La Vie Bohème

Hello, Adam Here (again!) I hope you aren’t getting bored of me just yet. I have had a busy one both behind the scenes and front of house at RMW this week, and as a finale I am sharing with you the wedding of Marc and Amy.

With no bridesmaids or best man this is a wedding that breaks the rules of convention. The short floral dress and classic VW camper add a sense of bohemia and a great big dose of WOW! But before I give it all away I’ll hand you over to Amy herself…

Our wedding was on Thursday 21st April 2011, we had a civil ceremony at Rye Town Hall, East Sussex and the reception at the George in Rye.

Monsoon Season

I bought my dress from the wedding collection at Monsoon. It took me a while to decide on a dress but I knew that I wanted a low key wedding with a more casual feel so I went for a short dress, it had lovely detail on the front and I loved the style of it.

If You’re Going To San Francisco…

I only had two yellow roses pinned into my hair, I didn’t want to wear a veil or tiara as I didn’t think it would go with my dress.

High Rise

I went for quite skyscraper heels! I got them from Nine West, they were leather rather than satin but in a cream colour and I love them and can wear them lots more!

Low Key

I did my own make up, I had a free trial at a Bobbi Brown counter, I bought their eye make up but I wasn’t keen on the foundation so I bought a clinique foundation and on the day just did it myself.  A lady called Sarah at Truffle Hairdressers in Rye did my hair, again I wanted it quite low key, I knew I wanted it slightly curly and some up and I was really pleased with how she did my hair, we had a trial before hand and then on the day she came to the George to do my hair.

I’ll Buy You A Yellow Rose

My favourite flowers are yellow roses so I had them as my bouquet with white mini gerberas, for the table centre pieces I had yellow roses and bright pink and orange mini gerberas. 

Suited and Booted

Marc bought a suit from Next and his Dad and my Dad had yellow roses for button holes. Marc had a dark grey suit with cream tie which matched my dress.

Liam Smith

We chose Liam Smith for the photography, he did a wedding of someone that we knew and were very impressed with the photos so went with him and we were not disappointed.

Camper Cake

I had the idea for the wedding cake to be a VW camper van and I rang round some cake people and chose a lady in Maidstone. The company is called Creative Cakes, we had a lemon sponge cake which was delicious and I was really impressed with the final result.


We didn’t have a separate reception, we had 35 people to the day and evening and so just had music from an iPod for the evening which worked well.

Scooby Snacks

We got our favours from Custom Cookie Co, they were biscuits in the shape of VW camper can, the girls had pink and the boys yellow and the names were written on each one so they doubled up as name settings as well. These went down really well with everybody, I would definitely recommend them, they came packaged really well, no breakages or anything and they gave a few extra just in case.  They weren’t cheap but well worth it!

Keeping it Simple

The table centres had candles in the middle of them, other than that we didn’t have much in the way of decoration, the chairs were all cream and the room was lovely without anything else.

Split Screen

We had a friend whose parents owned a VW split screen camper can which we had as a wedding car, I know for the Groom this really made his day as he is obsessed with them! For me I loved the cake and it was the one little extravagance we had.  I think best piece of advice is don’t be nervous, relax and make the most of it because it goes far too quickly!  

Photography – Liam Smith

Venue – Rye Town Hall

Reception – George in Rye

Dress – Monsoon

Shoes – Nine West

Hair – Truffle Hairdressers

Cake – Creative Cakes

Favours – The Custom Cookie Co

I really really really really want a split-screen Vdub Camper. I don’t actually think it’s fair that I haven’t got one. I also want a cake please. And a biscuit.

Have a great Friday people.

Adam (with eyes as green as the split screen).

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

26 thoughts on “La Vie Bohème

  1. You had me at ‘The George in Rye’ I really want to stay there. Then your gorgeous hair and oh the blossom photographs. What a gorgeous wedding.
    Happy Blossom Friday everybody x

  2. What a lovely, dreamy, sunny wedding! Love the dress, love the yellow, love the cake and l LOVE the photography of all the flowers and blossom. Fabulous. xxx

  3. Such gorgeous simplicity…one word beautiful!

    Wish I was as confident to scale everything down like that x

  4. what a gorgeous dress and the shoes? heart!

    in my dream weddings, one of them is a small intimate do, I often wonder what it would have been like to do this and yours looks amazing, so friendly and relaxed

    mrs x x x

    oh an PS I could really do with a biscuit right now too!

  5. Wow I know I say this a lot, but I love this wedding!
    I love the low key (erm cos ours is small too) and relaxed informal feel. The dress and hairstyle is sooo gorgeous, and the guest in the coral dress….I have a dress crush!

    Such a lovely cake and favours, echo Adam I want one now with my cuppa!

    Lovely photos, thanks Adam and the lovely couple for sharing xx

  6. I was all ready, reading through this, to comment and say “you had me at the George in Rye”and “I bet Jenny O adores this” and whatdyaknow, I’m too late!

    I am in awe of Amy’s whole look – especially the dress, the shoes and the yellow blooms. Amy, you look so, so beautiful!

    Also loving Rye Town Hall. I’ve wanted to visit Rye since I was a kid. And my favourite picture? The happy bride and groom by the blossom. Oh, the blossom!

  7. Oh my. What a stunning dress (I have leg envy!), and those yellow flowers in Amy’s hair? She looks like sunshine personified – divine!
    Favourite pic? The one with the blossom in the background – just perfect!

  8. Oh I love that dress! It’s informal but still weddingy. Amy looked fab! Also loving the yellow. And the camper van biscuits. They are so cool.


  9. Amy, your wedding is just so beautiful. You have lovely legs. Everybody looks so happy. I love that you have got married your way, rather than trying to follow conventions. xx

  10. Ha, I luv the VW camper van. We used to have one of those when I was a kid and we used to go on holiday every year in it. Happy memories.

    Never thought of using it for our wedding…but you know what, it works perfectly. Great pics.

  11. This is the first wedding I have commented on as thought everything about it was so beautiful and loved all the camper touches – Im hoping to have one too as a wedding car xx

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