La Vie Est Belle


When I first clapped eyes on Olivia and Marc’s French and Swiss wedding I was instantly hooked.

In fact, in the thirty minutes following my ‘first look’, I must have fired off at least seven emails to Charlotte professing my love for in no particular order… Olivia’s hair (if you like fishtail plaits then you’re going to die), the sexy hot chap wearing pink Chinos (trust me folks he wears them well), the vintage cream Mercedes (Adam also had major car lust here) and the rain.

Seriously I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a black and white rain-drenched photo like it. The perfect end to the most glorious day – all captured by the wonderful M&J Photography.

The lovely Jonny from M&J photography is going to take us through all the gorgeous details of Olivia and Marc’s day.

Bridal Fishtail Plait

Medieval Frolics

Jonny The Photographer: We were looking forward to photographing this wedding from the moment we were booked by Olivia and Marc. The prospect of spending a few days exploring Switzerland and the surrounding area for the first time as well as shooting a wedding at the amazing medieval Chateau d’Avully Brenthonne was really exciting!

Black and white groom portrait M&J Photography

Relaxed and Incredibly Stylish

When we arrived at the Chateau and met Olivia and Marc for the first time we knew our job wouldn’t be too difficult. They were a really relaxed, stylish and incredibly photogenic couple who had obviously planned a beautiful wedding in stunning surroundings that would be a lot of fun for them as well as all of their guests.

French classic wedding Chateau d’Avully

Truly International

With Switzerland being the international place that it is, many of the guests and wedding party had traveled from abroad. Therefore, close friends and family were all staying for two nights in the various rooms dotted around the large Chateau, which centered around a huge cobblestone courtyard. This made for a great atmosphere whilst we photographed the preparations.

Vintage cream wedding mercedes

An Intimate Setting

The 20-minute drive through the countryside to the Church in the village of Collonge-Bellerive meant crossing the border into Switzerland, but it was worth it for the sweet and intimate setting for the ceremony. Outside of the church after the ceremony, the guests waved off the bride and groom in incredible style.

Chateau d’Avully French Wedding

A family member had kindly leant Marc an immaculate vintage cream coloured Mercedes convertible for the day so Olivia sporting a white headscarf and dark Ray Bans looked like a 50’s movie star as she traveled back to the Chateau with her new husband and their little boy. The French Alps made the most stunning backdrop.

French Chateau Wedding Chateau d’Avully

Sexy Strings

Back at the chateau, guests were greeted with Champagne and ice cold fruit cocktails just in front of the main drawbridge before passing through the courtyard for more drinks and canapés in the rear gardens amongst the topiary mazes.

French Wedding Violinist

Music was by a young female violinist who played along with the DJ through a wireless microphone system. This not only made for some great, rather unique music but it was also a real spectacle to see the young violinist in cocktail dress and heels strutting and dancing amongst the guests as she entertained them.

Classic French Table Setting

Chalkboard Scrawls

Hidden away behind the trees in one corner of the garden, guests were given the opportunity to write or draw a message to the bride and groom on a chalkboard.

Elite de Rosa Clara Wedding Dress

Each message was then photographed by the bridesmaids, who then presented the photos as a really fun slide show later in the evening in the dining room.

Elite de Rosa Clara Wedding Dress

Bouquet Tossing

Just as the rain was beginning to come down before the wedding breakfast, all the guests were gathered in the courtyard for the tossing of the bouquet.

M&J Wedding Photography

Olivia was able to do this from a perfectly placed balcony high up in the walls of the chateau. Despite there being over 120 dining guests, the medieval dining room provided a warm and intimate setting for the evening festivities.

A Theatrical Display

Olivia and Marc had provided fitting details on the tables, such as classic silver candelabras, theatrical masks for the younger guests and a newspaper report of their own wedding in the form of a medieval scroll. Disposable cameras for guests to capture their own moments on film were, as always, a great idea. The evening was filled with emotional speeches, hilarious slide projections and all kinds of fun and games involving all the guests.

Wedding Bouquet Throw

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Reception Venue: Chateau d’Avully, Brenthonne
Ceremony: Eglise de Collonge-Bellerive, Switzerland
Brides Dress: Elite by Rosa Clara
Boutique: Wilton in Geneva
Photography: M&J Photography
Food: Traiteurs du Val
Save The Date: Paperless Post
Invitation and Menus: Faire Part Creatif
Flowers: Kalis

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a wedding with so many achingly hip guests? And trust me when I say there’s even more in the gallery.

Yes more folks…you heard me.

I also think that Marc and Olivia’s little boy should win an award for sweetest pageboy ever. Who’s with me?

Congratulations you gorgeous pair, your wedding has most definitely stolen a small piece of my heart.

