Image by Hannah May - Autumnal rustic themed wedding with Navy, Maroon & Gold Colour Scheme. Bride in Lace Wedding Dress & Bridesmaids in beaded Navy dresses. Groom wears a suit from Next & patterned shirt from Ted Baker.
Image by Hannah May - Autumnal rustic themed wedding with Navy, Maroon & Gold Colour Scheme. Bride in Lace Wedding Dress & Bridesmaids in beaded Navy dresses. Groom wears a suit from Next & patterned shirt from Ted Baker.
Image by Hannah May - Autumnal rustic themed wedding with Navy, Maroon & Gold Colour Scheme. Bride in Lace Wedding Dress & Bridesmaids in beaded Navy dresses. Groom wears a suit from Next & patterned shirt from Ted Baker.
Image by Hannah May - Autumnal rustic themed wedding with Navy, Maroon & Gold Colour Scheme. Bride in Lace Wedding Dress & Bridesmaids in beaded Navy dresses. Groom wears a suit from Next & patterned shirt from Ted Baker.
Image by Hannah May - Autumnal rustic themed wedding with Navy, Maroon & Gold Colour Scheme. Bride in Lace Wedding Dress & Bridesmaids in beaded Navy dresses. Groom wears a suit from Next & patterned shirt from Ted Baker.
Image by Hannah May - Autumnal rustic themed wedding with Navy, Maroon & Gold Colour Scheme. Bride in Lace Wedding Dress & Bridesmaids in beaded Navy dresses. Groom wears a suit from Next & patterned shirt from Ted Baker.
Image by Hannah May - Autumnal rustic themed wedding with Navy, Maroon & Gold Colour Scheme. Bride in Lace Wedding Dress & Bridesmaids in beaded Navy dresses. Groom wears a suit from Next & patterned shirt from Ted Baker.
Kat & Andy
Kat & Andy
Image by Hannah May - Autumnal rustic themed wedding with Navy, Maroon & Gold Colour Scheme. Bride in Lace Wedding Dress & Bridesmaids in beaded Navy dresses. Groom wears a suit from Next & patterned shirt from Ted Baker.
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Kat & Andy

This fabulous fall wedding is glitter-rific! I love all the gold sparkle, glitz & glam against the rich Autumnal colours, textured fabrics and rustic elements.

Our gorgeous bride Kat looks absolutely stunning in her Pronovias gown despite lacking confidence when choosing her dress, if only she’d seen our How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress post with amazing advice and top tips from our Fashion Pack members, hopefully she’d have felt more self assured. Her smile and love for her family really radiates through though and that is something money can’t buy.

I also absolutely LOVE Andy’s stylish Ted Baker shirt and the fact that his twin/Best Man teased him calling it an ‘Alfie Moon’ shirt just proves it was fabulous and his jealousy! The Ozzie Clark beaded navy Bridesmaid dresses complement the ‘sparkly fall’ theme perfectly, as does their adorable little girl Harlow’s outfit complete with tutu & sequin bolero.

Full to bursting with sentimental touches, love happiness and did I mention glitter?

Brides Outfit

Sarah The Bride: I hated dress shopping. Being larger than sample size it was very difficult to get a true feeling of what a dress would look like when none of them do up! However, I fell in love with a Jenny Packham dress that, at over 4k – was way over budget. I only tried it on as didn’t think I would like it at all! BIG mistake, NO dress that I tried on afterwards lived up to it. I ended up buying a sample dress that I thought was good enough…but by July, I’d realised I needed a dress that was more than ‘good enough’ for my big day. I ended up visiting Silk Brides on my own in a panic that I’d left it too late to get anything. The ladies there were amazing and I ended up finding my dress and ordering it there and then. I made the decision on the veil at my first fitting. I originally wasn’t going to have a veil as we had spent a fortune on my headpiece on the condition I didn’t want a veil. However, I just felt that the veil finished my dress off, and if you cant wear a veil on your wedding day, when can you?! The original plan was to sell my headpiece. However, I love it so much I have decided to keep it and hopefully my
daughter (or the one that is on her way after our honeymoon!) may want to wear it one day.

