Jenny Packham Bridal Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

I tried to think of a suitable Rock My Wedding type title for this post. Um….and found that actually I couldn’t – there just isn’t any wordage worthy in the English language.


I am not kidding you people.

When I first clapped eyes on the Jenny Packham Spring/Summer 2011 Collection a series of thoughts sprung to mind:

1. It is the most deliciously sexy bridal advertising campaign I have ever seen. Fact.

Have now decided that when I grow up I want to languish idly across an abundance of silk sheets strewn with scented rose petals. I will lie there for what is possibly a considerably legnthy period of time pouting my scarlett lips and batting my long glossy lashes……… until someone notices how utterly lovely I look.

This may make me appear incredibly shallow.

I shall not be apologising for it.

2. No collection has made me wish I had done BIG or indeed SHORT quite as much as this one. Oh and SPARKLY…. how I want to do sparkly….. I want to shimmer down the aisle like the freakin’ blackpool illuminations I tell you.

3. Over the past few weeks I have transformed into a foot -stamping tantrum-throwing green eyed monster of a blog queen. I will never have the opportunity to wear one of these gorgeous frocks and I am positively drowning in envy at the fact some of you lovelies will.

It’s official. I am overcome with one or the worlds most deadliest of sins.

JEALOUSY. It’s a dirty dirty word.

I can’t begin to tell you how difficult it was to chose our top 10 Jenny Packham 2011 Bridal Collection must-haves, I have chopped and changed a few hundred times at least….

But deliver you blue polka dot pages of fashion fabulousness is what we are here to do – and do it we ruddy well shall.

Prepare to be astounded folks.

Want to get your rocks off come W-day? well I suggest you seriously consider getting your rocks firmly on with the divine embellishment details of Asteria and Eden.

If demure and delicate floats your big day boat then perhaps consider the feminine frills of Fontaine and Opera – perfection.

I don’t think I need to spell out how much I am in love with tulle. Dearest and Minerva prove that bigger is definitely beautiful.

Are you blessed with an enviable pair of pins? yes? lucky old you eh…… I suggest you flash them in feather-fringed Dido or lace layered Roberta.

I don’t usually do the whole shiny sequined thing to be honest but Belita and Cascade just made me turn a total one-eighty. I die.

If you are thinking of a Madam Packham for W-day then do let us know. I will try really hard to smile sweetly, nod politely and not just outright steal it from you…

Can’t promise though.


Big Wishing I Was Wearing One Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

56 thoughts on “Jenny Packham Bridal Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

  1. So delectable, they’re almost edible. Makes me wants to get divorced so I can do it all again and wear one of those. Boo to being happily married for over a year. 😉 he he

  2. WOW I am there with you charlotte on the Jealousy front Jenny P truly is the Queen of the bridal gowns. They are all so beautiful I can’t choose my fantasy if I was to get married again and had a totally different body dress! Maybe Cascade sigh xx

  3. I have no words. All too beautiful! Opera steals the show for me. I wonder if it’s possible to grow 6 inches in 2 months.? And double the budget? Seems I do have words after all!


  4. Argh, this week I finally made a decision and put down a deposit on my dress and now you show me these beauties! Minerva for me though I’m not sure I’d actually be able to pull it off.

  5. Ahhhh just what I needed first thing on a Saturday morning… Torture!!

    I fell in love with Dearest, my heart stopped, I felt a bit dizzy, there it was in a picture in front of me, my wedding dress.

    Feeling a bit hot and sick as I had already ordered another dress I emailed Jenny pack ham hoping I could change the order with the bridal shop for the perfect princess dream dress,

    They emailed back.

    “Usually our dresses are priced between £2000-£5000, but there are exceptions, Dearest is one of those exceptions”

    The last one of those JP exceptions I liked was £11000 and my budget definitely won’t stretch to more than £3000.

    So now I am one very big, upset bride to be, I will be wearing a dress I love don’t get me wrong. But The Dress for me is one my little pennies won’t stretch too! Am contemplating stocking flowers to the hem of my dress in the hope that it’ll look the same, am I mental??

    I was waiting for you to put her new collection on here, it is amazing! Definitely her best collection.

  6. Lizzie-I feel your pain.

    Her name was Narnia. She was JP AW09. And she was perfection. All £11,000 of her.

    Amazing Saturday eye candy Charlotte, nicely done!


  7. Lizzie, I am one of those people (as you all may have noticed in the fash flash) that has an innate ability to focus in on and fall in love with, the most expensive ‘anything’ within a 40 mile radius.

    It’s not to do with having the biggest or the best or the most expensive or designer item. It just happens, and I like to think that I can attribute it to good taste 😉

    Sometimes however it’s just a pain in the butt, like when shopping for bridal gowns and there’s all the added pressure of looking amazing and feeling amazing and it being the best bloody day of your life. Well, speaking from the other side, 18 months in – I know there will be equally amazing days coming that you will share with your h2b so don’t worry about the dress.