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

25 thoughts on “La Vie Est Belle

  1. This is one sweet couple and a successful planned wedding; first I was amazed by the hairstyle, the strange combination between a fresh look and casual but at the same time with accent on the natural beauty, another way of seeing what an elegant style is. Secondly was the beauty of all around- handsome groom, lovely decor. It’s onyl left to say for these two congrats!

  2. Achingly hip as Lolly said…and that hair do?! I DIE.

    Olivia looks like some kind of film star with the whole headscarf/sunglasses combo going on and although I have no clue what is going on in the rain at the end (does that man have his top off?!)…. it is an absolute KILLER of a photograph.

    Charlotte xxx

  3. I have had to stop myself from pinning literally every photo in the gallery because the list of things that I love is so long (the hair, the dress, the uber stylish guests, the venue)…but the photography is just absolutely breathtaking. The pictures of the bouquet toss in the gallery are immense! xx

  4. HOLY SH*T

    Where does one begin?? The fash-pack guests dripping from every surface (man in pink trousers is my fave), the fish plait, the Grace Kelly/Thelma and Louise headscarf situation in the vintage merc, the man dashing, dancing in the rain. Two words, STU-NNING!

    I need a lie down

    @Charlotte – I think it’s shirt dripping wet rather than shirt off, but hello! xx

  5. I am a huge RMW fan and have never been moved to comment before. Seriously? Is this a real wedding? Good on them. It is AMAZING. Looks like something from a glossy magazine, only better. Wishing them a wonderful life together.

  6. @Karen I knew I could count on you to lust over sexy pink man!

    I also really really really love Olivia’s lipstick colour. I need that colour in my life!

  7. Oh My Gosh – the little girl in the gallery with the gold mask and the ivy in her hair – I was practically welling up at the sight of her!!!! Talk about stylish guests, she’s about 12 with more style than I can dream of!!

  8. Gosh I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many beautiful people in one place/wedding!

    This is just all completely perfect, I don’t even know where to start! The photography, the dress, the hair, the gorgeous pageboy, the breathtaking venue…I could go on but I think it’s been pretty much covered above! Just amazing…


  9. Ok a list is required for this one:

    Oh course number one HAS to be the hair!
    Two I think this bride is just TOO pretty, literally in every single photo she is perfection – surely this is not normal!
    Three that photo of them under the tree with him holding on to the branch err HOT and Romantic!
    Their painfully cute little boy and his little pretty shorts!
    The Hot-to-trot guests
    @Lolly totally agree on the lipstick! NEED!
    A sexy Volin lady wondering around
    The father and son shot
    The crazy sexy cool lady in the glasses
    The black and white photo of the bride and groom in the church where you can juist see her eyes welling up.
    And last BUT definitely not least that final EPIC shot!

    Thats a lot of things to like in one wedding!

  10. Woah serious wedding envy going on now!

    Wonder how I can tell my guests that if they dont look this cool they are not getting in…

  11. This. Wedding. Is. Amazing.
    Achingly chic in such an effortless way that only the French know how. I cannot get over how beautiful everyone is, the MOB is hot-to-trot too!
    The photos perfectly capture both the stunning setting and the emotions of the day. AND this proves that even if it rains, your day can still be picture perfect!

  12. OH. MY. WORD!!!
    This wedding is too beautiful for words!!!
    Olivia, you are stunning & I have serious hair envy! And your little boy……adorable!
    Agree with @Tabitha – how on earth do you get that many stylish people at one wedding?!!!!
    The setting is breathtaking, the photos are stunning (agree with most of the others, the rain shot – EPIC & the B&W shot of bride & groom with bride welling up, just beautiful!)
    & Oh gosh, I nearly forgot the awesome car & how effortlessly chic the bride looks sat in it like a movie star!! I can promise you if I put on some sunnies & donned a scarf on my bonnet I would definitely not look this chic…..I’d be more ‘granny-like!!! haha

    Congrats to a gorgeous couple xxx

  13. Wowzers! I think everything as been covered above but I had to pop by to swoon. I’ve been waiting for this wedding since ‘THE fishtail’ was previewed on Facebook and it doesn’t disappoint, A-mazing!
    I love, love, LOVE Olivia’s dress, so simple yet so stunning, I don’t think a drop waist has ever looked so good!
    Congratulations guys! It’s a beaut!

  14. I wish I had enough hair for a fishtail plait!

    And in some of the photos Olivia looks like Cameron Diaz – what a stunner!

  15. Gorgeous wedding! I love the dress and the rain shot is just awesome. just goes to show that bad weather can be a good thing!(in moderation of course!) they have the coolest guests too! I want friends like that 🙂

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