Kate Middleton and Prince William – Rock My Royal Wedding!

Is it me or is the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton on EVERYONES lips at the moment? And I’m not even talking about us W-day obsessive types, I’m talking the whole darn world and his dog.

It has become apparent that what with being a wedding blog and all we should really put our thinking caps on and come up with some uber cool ideas for what we envisage such a spectacular event may involve.

At the moment I’m thinking navy blue and lace. Lots and LOTS of lace. Would love to see Madam Middleton in something a wee bit fashion forward whilst ( in time honoured royal tradition) remaining both elegant and sophisticated.

So whilst Rebecca and I put together something King and Queen worthy for you gorgeous lot we have a whole bunch of fabulous ideas from some of our Industry friends to share….

Rock My Royal Wedding!

A Gown Fit For A Princess

British gown designer Beverly Lister says:

Kate Middleton is known for her elegant style and her wedding day look should reflect this. French lace and silk gowns are an ideal choice as they are beautiful, classic and timeless and would perfectly suit Kate’s tall, slim figure. Typically royal brides are more conservative and a lace shrug is an elegant way to keep the shoulders covered. Vintage pearl or diamond jewellery and a cathedral-length veil would add the final touch.”

The Crowning Glory

Commenting on Kate Middleton’s ideal wedding day hair, leading wedding hair designer Severin Hubert from Hepburn Collection says:
“It’s important to look beautiful on your wedding day without looking like someone else. Kate has great hair and traditionally wears it down so soft, relaxed curls would work well as an elegant, timeless look that suits most gown styles. She could opt for a slightly different look for the evening too if she were to change her gown.”

The Most Royal Reception

Kim Neville, director of The Pink Pumpkin wedding design consultancy suggests:

A timeless, classic reception style with a focus on beautiful fresh flowers, perhaps with a classic ivory and green colour palette and lots of texture is ideal for a royal wedding. Elegant finishing touches such as monogrammed linens and crockery, luxurious letter pressed stationery and tall silver or crystal candelabras work together to create a sophisticated look. As Prince William and Kate are relatively young, the evening reception could add some modern touches and fun entertainment to appeal to their younger guests. Overall, the couple’s wedding will re-ignite our love of the traditional big English wedding, which will very much be back in vogue again next year.”

Fancy Schmancey!

Of course we would absolutely LOVE to hear what you lovelies think of the whole she-bang…..

Do you think it will be the most beautiful wedding ever in the whole history of um…. beautiful royal weddings?

Do you have an idea of what THE dress will look like?

How about colour scheme? Are you thinking navy blue like me or classic ivory and green like Kim?

Please do drop us a comment with your thoughts folks 😉

Big Royal Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

32 thoughts on “Kate Middleton and Prince William – Rock My Royal Wedding!

  1. I saw a design that Emmanuel had quickly drawn up to show what she thought Kate Middleton would wear. It was very sleek and slender with an off-the-shoulder strap. Very angelic! Although it was lovely – it seemed too old fashioned to me for Kate and I picture her in something a bit more modern. I really like her style so I think whatever she picks will be lovely!

    I am looking forward to seeing this wedding though – I’m sure it will be fabulous and it’ll also do wonders for the wedding industry! Brides will be looking to this wedding for inspiration! x

  2. Eek – I’m just hoping they don’t pick the same date as our wedding… we might not have any guests…

    As much as I think it’ll be a gorgeous display, I’m not too sure I’d ever want a royal wedding. Bit too fancy pancy for me. I can’t wait to watch it all though (*if not the same day as our own*).

    I hope they incorporate a bit of a modern twist, obviously in keeping with monarch tradition. If it looks anything like any of those gorgeous piccies in this post, it’ll be divine.


    Ps – Scarlett dress – WOW!

  3. The telegraph has said the wedding will be 27th-29th April because the police said that March was too soon and the Queen can’t go to any major events in Lent.

    Lets please not talk about what she might wear. I saw a dress in Stewart Parvin and literally LOST MY HEART and am saving up for the 60% deposit. Stewart already has the royal warrant and Peta whatseherface was on London News saying it could be designed by him. If it is, the price of my dress will go massively out of budget and I will cry.

    In actual fact, I feel really sorry for Kate. Everyone talks about how amazing her life will be as a princess but she’ll have to invite a billion people she doesn’t know or care about to her big day (I freaked out at my Dad inviting half the golf club) so she won’t have the personal her day, her way we all dream about. I worry about not getting to spend time with my Husband with 100 guests – nevermind 32,000 and people camping on the streets for days.
    In terms of style, I think it will be fishtail with a large train. Google Augusta Jones Ava (I think its ava with the lace with lace neck). It will obviously have to have sleeves or shoulders because of protocol.

