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Lauren & James: 19 Weeks To Go

Hi everybody!! Today I shall be discussing various things (in no particular order): The Blackpool Brides, everyone turning 30, flowers, traditional vs modern, and how I’m in a bit of a panic considering I have just over 19 weeks till The Big Day.

So firstly, my spare time recently has been taken up by boozy weekends in various locations around the UK as all my friends, including me, are turning 30, and it just so happens the 90% of us are doing it between 13th March and 24th June. The last two weekends have been dedicated to starting the three month birthday party – firstly in London for my bridesmaid Flic’s birthday, where we decided that getting rounds of shots and drinking prosecco all night would be an EXCELLENT idea, and then last weekend 17 of us descended on Blackpool for my GBF’s birthday. He has always wanted to do a bride themed fancy dress so on Saturday night, off we all went dressed in various different bride outfits – from 80’s tastic to lovely lace and chiffon, and even Disney – and had a thoroughly wonderful time. Potentially an interesting idea for anyone organising a hen do anytime soon…?! We certainly made some heads turn, as you can see from the photo!

I’m also organising my best friends hen do, attending my own (although I’m fairly relaxed about this is one, ha), have my cousins wedding, my best friends wedding (where I’m MOH), and my own all to go within the next four and a half months. This is OBVIOUSLY a very, very exciting time and I’m having a lot of fun in the process…but my wedding planning time is at a premium, hence the slight panic as we still have so much to do and I feel like we’re running out of time!

So back to the all-important planning, we have finally decided on our flowers, while I don’t want to give too much away, think pretty vintage pastels/old Hollywood glamour and you’ve about got it. They are going to look GORGEOUS in our super-jusshy ceremony and wedding breakfast room and with the bridesmaids’ flapper-style blingy dresses. Now that we have our colour scheme sorted, we’ve made a start on our website. Thanks to everyone who gave us the advice on the last post, we’ve actually gone for – they do various different website templates which are easy to use and navigate, and more importantly, it’s free! All going well so far (if not for me nagging James about finding the time to do it), we’ve just got a few last tweeks to make before we publish it.

I’m also coinciding this with sorting out our invites. We’re going for ‘modern’ invites, so a simple one-pager inviting people to come and celebrate with us, and the wording will be around joining us rather than my parents/our parents hosting the day. This will then link to the website with all details on accommodation, what happens on The Big Day, a bit about us, and the RSVPs will be done via the website or on email to us rather than my parents. I think these are a bit more ‘us’, and I’d be interested to know your thoughts around whether you are/have gone for a traditional wedding invite or something a little more web-based like we have. There is always the argument that not everyone on the guest list would be online, but I can honestly say I think everyone coming to our wedding is, and even then we will have the option of contacting us by post for more information.

When it comes to tradition, I found Danielle’s last post really interesting about expectations for your day. I genuinely believe that your wedding day is about YOU, not what other people expect of you. There are some traditional parts of the day that I will be doing – such as my Dad giving me away (ridiculously important to me), staying separately the night before, something old/borrowed/new/blue – but other parts we won’t be. I’ve mentioned before about the cake – we’re probably just going to put on a really good evening buffet instead.

I definitely get the non-traditional element from my parents. They got married in a local registry office in Chiswick, in January, wearing ‘off the peg’ outfits (Mum wore a suit) and it snowed so much that day my Mum couldn’t get in to town to have her hair done and half the guests couldn’t make it! Then after the ‘lavish’ ceremony at the registry office, it was back to their small terraced house – no top tables, table plans, DJ’s, bands – just lots of drink, chat and some food. Their friend was the photographer for the day, and thought the soft focus lens would be romantic, instead it just made for slightly dodgy quality pictures! Still, they have assured me they had a good day and it was certainly memorable, plus they’re still together over 30 years later – proof that you don’t need a big flashy wedding. Okay, I may be having a slightly flashy wedding (ahem), but you see my point!

I’m also interested on the subject of speeches and people’s opinions on this. Now, speeches for me can either be the best, or the worst, part of a wedding. We’re putting a 10 minute limit on ours (yes, really), I find long speeches a bit difficult to deal with (!!). I’m controversially not doing one – I’m comfortable with public speaking, and would be fine doing one, I just really don’t want the added pressure. After my vows I would just quite like to relax, enjoy the day, and drink lots of fizz! James’ speech will be written by both of us so I’m quite happy to NOT be in control for once and more importantly, he wants to do the honours. And there will, of course, be one from my Dad. I’ve also asked my MOH to do a speech, why should the Best Man have all the fun?! What about everyone else? Anyone doing an open mic (very brave), any brides/bridesmaids or non-traditional speeches happening?

That’s it from me for now. I’m really enjoying sharing my experiences with you all, and love all the other Real Brides posts. If there is anything in particular you would like me to discuss next time, please let me know!!

Lauren xxx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

3 thoughts on “Lauren & James: 19 Weeks To Go

  1. Hi Danielle,

    looks like you have quite the busy few months ahead of you, luckily I got all my 30th’s and weddings out of the way last year leaving me free to sort out the wedding.

    Although it keeps freaking me out that I think I have done everything but then everyone on here says they have soooo much to do so I find myself making up things to do, like trying to find an old door so that I can put the table plan on it etc and i’m not at all artistic which essentially means i keep making stuff I know I wont want anyone to see on the day.

    Are brides meant to give a speech???? I was revelling in the fact that I don’t have to give one…

  2. Hey Lauren

    We’ve just sent out our invites. They were e-invites, animated so when the link was clicked an envelope appeared and the invite unfolded – we used Paperless post – v cheap and a good compromise with being an email and actual invite.. At the end of the animation there was a link to our website which had all the other info on.

    The feedback from everyone has been ace, they love it. Paperless is great cos we can send out further mailouts to all our contacts (easily uploaded) if we need to contact everyone on mass for, say, updates on invites or any last minute reminders.

    I thought about doin a speech too but decided I shall take over the ‘thank you’s’ after Ians done his speech. I’m an actress so have no worries with public speaking – but seeing as though I’m an absolute wreck when it comes to other people’s weddings, even those I don’t know, I decided no-one wants to see me blubber incoherently and delay them eating even more.

    Good luck with all!


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