    Remember there is even a scale of LOVE and as long as you love your dress, thats fine. There will always be one you love more but just. can’t. have. We are mere mortals after all 😉


  8. Thank you, you have actually made me feel a bit better! Now I just need to stop looking at the dress and think about all the other wonderful things… Off to look for wedding rings today, hopefully that won’t be as traumatic!!
    🙂 thank you x

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous dresses but why is the model soooo thin?! She does nothing for them and surely bridal fasion, more than any other type of “designer” fashion, is worn by normal women with boobs and a bit of wobble?

  10. Charlotte – I’ve been trying to avoid looking at this collection! It’s completely, 100%, totally amazing. I’ll have to close my eyes & avoiding looking around when I walk into the shop for my final fitting next week as the new collection has just arrived in store.

    I get to wear a beautiful JP number four weeks today 🙂 I second Stacy in nominating JP as bridal gown queen!

  11. Minerva and Belita 100% do it for me! I was lucky to wear a beautiful JP dress for part of my big day in June and it really was amazing. Her dresses are so amazing…

  12. For me it would be Asteria and Bellita – I want those shiny bits!!

    Lizzie – you will look fab Pet. Honest. And as beautiful as it is I personally couldn’t justify an 11k price tag. Who could?!

    Fiona D – You better send us soe pictures Hun!


  13. Lizzie- the EXACT same thing happened to me!!! With Dearest!!!!! I got the same “there are a few exceptions…” email but NOT told Dearest was one of those exceptions, went to Miss Bush in Ripley to ask them to order it from Knightsbridge. The sales assistant went a whiter shade of pale and told me they could get for £9600! I was GUTTED (and a tad embarrassed)! They said they wouldn’t even dream of buying a dress like that for their store’s usual collection as the price just makes it so unsellable! However, I have ORDERED my dress TODAY and I can honestly say it kicks Dearest’s ass! There is light at the end of the bridal tunnel, hun!

  14. Hmm, just noticed my frequent capitalisation of words. How annoying of me! Blame dress ordering delirium please. Thank you.

  15. Wow, why trash the dress when you can shoot delicate images like these. Have to agree with TigerTe though, most real women aren’t going to look like this model! Can anyone point to a wedding designer using more realistic figures?

  16. What a gorgeous collection, especially Belita.

    But I have to agree with TigerTe and Pete about the size of this model, it puts me off looking at the gorgeous dresses and must add – why do the models always look so gormless – what would be wrong with a smile??!!

  17. How utterly delicious are these??? Droolling!! I wore Jenny Packham’s Clare for our wedding 5 weeks ago and it was an utter dream. I loved no adored wearing it!! JP dresses are so magical!! Out of the new collection I adore Eden probably cos it’s a similar style to my dress. They are all stunning though. Think I could convince Mr PB that I need a new dress for when we do it again (and we are so doing it again cos we adored our day and have already said we want to do it again)? 😀

  18. @ PB – eden is the one for me too! so totally different from what i’m actually wearing but heart nonetheless!

    it would be great to see adverts with normal sized people in them. x x x

  19. Oh I glimpsed at these last week on whimsical but quickly diverted my eyes through fear of being sick in my mouth a little bit. Why oh why did I look again, they are just breathtaking.

    Would it be really odd to remove my wedding band and make an appt JP boutique for an afternoon of trying ALL of these beauties on?? I’m thinking probably but who cares?!

    Her best collection in years, take a bow Ms Packham.

  20. Oh wow what stunning dresses and I LOVE ‘Dearest’, typical it has to be the most expensive!! Stunning! Thank crunchie I’m already married 🙂 x

  21. collection…tres gorgeous. But…the model does nothing for these dresses and leaves me a little bit cold. However, Dearest is divine I have to say and would look ever better on a woman with boobs/shape and a smile 🙂

  22. I feel a little bit too lucky at the moment as I am very close to choosing between 2 of the new JP collection for my W Day next year. As soon as I saw the new collection online a few weeks ago I had a mini fit and decided that I had to at least go and try them on.

    I was a bit worried about the price tag but was pleasantly surprised that the two I’m looking at (Giralda and Cascade) are well under budget at £1800! I did nearly fall off my chair when the nice lady in the shop told me that my absolute to die for favourite Miley was a snip at £14,000! This is the one that Miley Cyrus wore to the Oscars earlier this year so I presume it was encrusted with diamonds or something equally decadent.

    The one thing that I am a little bit sad about is that the whole wedding dress search will have come to an end – I really don’t think there’s a more exciting way for a girl to spend her Saturday afternoons 🙂


  23. Just booked my appointment to try on the minerva. I always thought id go for a slinky number, but i saw this dress and thought, you know what ill only get to wear an actual WEDDING dress once and this is the epitamy of a wedding dress.

    may cry with excitement 😀

  24. This is seriously the only collection I’ve seen I’ve liked. Had such a dress-gasm. But I’m worried that – as the wedding’s not going to be until September 2012 – they won’t still be on sale then…what do people think?

  25. I have bought the amazing Eden for my wedding. It’s incredible and, if it’s at all possible, even better in real life than in the pics. Knew that it was the one before even looking in the mirror, so excited to wear it xx

  26. Emma, how much did you pay for eden? I cant believe its even more jolie than in pictures! Would you mind sharing some photos with us?

