King And Queen Of The Manor.

There are a few of my favourite things in today’s wedding. Firstly we have a VW camper van as wedding transport. I am a total sucker for a bit of classic VW action. I. WANT. ONE.

There is also one of the nicest table plans I have seen grace theses polka dotted pages. It’s clearly done, it’s got a hint of retro about it but above all else it is just fantastically well designed. Make sure you keep your eye out for it.

Charlotte and Dave married at Stubton Hall, Newark. Their photographer was Igor Demba

Asymmetrical Detailing

I didn’t look at too many dresses until I found the one. In fact, I thought I had found the right one in the first shop we looked in! I had originally found a corseted dress that I fell in love with but well exceeded the budget. Grudgingly, my Mum took me to some other shops to see if we could find something closer to the budget – and then we found it! A Christina Sposa dress with a sweetheart neckline and an asymmetrical skirt and a train that came out to the side. It was beautiful and I was so happy with my decision.

The Perfect Grip

I wore pearl and diamond earrings and necklace that were my Mum’s – a present from my Dad to her on their 25th Wedding Anniversary, and a pearl bracelet that was also my Mum’s.

After Carla finished my hair we realised that it was missing something, so searched through my maid of honours recent purchases and found a perfect grip with similar beading to the dress – it looked like it had been planned from the start!!

It Was Meant To Be

I had seen some shoes designed by Rainbow that were just the right height for me (not too high that I would need to take them off but high enough to stop me being too short!) However, when I went to buy them I was told they had been discontinued and there were no similar size heels in that range. Luckily I popped in to a wedding shop near where we live and they had one pair left in my size – and because they were the last pair they gave me a discount! It was definitely meant to be!

Who To Choose?

Because the wedding venue was approximately and hour from where we live it was difficult to know who to choose for hair and makeup. After lots of searching on the internet, I found Carla and gave her ring. Amazingly, Carla also got married at Stubton Hall so I knew it was the right decision! I met with Carla to go through ideas and trial some designs – she really listened to what I wanted.

On the day Carla was a massive calming influence, even when we asked if numerous other people could have something done! She was there till I walked in the ceremony making sure my make-up was right and that my veil was sitting correctly!

Simple and Elegant

Our flowers came from Vaas in Nottingham – who are a designer-led florist. I was really not very sure what I wanted other than something simple, elegant and that matched the colour theme. Vaas were fantastic and through my very limited assistance created exactly what I had in mind.

My bouquet was hand tied with Ivory roses, Green Leafed Pitto and White Eustimas with rosemary foliage. This was bound with Sage Green ribbon. My two older Bridesmaids had smaller versions of my bouquet.

The button holes were ivory roses with sage green binding. The guest tables had either candelabra with small leafed Pitto or a tall flute vase with ivory roses and small leafed Pitto. The Top Table had mirrored cubes with ivory roses and Green Leafed Pitto. The mirrors perfectly reflected the tea lights.

Slate Grey And Sage

The Groomsmen wore suits hired from Robert Goddard in Spalding. They wore slate grey suits, with ivory waistcoats and sage ruches. I was determined to make the groom stand out so he had an ivory handkerchief and the ushers had sage – a small victory!

I knew I wanted the Bridesmaids to wear sage green that matched the Groomsmen’s suits and had difficulty finding the right colour. We also had the added problem that the two younger bridesmaids lived in Germany and were growing so quickly!! Luckily we found the exact colour at BHS and had such a range of dresses that we could cater for all without having to stray from the theme. The girls looked amazing and I was so happy with our choice!

The boys came to the venue in a campervan (Dave has always wanted to buy one so that was our compromise). So, to remember this, Dave gave all of the ushers a pair of green campervan cufflinks which they all wore on the day.

What A Transformation

Dave looked amazing when I walked in the room – I am only really used to seeing him in scruffs for work and what a transformation. We have been together since school and had always imagined that day, so to see him standing there definitely took my breath away.

In The Right Place

Our photographer was Igor Demba.

