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Lauren & James: The Epic Ibiza Hen Do

I can’t believe I’m on my penultimate RMW Real Bride post! We are well and truly on wedding countdown (less than 8 weeks to go!!) so our planning activity continues to keep well and truly ramped.

A LOT has happened in the last four weeks. Firstly, I had my hen do, which was, without doubt, exceptional. We went to Ibiza for a long weekend (Thursday night to Monday morning) and it was a weekend of epic proportions. The best way I can describe it is we lived like rock stars for the weekend…sunset boats with copious amounts of fizz, a ridiculously amazing villa in the countryside with our own pool, prosecco for breakfast, getting body painted as various animals…oh how I want to go back!! My bridesmaids, particularly my Chief, did the most amazing job and how lucky I am to have such a wonderful bunch of friends.

I also turned the big 3.0. last week. I was very spoilt by my friends and family, but particularly so by my Husband-To-Be. I was taken to London on a surprise trip – we saw some sites (well…sort of because my new sandals starting rubbing my feet so we/I gave up), went shopping and saw The Book of Mormon in the West End (which is brilliant by the way, but maybe don’t see it if you’re offended easily!) Then as if that wasn’t enough, I thought I was going for a low key dinner with a couple of friends on Friday night, however after being forced out of the house for a spa treatment (I know, woe is me right), I came home to my kitchen decked out in various banners and balloons and a group of my friends scaring the hell out of me by booting the door open and shouting ‘SURPRISE!!’. It was a wonderful end to an excellent couple of days, and again I am truly lucky to have such fabulous people in my life…however I am slightly concerned at just how good James is at telling porkies!

Aside from the last week being all about me (ahem), we have also decided on the men’s suits. We went to Peter Posh in Sutton Coldfield, which had been recommended to us by two different couples who had done their suit hire for their weddings and had been suitably impressed with the service – and trust me, for one of these two brides to have said that means it must have been good…;-) (Hi Mills!! *waves*). We weren’t disappointed, there were a great selection of suits and colours, and Paul who served us was super friendly and knowledgeable. The service subsequently has been brilliant – we swapped the waistcoats from the original order which they were very accommodating with, offered to fit groomsmen who don’t live locally at other shops, and even managed to entertain my four year old nephew while he was measured up (by the way…kids in suits…ADORABLE).

We’ve gone for a three piece suit with tails for all the men in the wedding party – the reason being that James wears a suit every day for work so he wanted something a little different for The Big Day. It’s probably the most traditional part of the wedding to be honest!! I know from some of the weddings I’ve been to and other RMW posts that there are more non-traditional men’s suits now. What is everyone having for their suits?

I also mentioned in my last post about a few mishaps we’d had with our venue regarding accommodation. This happened because our Wedding Co-ordinator left and there was no one in situ for about six weeks in between. We found the communication in this time incredibly frustrating because no one was taking ownership or responsibility for anything, our calls/emails/messages were going unanswered and every time a guest called to make a room booking, they were advised something different. I haven’t been ‘Bridezilla-ish’ yet, however this did test my patience to the limit! Luckily, we now have Emily, our new Wedding Co-ordinator, who we met last week. We’ve run through our order of the day, sorted out who is booked in which room, and we’re both feeling much more comfortable about it all…thanks Emily!

Going back to our venue last week jogged a few little reminders about things we need to do, such as decorate our evening party room. My mum is an interior designer so I have just delegated this to her…whether she is pleased about this or not I don’t know! However, I’m confident that if anyone can make a plain conference room look like a million dollars, it’s her (no pressure or anything, Mum). I’m still desperately trying to source some giant light up letters, however in my infinite wisdom I have OF COURSE left it far too late and now all the ‘L&J’s in the country seem to already be in use…If anyone knows anywhere I can source these from at such short notice I would be forever grateful!