  27. Emma: If you don’t mind, how much does the Eden dress cost? It looks truly amazing – the best wedding dress I’ve ever seen. Enjoy wearing it at your wedding day!

  28. Hi, it was £2500, so well and truly blew the budget but it is definitely worth it! Pouponette; I don’t have any decent pics unfortunately only had some blurry phone pics.

  29. Hi Claire, do you mind me asking how much the Minerva Dress cost? It looks a fab dress I’m a 12-14 so not sure if a JP dress is right for me but still love them.

  30. Hi Natalie, I’m going for my second try-on of the Minerva on Wednesday. It is somewhere between £3000 and £3200, can’t remember exactly which. I have been dreaming about it ever since I tried it on month or so ago.

  31. They’re all just so absolutely gorgeous. I adore Saskia, but don’t want to get my hopes up… would anyone know how much she costs? x

  32. I have just ordered Saskia for my wedding in August – I love it so much. £2,160 from the JP shop in London. The girls there are lovely too.

  33. oooh, I am down to a shortlist of “saskia” or “cascade” two totally different dresses but I love them both! Cascade is so shimmery and makes a noise like champagne bubbles when you move or swish about the shop as I did! Saskia is so elegant and sexy whilst still being classy! Really don’t know which one to choose! Maybe I could have both?? My OH may go mad if I do that!

  34. I began my dress hunt yesterday and tried Eden on in one store. Suffice to say i have fallen in love! However, i worry that it is too unusual looking and not traditional enough!!? I also loved the Maiden dress by Suzanne Neville more traditional!! Pictures of Eden do not do it justice, it is divine in the flesh!!

  35. Hi all,
    I have taken a wee shine to the Muse dress, does anyone know how much it costs as i don’t want to embarrass myself……..
    Ruth xx

  36. I just had my wedding last week and wore the delightful Minerva, everybody commented on the dress and I did feel like a princess! Jp dresses really are so different to your normal wedding dresses! I’m now though being really brave and going to sell my dress, going to keep mu jp headpiece and garter but sell the dress as although o
    I wore it the next day I really am not going to wear again. Basically just wondering if anyone as any recommendations on where to sell it, I am really nit bothered about how much I make just want someone else to have the pleasure of wearing such an extremely beautiful dress, god as I type this I wonder if I’m doing the right thing !! My now husband can’t understand how am item of clothing can make me feel like this but even he said the whole party of guests just went wow (which they did) and what more does a bride want on her big day!! Any selling suggestions will be gratefully accepted xx

  37. Hi Everyone
    I’m loving the JP Eden Platinum dress- soooo beautiful. I live in Australia… can anyone recommend where i can buy this? even second hand? ? any help would be wonderful

  38. Hi Ladies,

    I wore Eden in platinum at my wedding in August this year. I also wore a viel with a blusher for the ceremony and acacia hair comb for the evening.
    I wanted to let Vintage Queen know that there is no need to worry, the dress was stunning and went down a storm. I was worried it may have been to simple for my venue but it was perfect! If you love it, go for it you wont regret it!!

  39. Hi,
    I’ve recently ordered eden in platinum, it was a little like love at first sight! EJ – you note is good to see! Vintage queen – I felt the same as you but if you’re anything like me as soon as I showed my mum and friends they told me that it was ‘very me’ and that was it! A done deal. I just didn’t feel comfortable or ‘me’ in traditional wedding dresses. I’m thinking about getting a head piece/band for the ceremony to make it feel a little more weddingy but the dress is so beautifully detailed i’m unsure if you need it! My other option was was Calypso by Anna Sul-y which is beautiful too, again more traditional but with a different twist!

  40. I am wearing ‘Saskia’ for my wedding in 7 months time! I hadn’t even tried any JP dresses or looked at them, but stumbled upon the dress at a sample sale I attended! Got it for a snip at £1300!

    I haven’t seen any real weddings with brides wearing the dress, so do any of the brides who posted above have any pics? (if you have got married yet?!) I’d love to see how you wore it and how it was accessorised?!

    email me!

  41. Adeline- you found a Saskia in a sample sale?! Who? What? Where?
    WAAAAAAAAGHHHHH I want to budget but I cannot fathom NOT wearing a JP dress.
    I am spending way too much time on Preloved and sellmyweddingdress websites searching for second hand dresses but would be great to know if anyone hears of a sample sale.
    I’m scared to go into the Jenny Packham shop in case I fall in love with a dress and then there’s no going back…. *squeeeeal*

  42. Hi all, these dresses are simply beautiful. When I went into the JP store in London I did not want to leave! I agonized between eden and cascade, eventually choosing cascade a month ago, I loved the shimmer and the way it moved, plus the corset was so flattering. Cannot wait for it to be made. Any other cascade brides out there? Would love to pics of a real bride in the dress x

  43. I’ll be an Asteria bride next June! I’m over the moon with excitement….it’s even more gorgeous in person. Truly a work of art.

  44. Do you happen to know where could I find a Dido Jenny Packham dress? either a used or a new one?
    All the JP stockists informed me that they don’t have this dress any more.


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