Kate Middleton and Prince William – Rock My Royal Wedding!

Is it me or is the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton on EVERYONES lips at the moment? And I’m not even talking about us W-day obsessive types, I’m talking the whole darn world and his dog.

It has become apparent that what with being a wedding blog and all we should really put our thinking caps on and come up with some uber cool ideas for what we envisage such a spectacular event may involve.

At the moment I’m thinking navy blue and lace. Lots and LOTS of lace. Would love to see Madam Middleton in something a wee bit fashion forward whilst ( in time honoured royal tradition) remaining both elegant and sophisticated.

So whilst Rebecca and I put together something King and Queen worthy for you gorgeous lot we have a whole bunch of fabulous ideas from some of our Industry friends to share….

Rock My Royal Wedding!

A Gown Fit For A Princess

British gown designer Beverly Lister says:

Kate Middleton is known for her elegant style and her wedding day look should reflect this. French lace and silk gowns are an ideal choice as they are beautiful, classic and timeless and would perfectly suit Kate’s tall, slim figure. Typically royal brides are more conservative and a lace shrug is an elegant way to keep the shoulders covered. Vintage pearl or diamond jewellery and a cathedral-length veil would add the final touch.”

The Crowning Glory

Commenting on Kate Middleton’s ideal wedding day hair, leading wedding hair designer Severin Hubert from Hepburn Collection says:
“It’s important to look beautiful on your wedding day without looking like someone else. Kate has great hair and traditionally wears it down so soft, relaxed curls would work well as an elegant, timeless look that suits most gown styles. She could opt for a slightly different look for the evening too if she were to change her gown.”

The Most Royal Reception

Kim Neville, director of The Pink Pumpkin wedding design consultancy suggests:

A timeless, classic reception style with a focus on beautiful fresh flowers, perhaps with a classic ivory and green colour palette and lots of texture is ideal for a royal wedding. Elegant finishing touches such as monogrammed linens and crockery, luxurious letter pressed stationery and tall silver or crystal candelabras work together to create a sophisticated look. As Prince William and Kate are relatively young, the evening reception could add some modern touches and fun entertainment to appeal to their younger guests. Overall, the couple’s wedding will re-ignite our love of the traditional big English wedding, which will very much be back in vogue again next year.”

Fancy Schmancey!

Of course we would absolutely LOVE to hear what you lovelies think of the whole she-bang…..

Do you think it will be the most beautiful wedding ever in the whole history of um…. beautiful royal weddings?

Do you have an idea of what THE dress will look like?

How about colour scheme? Are you thinking navy blue like me or classic ivory and green like Kim?

Please do drop us a comment with your thoughts folks 😉

Big Royal Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
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