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Lauren & James – The Bridesmaids Dresses.

My oh my, what a busy four weeks I’ve had! As always I feel like it has flown by, but last weekend I came to quite a stark realisation that we have lots to do, but we’re running out of time. More on this later, but firstly, I need to make an introduction.

Let me introduce to you the newest member of our household…Lucky the Puppy, named so as a result of a taxi ride to the airport in Vegas AFTER JAMES WON BIG PLAYING POKER. WAHOO! He is a 10-week-old chocolate sprocker (a cross of springer and cocker spaniel) with gorgeous eyes, a lovely temperament and a taste for mischief!!

He is absolutely adorable (I defy you not to think he is the cutest thing ever), but since we got him almost two weeks ago he has certainly tested my patience on quite a few occasions! He loves anything he can chew or bite which he’s not supposed to; taking a particular liking to footwear and newspaper. We can’t take him out for walks yet as he’s not fully vaccinated, so his boundless energy is…interesting…at times, but he makes up for it with his general amazing puppy-ness.

Aside from all the adorable puppies, I have picked my Bridesmaid dresses. I have five bridesmaids, whom you have all been introduced to, and I always thought that finding dresses that suited and fitted all of them would be difficult, as I’m sure you can appreciate with different heights and shapes. As it happens, we got it done pretty much in an afternoon – but that afternoon was a bit of a rollercoaster! The girls all came to Birmingham (we are scattered a bit, from London to Sheffield), and we went to The Dressing Rooms in Halesowen where I bought my dress.

We had a fun hour and a half or so of trying on different dresses, and I thought I found a colour that I liked and suited them all – a gorgeous sage green – and they also all looked great in a grecian one-shouldered floor length dress, something I had always envisaged. However, I was allowed to put my dress on again *squeeaaaal*, and the style of my dress and the Bridesmaids just didn’t quite match, there was no flow and a traditional floaty Bridesmaids dress with my fairly sleek and chic dress didn’t quite work. I hadn’t even thought this would be an issue, so needless to say I left the shop feeling a little down. I realised something from the High Street might work better, but struggled to see how I would find something at this time of year when the shops are full of jewel tones and winter dresses.

Fortunately, I have an excellent set of maids who gave me a bit of a pep talk and off we headed to the Bull Ring in Birmingham to have a look. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and everything that glitters, but everything in the shops at the moment is geared up towards the Christmas party season – obviously not right for a wedding at the height of summer! I was getting more and more ‘PJC’, feeling downhearted and was painfully aware that I needed to get the dresses sorted because they would ‘unlock’ everything and help me start on the colour scheme. The girls leapt to it, with continuous jusshing and contingency planning (see why they’re my bridesmaids?!) as I got more and more gloomy.

And then, lo and behold, we decided to try Monsoon as I’d heard they do a great range of party dresses. And there it was. Was it full length? No. Was it sage green? Definitely not. Was it perfect? Yes. I fell in love with a gorgeous, vintage, blingy Christmas party dress. It is light enough to wear even if it’s a boiling hot day summer and fits perfectly with the style of my dress. I don’t want to show a picture of the full dress as I want to keep it a bit of a secret till The Big Day, but I can show you parts of it and similar styles. Eek I just love them!!

I have to say, I was hugely impressed by Monsoon’s range – and it was a real eye-opener as it would not have necessarily been where I would have looked for a bridesmaid dress at this time of year! It’s such an elegant and classy design, and will flatter all five of them – plus I love that they will be able to wear them again (although not at the same time, that could be really awkward)!

I also have to say Monsoon offered really fantastic customer service. But I especially enjoyed everyone’s reactions to the dresses; when one tried it on she said it made her ‘feel like a Princess’, and it’s very important to me that my girls feel just as special as I do on the day! I hope I get to share it with all of you at some point, because it is truly lovely. I am almost more excited for these dresses than I am for my own!!