Grooms Attire

Andy was originally just going to wear a different tie and a waistcoat to make him standout from the Groomsmen in their Next suits. However, on a trip to Bluewater in Kent we popped into Ted Baker and he ended up buying a patterned shirt. He wasn’t 100% on it as it was quite loud, however, I think he looked FIT on the day, and he had lots of comments on how good his outfit was so he was happy I encouraged him to take the risk.


Hogarths is a lovely wedding venue. It wasn’t my first choice, despite being Andys, but the place I originally wanted didn’t suit our needs and Hogarths did. The grounds are amazing, the decor is exactly our style, the food was delicious and the staff are super lovely. It also fitted our theme perfectly as the chairs and decor are a beautiful crushed dark velvet colour. Different, which is what I wanted.

Colour Scheme / Decor

The colour scheme and decor changed so many times over the course of our wedding planning. I started off with an Autumn theme, then changed it numerous times, before deciding to stick with my initial instinct and go with our original theme, but with added sparkle! ‘Sparkly Fall’ was the final theme, and I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out on the day. I did everything myself with the help of My Auntie – we even grew some of our pumpkins!! Andy was busy working so was happy leaving it to me, although he did admit he wasn’t sure how it was all going to come together as my previous DIY crafty attempts at stuff haven’t gone so well! I collected things over the space of 18 months, then spent the weeks up to the wedding putting finishing touches to everything. People had told me that I should cease control completely the morning of the wedding, however, I didn’t feel that I would be happy unless I set the venue up, so the morning of the wedding was spent making our venue look as amazing as it did. I am so glad I did this. I may have started getting ready late, and didn’t really chill out and relax, but it made me happy to know the place looked better than I could have ever hoped for.


Roxie is my friends Sister. I had been messaging her for the previous 18 months sending her so many different pictures of flowers I liked, I was a right pain, always changing my mind on colours/styles. When we finally had our theme sorted, Roxie was brilliant at suggesting things to make my ideas even better. Roxie works in a florist but also does some weddings on her own too. I felt that she was able to be bit more ‘wild’ with her ideas by doing it with me, and it saved us so much money by me helping her do the flowers too. It also gave me a massive sense of achievement to know I had helped. The day before the wedding was spent at our house making all of our bouquets and centrepieces. It took all day, but when they were done, they looked even more beautiful than I thought they would have. The flowers were honestly one of my favourite parts of the day. Roxie went over and above what a florist would do, and words can never describe how grateful we are to her. She’s amazing! Check out her facebook page! We may even go into business together one day!!! 😉


Having 9 bridesmaids to find a dress for was never going to be easy. I originally wanted them in gold sequin dresses, however, as they were paying for them themselves, I didn’t feel that the few we did find on our one and only shopping trip were suitable as they were hundreds of pounds. I had said I was happy for them all to have similar colour dresses in different styles. They wanted the same though, so I broadened my horizons and said navy or burgundy could be an option too. We found the Ozzie Clark dresses in the sale in Debenhams in the Bull Ring, however, they only had a couple. A lovely personal shopper there called Missy helped us source the rest of the sizes we needed from Debenhams stores all over the uk. They were super helpful, and despite the dresses not being exactly what I wanted, I think they were an amazing choice in the end. I wanted Harlow’s (our daughter) flower girl dress to be different from a traditional flower girls. I loved the Angel’s Face tutus and dresses already, and when I found the little sequin shrug in Monsoon, I knew I’d found something different, but gorgeous. The headband was also from Monsoon. The little pageboys suit was from Next with some Converse.


I really wanted the ceremony to be personal to us. It is the most important part of the day, so I wanted to make sure it wasn’t over with super quick, with just some standard vows. We spent ages picking the right music (I really listen to words and they have to suit us) and We wrote our own vows, which was hard, but I am so glad we did. It was super emotional, but it was personal to us. Two of my Bridesmaids did readings, that again, I felt suited us as a couple. One was called ‘Maybe’ – that got a few laughs too. The other was ‘Love is a Temporary Madness’ from Captain Corellis Mandolin. A lot of our guests said it was the most emotional wedding they had been to and I feel that this is because it was so suited to us as a couple.


