Julie D.I.Y Bridal Hair – The Messy Side Bun.

I cannot “do” hair.

Make-up yes ( unless I forget to put my contact lenses in first and tend to over-do the Aunt Sally blush), high shoes DOUBLE yes ( 6 inches today people!) and I think at 30 years of age I have finally mastered the art of fashion that suits my body type, tastes and personality.

Back to hair again though. no no no no NO. The thought of having to do something with my barnet ( especially under time constraints) brings me out in a rash. I have fine, flyaway locks that don’t hold a curl and naturally have about as much volume as a pancake. And I would love nothing more than to create some feminine up-do that wasn’t severe ( my head just appears even more moony), wasn’t going to “date”, would feel comfortable and most importantly not fall out half an hour later.

I am very pleased to tell you how that I, Charlotte when-I-do-my-own-hair-I-look-a-bit-tragic O’Shea can actually re-create Julie’s MESSY SIDE BUN. Oh yes I can folks, practiced after putting these templates together and everything.

And guess what lovelies, Now you can too! with Severin Hubert’s step-by-step How to.

Preparing the Hair

Before styling, wash hair as normal but with no conditioner – I know it sounds crazy but if you want your style to hold for the whole day please try not to add conditioner. I do suggest though using hair products to help keep the desired style you are wanting to create. Look for a good brand name, you may have to spend a little more but it’s worth it…after all you are getting married! I like to use Milkshake products, they do exactly what they say they do and the smell is delicious!

SEV: Julie was looking for something that was not too structured and very soft around her pretty face. The messy side bun was the obvious choice for her….tres romantique.

Step 1: I used mousse to help set the desired style. Then blow dry under using a round brush to create a sleek smooth base.

Step 2. I took sections of the hair and curled using medium sized tongs.

Step 3. I then secured the curls using hair grips and left to set. For the top part of the head heated rollers were used to create a softer finish.

Step 4. Once cooled down, I ran my hands through the hair to break up the curls, using a little hair spray to help set the hair.

Step 5. To create the side bun I scooped all the hair over to one side and tied loosely with a hair band creating a pony tail.

Step 6. I then took sections of the pony tail and started to create a loose bun securing with pins. I let some of the hair loose on the side of the face to give a soft natural look. Finish off by using hair spray to help hold in place.

All Hair styling and Instruction – Severin Hubert at the Hepburn Collection.

Photography – C B Media.

With huge thanks to Severin Hubert and Julie for showing our lovelies how to have the hottest messy hair in weddingville……

Big Tell Us If You Are Going The Bun Route Love


Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

21 thoughts on “Julie D.I.Y Bridal Hair – The Messy Side Bun.

  1. Julie you look amazing. Really really stunning – you must be so proud of these pictures! I especially love the pop of bright eyeshadow – you should definitely recreate it at least for a night out!

    Clare. My hair is the same. I am a lank-locked mess. But I am gonig to trust the magic RMW-and-Sev fairy that I can do this. We’ll just be walking around with matching messy side buns for a while…

  2. Loving this hair do! There is absolutely no way I could do this to my own hair though, well done Charlotte. The last time I curled my hair with tongs I burnt my face, the scar reminds me never to try again! xx

  3. I have zipped this round my bridesmaids for their big day do! Gonna try it out for my date night with Gavin on Saturday 🙂

    Julie I have said it like a ba-jillion times. But seriously. You should have your hair like this for the day. You look stunning. Xo

  4. Yay for side buns, yes indeedy, that is my coiffure of choice!

    I think probably slightly less messy than this chic creation but a side bun nonetheless!

    my hairdresser swears by heated rollers for staying power so that’s the look i’ll be rocking come w day morning, v sexy non?

    I just might try and recreate this for MIL2B’s birthday lunch on sunday though.

    r.now x x x

    PS is it wrong to be inordinately excited to have just received a texted picture of my trestle table from my lovely marquee man

    PPS little piece of wedding advice – get married in derbyshire – everyone is lovely!

  5. I luuurrrve messy hair done right! Julie looks lovely

    Mine is very long and thick and loads of it, so the problem is knowing what to do with it all! I used to end up doing nothing, but have recently discovered heated rollers – they are great and easy to use too! Just pop them in and do your make up/get dressed/drink wine/watch Eastenders.

  6. My hair sounds very much like yours, but I went for a high bun on my big day and miraculously it all looked wicked! And the next day I still had big messy curls – some of those products work WONDERS!

  7. Loving the messy side bun, looks gorgeous Sev and Julie! I thinking I’m going for messy bun but in the middle (at the back, not on top of my head!)

    Thanks for the tip of the heated rollers and their staying power all, my hair is super straight naturally so really resists being curled – only ever had it curled professionally once and the wind basically blew that out as soon as I stepped out the door of the hairdressers! Everyone at my grad ball must have thought I had paid to have my hair half curled! 🙁

    Liking the how-to posts, thanks RMW!


  8. Ooooo I’m loving the messy side bun. I’m hopeless at trying things out with my hair but I shall purchasing some heated rollers and trying this out!

    These posts are fab! All the brides to be look absolutely gorgeous

  9. Aghagagahhhhh…..ha!

    This is my usual work do.

    I am a side bun a holic. Mainly because I find it holds all day with my mane. And because it feminises a black shift dress and jacket and black shoes (undertaker or lawyer ladies?)

    Which is why I’m not a fan of side bun’s for W-day but freely admit they are lush and work with all kinds of hair.

  10. Lovely – I’m also a big fan of the side bun. A messy slide plait is also good.

    However I am desperately need hainspiration! I want to wear my hair down with my fringe on w-day but I have a veil so need something for it to grip into and I do want a do. Not just my day to day hair. I have glamours hippy in my head but don’t want lots of curls. I guess I know what I don’t want but not what I do.

    Any ideas you wonderful ladies?

  11. Julie, although I love Rock my Wedding I’ve just realised how the whole DIY bride things works and that you’re Julie of Piersland hotel, fab Save the Dates and cake stand fame! You look fab and I love the bun. I also wish you were still in Glasgow so you could come round and help me drill these damn plates!!! 🙂

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