Now we have our Bridesmaids sorted, all things wedding-related are starting to pick up a gear, mainly because we’ve realised how much we have to do!! Next on the list is the colour scheme and florists. Oh, where to start. I feel like the venue, then dresses, were the first pieces of the puzzle and will be easy to work around. But, I’m not the creative type, so I am at a bit of a loss what to do now…!!

I have lots of ideas, such as I know I don’t want ‘traditional’ flowers (e.g. I love the idea of feather centrepieces), but I can’t quite yet piece them all together as one big vision – particularly because every decision we’ve made so far has been completely unexpected! I feel like there are a lot of balls up in the air and I’m not quite sure how they’re all going to fit together.

Between us we don’t have huge amounts of spare time – particularly with the added pressure of The Furball – so I’ve now called out The Big Guns (Hi Mum) for a bit of background digging for a florist who could perhaps create something a little unusual and special for us. How has everyone else gone about their colour scheme/flowers? Is this something you’ve had a clear vision of what you wanted, or made it up as you’ve gone along?!

I’ll leave it here for now, as you can tell I’m entering a phase of ‘????’, so any anecdotes you can share on how you managed to make everything fit together would be much appreciated!

Lauren xx

Photography by Hannah May
Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

14 thoughts on “Lauren & James – The Bridesmaids Dresses.

  1. Awwwwwwwwww Lucky is soon cute!!!!!! I totally feel for you – when we got our puppy and couldn’t take him out for walks it was relentless, I swear it’s like having a new born baby that won’t sleep AND that can run around and destroy things…plus you can’t put it in a nappy…

    Can’t wait to see those Maids dresses – I love a sparkly gown and it looks like they might just be a very lovely nude/pink colour?!?!?

    Your ideas for flowers sound really interesting Lauren – did you see Monday’s wedding with the giant paper ones?

    Fern x

    1. Hi Fern,

      That is EXACTLY what he is like at the moment!!! Please tell me it gets better when you can take them on walks and they get older?! He is super cute though, what breed do you have?
      I did see the wedding from Monday…I fell in love with the dress and shoes! Also liked the paper flowers, although I have to admit I went back on your link and had a look, really different so it’s nice to know there are florists out there who do it.
      You’re right, the maids dresses are ‘neutral’ ish, so technically I can work the colour scheme round it a lot…but it’s ‘blingy’ enough to not be a bit plain (if that makes sense!) xx

      1. You will definitely be able to find someone who makes your vision come to life – don’t worry – it just might take lots of searching!!

        Neutral but with a bit of bling is a great starting point for a scheme 🙂

        We’ve got a Jack Russell called Drake, I always tell people he’s a cute JR, not a ratty one! He’s almost a year old now and it definitely gets easier when you can walk them…but ours still needs two walks a day and lots and lots of play!! He’s amazing though – Lucky will bring you lots of fun x

  2. This sounds like exactly the same issue I had with my bridesmaids…I only have 2 though, phew! But they headed up to Carlisle (miles away from where either of them live) and tried on lots of ‘bridesmaid’ dresses, and I just didn’t love any of them. So we headed to the high street, but same problem, everywhere is fully of dark christmas colour with lots of bling and sequins, my wedding is in May, and my dress is not ‘blingy’. But HoF came to the rescue with a dress totally different to what I imagined, so I am replanning my flowers and colour scheme etc, but it’s all good…and VERY Excitig!! 🙂 xx

    1. Hi Caroline,
      It’s such a relief to hear you’ve been through the same thing…in the nicest possible way! Yes HoF was another option for us…I’d be interested to know how much your flowers and colour scheme changes as a result, because for me I think it’s going to be completely different!!
      Happy planning! xx