We first met Igor at a friend’s Wedding – we loved the way he was so involved in the Wedding and wasn’t staging pictures, in fact we didn’t really realise he was the official photographer as he was such a good laugh! We then met Igor for an engagement shoot in Bourne Woods with our puppy Jasper! Igor was brilliant and tried all kinds of games to get us working with the camera. This worked so well as on the day we were so comfortable in front of Igor.

Igor was at the venue when we arrived at 9:30am and didn’t leave until 1am! He was so great with all our friends and family, and took some amazing photos! He was always in the right place to capture the perfect photo and yet was never in the way of what we were doing. Everyone loved him, and were permanently commenting on how fantastic he was. To get the shots of us on the dance floor he even joined in and threw some shapes.

He had even managed to edit some photos by the evening so he ran a slideshow on the bar so that people could see a glimpse of the photos. A few weeks later a wonderful parcel arrived with our photos in – we had a big gathering to go through them all. I was amazed, he had captured the day so well and I couldn’t believe it was really us in the photos – it looked so magical.

I cannot recommend Igor highly enough and he really made our day so special. My favourite photo is the black and white one of the two of us under the big tree – I love the fact that it looks like a print you could pick up in Ikea but when you look carefully you can see it’s us two!

Out Of This World

We asked Dave’s Mum if she would make the cake for us – it meant more to the both of us than having a shop bought one! Sylv and I sat down numerous times and looked at different designs that would suit the theme, but the end result was out of this world. It was a chocolate sponge cake with sage ribbons and sage dots. Everyone thought we had had it made and the colours were perfect – it tasted amazing as well.

I Heard It On The Radio

It took us forever to pick our first dance. We went through hours of playlists trying to pick the right one. Then one day Stand by Me by Ben E King came on the radio, it instantly made me think of the wedding and we knew it was the song for us. Now everytime we hear it we think back to the day.

Firework Favours

My Mum helped massively with the favours! We decided that we wanted something that people could keep and reuse. Mum managed to find frosted votive holders with hearts that we filled with sage tea lights. Mum then ordered boxes to put them in which were tied with sage ribbon and had a tag on each with our themed logo. Working on the theory that the candles wouldn’t really interest the men, we gave them a bundle of indoor sparklers and asked the guests to light them for our entrance. We bought Firework Night inside!

A Little DIY

I have always been involved in making stationery and decorations for many friends and family members’ weddings, and was determined to do the same with my own wedding. All of the decorations were ivory and sage and where possible featured our C&D logo that tied everything together.

Mum also organised lanterns to be placed all outside the building and on the walkway to the orangery. The staff at the venue put them all out for us and they looked amazing – very romantic.

Just As We Wanted It

We were so lucky to have such a supportive family to help us – so much so that I barely remember being stressed about anything – Well, other than the travel agent ringing the day before the Wedding saying due to the flooding in Bangkok we would have to either amend or cancel the Honeymoon!! But my husband to be sorted it all out and even sent my maid of honour a message on the Wedding Day to let us know that everything was sorted.

My Mum helped so much with the organisation and planning – it is what she was born to do! She even created her own sweet shop at the reception that looked incredible – I have never seen grown adults move so fast when we announced the sweet shop was open!

My Dad made an amazing speech and helped keep everything calm during the run up. All of the bridesmaids and Ushers helped us whenever we needed them and were always there for advice and to kick us into action.

One bit of advice would be to pick your photographer carefully – Igor made our day what it was and we were so lucky to have him involved. He put us both at ease and didn’t stage the photos – giving us the natural look we wanted. After the day has passed it is so important to have amazing photos that will help you remember all of the details.

I would love to do it all over again, and the day itself was just as we wanted it to be.

Stubton Hall

We were really struggling to find the perfect venue as we knew what we were looking for but couldn’t find it. We wanted something traditional but without a church wedding. We found Stubton Hall in a magazine and decided to go and take a look. The minute we saw the hall on the top of the hill on the road into the village we knew this was what we were looking for. With its stunning entrance greeting you as you approach, you take a step back in time as you enter the reception room. Most rooms have roaring fires and a perfect blend of classical and contemporary décor.