    Designer wise – I predict Phillpa Lepley, Amanda Wakeley, Stewart Parvin or Sassi Holford. I don’t think she’ll dare not have a British designer – imagine the hoo ha from readers of the Daily “bring back the days of the British Empire” Mail.

  4. Ok, so I debated about whether or not to write this comment.
    But I’m going to anyway…

    I don’t really care about the Royal wedding.

    It’s not through any disrespect, it’s just I highly doubt that any of it will break the mould or be done with much of Kate and Prince Williams personality. People will expect it to be Royal and unless aul Kate is gonna surprise us all with a ton of ink and a penchant for Hells Angels, I highly doubt there will be any of the couple’s true personality reflected. It will be what is expected of them.

    Therefore, I will be turning my head toward Joe Soaps wedding before theirs.

    I don’t mean to ruffle feathers, just sharing my thoughts.

  5. Interesting thoughts ladies…

    I have to agree with the later two comments. Although of course I’m interested, I feel sad that Kate will have the great majority of her day dictated to her. I’m very impressed with how William has however managed to have the engagement announced ‘their way’ so maybe there’s hope yet.

    I like (the little we actually know of) Kate, she’s already put up with a lot and obviously I wish them both years of happiness together with a little press intrusion as possible.


  6. Hoorah for the short engagement though, at least we don’t have to wait (or for some, suffer) that long to see what’s in store.

    If the Engagement shoot was anything to go by ( no seaside frolics or laying in fields… pah!) it’s going to be very safe. But I feel sorry for them – nothing they do will be right. If it’s too modern it’ll be a step too far, if it’s too ‘traditional’, it’ll be fusty!

    A lot’s been said about the public picking up the tab. I couldn’t think of anything worse than a credit crunch Royal Wedding. Let’s face it, these designers and suppliers will mostly do it for free given they’ll never have to advertise again after this so I think the actual cost won’t be anywhere near what’s reported.

    Wonder what they’ll do for their Hen and Stags! Can’t see Kate running around in a Tutu with willy deely-boppers!

  7. Do you think she was dropping hints with her navy Issa dress Charlotte? Possibly! I would love to see a little rockandroll bride in her (maybe some hot red shoes?!) but very much doubt she has a cheeky tattoo. Despite being a “commoner” she’s very much a high society gal (I actually don’t think I’ve ever heard a posher accent!).

    So, I’m sticking with lace, cap sleeves and ivory for the dress with vintage pinks for the flowers. British designer no doubt, Phillipa Lepley tipped at the moment, but I would love to see her in a show stopping Vera Wang number with a very sophisticated white colour palette, fresh and unfussy.

  8. Eeeeee! I have been eagerly awaiting this post since the engagement 😉
    I am looking forward to it, not a huge fan of the royals but this is something really good for the country, especially after all the doom and gloom we’ve had!
    I think some of those dresses would get the royal nod of approval the 2nd one has really taken my eye!
    I’m a July 2012 bride we have our venue and the majority of the planning starts in summer so I’m hoping their wedding will throw lots of inspiration my way! Would be nice to have their budget too! x

  9. Having mulled it over, on the ‘I wish she would wear’ list…

    Madam Monique,
    Oscar de la Renta,
    Of course, Wang.

    I can but dream.


  10. I have to say I think she will have a high neck lace number. I also don’t think she’ll go for a massive meringue as she will be compared to Diana (tho she will get this anyway). I feel quite sorry for her in a way, she may have bagged her prince charming but she also has to take on his family, several million onlookers and the ghost of Williams mum as well. That would be a hard job for anybody!!
    I agree with some of the other ladies in that I doubt they’ll get the wedding they would truly want. But when you are a royal, duty comes before self which I’m sure William at least will understand.
    I wish them all the best though, hopefully they can buck the trend and have a long and happy marriage.

  11. No no no no nooooo…..even I think it should be British and I don’t read the Daily Mail.

    And I mean MADE here too, not in China and beaded in the far east (you know who you are Miss).

    Ps I tried on that Rebecca one (given) and looked a right tit. Literally. It’s designed for people with no curves. Official decision.

  12. I never liked Take That. I never got the putting posters of popstars on my wall – didn’t happen. I couldn’t care less about reality TV programmes or celebrity gossip, BUT I am IN LOVE with Will and Kate. Love it love it love it. Great post!


  13. I already have the bunting ready, and i’m hoping that Baby O will be here by then so I can enjoy some champagne and wear something fine!

    I remember how much I obsessed over Lady Diana and Prince Charles wedding when I was a little girl, so the fact William and Kate are doing it means only good things in my book.