Apart from this, we are really down to the nitty gritty. I’ve booked my first dress fitting (eeeeek) but before then I need to figure out what sort of jewellery I’m going to go for so I can see whether it matches the dress. Without giving too much away, I’m looking for ‘art deco’ inspired jewellery…but I’m quite unsure of where to start! I love jewellery, but it’s quite daunting to think about it in the context of what I’ll be wearing on The Big Day. Has anyone done art deco-inspired jewellery before? If so, where did you look?

I’m also pleased to say we are there or thereabouts-ish with RSVPs, I don’t know whether my last post had anything to do with this ;-). And my thoughts are, if people don’t RSVP with ‘a song that’s guaranteed to get you on the dancefloor’ and just tell me they’re coming, then there is no room for complaints about the playlist!

So what else is left? Table plans, order of service/day, cake decision, jewellery, decorations, hair and make up trials), chair covers, dress fittings, evening invites, favours and, of course, the not-so-lovely task of paying all the balances We also have my best friends’ wedding to fit in too, I’d better get writing my speech! Hopefully I will be in a position to fill you in on all of this in my last post in four weeks time…but I think this could also depend on whether James comes back in one piece from his stag do this weekend!

Until next time, Lauren xx

Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

5 thoughts on “Lauren & James: The Epic Ibiza Hen Do

  1. OMG…. so close time is flying by, firstly your hen do and 30th sound amazing, cant wait to see what my ladies plan for me I have to wait 3 more weekends, dont know if its such a good idea to have a hen do so close to the big day but I’m sure we will survive lol. Love the guys suits you have chosen bringing back the tails will look very daper on the big day. My jam always wears suits for work but he looks so hot in them we decided just to fork out and get him his dream of a 3 piece Hugo Boss he only has a best man so they will just wear matching ties. wish we had a little dude to dress up in a suit but we only have a my niece as a flower girl, I really hope she is in a good mood on the day :-/. I love those light up letters I did notice that there are plenty of places you can get them from I think RMW featured a wedding recently that had them I think they were, good luck and have fun on the run up lots of pampering etc xxx

  2. Hi Lauren, I recently got married and can recommend The Word is Love for letter hire. The service was great and hassle free. I chose them as the ampersand lit up where as most other companies I looked at didn’t. And they looked AMAZING! Best thing I bought (well, hired) out of my whole wedding! Really hope you find some as they can make a huge difference to a room.

  3. Hi Lauren,
    My names Vicki. I was at Camp America with James many years ago. Absolutely love Rock my Weddinv and was hooked when planning my own last year. So much so that I couldn’t bring myself to delete it from Facebook! Ha ha!
    Anyway, back to the matter in hand- light up letters. We had a light up ‘L & V’ as well as the word ‘Love’ for our Weddinv last year. We hired them from a company called Coco Luminaire. They are based in Newcastle but I know they travel a lot. Laura is an absolute dream to work with and I couldn’t recommend them more. If you’re interested they’re on my Facebook page (I’m friends with James).
    Good luck with the rest of your planning and all the best to you both. You’ll have the best day!
    Vicki x

  4. Hi Lauren! So glad you enjoyed Ibiza. I came back from my Ibiza hen/30th on Monday. It is an amazing place. It’s now full steam ahead with wedding planning. I got my jewellery from Ivory and co. They have some lovely pieces, maybe they could help? Hope the last month goes well and you find your letters.

    Priya x

  5. I love these posts! We’ve been married for nearly 9 weeks now and I’m really missing wedding planning so I enjoy reading all about your plans.

    We hired suits from Peter Posh in Sutton Coldfield too! We also went for tails as my husband (still haven’t got used to calling him that!) wears a normal suit for work so he wanted to feel extra special. And how often do men get the opportunity to wear tails?!

    Enjoy the last few weeks of planning – it’s the most exciting time. Walton Hall is a stunning venue (my mum and dad had their wedding reception there over 40 years ago) so I’m sure your wedding will be absolutely beautiful!

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