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Lauren & James: The Hunt For Entertainment

Happy New Year everyone!! Technically as it’s pretty much February I’m not sure I’m still allowed to say that, but as it’s my first post of 2015 I hoped I could maybe just about get away with it. I think. I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year, ours was spent doing the usual family rounds and spending lots of time with Lucky the-now-not-so Puppy (pics included, just because I can’t help myself). I for one am super excited about 2015…like all my fellow Real Brides & Grooms, and many readers of RMW, the year of the wedding is finally here!! I’ve got to that point now where I’m starting to have dreams about the wedding, table plans, flowers etc…and we’ve still got 7 months to go. HELP.

Now we have reached the New Year I really feel like we’ve stepped things up a gear. Firstly, in around September-time, James said he would find our evening entertainment for us. Lo and behold, four months (yes, FOUR MONTHS) later, we finally have it sorted. I commented in a post a while ago – ‘The Arrival of The Spreadsheet’ – whether we would have a band, DJ or both. James was quite set on the idea of having a band, however because it took him…shall we say A WHILE…to start looking (Christmas Eve, just FYI), we found that many of the really good ones within our budget were, unsurprisingly, already booked for August. This was a bit disheartening; the evening entertainment was really high on our agenda (just not so high that someone couldn’t get it done sooner, eh James?!) as we want everyone to have an amazing time, and equally amazing hangovers the day after.

We eventually came across Warble Entertainment, who specialise in live bands across all different genres. The website has absolutely LOADS of bands on it, and while this could be quite a daunting exercise, the website broke everything down and answered all the main questions such as background info on the band, location, price, song list, and FAQ’s. In addition to this, there were also sound clips and YouTube videos of the bands in action. As we’d left it so late we ended up just emailing the lovely Sam, who came back to us with a few suggestions of bands who were still available on the date we wanted. One of Sam’s recommendations was The Volume, a four piece cover band; some we found were a bit too Indie/Rock-ish and others too cheesy, but The Volume were just right. They also have a great repertoire, and in between sets they will make a playlist for us which make sure our dance floor is kept full for the whole night so no need to splash the extra cash on a DJ. Mind you, knowing our friends and families…I don’t think the dance floor being full is going to be an issue!

My take away message if you are looking for a band is this – don’t leave it too late! We were really lucky that we came across The Volume as late as we did, so book early while you can and if you’re not sure where to start, Warble Entertainment is a great place to have a look around. We also found them super responsive and helpful, particularly as we weren’t too sure what we were doing! I would also suggest finding a band who will either DJ and/or do a playlist for you with their PA system – so much easier both in terms of cost and things running smoothly on the night (I hope!!).

We’re also in the process of picking our flowers. All we have to go on at the moment (that I can discuss in front of James) is the venue and bridesmaids dresses. We haven’t completely decided on florist or our flowers as yet, however as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I wasn’t too sure how the flower/colour scheme ideas floating around in my head were going to come together. We are now speaking to someone who is a recommendation from my future mother-in-law (HI JAN!! *waves*), and he has given me some great direction and ideas on the very little information I’ve given him! I took one of the bridesmaid dresses along to our appointment and he straight away came up with a few little gems which I never would’ve thought of…I am now in love with the idea of vintage roses to go with the gorgeous vintage dresses the girls are wearing. So hopefully, by my next post I will be a little more comfortable in the knowledge that our flowers, and colour scheme, are decided.

And finally, we have booked the all-important honeymoon! We did consider going down the Patchwork Present route, however I am very fortunate to have a family friend who used to own a travel business, and he very kindly helped us to find the honeymoon of our dreams. So, we are off on the Monday after we get married to South Africa on safari+, then flying on to Mauritius for the rest of our two week holiday. James pretty much said he would do whatever I wanted to do (reason number 903 why I’m marrying him) and I had my heart set on some sort of safari, and the place we’ve managed to find is just PERFECT. To say we’re excited is an understatement!

And here ends my update. Next on the list, getting those flowers sorted!

Until next time, Lauren xx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

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  1. Lauren and James Love the puppy. Exciting that flowers are next on your list, a great part of the wedding planning. Vintage roses sound lovely with the dresses. Great to see one of our bouquets as your inspiration. Have fun with your wedding planning journey. Karen x

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