Keep The Faith

Rebecca and I love nothing better than a delicious item of footwear fancy……especially when it is a complete bargain.

Luckily for all you nearly-weds out there Faith has recently started offering a bridal collection and their current selection has some real beauties.


From left, the floral “Crose” the sexy “Calen” and the diamante incrusted “Luxe”


Don’t fancy flashing your tootsies? then pick the closed toe “Ciera”, for bow detail chose the luscious “Lily” design and for those who want a kitten heel the “Daisy” is especially pretty.

Fancy some arm candy to match your shoe candy? Well the clever folks at Faith are sorted on that front too so take heed handbag lovers:


From left: The “Blindsay” the “Beauty” and my favourite for ultimate glamourama ……the “Bleah” ( get it quick it’s in the SALE!!!!!!!!!)

Would love to know where you are purchasing your accessories from!

Lots of Faithful Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

6 thoughts on “Keep The Faith

  1. I’m liking Ciera, my shoes were very similar in fact.

    Really not loving the ma-hoosive platforms tho – I wouldn’t be able to walk in those at all! And nobody want to see the bride go head over heels half way down the aisle!

    Am I just getting old?!


  2. I love Faiths collection, especially Ciera and would definately be rocking those if the h2b notices the addition of Christian Louboutin shoes x 1 to the budget! I live in hope!

    Bag wise I’m looking for a hard cased clutch similar to Bottega Venata Boudoir Knot but without the price tag!

  3. Love that these are bridal shoes but not a point or irritating tiny little strap in sight! Seriously, wedding shoe shopping drove me out of my mind – the one area where there appeared to be no variety whatsoever. Mine were also similar to Ciera and I have worn them more than a few times since with a brightly coloured dress or two. (And Contra I think the secret to platforms is practice, practice, practice…nowt wrong with running around the flat in your underwear and heels, or donig the ironing, or a few lunges, practicing from every angle!)

  4. Just to let you all know I have just received (literally just – my neighbour just dropped them round as they were delivered when I was out at work) my Faith wedding shoes and I love them! I only wanted a very small heel (despite loving heels I have very sensitive feet and wanted to be comfortable) – so went for Daisy – they are gorgeous and seem really good quality for the price, so I would highly recommend! I’m now going off to prance round our house in them and my pj’s! xx

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