  3. hi Lauren,
    This sounds hugely familiar! Firstly, the puppy part (everyone loves a puppy!). We brought home our gorgeous Sprocker pup in September! Rufus (but female…long story!) was instantly loved by all around her, especially my bridesmaids, and the toddler flower girls (for whom we had to buy teddy versions of the puppy so they would let us take her home!). She loves chewing things at the moment which is especially nerve wracking considering I brought home THE dress last weekend (and now follow the puppy around constantly to check she stays downstairs until the in-laws take it away this weekend!). This is when training her not to go upstairs proves invaluable!!! You will have the best fun with Lucky, but plan double the amount of time to walk anywhere in public when you can eventually take her out…everyone wants to come and say hello! Sprockers are so loveable, intelligent and loyal- perfect distraction when the madness of wedmin gets too much!
    As for bridesmaids dresses- ditto! 2 of mine are currently pregnant so shopping has been postponed until I can take them out and spoil them to something pretty post-bubba. Having written off most traditional styles, I nipped into Monsoon where they made such a fuss of me and they really do have some gorgeous choices!
    I’m now also at the point of ??? Flowers! What a huge prospect of options!
    So good luck with your beautiful pup, and even more luck with flowers! And enjoy it all…I know I have so far!
    Lots of love
    Lucy & rufus (woof!)

    1. Hi lucy (and rufus), this sounds very familiar!!! From the puppy to the dresses to the ‘????’! When is your Big Day? He is definitely trained to not go upstairs (for now) and I think I will store The One at my mum and dads when I get it, so that part is okay.
      Monsoon are fab aren’t they? Such gorgeous dresses and they really do make a fuss of you!
      Hope you continue to enjoy your planning! X

    2. And we’ve already taken Lucky for some ‘carries’ (ie just in our arms to keep him occupied) and people kept stopping us in Pets at Home to talk to us/him

  4. I’m feeling a friendly version of jealously right now. I WISH I would just find my B-maids dresses and just put my mind at rest. I’m an events planner for profession and have not tackled anything as hard as finding the right dresses for the right people.
    I have 7 ladies & 2 beautiful mini people for flower girls. All with very different shapes and heights. Life is hard for me!
    I believe this could be a bridezilla moment of mine but here are my requirements…
    – to be suited to their own personalities
    – 5 to be long & my 2 MOHs to be knee length
    – different styles from each other
    – different shades of peach/ light coral
    – reasonable budget. £250 Dessy is just too much x 7!

    I’m not asking for much, am I?! I HATE bridesmaid shopping. Please send sympathy!!! 😉

    1. That is a hard one! I thought I wanted to give the girls their own dresses and individual styles, floor length and in green, I ended up with totally different. I also found that the girls just wanted to please me and would wear whatever style I chose for them, so I went down the ‘uniform’ route in the end.
      Dessy are very pricey, I honestly can’t recommend high street enough, much more reasonably priced and you may well just find something unexpected…good luck 🙂 xxx

    1. Hi Cat,

      Think I found it on Pinterest, but I know there is one similar at Ezoani (dress maker). They don’t come cheap though! Good luck in your search…it’s gorgeous xx

  5. The bridesmaids dresses sound very exciting! Can’t wait to see them next year!

    I really struggled with pulling together all my ideas to get on with the rest of the planning for my big day too. I know it’s not exactly a revolutionary idea but I found Pinterest massively helpful. I started by pinning anything I liked when I searched ‘wedding’. Whether it was a dress or a bouquet or a cake, anything I was drawn to a – I pinned! Then after I had been doing that for a few weeks I started going back and looking at my wedding board of all the lovely things I’d pinned to see if I could find any themes. I sat with a notebook and wrote them down and then created a separate board in Pinterest for each one and started to split my big wedding board into these different boards. Then I could look at each board in turn – I found very quickly there was one that just felt more me/us, it made me most excited to get started and felt right! I went back to the ones I was discarding and moved any bits that I loved and I thought could cross over into our chosen theme and then I was done! I had my theme! I fear I’ve made this sound more complicated that it was! Good luck!!! Xxx

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