdly, I am seriously enjoying the medieval look to the Rapunzel…

    And finally, as much as these photos are very joyful, please can we see some of what fashion you rocked in the big NYC Miss Charlotte?


  4. Tease is just the most beautiful thing – I also have a little eye for Hyacinth (although the name would have me thinking of that old BBC sitcom all day!) I never got to try on a JP – the only frock shop I went to that stocked her only carried size 8 samples, boo!x

  5. Getting married in JP in December (Damask) but really love these dresses! Sadly, not enough time for me but brides will look wonderful in them!

  6. These dresses are absolutely gorgeous! I was planning on buying Jenny Packham ‘Saskia’ for my big day but wondering if I should wait and get one of these?? Decisions, decisions!

  7. @Emily – I too would have two…maybe even three.

    @Karen – Nah, you’re fibbing! but yes as per @Pamela I can imagine a few celebs in the Tease.

    And @Pamela I’m not sure what images there are of me if any, we were rushing around so much we never seemed to get much opportunity to snap happy. There might be a few though….

    @Heather – BEAUTIFUL!

    Charlotte x

  8. @Pamela and @Charlotte – I think Rylan actually wore those exact shoulders in black on Saturday night.

    @Charlotte – did you wear the Del Ray??

    @Heather – just googled Damask, its stunning!

    @Krysia – my friend wore Saskia, it’s gorge-ois! Are you keeping the shoulder bows?

  9. Is anyone else playing the ‘if I were planning my wedding again right now, which would I choose’ game? Is it ok to re-new your vows purely just to wear one of Ms Packham’s beauties?! x

  10. @Amy – Me me!!!!

    @Karen – NO! but only because the shoes that go with it are so high I couldn’t totter very far in them so had to give the whole outfit a miss. I did do some killer studded Michael Kors platforms with skinny jeans though.

    @Pamela – I forgot to say -YES. I am very much loving a short flirty feminine dress with an urban masculine boot.

    Charlotte x

  11. Oh JP!!!!! her gowns are just exquisite!
    I adore Rapunzel and Ruby is pretty darn sexy!
    And the shoulders on Tease – amazeballs!

    Oh how I wish I was a JP girl!……

    Although I was quite excited to see that one of these beauties looks pretty darn similar to my gorgeous dress!!!
    I must be ahead of my time!?!
    (Sorry – not telling you which one!! :-p )

    @Pamela – yes, yes, yes – perfect date/birthday night outfit! 😉

  12. @Rebecca – ssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Dont let the cat out of the bag.

    @Pamela – I need an update on this social event asap please!

    @Charlotte – Sounds very New York, love a good skinny/platform mash up xx

  13. @Karen – ha ha ha! don’t worry I’m not telling anyone anymore!!
    In fact I keep getting told off as friends want to know what it looks like & I refuse to tell them! – there is NO WAY I am ruining the ‘oh my gosh’ reaction I expect (hope!) they are going to have!!!

    @Charlotte – agree with Karen Skinny jeans & platforms all the way! 🙂

  14. Oh I do so love the Mimosa and Silverbell dresses, I’d look a right moose in them but a girl can dream!

    I went to the V&A’s ballgown exhibition the other day and saw a real life Jenny Packham dress, in the actual flesh, I nearly keeled over!


  15. major dress envy 🙁 they are so beautiful!

    i love dentelle – i’m sure kate middleton has worn something similar in teal and it was just gorgeous.

    sigh! x x

  16. @Tabitha – As per @Karen you are a fibber! Im sure you would look perfect.

    @Ella – We went to the Jenny Packham show room and there was a wall of celebrities who had worn Jenny Packham gowns – it was amazing.

    Charlotte xxx

  17. Sigh….god I love JP and god I want to go wedding dress buying again (sob!).

    I love them all – and am sending link to this to my BFF who is on the hunt for a frock (@Charlotte we are all at this vicarious thing, me=staving off the post wedding blues). JP wasn’t for me in the end, despite the frocks being amazing and the staff delightful, I’m only a short arse and they just seemed to drown me somehow. Said BFF is about 5 8″ though, so…

    @Pamela – YES!


  18. They’re gorgeous. Is it me, or are a couple of them (Mimosa, Nerine & Azalea) a little bit ‘Claire Pettibone-esque’?

  19. Amaryllis and Dentelle, and @Ella yes Kate Middleton did wear it in teal and I copied the pic and sent it to a friend – just what I’d wear if I was rich, tall and thin – rthe most beautiful dress ever! Could look at them forever… a girl can dream… x

  20. I wish rapunzel was attainable, I’d buy that and … Erm… All of them.

    I have cascade for my wedding… Totally wanting to work the ‘bride with two dresses’ situation for the sake of owning one of these too…. Woe!!

  21. How on earth can you choose a favourite? They’re all stunning. You were right Charlotte, I have sat here gasping thoughout and my husband thought something terrible had happened.

    This JP collection has traumatised me so much that all I can say is “sh*t I’m already married, it’s so not fair!”