The food was provided by Hogarths, and was gorgeous. We had canapés, a three course meal and bacon and sausage batches in the evening. The cake and all the treats on it – cupcakes and cake pops, were all made by my Auntie. We didn’t feel that a cake was super important on a small budget, however, to keep some people happy we decided to have one we could cut anyway. I just wanted something plain, and after scouring Pinterest (my best friend during wedding planning), I decided I wanted a wood cake stand, with treats for people to take away. We got the stand made by the same people we got the logs for decorations from. My Auntie found the logs that the cake pops were in, and we drilled holes so they could stand in them. I loved the cake table – and the cakes all got eaten so the guests must have loved it too. I also did a sweet table. I purchased the jars over 18 months, then just went on a wholesale sweet run a week before the wedding. Most of the sweets went so I think that was a success too!


Hannah May was our photographer and other than the venue, was the first thing we booked. We loved her work, and honestly, in the run up to the wedding, seeing more of her work she posted on her blog, we were so happy we chose her as her work kept getting better and better. She just blended into the day so easily too.


Booking a videographer was something that we always knew we wanted to do, but wasn’t sure our budget would allow it. We had contacted Leanne a long time before the wedding explaining we really wanted her, but that money was proving to be an issue. She was lovely, and said she had the date free, she would pencil us in and if she had another enquiry for that date, she would let us know. Luckily a few weeks before the wedding we had some money that we weren’t expecting, so I contacted her straight away. We met up a few days later, discussed everything, and then she turned up on the day. I have to say, its the one thing me and Andy say we are most glad we did. Watching the video back brings up so many vivid memories, and seeing how happy we are, and all our loved ones, will never fail to put a smile on our face.

Final Thoughts

RMW was a huge source of inspiration for me in the run up to the wedding. It was on here I realised that a wedding is about 2 people, and it can be done any way you like. A lot of my choices were frowned upon by people, (even the groom had doubts) like when I said we were having pumpkins in our wedding, however, on the day, all those people realised that my vision was completely different to what they were expecting.


To not put too much pressure on how you look. In all honesty, I liked my wedding dress, and felt beautiful on the day, however, it wasn’t my dream dress. What it made me realise though, is that brides put SO much pressure on their Wedding Day being the day they look the very best they have ever looked, in THE dress. It doesn’t always work out like that and I think that’s ok. I don’t feel like I looked the best I ever have, I felt so much pressure to lose weight, I ended up eating more, I definitely didn’t look like I had always imagined I would look on my wedding day. However, watching the video back, and looking at the pictures, I don’t look as ‘perfect’ as I wish I would have, but I look so much happier than I ever thought I would have. Not because I didn’t think I would be happy, but I was worried that it would be forced on the day as everyone expects you to be super loved up and smiley (and I’m always getting told I have a very moody face!), but actually on the day, I literally was on cloud 9 from the minute I woke up – which probably had something to do with how drunk I got! Oops! Looking back on our pictures and videos it really is clear to see, It really was one of the happiest days of our life…We’re best friends and despite lifes up and downs, we just love being together at the end of it all and can always laugh and smile together…. and THAT is what a marriage is all about!!!

Photography by Hannah May
Author: Lorna Shaw
Lorna loves a new posh frock, is a hopeless romantic and is lucky enough to be living her ‘happily ever after’ with her wonderful husband, three beautiful children and pet dog.

19 thoughts on “Kat & Andy

  1. This has made me so happy. I am in the exact same place – I don’t love my dress, and I’m eating terribly because of the stress of it (hello spots!). I love the message, that it doesn’t matter how I look, because I’ll be crazy happy on the day.

    And Kat, you do look stunning!

    1. Aah, thank you Jules. Its not a normal thing for a bride to admit, that they didn’t feel they looked their best but I felt I had to be honest. I really do have pics from nights out where I look thinner/more photogenic etc etc, but probably none where I look as happy! 🙂 I hope you have the best day ever, and forget all the silly stuff, which at the end of the day, isn’t really important at all! Wishing you love and luck for your future. Xxxxx

  2. Gosh, this is such a beautiful wedding. And you look stunning. Your advise at the end brought a year to my eye. I am a worried bride to be thinking I won’t find THE dress, but what you say is so true. Love Henri x