    I have always had a soft spot for William and the fact he wants to remember his late Mum and try and involve her memory in the day speaks to me, because as those of you who followed my ‘What Jenny Did’ will remember how tricky it is at times to do weddings/babies without dear Mum around. HOWEVER as much as I think it will be uber chic, modern, and romantic, there will be huge elements of tradition involved – because they are Royalty. Come on, we’re not going to see Kate rock up on the back of a Horse called Zorro now, are we.. I’m sure they will respectfully place their own stamp of personality on their wedding though. They’re young, and super stylish (here’s hoping anyway!)

    It’s about time we had something truly British to look forward to, and to embrace, and considering all that’s wrong with the world I shall totally indulge in celebrating the love of a beautiful young couple, hooray for Prince William!

    Jenny x

  14. I love this feature but what about the Bridal party? I think you need another post about what the all important Mother of the Bride will be wearing, and what about a veil or a head-dress for Kate and the bridesmaids. Would be great to feature some of the new pieces we have at Vivien Sheriff.

    Love the Blog!!

  15. I am far more interested in the royal wedding than I ever thought I would be – I’m just so happy for them that they are finally engaged after so many years together (I do feel a bit for Kate on this point having waited 6 years myself) My h2b was in the same year as William and Kate at St Andrews and we know a few other couples who met there – I think it’s a recipe for a long and happy marriage!

    I am also *dying* to see what she wears – our wedding will be at the end of June next year so I don’t think there’s much danger of a clash – means I can glue myself to the TV for theirs! I am having a v elegant Sassi H lace dress with a shrug for church, so being a bit biased I think something in lace would look fabulous on Kate – I also agree with the lady who guessed fishtail – modern, elegant yet appropriate. And a mahusive lace edged veil please!

  16. Jenny, I couldn’t agree more…

    For once we have something to be proud of and something to look forward to especially during current times. And what a gorgeous couple they make! I too have always had a soft spot for William and even more so after their engagement interview; they were very close and in love and William was very much looking out for Kate, a true gentleman.

    Kate is the epitome of elegance and I can see her in something similar to the Rebecca dress posted above. I’m totally with you on the navy blue theme Charlotte, I actually can’t imagine her having any other colour…?

    Can’t wait, just gutted it’s too late for me to steal any ideas x

  17. Well my vote goes for Faye.

    I can’t say I’d watch it on TV but I’ll be interested to see the pics of her dress.

    Prefer my fiance, our ring and our wedding though! I wouldn’t mind her budget and team to do everything but would hate the scrutiny and constraints – it won’t be about them, it won’t be intimate. Loved her engagement dress though – great colour to set off her (deeply 80s) ring.

  18. Eeeeee – this post is heaven for me. I am obsessed with this royal engagement, obsessed I tell you!
    And doesnt that Kate Middleton have shiny shiny hair?!
    I think that they will consider the country’s economic situation and take that into account when planning. I dont imagine that it will be on the scale of Charles and Di’s but I could be proved wrong.
    Dress wise, it will be something uber understated yet elegant. I think I would love to see her in sleeves like Ivanka Trump wore for hers. And lace. Lots of lace.
    Am so obsessed! xoxo

  19. I work in the BBC newsroom and got so excited when Kate and Will’s engagement was announced that I got a nosebleed!

    Have obviously begged and pleaded with my boss to let me work at Westminster Abbey on the day of the wedding… do you think it would be wrong to wear my wedding dress in honour of their special day?

    I think Kate would LIKE something uber quirky and fashionable but will have to go a little more demure. Will be very very interesting to see what she chooses. Philippa Lepley would be just dreamy…

    Do you think Kate and Mummy Middleton get to choose the colour scheme and favours and everything else?!

  20. ooooh am v.excited about the royal wedding. Lovely William and Kate. They seem like such a well suited couple and so happy. I do like the way William is very obviously “looking out” for Kate, too. What a gent.

    Still not qwuite sure about her having Princess Diana’s ring though. Hmm…

    Think Kate would suit either elegant fishtail and lace (as others have already said) or classic A-line and fitted bodice and…lace. Ooh lace seems to be a popular choice for our Kate! And a ginormous veil/train..oh yes.

    I announced tonight to hubs 🙂 that I’m already thinking of hosting a royal wedding party at home on the actual day. His response is unrepeatable here but….tee hee…am already thinking of a theme (bunting, LOTS OF BUNTING, vintage tea cups of course..) and oh, would it be just too MAD to wear my w-dress on the day in honour host of the party?! lol x

  21. I, Catherine, will also be marrying my William on the 25th June next year!! I was getting nervous that they were going to book it for the same day as I wouldn’t want to miss it but it would have been funny if they had and at least now everyone should remember the year we were married!
    I’m sure all this is going to feature in my father’s speech as he has been saying that ‘his’ Catherine’s marriage to Will is far more important! Ha!

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