If I had legs as incredible as Jo's I'd DEFINITELY want to get them out on my wedding day - she looks seriously hot. As does the weather for that matter, so it was probably a win-win situation all round, ticking off both the style and comfort boxes ;) I just love the vibe of Jo & Ben's wedding - outdoor games, haybales, street food vans and an afternoon tea to keep guests happy. Any wedding that kicks off proceedings with a pre wedding Mimosa bar was always going to be up our street! And if this looks like heaven to you too, then do check out our post in collaboration with our recommended suppliers on the best food and drink vans to hire for your wedding day.

Our Wedding

Held at The Old Granary, in the Brides Aunt and Uncles field, the invitations, decor and signage was all designed and made by the Bride & Groom. The food was provided by some fabulous suppliers - Afternoon Tea from Rebecca's Cakes, Ice Cream from Ice Baby, Burgers from Burger Bear and Pizzas from Ruff Wood Pizza. The amazing cronut wedding cake was from Dum Dum Donutterie. Bride’s dress: worked with Bridal Designer friend Sylvain Estran to realise my dress. It was stitched by Tailoress Design. The wedding party wore a selection of dresses from the High Street. Ben wore a jacket by Hardy Amies.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Marquee: Millhouse Marquees | Afternoon Tea: Rebecca's Cakes | Ice Cream Van: Ice Baby | Burgers: Burger Bear | Pizza: Ruffwood Pizza | Flowers: Tallulah & Rose | Hair Comb: Maike Browning Jewellery | DJ: CF Entertainment | Cronut Wedding Cake: Dum Dum Donutterie | Tailoress: Zuzana | Groom: Hardy Aimes

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