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments Henri.
      I’m sure you will find a dress you love, but you know what, if you find one that you feel beautiful in, but isn’t necessarily the ‘one’ – don’t let it stress you. I don’t think everyone has the dress ‘moment’ – I did have that, it was just with a dress way over budget, which I think meant that deep down, no other dress would have been quite good enough…. And actually, if Id been abit crazy and found the money for the ‘one’ I still think I would have noticed my double chin and my arms not being toned! 😉 I am still a woman after all and I think we all love to be abit hard on ourselves.
      I just think, when We’re old and grey showing our grandchildren our pics and DVD, the fashions will have changed anyway but the smiles will always show how happy we were. 🙂
      Wishing you love for the future and Good luck with finding your dress. Xxx

  3. This is just the most amazing and sweetest wedding! I love the theme, so wanting glitter at my wedding. Kat you look stunning and you’re so right. You look so happy and that is definitely the most important thing xxxxx

    1. Thank you for your kind words Hannah. 🙂 I do love abit of glitter too!!! It just escalated once I’d glittered one thing, it then became another, and then another and so on! 😉 luckily it all came together on the day. I like that it’s abit different to the norm and I think our guests liked that too. Sometimes people struggle to think outside the box with weddings, that’s where I think RMW helped me massively. I just thought, we can do whatever WE want, not what is ‘normal’ at weddings. I think it all came together to make the day really personal to us – which was my main aim of the day. I wish we could do it all over again! 🙂 xxx

  4. This is my first ever post but I just felt compelled to say you look breathtakingly beautiful! Really! I completely understand the pressure to look immaculate on your wedding day, many many bridal magazines endorse ‘starlet’ makeovers and non surgical procedures in the run up which probably cost more than my tiny wedding will cost. And it makes me quite sad. Surely we’re supposed to look like ourselves, maybe a little preened with that marital glow. You look naturally beautiful, truly happy and speak very wise words. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you so much for such lovely comments Jane. 🙂 I think if I had to do it all over again, I’d definitely put less pressure on myself to be ‘perfect’ in the run up.
      Thanks again for your lovely words. X

  5. I love this post! What a beautiful wedding! I’m wondering where the groom and groomsmen got their ties. They’re amazing! I’d love to know. Congrats on your special day 🙂

    1. Hi Amy, sorry for just replying, I have only just saw your lovely comment. The grooms men’s ties were just from Next, and the grooms was from Moss Bros. xx

  6. You guys had a beautiful ceremony. Did they guys have any issues with ordering the suits offline from NEXT? I’m looking for that exact color blue for my groomsmen’s and myself. How long did it take for shipping?

    1. Sorry Nathan, I have only just seen this comment. We had no problems ordering the suits from Next. They usually do next day delivery if they have the sizes in stock. Otherwise they will deliver as soon as it’s in stock. x

  7. Hi Kat and Andy!
    You guys had a beautiful wedding, I love the warm feel of it and you can see the happiness on everyones faces! You make a lovely couple. I just wanted to ask about Andy’s suit, I see he got it from next. My fiance and I get married next july and he is SO picky on suits and we’ve done so much research and he really likes that suit! Any way you could tell me what style it is so we could try to find it on Next’s website?

    Thanks a ton!


    1. Hi Beth, thanks for your lovely comments. It’s hard to believe it was over 2 years ago now!
      I’m not sure if next will still do the exact same suit now but the code on the inside of the jacket label is 896-175 if that helps. (Think you can search on the website).
      If they don’t have it, maybe get your fiancé to go into a large Next as they have loads of variety in there. My friends fiancé has just got their wedding suits from there and they are really lovely too.
      Hope he gets sorted and good luck for your Wedding. You’ll have the best day!
      Kat x

      1. Thanks so much Kat! We will be searching for it 🙂 I know the feeling, time seems to be flying by. Wishing you and Andy a lifetime of happiness! X

  8. Hi Kat, I know this is a long shot! But my best friend is getting married and I am her maid of honor. She is absolutely in love with your husbands shirt for her fiancé and I cannot find it anywhere. If you see this before July of 2020 I would love to know where I could get that shirt or what the name of it is so I can try finding it!

    1. Hi Bridgette, the the grooms shirt came from Ted Baker, but unfortunately this wedding was published in 2015, so the skirt is no longer available xx

    2. Hi Bridgette, other than buying it from Ted Baker I’m not sure of the name of it. I will see if there’s a code in the label or anything and let you know, although, like Lorna said, we got married in 2014 so the chances of the exact one still being available are slim. They may still have similar ones though?

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