Rachel, the wedding coordinator, helped us work through all the details and ideas, and, although it was way over our budget, we decided that it was totally worth it as we could have the whole place all to ourselves. It was the best decision we’ve ever made (other than deciding to get married in the first place!) The Bridal Suite was the perfect place for us all to get ready. We broke with tradition and let my Mum and Dad have the Bridal Suite as that way we could use it throughout the day and then a whole new room would be ready for us two.

Stubton was the perfect venue and the staff were amazingly attentive. The food was incredible, although I have to say I wish I could have eaten more of it as the buzz of the day meant I was so content I didn’t really need food (and didn’t want any stains on my dress!!!!) My favourite part of the whole venue was the Chocolate Bar. There is a stunning picture of the both of us at the end of the day snuggled up on the leather sofa completely in awe of the day – Igor captured the moment perfectly. Stubton Hall was everything we wanted from a venue and I cannot speak highly enough of the staff there. We really felt like we were king and queen of the manor!

Venue – Stubton Hall

Photographer – Igor Demba

Dress – Christina Sposa

Hair and Make-up – Carla Todd

Shoes – Rainbow

Maids – BHS

Planner – Rachel Hall

Florals – Vaas

The venue is spot on. I love the deep rich wall colours and the luxurious mixed period decor – It provided the perfect backdrop for Charlotte and Dave’s contemporary wedding that had hints of classical influences as well as a few modern twists thrown into the mix.

I have to agree with Charlotte too – the images of our lovely couple under the tree and slumped on the brown leather chesterfield are absolute corkers.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

17 thoughts on “King And Queen Of The Manor.

  1. I love the simplicity and the freshness of their colours and styling, it all works so well with the gorgeous venue. lovely! x

  2. I am hoping that the hotel we are staying in the night of our wedding has a big sofa like that for us to collapse into…

    Although there may be no time for collapsing…tried on the underwear (the suck me in and give me a bum like Kim Kardashian suit) for the wedding day yesterday (dress fitting in two weeks) and I am pretty sure that by midnight I will want out!!!

    I am greatly enjoying that crepe pappery type dress (the one on the shot with the dirty feet)…

    @Karen – totally agree, FRESH is the word.

  3. Currently having a good old blub at the sofa picture. That’s how I want to end up at the end of my wedding day. Perfect.

  4. the sofa picture is gorgeous!!

    @Pamela – the wedding night mental image you’ve just conjured up is potentially hilarious!

  5. The ‘crepe pappery type dress’ belongs to the mother of the bride (my wife) and she will be very happy with your praise as it took her months to chose. Shame she couldn’t afford shoes as well though! LOL

    Brilliant photography and brilliant venue

  6. @Karen – seriosuly, I’m going to have to be peeled out of that all in one like some kind of sausage! It arrived yesterday in the post and I put it on before the Big C got home…not at all sexy…

    @Andy – who needs shoes when you have such a fandabbydosy dress?!

  7. WOW! This is stunning. Gorgeous wedding and couple. Igor the shots are out of this world! the composition, the angles, the processing. Flippin amazing! the ‘flying bridesmaid’ shot is one of my favourite shots ever. Spot on!

  8. @Andy – sign of a good night! and yes, its a lovely dress

    @Pamela – you are hilarious!! i’m sure as far as Big C is concerned you could be wearing a bin bag and you’ll still be his beautiful bride! x

  9. I’m in day 4 of illness.

    This has cheered me up no end. So simple and beautiful.

    I was crying by the description of how they found their photographer!

    Lovely lovely x

  10. I am glad there is so much love for today’s wedding. The shots by Igor are really stunning – almost velvety

    @ Amma and @Pete – When I saw the flying Bridesmaid (sounds like a train) I knew that image was going in. I wish I’d had the guts to use it as the first image. That would have woken everyone up this morning.

    @Andy – great to see some man comments today 🙂

    @Nicky – I know what you mean. They just look so satisfied… And of course, very much in love.


  11. Been out of the loop having a busy weekend so lots of catching up to do on the blog front!

    Totally agree Adam – that table plan is spectacular!

    Also I have to say to the lovely bride Charlotte – your hairstyle is wonderful! Scratch that – your whole outfit is wonferful!

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