    Teresa x

  22. I bought Willow from the last season collection to wear at my Sept 2013 wedding. (Will be looking to sell it after if anyone is interested?!)

    I was nervous buying my dress so early because I thought what if something else comes out that I prefer, but luckily (while I love all JP’s dresses) the Willow is still the one for me!

  23. Trying my first Jenny Packham wedding dresses on next Tuesday, this blog has made me even more excited at the prospect of wearing one on my big day!

  24. This may be old news I am pretty sure that Dentelle, 2nd dress down is one that Kate M wore a few months back in a gorgeous teal colour!

  25. I’ve chosen azalea for my wedding (in France, july 2013)… I promise i Will send you pictures (even if i’m half the size of the model LOL). I hésitated a lot with dentelle !

  26. Jennifer : you’re right Kate middleton wore it in teal, i saw a picture in the french boutique. i remember it cause my mum was not happy that Kate wears “her daughter’s dress”. It’s very similar to 2012 “aspen” dress So i’m not sure if Kate’s teal dress is aspen or dentelle !

  27. Love these dresses! Is there any other designer out there who creates similiar styles with more more affordable price tags? Would sure like to know!

  28. The collection is amazing! I ordered my dress yesterday – dentelle for my summer wedding, it’s beautiful but it is going to need quite a bit of work to the middle. It comes with a piece of chiffon behind the lace around the chest area – it’s called a ‘modesty’ – but it totally hides the lace and its not very nice. The seam mistress at the shop I ordered it from had lots of different ideas for other ways we might be able to preserve my ‘modesty’ ! But any tips from Jenny packham fans out there are very welcome. Would also love some flower and headdress advice – would you wear a head dress or is it too much with the shoulders, sparkly lace and THAT back… Any advice much appreciated !

  29. I am in love with muscari and dentelle – can anyone confirm that they do both come in champagne as well as ivory? It looks as though they do from the catwalk but can’t tell for definite.

    Thank you


  30. I just ordered Nicole… the photos and model don’t really do it justice, but it’s stunning!!!! Definitely meant for a smaller busted bride, which is perfect for me. I’m thrilled!!! Also chuffed because Nicole isn’t supposed to be coming out until May, so I’m getting my hands on it early!! 🙂 Miss Bush Bridal ROCKS.

  31. I also just bought Nicole, and I agree with @Jane – it is so much more stunning in person! It wasn’t even on my radar until I went in the store. I thought I’d end up with a totally different JP, but I’m so happy with it!

  32. i am soooo in love with mimosa… it will be perfect for my vintage english garden wedding… far too expensive for me i imagine :o(

  33. Although I am slightly biased as I have just purchased it as my own wedding dress, my favorite is the ESME dress! it is the most wonderful dress I have ever tried on. Although, JP can do no wrong in my eyes!! Love them all!! : )

  34. I absolutely love Muscari and would love it for my wedding next year! I can’t find a second hand one anywhere so if anyone spots one in size 8 or 10 please let me know!

    1. Hi Everyone, I purchased the Jenny Packham Willow in champagne for my March 2014 wedding. I am petite and will be selling it immediately after my wedding. If anyone has any interest please send me your email!

        1. Yes I am sadly:) If you live in or near los angeles you could come look at or try it on!

          If not, I can send photos/skype, etc.

      1. Hello! I would love to purchase your Willow in champagne for my fall 2014 wedding. I just tried it on (after trying the ivory) and absolutely fell in love with the color. Can you tell me more about it? What label size did you get and what are your measurements? Did you put a champagne vail with it? How much?

        thank you and I eagerly await your response!

  35. I’m in love with the Esme – absolutely stunning. If anyone is looking to sell theirs (UK8 / US6) please contact me!!!

    1. I believe this site is sensoring comments with email addresses. Im not sure if you can see the email address I sent you.

      1. Hi Alicia

        I am interested in buying a Willow in champagne! May I know what size do you have and if it’s still available?

        Thank you!

    1. Hi Vanessa, did you buy the Damask new? Depending on price and condition, I might be interested, get in touch after your wedding if you are still selling
      and we can discuss.

  36. I just wore the Jenny Packham Eden dress for my wedding a few weeks ago, along with the Rachel Simpson Mimosa shoes in Ivory. A perfect match and I felt absolutely beautiful!!!

  37. Hello,

    Could someone tell me how much could it cost the Marigold dress? and also what is teh fabric of that dress?. I dont seem to find the price anywhere 🙁

  38. I have a lovely ivory Silverbell if anyone is interested in buying it. Size 10 approx (had a 12 and got it altered) I am 5 4inchs and wore a 5 inch heel.

      1. Hi , yea no problem – it was £2,450. It was expensive but I loved the dress . T’wasnt too fussy just simple . Exactly what I wanted 🙂

  39. Is anyone still selling their Jenny Packham Willow dress in champagne? I would love to buy one used because I’m a school teacher and would not be able to buy one new.

  40. I was wondering if you know anybody who owns the Jenny Packham Rapunzel dress and wants to sell it. My best friend is getting married in July and this is her DREAM dress. Thank you form Colombia 🙂

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